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Diversity is real

As many of you know, I've been vocal about the issue of sexism in gaming. Specifically; my stance has been against modern feminists who have been focusing on every negative pertaining to women in gaming and against the idea that this is an actual issue with real world implications. In discussing this, one point in the issue has been brought up consistently. That being the diversity of appearance in the female form. Apparently there is a lack of it and all women are disproportionate or unrealistic. So, this blog is to show some of the women in gaming that don't look like the DoA girls or Ivy from Soul Calibur or Rachel from Ninja Gaiden. In the interest of being current, I will only include women from THIS generation of gaming. The Past is irrelevant.

First up, there is Faith from Mirror's Edge. Here's a pic of her.

She looks pretty average to me. Athletic build and all. Does she seem like she's unrealistic? I don't think so.

Next up is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil.

Pretty normal looking wouldn't say? Nothing in freakish proportions here right? She isn't the kind of girl you'd see in an adult magazine or on porn sites is she? Not at all. Do any of you disagree?

Finally there's Meryl Silverburgh from MGS4.

Strong, great leader, and not at all unrealistic wouldn't you say? Do you see anything of her that doesn't in any way seem realistic? I personally don't. You can look up some female soldiers in Iraq and see plenty of great examples of women that fit the same mould as Meryl.

These are just 3 examples, but there are many many more, and none of these examples look anything like the DoA girls that some would have you believe are the only or main examples of womanhood in gaming. I personally believe that people claiming there is a lack of diversity in women in games are either blind, or upset that they haven't seen a girl that looks just like them, or their girlfriend, or their sister, or their mom, or whatever. There is plenty of diversity for you to see everywhere, you just have to want to actually see it instead of looking for problems.

And to drive the point further, look up the cosplay of the more allegedly unrealistic female characters. See those characters portrayed by REAL women, and I guarantee you you will find at least ONE woman who looks DAMN close to the actual character in REAL proportions as well.

Don't ignore the positives in favor of complaining about irrelevant negatives. Games are games, they don't impact the real world beyond possible addiction to them. A game no more promotes sexism than it does violence, stop treating them like they do.

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Sephris1948d ago

The only unrealistic thing I have seen when it comes to women is not the size of the chest, but the impact it has on women. for example, Lollipop Chainsaw has a cheerleader who has cachongas so big that a few flips should put her in bed with back pain for half a week. Boobs have weight. You get them flying around in a combat scene and the girl will be a stooped over mess at the end of it.

DragonKnight1948d ago

That's why they're games though. They don't have to be real. Would you enjoy playing a game where that happened? Every time she did a flip you had to stop due to lower back pain? And if every woman in games had a gymnast build, that would also equal a lack of diversity. There comes a point where you just have to go with the fact that it's just a game. Not saying you personally, but people in general.

LightofDarkness1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

If you over think it, you will notice these glaringly unrealistic aspects of just about every game. Nevermind the fact that a girl of her tiny frame is somersaulting around the room, wielding a 40lb chainsaw that rivals her own stature, and all with peerless coordination and dexterity: it's the fact that she might have back-ache because her boobs aren't properly supported, that's the real reality check here :/

There are myriad examples, and none of them really matter. A man the size of Marcus Fenix shouldn't be able to leap into cover at the breakneck "snap" pace that he does (not without essentially splattering himself against it), for instance. Even more games depict hulking men with the agility of felines, where in reality they'd be hard pressed to perform the Macarena without throwing their back out (or even touch their own toes).

Tuxedo_Mask1948d ago

Yeah, when I saw the trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw I thought, "A zombie game? This looks pretty realistic." Then I saw her proportions and the jumping around she was doing and my suspension of disbelief flew right out the window. /s

ZombieNinjaPanda1948d ago

Claiming misogyny in video games is definitely grasping for straws at this point. When there are much bigger issues at hand and you're focusing on video games (an entertainment medium) you know you're a joke and where your ideologies lie.

Theo11301948d ago Show
SageHonor1948d ago

I can name a few more

The Boss/Joy from Metal Gear Solid 3
Malik from Deus Ex Human Revolution
Elena from Uncharted
Bastila Shan Kotor
Aveline Dragon Age 2
Nariko ( yea yea i know how she's dressed ) But she is a strong leader and fighter

Kte1948d ago

Yeah at the end of the day, they are just video-games... people who complain about the way they does it matter if they are just games we control on a TV?

SilentNegotiator1948d ago

Almost no one is "average" in movies, games, etc. Male or female.

Hufandpuf1946d ago

Youre cutting it way too close saying almost. I'd argue that there are more "normal" people in movies than there are fantasized people.

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The story is too old to be commented.