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Stop The Pretense.

Alright, it's time to get some things clear. Everyone in the world has preferences. Everyone. No one's preference is wrong because a preference is something that is reached by personal experiences and is entirely unique to every individual. No individual's preference is stupid or wrong (unless it's illegal or immoral) because it literally can't be. If you like the colour red more than the colour blue, that's not wrong. If you like pizza without cheese (and not because you're lactose intolerant or a vegan), that's not wrong. It's nasty, but it's not wrong.

This same idea applies to consoles. We all have a preference. Let's not pretend that we don't because that's a lie. Let's also not tell people they should be this, or do that in relation to consoles because that's not our call. If you like the Xbox One, fine. Don't tell someone who doesn't that they should be talking about what's good about the console. If you like the PS4, fine. Don't tell someone who doesn't that they should list the good things about it.

For quite some time now I've had a couple different people telling me what I should be writing about. What I should be saying. What I should be doing in relation to PS4 vs Xbox One. News flash, you have the ability to write things out yourself, so do it. I'm under no obligation to talk about the Xbox One in any way you want me to. Of all the available platforms right now, the Xbox One ranks at the bottom of my list of recommended consoles for people to purchase. I'm not ashamed of that opinion. Why? Because Microsoft has given plenty of people plenty of reason to feel that way and we have the right to. Just like fans of the Xbox One have the right to be fans and express what they are excited about in relation to the Xbox One.

I have never been a fan of Microsoft. This goes back to before the original Xbox. Microsoft are anti-competitive, arrogant to a fault, and slow to change. I didn't have much of an issue with the original Xbox. I had a friend who owned one that he modded and he let me play it. It was an alright console but didn't have the games I was interested in for the most part. I've never been a shooter fan and the original Xbox's biggest game was Halo, a shooter.

The Xbox 360 came out and I was looking at what was being offered and, again, was turned off by it. The Xbox 360 was a very American console. I live in Canada so that shouldn't be a problem, but again I've never been a fan of shooters and the Xbox 360 placed a much greater emphasis on that genre of games. I also didn't particularly care for having to pay to play online (still don't and am not pleased with Sony in relation to the PS4 incorporating that move). Not to mention all the early to mid life issues the Xbox 360 had from a technical and peripheral standpoint. I looked at the gaming industry and saw that Sony continued to provide what I was most looking for in a game console so that's what I've stuck with. Right now I have a Wii and a 360 in my livingroom (the 360 is my brother-in-law's) and I don't play them.

My experience is not entirely unique, many people have felt the same way about Microsoft and the Xbox brand. Enter the Xbox One.

When I found out about the date of the Xbox One's reveal, I said to myself "ok, let's see if this new Xbox will be something I can get into" and then the reveal happened. Microsoft decided that the first impression they wanted to make was to be as American as possible and also focus very little on games. After the reveal they decided they wanted to be as restrictive as possible against users, and also decided that they wanted to have an arrogant public image in relation to consumers. Then comes E3.

As promised, Microsoft showed off plenty of games to make up for their reveal. No one can deny that Microsoft brought it at E3. They wanted to drive the point home that they had the games and weren't just about TV and Fantasy Football. Personally speaking, of the exclusive games that Microsoft showed I was only intrigued by Project Spark and the mechs of Titanfall. I wasn't a fan of the continued emphasis of tablet/phone integration and how much they could take the challenge out of a game. Then came Post-E3.

Microsoft have shown, to me at least, that they lack a unified front. Not only that, but they are showing a lack of confidence and passion in their product. They've frantically been reversing policies because they had no choice to after consumers were unhappy with what they were trying to do. They've showed an inability to put across a clear message about most of what they want to achieve with the Xbox One, save and except anything in relation to television or smartglass integration. I personally see little good in anything Microsoft right now. Their arrogance and stubborness have been all over the Xbox One.

Then there's Sony, their PS4 has received nothing but positive press save for when negative press is created in the form of rumours. The biggest problem I have with the PS4 is paying to play online. Yeah, there are exceptions to it, but it's still something I can't call a wise move when free online play was an advantage for the PS3. People will say "oh well you get so much more on PS+ and Sony needs to compete" but that really doesn't matter to me. In all honesty, whenever I've had PS+ I haven't made much use of it because I don't like digital games. They take time and bandwidth to download, and that's not free. But considering that that, and the design looking like it will attract even more dust to it, are the only problems I currently have with the PS4, who would believe that me writing anything against it would be sincere?

That's the real point. When I'm asked "where's your blog about Sony charging for PS+" or "why aren't you writing about the positive aspects of the Xbox One" or something along those lines, a few things go through my mind. First is "why don't you write it yourself if it's such a problem for you?" If I don't write about something, it's because it doesn't matter enough to me at the time to write about. I can't recommend the Xbox One because it comes attached to Microsoft. That means I'm not going to be writing a positive blog about it and I am going to have some negative things to say about it. I can't come up with a blog's worth of problems I have with the PS4 if the only REAL problem I have is paying for online, so don't ask me to.

And finally, stop pretending you don't have a preference, and stop demanding people express themselves the way you want them to. We all have things we think are stupid, and we all comment on those things at least some of the time, and that's primarily what I do. If I read a comment I think is ridiculous, or I don't agree with, then I'll respond. That's an honest statement that I can make. Can you?

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NYC_Gamer1783d ago

I don't care what console people spend their hard earned cash on it doesn't bother me one bit..There's just an issue with those who feel the need to bring down/bash others for not riding on the same bandwagon.

HammadTheBeast1783d ago

Reported for not choosing either PS4 or Xbox One.

N4G and other gaming websites live off the console wars.

zeal0us1783d ago

Sorry NYC Gamer you must pick a side. N4G is not a place for neutrality. If you do not pick a side soon I will be forced to disagree with your comment. Not only that but vote down your comment on basis of "trolling" because your belief does not align with mines. Also I will report you because again this is N4G.

Sadly this the type of mentality a lot of people on N4G hold. Given that new consoles are on the horizon, you see more people like this.

darthv721783d ago

I like being one of those middle ground gamers. It comes with age as when you get older you learn to appreciate gaming as a whole instead of picking sides.

if i had to pick a side I go with SEGA.

they may not make consoles but when they did i was never let down by the quality of their content. And should the Phoenix ever rise from the ashes...damn straight i will be first in line to get one.

DragonKnight1783d ago

I'm wondering why Sega doesn't try to get back in the console game. They have a beloved history with gamers, they've been on the sidelines watching for long enough to be able to tell what would be accepted by the market. Maybe they're still gun shy.

Nicaragua1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )


You might think of them as having a beloved history but i think of them as the company that made some disasterous hardware choices and have had mediocre software output since then, and i'm sure i'm not alone in that view.

Given your very vocal opinion on Microsoft's bad hardware decisions, flip flopping policies, and overpriced peripherals, i'm surprised you have such a rose tinted view of Sega.

DragonKnight1783d ago

@Nicaragua: I didn't say a beloved history with me. But look anywhere and you'll see people who have a lot of good things to say about Sega so my point is still valid.

BillytheBarbarian1783d ago

I am a Sega die hard as well. I even have the Sega sg-1000 that came out before the master system. I don't want another Sega console but I would love a Sega retro pad 6button for my ps3 and 360. Sony and MS fail hard at dpads. Also want to see Shenmue 3, Streets of rage HD, and phantasy star remakes would rock too. Sega has been hit and miss lately. Vanquish and Binary Domain are decent.

rainslacker1783d ago

I'd go with NEC myself. Really miss Bonk, and would love a new generation of him...although I guess that IP is Hudson.

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Baka-akaB1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

I agree , some people might actually not care for one above the others , but it will be a fringe minority .

Chance are most multi console owners still will favor one in their possession .

it will be tied to what they think of the constructors and their policies , or the genre they care about being catered better by one of those consoles ... or simply not manageing to like even titles that should fit their genre and taste criterias .

I bought a 360 back in the days when the only big hyped titles jrpg with an actual release date , were on 360 . Turns out i still was burned and despite being provided titles in my favorite genre , i was left unsatisfied .

Hell it wasnt even Microsoft's fault , i just didnt find Blue Dragon that interesting , immensely dislike Lost Odyssey even if i can't pretend it's crap , found Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant god awful , and while i finally enjoyed them , didnt think Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 made the acquisition of the console worthwhile in the end . It was unfortunate circumstances leading to it , and those game would still be meh or just ok to me on ps3 , wii or whatever

Meanwhile my ps3 remained the main console , and handheld , the wii and (later on the ps3) provided me with finally better jrpg goodness .

Again i can see some people genuinely treating them all equals , but pelnty posters aroud here reek of hypocrisy and trying to paint themselves as better persons . There is nothing wrong with preferences , and even cutting yourself off from other consoles , if you found your fancy in one single place .

Those one console folks just dont need to be trolls that's all ... nor should they automatically be called trolls or fanboys for daring to display , in a civil fashion , their preferences

DragonKnight1783d ago

Lost Odyssey is the one game I wanted to play. I still can if I can find it since the 360 is in my livingroom, but the tv it would be played on is awful. But I watched a bit of a let's play on it and I can definitely see why people liked it. That game is probably the one game I would wish to be on the PS3 and is the one and only reason I can't get away with saying the 360 has literally nothing to offer someone like me. But one game isn't enough to buy a console on at all.

Baka-akaB1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Yeah i can't fault Lost odyssey much . it's well done , but just didnt attract me . Sometimes things dont work out when it comes to taste . And it's a shame , it's why (and vesperia ) i bought a 360 in the first place .

Thankfully some other game still pleased me on 360 instead like Ninja gaiden , Bayonetta , part of the Halo serie ... and i still had the need to play SF4 on 360 , with some of my best friends without a ps3 back then

The_Klank1783d ago

I don't really have alot to say on this matter as I'm trying to avoid all this Xbox Vs Playstation garbage and focus on the games, you know as a gamer that's where my focus is.

With that said I would say if anyone tries to silence you or shoot you down (that goes for anyone) don't stand for it, it shows a complete lack of understanding and an inability for critical thinking and completely distroys any motivation for a real discussion.

DragonKnight1783d ago

I haven't had anyone try to silence me per se. What they've done is call me a fanboy because I haven't made an entire blog about Sony charging for multiplayer, or essentially because I haven't ragged on the PS4 but I have on the Xbox One. Thing is, who complains about something they largely have no problem with? I don't like that Sony is charging for multiplayer at all, but that's literally the only thing I have a problem with in relation to the PS4. What could I possibly write about if that's the only thing that I could consider a problem?

"Sony did this, that, or the other in the Past"

Yep, they did. So, what do you want me to do about it? Tell you what you know? Taint my perception about something that I can't do anything about?

That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

I don't begrudge anyone's right to purchase what they want. No one is wrong for wanting an Xbox One. But I don't find it a worthwhile purchase myself and I'm not going to pretend that I do.

PopRocks3591783d ago

Ah, so you're a fanboy for having a preference. Gee, haven't heard that stupid ad hominem attack before. /s

It's good that you and dedicatedtogamers have been standing up for your viewpoints. There are too many ignorant users who feel the need to shoot others down or judge them for liking something different. I'm just surprised it's because you have been in favor of the PS4 which has nothing but good PR right now.

DragonKnight1783d ago

It's not just because I've been in favour of the PS4. It's because I haven't been in favour of the Xbox One, have voiced that fact, and haven't voiced a dissenting opinion about the PS4.

I'm a fanboy because I think a focus on TV and Smartglass is stupid, and don't complain about PS4's share button. I'm a fanboy because I haven't complained that Sony is charging for multiplayer on the PS4. I'm a fanboy because I don't trust Microsoft based on what they tried to do to all gamers with their DRM and yet haven't complained about the PSN hack on the PS3 or about OtherOS or the price of the PS3.

Those are all reasons people have called me a fanboy and then when I don't take what they have to say with any serious consideration because it's ludicrous, I'm told that all I do is deflect, evade, and insult them. Why? Because I can't call the Xbox One a good alternative to the PS4 because I don't believe it is and will never pretend to believe so.

But of course, because I have 8 bubbles I'm a Sony fanboy. Everyone knows that anyone who has more than 4 bubbles is a Sony fanboy and everyone else is an oppressed minority being silenced by the Sony fanboy majority. /s

PopRocks3591783d ago

lol I have seven bubbles and I've had my fair share of immature "Nintendo fanboy" comments thrown my way. But being in favor of one thing and not the other does not make you a fanboy. It means you have your preference and that is your opinion.

I'm by no means in any rush to get an Xbox One myself, rather I'm interested in getting one maybe a few years down the line when the price is around half what it will be on launch day. And I'm sure my usual critics will manage to EXPOSE my fanboyism when I get a PS4 this/next year (depending on how much money I can save) and shortly after that a Vita.

The reason for this is because PS4 offers more, in my view. More games that looked cool, more focus on those games and of course none of the shady business practices of pre-E3.

Try not to be deterred. There are only so many immature and ignorant fanbrats out there.

NeverEnding19891783d ago

"What they've done is call me a fanboy because I haven't made an entire blog about Sony charging for multiplayer"

Is there anyone who hasn't called you a fanboy? I'd really like to see the 4 people on N4G who don't consider you to be one of the biggest.

And you answered yourself. You find faults with Microsoft, but you ignore SONY's. You repeatedly say the past is the past, yet in the next sentence fault Microsoft for DRM, which has been abandoned.

You're pretty much the worst kind of fanboy (aside from the one's that send me multiple angry PM's every day). That's your right on N4G, more power to ya.

Just don't pretend your not wearing tinted glasses.

trafalger1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

long post so i dont imagine many will read it.

dragonknight sent me a pm yesterday trying to explain himself (because he ran out of conversation bubbles in a topic we were both in) and said if you reply i wont reply back. basically telling me his side of the story he wants to put out there while not wanting anyone else the courtesy to respond with a follow up answer. so now im here looking some some desperate nerd tracking him down because this guy simply wont stop the nonsense. which is exactly what this blog should be titled.

i think there was some confusion here, nobody cares about your preferences like you think they do, at least i dont. the fact you have to write a blog trying to explain yourself speaks volumes of who you are and what it is your trying to represent of yourself here. your taking this site way too seriously, thats what you fail to grasp.

i have a preference to certain movies i like. they can range from dark humor to science fiction to action titles and so on. i also like certain actors more than others. but if i dont like an actor or i think uwe boll is a terrible director i wont see his films. thats where my preference ends. i dont go on facebook trolling his page. i dont go to his forum and conflict with his fans (this is all hypothetical because i doubt he has a fanbase).

its the same with music. if i hate rap music i wont go to a concert and boo the artist during the whole show. i also wont go on music forums and troll the rap forums. i simply stay away because that music doesnt interest me. thats where it ends. i can enjoy other styles of music without worrying what rap artists do. i certainly dont disrespect those who like rap music. thats why we all have preferences.

that is where dragonknight takes what is a preference and tarnishes what that means. he will put himself smack in the middle of xbone topics with his negative views. who wants to hang out with those people? who wants to go to a movie with someone who you know will hate it before it even starts? thats what this is, a severely biased individual who has said he hates m$ and what they stand for. so all of the games the systems have are just collateral damage to him. hes there with an agenda to try and expose whats wrong with the company. so as i told him in that pm he sent me, if m$ is bad for the industry how are you good for the forums? another point of interest, does dragonknight spend more time talking about m$ than he does about sony? does he spend more time talking about whats wrong with the xbone than he does about what the ps4 offers? someone who prefers the ps4 will naturally gravitate towards ps4 discussions and hang out with likeminded people. thats what hobbyists do, they find a common ground. trolls on the other hand spend there time doing the opposite. wanting to get the word out there why the other system is inferior. why what m$ in comparison to what sony does is wrong.

then he acts like a victim. why are you picking on me? its because members like dragonknight should be those types of members that reflect the community. more so than a noobie like me or some 1 conversation bubble account troll. but i think that highlights a bigger problem and that is this forum. if the community rewards this conduct then that means this isnt the place for me. why would i want to hang around a place for years with people like this who have a hate for m$ which means anything that is to do with them will be exposed to his vitriol attitude?

people like this will drain the enjoyment of what video games are. its where a hobby turns into an obsession. then as years go by you realize that instead of going outside once in awhile or dating you find yourself having sleepless nights worried about what others perceive you as on online forums.

my advice? get out while you still can.

SuperLupe1782d ago


That is the realest post I have ever seen on N4G and on any game forum ever.

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Picnic1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

It's odd how the accusation against Microsoft (too many shooters) isn't levelled at Sony. Sony probably have MORE shooters - Killzone, Resistance, Infamous's powers, The Last of Us, Uncharted, all the PSN Move light gun games (even some of their platform games have shooting - Ratchet and Clank).

And when Microsoft launch something that is definitively not about shooters - the Kinect - people say that it's too childish.

The Xbox One has got a racing game (Forza), a battle game (Ryse), a parkour/shooting/skating type adventure game(Sunset Overdrive), a cinematic-style game (Quantum Break), a zombie game (Dead Rising 3). Say what you like about the Xbox a few years down the line in each console generation but they usually have a decent start in the first 2 or 3 years. I suppose that it's a bit of a trick that they keep playing to carry some new IPs over to the next console rather than release them on the Xbox later in its life but you do want an exciting, fresh, start to a generation. For me, The Order, Deep Down and perhaps Knack do that on the PS4.

DragonKnight1783d ago

"It's odd how the accusation against Microsoft (too many shooters) isn't levelled at Sony. Sony probably have MORE shooters - Killzone, Resistance, Infamous's powers, The Last of Us, Uncharted, all the PSN Move light gun games (even some of their platform games have shooting - Ratchet and Clank)."

You're trying to broaden the shooter term. But even humouring what you just said, Sony offers a lot more variety as well and their console isn't focused on any one genre, or favours any one genre. At least in my opinion.

"And when Microsoft launch something that is definitively not about shooters - the Kinect - people say that it's too childish."

The Kinect was made to be the family peripheral and underperformed whenever it was included in core experiences. The perception that it's too childish comes partly from Microsoft marketing it that way and partly from it's poor implementation in core games. I mean, all one has to do is look at Front Mission Evolved.

"Say what you like about the Xbox a few years down the line in each console generation but they usually have a decent start in the first 2 or 3 years."

Agreed. Microsoft always start off strong. It's their dedication to keep that up, as well as their finish, that's the problem.

Ravenor1781d ago

You mean Steel Battalion, Front Mission Evolved was the third person shooter. Front Mission used to be a tactical RPG.

kewlkat0071782d ago

Sony actually created a lot of those games to combat the Xbox's gritty shooter's success..

XboxFun1783d ago

You are missing a huge point and it's a point that everyone seems to TRY and get through your skull. When you stand on your soap box, scream and yell out your opinions and views to the masses don't expect everyone to bow down, follow or agree.

You are under the false impression that people are trying to silence you. Just because they disagree with you, just because they are trying to tell you that whatever you wrote is not the case, they are bringing you evidence of other situations that you failed to mention. They are trying to tell you why they like what you can't seem to grasp. And all you do is attack them for it.

I have seen many, many posts by many people telling you why they disagree with you and all you do is call them ignorant, attacking, stalking or some other type of abuse instead of actually addressing the issue. You dodge every point with some sort of sarcasm or harsh remark.

You write a blog of accusations from an ignorant one sided point of view and then you don't seem to understand why you get the flack from a lot of folks here. You're a die hard sony fanboy, you have already established that obvious fact, but don't start writing public blogs about how ignorant, dumb or stupid the Xbots/Xbox fanboys are and expect to not get any kind of response. Especially when your blogs consist of nothing but bitterness for one company.

And especially since you can't seem to understand that others prefer the Xbox One over the PS4.

DragonKnight1783d ago

"...don't expect everyone to bow down, follow or agree."

Point out where I said, or implied, that expectation. It exists nowhere but in your mind.

"You are under the false impression that people are trying to silence you."

Actually, if you bothered to read, I am not under that impression. In fact in a reply to The_Klank I specifically said I haven't had anyone try to silence me. What I've had is people tell me what I should be writing/complaining about."

"Just because they disagree with you..."

Like what? Like "PS4 can't do 60FPS because Drive Club isn't 60FPS?" That's "evidence?" Or like how some want to say "How come you aren't going after Sony when they allowed the PSN hack to happen?" That kind of "evidence" which is refuted by actual fact?

"They are trying to tell you why they like what you can't seem to grasp. And all you do is attack them for it."

No. I have never replied to someone who clearly said "I like Xbox One because the games appeal to me." I have replied to people who have said stuff like "I don't understand why people like the PS4. Because it has a Share button?" What part of that statement is a statement of preference and not trolling?

"I have seen many, many posts by many people telling you why they disagree with you..."

No one simply disagrees with me. If someone said to me "I disagree because..." Then a civilized debate between me and that individual would occur. What happens are Xbox fanboys like yourself posting smug, trolling and stealth trolling comments and then crying when someone takes you to task for it. You then label me a Sony fanboy because you can't grasp the fact that anyone could possibly disagree with you and if they do they are obviously a fanboy because everything about the Xbox One is completely perfect and the entire world agrees or else are stupid.

"You write a blog of accusations..."

I write a blog based on experience. What has literally happened. If you see it as one-sided and ignorant, perhaps you should ask yourself what is the reason for the existence of the blog. And I don't get flack from a lot of people. I get flak from 3 people. You, trafalger, and maniacmayhem. That's it.

"You're a die hard sony fanboy..."

It's funny how you say all of that given your name. You say all of that because I won't bow down to the almighty Xbox One and so obviously I must be wrong and an idiot right? Who could have a problem with Microsoft's handling of everything? No one that's who. Right?

"And especially since you can't seem to understand that others prefer the Xbox One over the PS4."

See? Another example of a lack of ability to read. I have stated, in the beginning of this very blog in fact and in the comments, that no one's preference is wrong or stupid and that it's fine for them to prefer the Xbox One over the PS4.

I get flak by people like you that have a smugness about them thinking that things like TV integration are features that have been sorely lacking from gaming and are thus the end all, be all now that Microsoft has introduced it with the Xbox One and that the PS4 is so obviously inferior because of it. I call you out on that and I can't approach someone with that level of arrogance with any kind of serious intent to debate them. I work with what I'm given. You don't like how I discuss things with people like you, then perhaps you should learn from Xbox One fans that don't say ridiculous things like "The PS4 offers nothing but a Share button and is a PS3.5"

XboxFun1783d ago

"Point out where I said, or implied, that expectation. It exists nowhere but in your mind."

Your whole blog reeks of it. Your blog states that people are trying to silence you or stop you from writing what you want. You go in this frenzy mode and start accusing people of attacking, following or stalking you just because they are criticizing what you wrote. There have been many times as I have stated that you don't reply you just hurl insults and you know exactly what I am talking about.

We label you a Sony fanboy because YOU yourself said you love Sony more and the fact that you can't see ANY good points in the X1 and maybe even the WiiU. You write multiple blogs and comments against the X1, you have nothing positive to say about any other console than the PS4 which you have even stated in your own blog.

All this and you don't see why people call you a Sony fanboy? All this and this is the thing that confuses you.

You can't grasp the importance of some of the many features the X1 has (like TV) you can't seem to understand that it is a great feature to many. No, all you seem to see is its no benefit to YOU and you alone. So if anyone says they love that part of it you leave snarky, trolling remarks like "TV is on the way out" or something equally not relevant to what that person likes.

"and if they do they are obviously a fanboy because everything about the Xbox One is completely perfect ..."

This is you trying way too hard to paint yourself the victim. And this is funny because YOU are the one who consistently labels others as Xbox fanboys because they disagree with you and your views.

Who is telling you to bow down to Xbox One? This is what I mean, you are in some sort of fantasy world where everyone is trying to convert you to some sort of dark side. NO ONE is making you bow down. Again you paint yourself some sort of victim fighting the good fight against some evil syndicate.

You claim you write your blogs based on your experience and what you see but they are half a**ed experiences and you never see the whole picture. Instead you rush to your computer to get out a flame bait catching blog as quickly as possible without considering other and all aspects.

And there has been many more than just those RECENT three posters that are catching on to your BS and I suspect there will be many more coming.

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