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Game Journalists Need To Get Over Themselves

Yay, another Adam Sessler/Entitled Gaming Journalists blog, wooohoooo!!!

First, watch this video which is the reason behind this blog.

And now here's the twitter feed.

Wow. Drama Queen much?

Ok, so what is this about? Why did Adam Sessler compare gamers to psychopaths and why did Tara Long engage b*tch mode where it wasn't called for?

The answer is Resolutiongate. You see, Adam Sessler is part of the waves of gaming journalists who, at some point in their career, talked up how games should be a standard resolution and framerate only to then later downplay or avoid talking about that once the very real fact that the Xbox One couldn't play Call of Duty Ghosts at 1080p/60FPS reared it's head. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a conspiracy blog or anything, it's just a fact that many have seen and a few have already discussed. I mean, just read these two articles...

This one is about the media downplaying or apologizing for the Xbox One being more expensive yet less capable than the PS4.

And this is an article talking about how Adam Sessler first mentioned months ago that games should be at 1080p/60FPS AS A STANDARD, but yet tries to get everyone to change the subject the second the Xbox One can't cut it.

Gaming journalists, you all need to remember something important. This is the internet age, and everything you put on the internet will be there indefinitely. This means that you can't get away with hypocrisy and you will be called out for it. Adam seems like he wants to be at the center of controversy and that he believes his opinion matters to anyone but himself simply because he gets paid to give it.

We don't see all the behind-the-scenes nuances of being a game journalist, so we don't get to see the day-to-day grind of meeting deadlines and coming up with relevant and interesting topics, travelling, etc... however this goes out to Ms. Long.

Your job isn't, comparatively, difficult. You literally do play games for a living and then get paid to speak your opinion about said games. If you think your job is anywhere on the level of difficulty, or importance, as say a doctor; then you're completely deluded. You don't need a college degree to play games and give your opinion, you don't even need a degree to be able to write up said opinions properly, so to turn into a b*tch because you can't handle being criticized in your very public position speaks more volumes about you than those criticizing you.

Being an internet game critic means accepting that your critiques and opinions are subject to critiques and opposing opinions. Yes, there are many individuals who use colourful language and threats, but this aspect isn't new or isolated to gaming. For Madam Sessler to get his panties in a bunch because people called him out on his hypocrisy in typical online fashion merely reinforces the following 2 ideas.

The first is that he thinks too highly of his own opinion and likely can't conceive of anyone having legitimate issues with what he says since he's been paid to say it for so long people should just bow down to it. The second is that he doesn't have a grasp on the fact that he's on the internet and will be criticized.

This goes for all gaming journalists. You aren't special people. You are as average as the rest of us. You don't deserve special treatment just because you suckered some company into paying you to spew off your opinion, and you're not untouchable to public opinion. Stop acting like spoiled, entitled brats and take responsibility for what you say.

When you post hypocrisy, you'll be called out on it. When you post entitled cry fests, you'll be called out on it. When you try to hide behind anonymous sources so that you can post bullsh*t, you'll be called out on it. Get used to it.

It's not the gamers' fault that you can't handle backlash. You caused the backlash, you have to deal with it. If you don't want to deal with it, then act like professional journalists and not editorial columnists.

Adam, you're not a part of the industry. You don't make games, you don't fund the development of games, you don't sell games. All you do is play games and then give your opinion on them. You report ON the industry, you're not IN the industry. Forgive us if your embarrassment is misplaced and we don't care about it. When people like you go around saying "THIS IS HOW GAMES SHOULD BE" and then when they aren't that way and we get mad because we agreed with you and then you go "You are all entitled crybaby psychopaths" then you deserve every bit of backlash that you get.

So either suck it up, be an actual journalist, and stop having twitter meltdowns where you generalize and blanket insult an entire demographic of millions of people, or frickin' retire since you don't have a thick enough skin to be called out on your bullsh*t.

Gaming journalism needs a massive and immediate overhaul, and gaming journalists need to realize that they aren't special, they are powerless, and they are subject to critique as much as the games they talk about.

First it was making a big, falsely misogynistic deal about a trophy name taken out of context. Then it was crying about not getting a free, early PS4 debug unit to review. Now it's resolution hypocrisy. I can't wait to see who, and what, gaming journalists cry about next.

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zerocrossing1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Honestly, the guys a joke and an attention whore.

He's another one that makes the whole video game journalism profession look bad by being petty and appearing self important.

BlueShirt77491625d ago

lol I love how people love him one day and now he's a joke the next. Man you "gamers" sure are judgmental when you're the exact same way. Specifically, "petty and appearing self important".

xHeavYx1625d ago

Judgmental? Based on your comment history, if it was the PS4 the weaker console, you'd be doing the happy dance.
If you are a public figure and make a statement, you can't just decide to change your mind when your console of choice is weaker (there is a video of him saying that he prefers the 360 over the PS3)

admiralvic1625d ago

One day? Adam was liked a year ago, but he lost some serious creditability over the Bros before Hoes trophy fiasco and continued to dwindle till the PS4 stuff.

SilentNegotiator1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Yeah, who would have guessed that when he showed his hand so blatantly and suddenly, people would dislike him suddenly?

Stop trying so hard. There's no hypocrisy to expose here.

Sessler, a veteran of the industry, claimed to not be able to tell the difference between Xbox One's 720p/900p games to 1080p, downplayed the issue of Xbox One under-performing (what happens when a multiplat can only do 720p30fps on PS4?), and trying to distract from the issue...all in one video. Yes, people are going to suddenly dislike an obviously biased journalist when they display their bias so hard and fast as in the latest Sessler's Nothing.

Less than a year ago, he was pretending to be the industry's watchdog, making it clear that 1080p60fps was a necessity at SGC 2013. Less than a week ago, he decides that 720p30fps is perfectly acceptable because it's Xbox that's doing it.

EXVirtual1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Gaming journalism has regressed in my opinion.
Too many of these journalists think so highly of themselves and are too scared to ask the hard questions to developers and publishers or give harsh reviews just to keep their guaranteed freebies.

Very few journalists actually do their jobs and pull punches and, like Adam Sessler, still think they are in the industry and entitled to free hardware and games just to give their opinion on them. Good blog Dragon.

Pintheshadows1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The guy from the Metro who interviewed Mark Rubin the other day showed what gaming journalism needs to be. Uncompromising and biting.

We need more of that. We need more Jeremy Paxman style interviewers.

Someone willing to cut through the scripted PR answers by knocking a developer off balance. Then knowing how to glean information by intelligent usage of questions.

ravinash1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

DragonKnight says that you don't need a college degree to play games or to write about them.

That’s exactly what I think they do need.

It seems to me that these people need to go back to college and do a reporting degree.
If they did, then maybe we would see more articles which a balanced, insightful and revealing.

Seems that all these reporters only have their own opinion to go on, and that’s not journalism.
In fact I would say that journalism does not exist in the gaming industry.

Pintheshadows1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

With the growth of the internet a lot of poorly educated people who like games will create a website. Then they will proceed with hammering out meaningless opinions filled with needless and unwarranted diatribe. They have no knowledge of what 'journalism' is. They have no idea what an actual critique is or the structure a review should take on.

And that is the situation we find ourselves in. Even at the big publications.

I remember when gaming journalists used to win awards that encompassed all areas of the media for their great writing. People like Kieron Gillen who has gone on to be a very successful comic book writer.

DoctorJones1624d ago

Kieron Gillen was a great reviewer, but he also had a tendency to write some complete guff sometimes as well. Do you remember that Deus Ex 2 review, God that was bad.

I did enjoy most of his stuff though, and Pc gamer had a really good team around that time. Seems to have gone downhill lately, I rarely buy it anymore.

Pintheshadows1624d ago

I have not purchased a copy in years. Probably since around 2005. You are right. The quality did go downhill fast once the team that was there moved onto different things. Haha. I remember an angered Gillen when he talked about Halo going exclusive for Xbox. That was amusing.

HammadTheBeast1626d ago

Sessler MASSIVELY contradicts himself in relation to the XBO time and time again. With the trash policy's, then their reversals, he basically proved he can't formulate a proper opinion, and it's just fishy how hard he's justifying MS' actions.

Now, he's blaming the gaming mass market for being like every other media form.

Gaming as an industry is struggling because these shill and market hacks can't handle their jobs, and start b***ing at individuals in a mass market industry. Movies, music, TV all handle it, but these guys.... SMH.

Sessler quit his last job because he didn't believe in a broken and paid-for industry, yet with his whining over not being able to review a PS4 same day as others, he's doing the EXACT same thing he quit his last job to avoid.

majiebeast1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Very few journalist left just mouth pieces that are affraid to lose their free stuff and swagbags. Jim Sterling is really the only one i still watch/follow, he might be a gigantic troll but atleast he speaks his mind and doesnt care if he gets blacklisted for telling the truth.

We living in a dewmocracy.

solidjun51625d ago

In dew time, Geoff will be called out for being a shill. Wait, that has already happen.

I like JimEquistion (spelling is wrong), but I still think he's annoying.

majiebeast1625d ago

Difference between Geoff is he is a hype man he doesnt review games like Sessler.

DragonKnight1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

@zero: Completely agreed. He makes Tara Long look more masculine that him, and he's bald with stubble.

@EX: Gaming journalism these days isn't about reporting on the industry. With so many sponsored stories, cry fests about not getting free stuff, and the silencing of the REAL journalists who call the crybabies out on their entitlement, gaming journalism has been reduced to propaganda campaigns paid for by publishers and the occasional trailer videos.

@Hammad: He is a known Xbox fanboy but tries to sit on the edge and fails at it. He's said before that he prefers the Xbox, which is fine until he tries to appear neutral and just looks like an apologist. He had no problems bashing the PS3 at its launch, and yet the Xbox One deserves how many chances to get something right from people like him? It's quite pathetic.

@majie: The only real journalists left are relatively unknown, that's why they are journalists. Gaming media has changed from actual journalism to bloggers with a high opinion of themselves and a lot of time. The Doritocracy permeates the whole of it.

MRMagoo1231626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

If you go looking you can find every single journalist that says it now doesnt matter, once said it did matter but only when it was the 360 with the advantage, check out DF articles where 2 frames per second less was a reason to not get the ps3 version of a game, but now having a GIGANTIC 125% more rez doesnt matter.

I hope every single one of these journalists get pointed out and we can ask them what has change from a couple months back when it was pretty much all that mattered.

I have a fair bit of time on my hands at the mo, so i might go looking back at older articles, the closer to this date the better tho, cos that will make the point a lot more valid that but any will do and i will find them lol.

Also Off topic , i dont think there should be a limit to bubbles on blogs really imo, it makes it hard to have proper convos.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1625d ago has the best journalists hehe ;)

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