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Why Tecmo Koei are the devs that everyone should support more.

Recently, a game from a Japanese development studio called Tecmo Koei was released named Warriors Orochi 3. For Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fans, I don't have to tell you about the game as you've likely been following the series long enough to know what it is, or at least the basic premise. For those of you who aren't fans, or don't know, Warriors Orochi is a series that combines the characters of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors into one game where the two worlds have become merged by the powers of Orochi the Japanese Demon Snake God.

Say what you want about the gameplay, it's all been said before. But the issue here is why Tecmo Koei are probably one development studio all gamers should be supporting more. I can see you asking why, since the gameplay is so "repetitive" and "it's all the same stuff" with these games right? Well for one, that's wrong, but my main point is this.

Warriors Orochi 3 has over 132 characters. None of them are DLC, all of them are included in the game. All the characters have unique designs and their own movesets. None of them are ripoffs, copy paste jobs or in any way inferior quality characters.

Warriors Orochi 3 has multiple full length story modes that guarantees hours of play time. Granted, with 132 characters story modes do overlap a lot, but you're guaranteed more than 1 story experience. Again, all included in the game; all accessible from the start.

Warriors Orochi 3 has online co-op. That, in and of itself, is no big deal these days except to mention that it is not something these games are noted for. To my recollection (correct me if I'm wrong) there are only 2 warriors games that have online on consoles at all. Dynasty Warriors 7 and Warriors Orochi 3. The online is not the main focus of the game and provides that classic, play with a buddy, feel of gaming's past. To me, Koei's online doesn't feel like "today's" online. Feels more like playing the older Dynasty Warriors games where co-op was split screen. Maybe that's just the nostalgia talking. Lol.

Warriors Orochi 3 has a level editor. You can design your own levels and upload them for others to play with in co-op, you can download other's levels to play in co-op yourself. To my knowledge, this is a first for the Warriors series and it's also NOT DLC. It's included in the main game and you don't have to pay extra for it.

And this is the best part. A game with all of this content, if sold by a publisher like Activision, EA, or Capcom; would not only have all of this content cut up for future DLC; but you'd also being paying well over the $60 standard price for the game after factoring in all of this content. Tecmo Koei however are charging $50 for this game and it's available on PSN Store and Live Marketplace for download. I don't know about you, but that's what I call a mega deal.

All of this content is the kind of stuff we USED to have in gaming on consoles before DLC was implemented and milked to death. The funny thing is that Tecmo Koei are acting old school with all of this stuff; but in this day and age what they are providing is unheard of. You can't deny that this is a lot of content to give out for $50 these days.

That's why I think gamers should support Tecmo Koei a lot. Show them that this kind of effort is appreciated. Show other devs and publishers that this is the kind of stuff we want. Games packed to the brim with content for an affordable price.

As the famous line from Field of Dreams says, "If you build it, they will come." Well devs and publishers, if you make a content filled game and don't try to nickel and dime us with DLC content, we'll show you our support.

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Bleucrunch2031d ago

I completely agree with this article...I am a big fan of dynasty warriors from all those years back when my friends introduced it to me. Tecmo Koei are a model for how all devs should be when creating their games. Make a FULL GAME across the board that we can enjoy for hours and hours upon end. The big shot developers now a days give you as much as is required to get your feet wet and then slam you with loads upon loads of DLC to actually get what the game is really about or with FPS give you a little and make you pay a whole LOT more to get a little extra and we as gamers fall into this trap very quickly. Tecmo Koei are doing things the right way and because of that they will get rewarded in time. But we as gamers need to respond with our pockets and unite against this or this bad precedent will continue to escalate. We need a voice for the gamers that can present our case to these hungry devs and pubs who don't care about making quality games anymore and only care about releasing have assed half hearted products to get a quick buck.

BiggCMan2031d ago

You guys rock! (you and the writer ^) Koei makes awesome games, I've been playing Dynasty Warriors for about 12 years now, and I have never once thought of quitting. Each game definitely brings something new to the table, especially DW7, the most feature packed of them all (I haven't played WO3 yet).

DragonKnight2031d ago

My introduction to the Dynasty Warriors series was when I first bought my PS2 and played the Dynasty Warriors 3 demo back when demo CD's came in Playstation magazine. I was instantly hooked and DW3 remains my favorite of the series. It's the most difficult and has some of the best tracks in the series (The Men of Intelligence - He Fei Castle - Wei side, best track ever). I have found that the only people who say that it never changes are those who never played more than one game and simply look at trailers of new ones and say "it hasn't changed."

I could make very long lists of changes that the series has gone through if I wanted to, but the important thing is that Tecmo Koei (Koei for the most part anyway since they are the part of the team that makes the DW games) are a developer who are first and foremost for the fans. The reason it seems DW/SW games don't seem to change is because they work. Fans love them and we buy them because we keep getting what we want. These are games that are perfect stress relievers. When you're pissed off, it's fun to go into a game and slaughter thousands of enemies with just one character like you're some invincible God of War. The history of the game is interesting too. I love Three Kingdoms Era China. It may not be accurate, but who cares. You're not playing it for accuracy. You're playing it because all it asks of you is to go around attacking everything in sight. And if people think it's easy, try playing it in Chaos mode without max stats and the best weapon you can get. Hell, even with max stats and the best weapon you'll still get raped.

WO3 has the most content in the entire DW/SW/WO series. It has Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane, Achilles and new characters made specifically for the game. You ever wanted to know how badass Ryu Hayabusa would be against thousands of opponents? Now you can find out. All of this content in one game for $50 coming from a company that knows its fans and doesn't try to westernize or release annual installments or DLC milk is why Tecmo Koei are one of the best development studios out there in my opinion. They deserve to have as much support as they can get.

StraightPath2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

dynasty warriors franchise is honestly a piece of crap. These games they keep milking are downright awful. Few of them which i played are mind numblingly boring with repititive button bashing on hordes of enemies that do nothing but watch you destory them. Its a pathetic excuse for a game. Graphics are always terrible and only thing good is the number of people on screen but that aint hard when one or two attack you while the other 30 just stand there.

dynasty warriors next (vita) - 66% metacritic
dynasty warriors extreme legends - 64% metacritic
dynasty warriors gundam - 58% metacritic
dynasty warriors 7 - 57% metacritic
dynasty warriors strikeforce- 59% metacritic
dynasty warriors 6 - 43% metacritic
Warriors Orochi - 51% metacritic

i think everyone gets the picture you can look up tonnes more of this must awful games ever to be created and they paint a similar medicore picture.

One of the worst games that are constantly created. terrible games. i dont even know what this dragon knight is recommending.

recommending people to play abysmal games? avoid these games at all cost.

and no people shouldnt support tecmo koei to create more awful clones of games.

Imagine of this turd of a pathetic franchise was popular lets say call of duty? this would be 100x worse milking then call of duty or any other so called games that are milked.

these are vomit games.

Bleucrunch2030d ago

StraighPath has gone off the deep end...the games are good...its not your cup of tea we get it. If it was really that bad then we wouldn't have seven plus iterations of the game now would we??? Nuff said!

tarbis2027d ago Show
X2031d ago

I've actually been playing this over RE:ORC. I like the warriors series a lot. The amount of content, stages, and fun really caught me off guard. I was happy to see that unlike DW7, you can play campaign stages online (you do have to beat the stage first though). As already said, those who play and say it's easy never played chaos. I'm looking forward to adding this to the plat collection with my teammate when we begin our chaos run.

Personal team - Guan Yu, Joan of Ark, Kunoichi

Bleucrunch2031d ago

Yes I love releasing my frustrations on the armies of punks and idiots that dare cross me. Lu Bu is a FREAK OF NATURE...OH Many I remember those days on the original xbox when me and friend would basically turn into super saiyans (lol) and the xbox wasn't quit about to handle all of that work so it would freeze slightly and you would see screen tearing like you never seen. Ahhh the good old days. I truly believe in "If it aint broke dont fix it" and Dynasty warriors works...Now as far as new characters I would like to see...Imagine capcom lending some of it samurai's like (Jubei and Samanosuke) from Ominusha...OH I how I dare dream of this!

X2030d ago

A game you might be interested in is sengoku basara if you never played it.

Bleucrunch2030d ago

I will look into it...never heard of it..thank you sir!

andron6662030d ago

Well on the one hand they might be doing a good job with the DW series. But they are also responsible for neutering Ninja Gaiden and games like Quantum Theory...

FinaLXiii2030d ago

More like Tecmo not Koei.

coolbeans2030d ago

I'm glad I read this. Before, I never had any desire to pick up on the series. After reading the blog and posts, it seems like one will either love it or hate it, which calls for me to at least try one out when I have the time.

LightofDarkness2030d ago

I'm in the same boat. I always found the gameplay in DW games to be quite shallow, but I always had fun during my short bouts with them. I wouldn't mind a little mindless slaughter right after I finish Xenoblade Chronicles.

Bleucrunch2030d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles...How is that game?? I believe it is for the Wii correct??

limewax2029d ago

Best wii Rpg available, Possibly best JRPG this gen

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