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"Respect is not something to just be given. It is the result of accepting principles as worthwhile."

Not Sure If Trolling But... WTF?!!

DragonKnight | 780d ago
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See, this is why Microsoft is bad for the industry. Their stupid moves dreamed up by non-gamers create the biggest, most intellectually deficient fanboys I've ever come across in my life. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well just go to these two links and proceed to weep for humanity.




Can you see that the first petition has 250 signatures at the writing of this blog? The second one currently has 25.

275 people currently WANT DRM, they want the old consumer rights destroying Xbox One. They want the console that won't work without an internet connection. They want the console that gave the biggest middle finger to military personnel and every country without American internet.

Why? Because they bought Microsoft's line about the Xbox One being "The Future."

How can anyone in their right mind think taking control away from consumers is A GOOD THING?

"We want discless playing from disc games."

Which still exists but isn't mandatory. Xbox 360 has optional full disc installs. What makes you think Xbox One, which is supposedly the future, won't?

"We want family game sharing."

You want to be able to share 45 minute demos with 10 "family" members who will then have to buy the game after that 45 minutes?

"We want access to play our games on any Xbox One console."

Which you can still do. It's called bringing the disc with you.

"We want a console of the future, not an Xbox 360 on steroids."

None of those "features" are new or features of "the future." What they are is the confiscation of consumer rights and potentially the inability to allow the console to perform its basic function if you don't have a working network connection.

"We don't care if we have to check-in online once every 24 hour."

Because you're an idiot. You'll care when your connection fails at the appointed check in time and your console becomes useless until the connection is fixed.

"But thanks for making it region free. We DON'T want to change that!"

Oh, so region locking was where you drew the line? What? So you'll allow Microsoft to tell you what you can do with your own physical games, tell you that your console won't work without a network connection (or Kinect), and tell you that you can share gameplay demos that your "family" will eventually be told to buy, but region locking is a no no?

The existence of these kinds of people is enough to induce an immediate migraine. This is the audience Microsoft are after, and this is the audience Microsoft will target once they get the pesky, yet vocal, core gamers silenced by their paltry and likely short-lived core game support.

Imagine, there are people out there who are telling a company "We want you to take control away from us. We want you to tell us what to do with our money and our property."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Xbox One fanboys.

Derekvinyard13  +   779d ago
This has to be trolling, please tell me people can't be this stupid!

To the people who signed the petition... http://m.youtube.com/watch?...
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dedicatedtogamers  +   779d ago
Three weeks from now Microsoft issues a press release:

"Well, we've heard the fans, and guess what? DRM is back in!"
darthv72  +   779d ago
but it doesnt change my decision to buy. If they put it in...they put it in. If it stays out...it stays out.

All that matters is having both next gen platforms and the games that appeal to me.

Respect to those who pick a side but dont dis me for remaining in the middle.
SilentNegotiator  +   779d ago

Being willing to supporting DRM doesn't make you "in the middle"

Stop trying so pumpkin-chunkin' hard to come off as an "omnigamer", you're just coming off as obnoxious.
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darthv72  +   779d ago
believe it or not, while i have my reservations about the direction companies take, i am an omnigamer.

you can belittle me as much as you like but (go figure) we are on the same side when it comes to playing games we like. We can have differing opinions but in the overall scope of things, we are both part of what makes gaming such a great entertainment medium.

Thank you for always being there to have my back as one fellow gamer to another.
shivvy24  +   775d ago
whats great about PS vs Xbox is that it pushes competition ! there would be no PSN without Live , Bluray is now on xbox , exclusives .. i can go on and on but you guys get the point
Nicaragua  +   779d ago
I thought the disk installs on the Xbox 360 still required the disk to be in the slot? So if my understanding is correct thats not quite the same as what the Xbox 1 was going for.

In all honestly I thought the diskless gaming of the Xbox One was a pretty cool feature. As a PC gamer then the idea of the disk being useless beyond the initial install wasnt that big a deal to me.
DragonKnight  +   779d ago
Even if that's the case for the 360, there's no reason the Xbox One can't be diskless. Also, according to Microsoft, all games will have Day 1 digital download versions available as well, so discless gaming is still very real on the Xbox One.
HammadTheBeast  +   779d ago
You need to place the disk in tray once a week.
darksky  +   778d ago
A people completely ignorant? you CAN already purchase games directly from the Xbox marketplace and play them without a disc so the option is there for people who don't want a disc copy of a game and don't want to sell it later on.

The Xbox One policies were trying to prevent reselling of games and forcing 24hr check in to make sure no one was playing borrowed games.

If someone wants digital download games the option is still there.
LtSkittles  +   779d ago
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

They may not want the old drm, they may want the features that Microsoft is now saying won't be available to them now that they changed their minds. Like the Family Share plan.

But also those Change.org petitions aren't meant for issues like these, they're supposed to be used to get a message to the white house.
DragonKnight  +   779d ago
According to Microsoft, those "features" are a package deal with the DRM which is why they need to "change" the Xbox One to reflect their new policies. To want the features is to want the DRM.
LtSkittles  +   779d ago
Thought so.
fsfsxii  +   779d ago
Let them go man. We don't want people who want their rights to be taken away on any other platform, not even Ouya
fsfsxii  +   779d ago
Holy god, i took a look at the comments, and these people are dead serious. Lol, if this petition gets looked by MS, i may expect ANOTHER 180 turn lol
JohnApocalypse  +   779d ago
I thinks this is the work on Sony fanboys
fsfsxii  +   779d ago
Reading the comments tells me other wise
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rezzah  +   779d ago
I think it is a mixture of both. The ratio is unknown.


I don't think the 2 comments above me deserved to the be bubbled down, especially since it wasn't their own words.

This may be the effect of those who disliked their assumed stance (against Sony and/or pro MS) based their words, and sought any means to silence them (bubble system).

I've seen worse words used, not through quotes, by others on this site. Yet none were ever bubbled down.

To me this is pretty pathetic. Currently no one even disagreed with them, shows that those who disliked their words acted in secret. The possibility of it being one person with multiple accounts can be true as well.
GenericNameHere  +   778d ago
And it was the Xbox and Nintendo fanboys that put PSN down for a couple of months, huh? It's not like Sony removed a certain feature, which might have caused a few PS3 owners to get angry, right? And I bet the Red Ring was all a lie, right? That it was all a bunch of PS3 and Wii fanboys who hated the 360 so much, they bought one, destroyed it, and told people that Microsoft sucks? That not a single Xbox fanboy got a red ring?

Stop with your stupid "oh blah blah fanboys did this because blah blah." Sometimes, it's your own fans that will go to extremes.
OmegaSlayer   779d ago | Immature | show
BillytheBarbarian  +   779d ago
The comments are so dumb. It's probably Sony lovers doing this petition to help The Ps4. Go SDF!
DragonKnight  +   779d ago
Yeah, because the PS4 is in such terrible shape that it needs help... Oh wait...

BillytheBarbarian  +   779d ago
Seriously, it looks fake as hell. The comments look like they're from 13 year old kids.
DragonKnight  +   779d ago
Now THAT I can agree with. I did see one comment that said something along the lines of "we should be able to choose" though so it could be a mixed bag of morons. I personally know someone who would sign the petition just to make the Xbox One look bad, but I'm of the mind that those policies were bad for everyone because they could set a precedent so I think the petitions should be deleted.
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ZoyosJD  +   779d ago
This likely comes from the people who thought the family sharing was 10 people and unlimited play.

I know several people who would have defended this DRM to death because of "40 games for the price of 4".

I can't believe there are this many signatures (~800 as of now).

They know not what they ask.
HonestDragon  +   779d ago
This has to be a trolling campaign if I ever saw one. One thing that sticks out are the amount of signatures they need to complete their petitions: 10,000 signatures. Um, you would think that a petition would need more than that to get a point across. That's barely a fraction of the entirety of the video game community (and internet for that matter). That includes both petitions equaling 11,000 people.

The comments are even more blatant in reeking of trolling. Or they are just really confused consumers. Here are just a few I read:

"I live in the year 2013, NOT 1999. I want to see future, NOT past!" - Because apparently movies, books, video games, and cartoons from the 90s are so out of date for this guy. He wants to have 3D and virtual reality now!

"Looks like PS4 will be full of whiny little kids with poor internet connections - Good luck!" - Whiny little kids on PSN? How many videos on Youtube show whiny little kids on Xbox Live? Oh yeah, lots.

"Please bring back the Family-Share and the DRM back please. Thanks!" - This one was previously talking about modders and hackers breaking games online (i.e. GTA IV). PC has the same problem, but people never vocally complain about that. What's the difference?

"I want the Xbox One to take a step into the future, not beeing stuck in the past. I want to play wherever I am, whenever I am there." - 3DS, Vita. Pick one. That's your true mobile gaming. None of that idevice crap.

"It was all good until MS turned it all around. Don't listen to the trolls, listen to the real users!" - If by real users you mean people who like to shovel money at bad investments, then go ahead and let Microsoft know about those real users.

"i love the online sharing stuff, i want it back." - Yeah, screw anyone who likes to share discs and spend actual time with people in their own homes. They are too old school for the Xbox One! --> Said no real gamer ever.

"Because ..cloud gaming c'mon ppl are n00bs and dont know what they gonna miss." - Xbox Live in a nutshell.

"The vocal minority got its way and left the rest of us with a less innovative console." - Ha! Minority?! Did you not see the internet explode? Did you not see retailers practically black ball Microsoft? Yeah, that was for sure a minority all right.

"I have a family, can i afford 2,3,4 copies of one game..... No. Family Share was gonna be excellent and those whining idiots have cost us everything good on the XO, GIVE US A OPT IN OR OUT OPTION MS!!!" - You can still share one physical copy of a game. Besides, how many E or M rated games would you use with family share anyway? Ryse looks like a perfect game for little Timmy!

It's these comments that just reinforce the mentality of people going behind Microsoft for the Xbox One. They want DRM, they want family share, they want digital only games. It's like they are trying to find something to like in a shallow effort to put all other gamers down.
s45gr32  +   779d ago
I am saddened that there is an actual petition to destroy our legal rights written by law (The first sale doctrine). I hope this is trolling because ugh why would anyone would want to throw away the ability to trade, share, or resell their games. These people behind this petition are completely brain washed by Microsoft.
BillytheBarbarian  +   779d ago
That's why I think it is the work of trolls. The quiet Nintendo fanboys...lol
Captain Tuttle  +   779d ago
Microsoft should have just made the console all digital and been done with it. Allow offline mode just like Steam.
Godmars290  +   779d ago
You're missing the point. A third of Xbox 360 aren't and have likely never been online. That's a third of of potential market MS would be outright ignoring with a system which required online at any time. Nevermind the chanced internet blackout.

And I'm still betting that they're going to be hear from and be effected by people who buy the XB1 in its current form and don't have online.
Captain Tuttle  +   778d ago
Just because they never went online with their 360's doesn't mean they can't or won't go online with their Ones.

meh, doesn't matter to me anyway, I'm likely jumping ship to Sony next gen. Get a One down the road.
Godmars290  +   778d ago
"Just because they never went online with their 360's doesn't mean they can't or won't go online with their Ones."

Exactly the point. A 360 doesn't ever have to be online whereas an XB1 must be online at least once in its current form. And while that not be an issue for you myself or anyone else posting here, its going to be for a minority who plan on buying the console. And MS have either obliviously or intentionally excluded them despite their money being no different than anyone else's.
EXVirtual  +   779d ago
Every week an episode of M$ Antics comes onto N4G. Can't wait for the reveal of the restructuring tomorrow. This place is gonna implode. LOL.
rezzah  +   779d ago
What will be the difference between the current design and the new? If you have a link for answers just send it instead.
Godmars290  +   779d ago
This was bad to hear at first, but we're honestly just talking about less than 300 fanboys?

If it were 300k much less a million I could see reason to keep this crap going, but only 300? Did people forget that there were actual idiots who were warming up towards defending the 180 the day it was announced?

Let it go. Let the babies have their bottle - while hoping MS isn't that eff'in dumb. Again.
rezzah  +   779d ago
Welcome to the planet called Earth.
gta_manic  +   778d ago
reasons for signing
John whatzittoya SONYVILLE, WY 1 day ago Liked 183
ill sign to help ps4 so we have no stupid people on the same console as me.
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theChickGamer  +   778d ago
I like where the second petition says "it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty", so it wasn't Microsoft's fault is their message wasn't loud and clear and each of their PR said a different thing.

Maybe I should sign it and help these smart, wise and well-informed people have the future of entertainment MS promised them. Far-sighted, yes, definitely far-sighted.

Just the mentioning of "family game sharing" speaks volumes about the kind of understanding whoever wrote and signed this petition has.

"Imagine, there are people out there who are telling a company "We want you to take control away from us. We want you to tell us what to do with our money and our property.""
People have done that already, on a political level, not about property but about their right for information, think about Proposition 37, for example.
You won't believe it, but there are people ready to give up their rights.
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zerocrossing  +   778d ago
Great blog! I had only just heard about this the other day, still have my face in my palm now...

Honestly these kinds of fanboys are the reason console gaming has become so elitist and exclusionary, it once was that you could pop a game in the disc tray and away you go, but nope now you need online patches, online passes, Xbox Live Gold if you're foolish enough to pay to play a portion of something you already own, and now they want to to stop you playing games all together unless you jump through all the hoops (Sigh)

We do these people a favour by collectively standing up for all of our consumer rights only to have these ingrates sign a petition so they can go and throw it all away.
grimmweisse  +   778d ago
I had a great time reading those petition comments. Blaming gamers for their short shortsightedness, and blaming Sony because they didn't follow suit.

So what if Sony didn't go the same route. Those mental Xbone fans are blaming Sony or PS4 supporters, blame MS for not having the balls the follow through with what they had envisioned. And I can guarantee if Sony did follow the same path as the Xbone, those Xbonehead fans will cry out because the PS4 is copying the Xbone.

Fanboys who love their console is tolerable, but fanboys blaming a rival company for a change in policy when it was actually the company they support who changed it. It's a new low!
maniacmayhem  +   777d ago
Hey Dragon, I expect a blog from you about how Sony fans are trying to revert the Xbox One back to its DRM original status.


So quick to write negative rants and blogs about MS/Xbox and even go as far to end it with "Xbox Fanboys". Did it ever occur to you that those supposed Xbox fanboys may actually be Sony fanboys being absolute trolls.

Of course it didn't, this is what blind bias will lead to. Ladies and gentlemen the Sony fanboy.
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The_Klank  +   777d ago
That's a fair point but when this was written it was assumed (And rightly so imo) that the petition was started by a genuine Xbox fan upset that Microsoft removed features that he/she thought would be “the future of entertainment". There are still plenty of people that would like the plans detailed at E3 to happen and were still defending it after the '180'

After word spread of the petition GAMERS decided to 'troll' and support it. No more no less.

As a side note I wonder, if the petition was started by an Xbox fan, is he/she happy now?
maniacmayhem  +   775d ago
It is always assumed by sony fanboys for the worse about MS.

This is my whole point about this blog. He even mentions that this may be a trolling attempt but spends most of the blog ranting about what xbox fanboys want or are. No where does he spend enough time explaining that this might be nothing more than a joke or a poor attempt by other console fans.

And I doubt there would be a blog by him stating what Sony fanboys are doing or could be doing now.
EXVirtual  +   776d ago
This blog is right. Xboners are the most retarded fanboys out there.

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