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Not Sure If Trolling But... WTF?!!

See, this is why Microsoft is bad for the industry. Their stupid moves dreamed up by non-gamers create the biggest, most intellectually deficient fanboys I've ever come across in my life. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well just go to these two links and proceed to weep for humanity.


Can you see that the first petition has 250 signatures at the writing of this blog? The second one currently has 25.

275 people currently WANT DRM, they want the old consumer rights destroying Xbox One. They want the console that won't work without an internet connection. They want the console that gave the biggest middle finger to military personnel and every country without American internet.

Why? Because they bought Microsoft's line about the Xbox One being "The Future."

How can anyone in their right mind think taking control away from consumers is A GOOD THING?

"We want discless playing from disc games."

Which still exists but isn't mandatory. Xbox 360 has optional full disc installs. What makes you think Xbox One, which is supposedly the future, won't?

"We want family game sharing."

You want to be able to share 45 minute demos with 10 "family" members who will then have to buy the game after that 45 minutes?

"We want access to play our games on any Xbox One console."

Which you can still do. It's called bringing the disc with you.

"We want a console of the future, not an Xbox 360 on steroids."

None of those "features" are new or features of "the future." What they are is the confiscation of consumer rights and potentially the inability to allow the console to perform its basic function if you don't have a working network connection.

"We don't care if we have to check-in online once every 24 hour."

Because you're an idiot. You'll care when your connection fails at the appointed check in time and your console becomes useless until the connection is fixed.

"But thanks for making it region free. We DON'T want to change that!"

Oh, so region locking was where you drew the line? What? So you'll allow Microsoft to tell you what you can do with your own physical games, tell you that your console won't work without a network connection (or Kinect), and tell you that you can share gameplay demos that your "family" will eventually be told to buy, but region locking is a no no?

The existence of these kinds of people is enough to induce an immediate migraine. This is the audience Microsoft are after, and this is the audience Microsoft will target once they get the pesky, yet vocal, core gamers silenced by their paltry and likely short-lived core game support.

Imagine, there are people out there who are telling a company "We want you to take control away from us. We want you to tell us what to do with our money and our property."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Xbox One fanboys.

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Derekvinyard131592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

This has to be trolling, please tell me people can't be this stupid!

To the people who signed the petition...

dedicatedtogamers1592d ago

Three weeks from now Microsoft issues a press release:

"Well, we've heard the fans, and guess what? DRM is back in!"

darthv721592d ago

but it doesnt change my decision to buy. If they put it in...they put it in. If it stays stays out.

All that matters is having both next gen platforms and the games that appeal to me.

Respect to those who pick a side but dont dis me for remaining in the middle.

SilentNegotiator1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )


Being willing to supporting DRM doesn't make you "in the middle"

Stop trying so pumpkin-chunkin' hard to come off as an "omnigamer", you're just coming off as obnoxious.

darthv721592d ago

believe it or not, while i have my reservations about the direction companies take, i am an omnigamer.

you can belittle me as much as you like but (go figure) we are on the same side when it comes to playing games we like. We can have differing opinions but in the overall scope of things, we are both part of what makes gaming such a great entertainment medium.

Thank you for always being there to have my back as one fellow gamer to another.

shivvy241587d ago

whats great about PS vs Xbox is that it pushes competition ! there would be no PSN without Live , Bluray is now on xbox , exclusives .. i can go on and on but you guys get the point

Nicaragua1592d ago

I thought the disk installs on the Xbox 360 still required the disk to be in the slot? So if my understanding is correct thats not quite the same as what the Xbox 1 was going for.

In all honestly I thought the diskless gaming of the Xbox One was a pretty cool feature. As a PC gamer then the idea of the disk being useless beyond the initial install wasnt that big a deal to me.

DragonKnight1592d ago

Even if that's the case for the 360, there's no reason the Xbox One can't be diskless. Also, according to Microsoft, all games will have Day 1 digital download versions available as well, so discless gaming is still very real on the Xbox One.

HammadTheBeast1592d ago

You need to place the disk in tray once a week.

darksky1591d ago

A people completely ignorant? you CAN already purchase games directly from the Xbox marketplace and play them without a disc so the option is there for people who don't want a disc copy of a game and don't want to sell it later on.

The Xbox One policies were trying to prevent reselling of games and forcing 24hr check in to make sure no one was playing borrowed games.

If someone wants digital download games the option is still there.

LtSkittles1592d ago

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

They may not want the old drm, they may want the features that Microsoft is now saying won't be available to them now that they changed their minds. Like the Family Share plan.

But also those petitions aren't meant for issues like these, they're supposed to be used to get a message to the white house.

DragonKnight1592d ago

According to Microsoft, those "features" are a package deal with the DRM which is why they need to "change" the Xbox One to reflect their new policies. To want the features is to want the DRM.

fsfsxii1592d ago

Let them go man. We don't want people who want their rights to be taken away on any other platform, not even Ouya

fsfsxii1592d ago

Holy god, i took a look at the comments, and these people are dead serious. Lol, if this petition gets looked by MS, i may expect ANOTHER 180 turn lol

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The story is too old to be commented.