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Why Reboots Could Spell The End of Older Franchises.

It should come as no surprise the subject that got me to write this blog. DmC of course. But I'm not even going to talk about the actual game itself, instead I'm going to talk about the concept of a reboot (necessary or not) and why developers like Capcom are lying through their teeth.

Reboots have been used in all mediums as a way of reintroducing a formerly (or in some cases still currently) beloved concept. They can be a way to reinvigorate the creative processes of talented people looking to try new things in a new light, or simply breathe life into something that's been dying for a long time. Reboots are always initially met with scepticism and mixed reaction because many subscribe to the idea (especially in Devil May Cry's case) "if it's not broken, don't fix it" and question the need to reboot something.

The reaction to DmC caused Capcom to make the statement that they may revisit the older style of Devil May Cry that fans already knew and loved, but I submit to you that that's a load of bull. Why do I say that? Well simply because it would undermine the DmC reboot and confuse all the "new fans" Capcom rebooted the series to capture the attention of. Imagine that DmC comes out, and sells well. Then imagine that Capcom decides to throw the old fans a bone and they come out with Devil May Cry 5, complete with the Dante we loved from DMC4 and the technical brilliance of the classic DMC style combat, with the jovial and aloof attitude we so adore, that would be business suicide for them. Such a move would completely alienate the new fans that DmC made because the combat would revert to the allegedly "too difficult to get into" style that was apparently such a big barrier to begin with.

A game like the DMC5 that we older Devil May Cry fans want would be a turn off to the new fans; and since Capcom are going for that massive casual market and their dollars, they won't release a game that the new fans won't buy because it's "too hard" or "not serious enough" for the tastes of the new audience. I think it's safe to say, unless DmC flops really bad, that there will never be a DMC5 thanks to this reboot.

But it's not all gloom and doom for reboots. Look at the Mortal Kombat reboot. That was an incredibly well done game. Going back to the basics that fans originally loved (gee, who would have thought that making a game for the fans could pay off right?) proved to the best move for the Mortal Kombat franchise and I don't think anyone will miss the 3D fighter style that pretty much ruined the franchise. Still, I would love to see another adventure style Mortal Kombat like Shaolin Monks.

There's also the Tomb Raider reboot, which seems to have a much greater emphasis on character development and engaging the player into Lara's origins than standard gameplay elements that became too great a focus of the previous games to its detriment.

It's definitely not a stretch to say though that when reboots are generally successful (usually financially, but sometimes critically) that the previous stuff from which the reboot is based upon will never again see the light of day. In some cases this is a good thing, in some it's a bad thing. Sorry to say it DMC fans, Uncle Dante doesn't look to be coming back anytime soon.

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LightofDarkness1950d ago

I see where you're coming from, and I thought you were going to touch on a recent worry of mine.

The biggest problem I have with these reboots is what happens if a reboot fails (i.e. commercial failure, publishers don't care if a game is great, only if it sells)? I think that means the franchise, in its entirety, is over. Some seem to think that DmC failing would open up Capcom's eyes to the devotion of their existing fan-base, but that won't happen. Capcom is a business. DmC failing would prove to Capcom that DmC, as a franchise, has no more potential to attract new customers or grow, and is therefore dead-weight. It will be effectively dead, its IP shelved and its more recognizable faces may be occasionally trotted out to add a hint of charm and fan-service to more successful franchises (or to attract die-hards to new ones).

This is why reboots make me increasingly nervous, especially when they're being trotted out somewhat carelessly like it's en vogue somehow. Once a reboot fails, corporate types will see that as a franchise that's failed and it will be severed like a gangrenous limb. And they wouldn't be wrong, most of the time. Why should they devote millions to a project that will only have less fanfare or audience than likely any previous release?

Basically, I wish people like Capcom would err on the side of caution before they commit to projects like DmC. Seriously, does anyone think Bionic Commando is coming back? What about the Blue Bomber after the inevitable Megaman reboot (which will almost assuredly flop if they try to appeal to mature/western audiences)?

They will slowly kill off any and all of their weight in franchise gold and then evaporate, but not before the damage is done.

DragonKnight1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That's the thing with these corporate types, lately they haven't done their due diligence when green lighting projects like DmC. There isn't enough market research being done to see if "hey, there must be plenty of fans of Devil May Cry out there, let's see what their opinion would be on some ideas we have to take the franchise in a different direction." Instead they fly in, head first, and just expect everyone to accept the "it's our IP and we're doing whatever the hell we want and you have no choice but to like it" style of attitude. Then people wonder why there is such a huge backlash.

I think you're right about DMC and it's something I've been afraid of too. Capcom couldn't see that it was THEIR fault DMC4 was so poorly received. They think they did everything right and it was just the fans that lost interest. But that couldn't be further from the truth, and if DmC fails to meet financial goals then it's more likely that they'll think everyone has lost interest in Devil May Cry altogether instead of asking themselves "gee, you think maybe we went a little too far, or maybe went in the wrong direction?"

Guaranteed Megaman is getting the next reboot soon, it will likely be met with a lot of back lash, and I can't wait to see the double standards fly when that happens. Capcom cancelled Megaman Legends 3, there's no doubt in my mind they would cancel Megaman altogether because it's not being eaten up by everyone.

DarkBlood1950d ago

that would seem like it, its like this i think

"its either done thier way ,not the fans way or bust"

s45gr321950d ago

Agreed, mainstream game publishers just look at the finance not what the gamers want or get in touch or feedback
from gamers. That is the problem right there.

The_Devil_Hunter1947d ago

Look at my username. It was obviously inspired by the Devil May Cry series. Im 20 years now. I have been with DMC since the 2001 when I was nine, ever since then I fell in love with character. In the eyes of a 9 year old boy Dante was a dream character. He was everything I wanted from a fictional hero. He was my idol as a boy, (as silly as that sounds). And my childhood memories were vanished since they decided to reboot the series. My favorite character and series was forever gone. It was the whole reason I became a core gamer. And it sucks that the next generation of gamers are going to grow up thinking this is what and who Dante is. A scrony bad mouthed british american hybrid. What a way to ruin a series. From now on, I kind of lost my interest for gaming in some way.

s45gr321950d ago

Anoter great blog in order for a reboot of say game franchise it to be successful it needs the feedback, criticism of the fans of say franchise without it it

TruthbeTold1950d ago

Kind of like the way comics do constantly. Starting comics over at 'issue #1' all of the time, or killing off characters, or changing things fundamentally in order to try and cater to people they want to try to attract to the book, rather than the constant fans whom they feel they can take for granted.

'F'em. They're going to buy it anyway. Let's go completely against their wishes and hope it gets those people over there to buy our product!'

That of course is the right of any company. But when those reboots fail, they shouldn't expect their old loyal fans to remain as loyal as they were before.

1950d ago
Roccetarius1949d ago

Tomb Raider Reboot initially had me interested, but now i see what it is. I won't be getting it myself.

Touching on DmC, DMC 4 could've been much, much improved. Capcom shot themselves in the foot, because they scrapped a lot of content.

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