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It's Another Feminist Agenda Day

You know, I think I'm seeing this everywhere far too much, and I'm not even looking for it. Today, Anita Sarkeesian released her first Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video on Damsels in Distress. It's about 25 minutes of incoherent tripe, erroneous factoids, some french thrown in to make herself look cultured, and a continuation of the anti-love/anti-sex/anti-women- wanting-to-be-with-the-man-the y -love attitude that she's always had. She disabled ratings and comments on the video because, although she claims she's all about discussion, she's against being proven wrong and prevents anyone from being able to do that as much as she can. If you feel like facepalming eternally, then go ahead and click the proceeding link.

Watching that video really induced some serious rage within me. I was fully ready to make a blog post dismantling every single word she said to expose her as the ignorant, hate mongering, opportunist she really is. But in all honesty, that is a huge undertaking that requires more energy than I'm willing to expend at the moment.

Instead, I turn my attention to Adam Sessler's review of God of War: Ascension. Towards the end of the review, Adam turns on White Knight mode when Kratos beats down on a Fury, steps on her head which crushes it, and a trophy that says "Bros before Hos" pops up. Adam spews off the feminist buzzword "mysogyny" (and of course misuses it) when referencing this particular trophy, and a war erupts in the comment section of his video. Sides are drawn between the White Knights and the "It's just a joke"/"It's just a trophy" crowd. This trophy is being linked to all manner of hate, from racism against Africans and Jews, to homophobia as the very descriptive nature of the Internet is used as a weapon in this war.

I thought it was only there that this was happening, but nope. A cursory glance on google turns up a multiple of "a change is needed" articles about how misogynistic God of War: Ascension is just because of a frickin' trophy and thousands of Politically Correct fools who take things WAY too seriously. God of War is actually relatively absent of gender inequality. Kratos is an indiscriminate killer, and he faces many female adversaries and even the goddesses/female titans themselves. But that's not apparently the problem. A trophy is the problem. A kilobyte of lights that has a saying so old it's become a cultural cliche of frathouses and "thugs" is what is being used as the banner for this war.

You want to know the absolute best part of this? Most of the fighting is happening between men. Women are barely discussing this at all.

See, this is why games and social issues should be separate. Games should be allowed the freedom of expression that many cultures enjoy. And people need to stop taking everything so literally and seriously in life. The eventual arguments of "you can't say that because you don't know... blah blah blah" are going to come up, but to that I say this. What good has this "movement" done for the world lately? Because all I can see is constant fighting, misinformation, misrepresentation, and focus being placed in the wrong area. There shouldn't be a movement whose goal is "equal rights with no responsibility" and it damn well should not seep into games.

Frickin' lighten up people. It's a goddamn trophy alright.

And for the last time, misogyny is a profound hatred or distrust of women, alright? Hatred or distrust. It's not a woman in a bikini being looked at by men. It's not Princess Peach being rescued by Mario. It's not a trophy name. It's hatred. Hatred is a strong word backed by strong actions. You want to know hatred? Auschwitz was hatred. Slavery was hatred. A trophy name isn't hatred. If you're going to use such a polarizing and damaging term, use it correctly.

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Blacktric1719d ago

"And for the last time, misogyny is a profound hatred or distrust of women, alright? Hatred or distrust. It's not a woman in a bikini being looked at by men. It's not Princess Peach being rescued by Mario. It's not a trophy name. It's hatred. Hatred is a strong word backed by strong actions. You want to know hatred? Auschwitz was hatred. Slavery was hatred. A trophy name isn't hatred. If you're going to use such a polarizing and damaging term, use it correctly."

I think I love you.

SilentNegotiator1719d ago

You'll note that despite lots of disagrees on this comment page, no one has made a comment in rebuttal to the blog. So....cowardly white knights, too.

I saw an article the other day that suggested that Lora Croft shoved some equipment up her "tomb". People went straight to claiming that no has ever made such jokes about male characters shoving "magically disappearing" (you know, when they switch weapons/equip. and it seems to disappear) weapons up their butts. Except, wait, yes they have! Jokes about magically disappearing weapons have been going on for a long while, and yes, the male buttocks has been a target of these jokes before.

There's just so much airy BS attached to the issue of sexism (or heck, any civil issue, really) that gets in the way of actual progress on the real issues. So much is forced, from concepts to executions, in civil issues today; firefighters must lose out on jobs because (literally) less qualified black applicants called racism and brought it to court in Chicago, women must become half of the CEO population NOW (even though CEOs are mostly experienced old men from an age when infinitely less women were working), if you're not for this or that policy you "hate" that's downright frustrating to see all of these unrealistic, forced expectations.

SageHonor1719d ago

America is very polarizing.

Wintersun6161717d ago

Couldn't agree more with you.

I remember back in 2007 when me and my wife were laughing at how it looks like Kratos pulls the Barbarian Hammer from under his kilt/skirt or whatever it is.

zerocrossing1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I watched that video and ugh... I really wish I hadn't, she's just hate mongering and spreading misinformation that's being hidden behind carefully crafted words of concern and understanding, I would love to have a debate with her over all of this but I fear it would be a waste of my time since a resolution to all of this isn't really what she is after.

We all know games aren't perfect and yes there are some feminist issues that need to be addressed but let's not pretend it's causing any real harm or enforcing any negative viewpoints towards women's, I can honestly say It hasn't effected me negatively in that respect anyway.

I love playing Mario and Zelda games and I have never seen Peach or Zelda as simply an object that needed saving, I see them both as the most important characters in their respective games, that absolutely must be rescued because the lands and people they rule over simply cannot do without them, it may harken back to an old over used plot device but heck one of these main female characters actually has her name in the title of every game! in such a way it actually makes pretty much every Zelda games story focus much more about Zelda than it does even Link, I never once heard "Anita Sarkeesian" address that, probably because it would be a great disservice to her attempts to wrongly label these games as being misogynistic.

Anyway nice article and good food for thought, IMO.

DragonKnight1719d ago

I don't know who could disagree with you, unless Anita followed me here (and I hope she did) but you are absolutely correct. And the thing about Zelda is that she is so important that, in Zelda 2: Link's Awakening, the King of Hyrule made it law that the first born princess be named Zelda for all time. I mean, that's frickin' honor right there. Plus, she casually glosses over Peach and Zelda's role in Smash Bros., only mentioning in passing. She really is just hate mongering.

zerocrossing1719d ago

Im used to getting disagrees when talking sense...

Exactly, they even build on Zelda's importance in Skywards Sword with her relation to the goddess Hyllia.

Anita is just fuelling the flames of a long time debate with absolutely no intent in offering any advice or opinions on how or what should be done to solve this apparent problem she's so concerned about.

DragonKnight1719d ago

Someone doesn't like you, so far you're the only one with disagrees.

And yeah I know, Zelda is linked to a goddess but that doesn't matter to Anita because Link has to rescue her. Nevermind the fact that if we were to do a body count of how many men have been murdered, tortured, or brutalized in any way over the 30 years of gaming, the number would definitely reach the millions. It's interesting that no one is looking at the potential nihilism the male gender portrays in gaming, that men are always being killed or killing.

No, that in no way is a problem at all. /s

zerocrossing1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I won't name any names but Im pretty sure I know who here is responsible for those disagrees.

Another point a user made right here on N4G (I forget who) was that we constantly demonise people who are portrayed as our enemies in games, and like you say they are much more often than not male in gender.

I know there are a few exceptions to this but they are far and few between, we make it acceptable to kill other people in games by branding them as evil and declaring we (the person we are playing as) are good and just.

It would be interesting to play a game where the line between who is right and who is wrong is blurd, very much like it is in reality IMO.

HonestDragon1719d ago

I watched that video, too. I actually facepalmed quite a few times during it. It's funny that she only pegged the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises and even early arcade sprite titles. The thing I would want to stress to her is that the age of gaming that she is blatantly targeting was when it was in its youth.

Since video games were young and new to entertainment, staying safe with common fictional tropes was not uncommon. Good guy versus bad guy, woman in need of help, kid heroes, fantasy meets reality, living dreams, etc. All of these were common back then. We didn't have very sophisticated graphics and storylines like we do now. If she wanted this video to be more well received, then she should have started with today's games not games from the past. Origin should be considered as a precursor of reference, not the main source.

What I find interesting is that she is cites mythology. She's really reaching far and wide here. Women had many important roles in many mythologies across the world, but she zeroes in on one particular story and never mentions another one (only paraphrases). What is also interesting is that she mentions that Zelda and Peach being playable in franchise spin-offs don't count in the larger picture because they aren't playable in the core series, then brings up the idea that women are objects in video games.

She never once considered other games that had no gender at its base of a man or woman in distress. She actively avoided mentioning other franchises in the 90s that actually had good women characters. Again, it would have been better had she actually put more neutrality and research into the side of games that don't use cliches.

matgrowcott1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

While I do think there are gender issues that need to be sorted, I think the story behind this video is pretty lame.

She takes thousands of dollars. Disappears for 9 months. Results in a video containing things that we've all largely been saying for years.

And why did she get thousands of dollars or even a modicum of attention? Because nasty internet men were being mean to her.

If she really believed in what she's pedaling, she'd donate a little of that money to charity, or give it back to people who paid for the series.

zerocrossing1719d ago

Or better yet start up a games company that produces games that she feels represents women in what she considers is the "correct" way.

buuut that aint gonna happen, she's just there for the attention and isn't at all about trying create a solution to the problem but rather and fuel to a tired argument that industry is still hard at work fixing while she moans as if nothing is being done to represent females fairly in video games, smh...

majiebeast1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

So they dont wanna be treated as damsel in distress but they cant be torn to shreds by Kratos either? You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Im so sick of feminist/mangina's that bitch and moan how women should be treated equal then whine when a female character gets ripped to shreds. Should i go bitch that Lara Croft only kills dudes?

Its like those women on twitch/youtube they have a boob cam and cleavage thats almost spilling out, but when you comment about it they get offended.

SageHonor1719d ago

Kratos? hhahha, Are they even aware Kratos has been known to torture, dismember, and mutilate the men in god of war. Hence the Poseidon and Hermes boss fights. Or shit.. how about Cronos and Hercules. The men have gotten it alot worse in those games. Kratos will tear anybody to shreds. That's equality. hehe

WarThunder1719d ago

I wasted my time watching 2 min of that video......

DragonKnight1719d ago

I apologize. I know it's a waste of time, but it has to be seen to realize just how misinformed Anita is. She's hate mongering and people really need to understand that. Since she actively blocks all discussion that could be used against her until it can be used to her advantage, we have to talk about it somewhere. Feel free to leave her a tweet though. Lol.

WarThunder1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

You don't need to apologize :D what u said is 100% true.

This person Anita doesn't represent all female gamers... She is giving bad image to women.
She is kind of person who think she/he knows everything and the rest are stupid. Thats why she blocked rating and comment on her video....

Sorry for my bad grammar. (English is not my main language) :)

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