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Nintendos bread... getting stale?

Just as a bit of a precursor to what I'll be saying after this let me just say that like a great many other people I grew up playing nintendo consoles and loving nintendo games.
I have great memories of playing their various first party titles on all of their systems.

I regrettably have to make some harsh comments on the company though.

As everyone is aware they have fallen into a cycle of releasing the same five games over and over again. With a sprinkling of a few slightly less popular games that they also recycle, though slightly less frequently.
Here I'll make a list, the main five are.
Donkey kong

There is kind of a problem with this. Though I suppose that since people keep buying the crap not really.
Any way I digress. I am under the impression that they never intend to create a new IP. I don't know the reason, maybe the company has degenerated into large groups of frightened old people.

We know they have the ability to take risks, they do it every generation with their hardware and it does extremely well.
It's just disappointing to me that they have lost that magic they used to have for coming up with new games.

Recently thing's have gotten even worse. Their not even really making sequels to their popular games anymore. Their just making complete remakes. Almost identical games that have graphic updates.

It's just sad.

Also to compare sony has brought at least seven brand new successful exclusive IP's to the table since the ps3 has been out.
That's not even counting flops like lair, and heavenly sword.

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I agree that they have milked the crap out of Pokemon and Spin-off titles, but for their flagship franchises they have definitely been innovating. I thin it is unfair to say that they are milking them when they are pumping out genuinely excellent titles. So what if they star the same characters?

Why create a new IP when the ideas can be easily applied to an existing one. It is just financial safety.