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Do you know a Tron?

I'm not just an old school retro gamer. I am an ancient. I played video games from the very beginning, pretty much, in the 70's with pong, the Atari 2600, and more. I could go on and on about those old consoles. Back in the early 80's arcades were huge and cool. Of course arcade games were about skill and competition. People wanted to get that highest score and put their name or initials down for people to see who was the best. Some places even recorded the scores down and if your name was still at the top at the end of the week you won money or prizes.

During this time the movie "Tron" came out around 1982, I think. The movie was about a video game programmer who was trying to prove the popular video games that made his company money was made by him, Flynn, and not by his rival Dillanger. Dillanger actually stole the programs from Flynn and because the games were so popular the company made Dillanger the CEO. Dillanger makes a program called the MCP (Master Control Program) to watch and control all other programs and actions within the company computer system. Anyways another part of the movie is where another programmer made a program called Tron to keep an eye out on the MCP and stop any illegal activity and stuff. The company also had a huge secret project of deconstructing objects from the real world and putting them into the computer world with lazers. Which is how Flynn ends up in that world. But I wont go into details. In our world Tron was a program fighting the MCP. In the computer world the MCP put Tron in games for him to die. But Tron never dies because he is always the best at any games set before him, against anyone. The MCP cant destroy Tron, so he hopes someone will in the games. Which brings me back to the original question.

Do you know a Tron? Back in my youth a Tron was always the best gamer. Please understand that being the best gamer consists of many things. For example. You might think you are decent at Pacman just because you got to the Apple board. A Tron can get to the 5th Key without dieing one time. I am gonna copy and paste what The Tron of Pacman can do. "To achieve the game's maximum score of 3,333,360 points, Mitchell navigated 256 boards (or screens), eating every single dot, blinking energizer blob, flashing blue ghost, and point-loaded fruit, without losing a single life." Holy God. lol. You think you are good because you broke 100k on Galaga? A Tron will break a million. Take today's games like the original Destiny. You got people that hardly ever died in pvp and always got 40+ kills. Then you had one who could solo the Crota raid when whole 6 man teams couldn't do it! You have these Trons on all sorts of games. FPSers, Real time strategy games, action games, fighting games, racing games, well .... almost any game really. But mostly skill based games.

I could tell you about a Tron on so many arcade games and console games that it would amaze you. But thing is, you younglings have probably seen a few Trons too. You can especially see them on Twitch and Youtube gaming playing games like COD and Fortnite. You can see them doing speed gaming and playing professionally. It really is an amazing time to be a gamer.

So the next time see an incredible gamer, be sure to call them Tron.out of respect. If you can't love and respect your hobby you probably shouldn't be doing it, right? And by respecting the best you respect the hobby you love, gaming, and yourself as well. It might sound silly, but is it?

I will be posting blogs like this talking about my interest and adventures in videogames in the future. I hope you find them interesting.

End of line.

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OB1Biker178d ago

Tron had such a cool premise and so inspiring for movies and video games. I remember playing Tron arcade games at the time. Was so cool. I think there was a lot of little video games derived from it. In the following years people were typing their little Tron game on all sort of machines.

Drithe177d ago

The Tron arcade game I played was just freaking awesome. Quarter after quarter after quarter. Has the original Tron arcade game ever came out on consoles? I need to check on that.

Knushwood Butt177d ago

No, but I remember playing the arcade game a ton.

Tanks, light cycles, destroy the cone ( which was always super difficult), destroy spiders (?). Memory is a bit hazy.

Also remember playing Tron Discs, which was a different cab that I think came after the Tron game.

Drithe176d ago

Don't forget about the Tanks! Heh. Just loved that game.

Cajun Chicken171d ago

I gained a love of Tron after being curious about the movie and finally saw it in my early teens and was suprised how little the film was actually about videogames but more the function of applications. I totally got absorbed by it by the time Tron 2.0 arrived for PC with it's insane neon visuals and the game still stands fantastically well these days and the OS puns are brilliant, such as enemy guards being DLLs. I have loved that look ever since, I judge games upon that look.
I am disappointed that we haven't got a sequel to Tron Legacy yet as it was a pretty great movie, but man, Daft Punk nailed that soundtrack, still listen to tracks weekly.