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Moderation confusion

If you take a look at the guidelines of this site and then take a look at news stories and comments here, I bet you'll be confused as to how the moderation is on this site. According to the guidelines, blog posts will not be posted as news, flamebait is not allowed, trolling is not allowed, etc...

But what is seen everyday? Every single type of infraction gets passed until someone with the power to change it is bored and decides to enforce the rules.

Now, I was recently "restricted" from posting comments for indirectly implying someone I was replying to was dumb after they directly stated that I was. You can take a look at the story and my comments here...

I was replying to dantesparda which is the post right above mine.

Now, I was restricted from commenting because of that post and lost a bubble and there's nothing I can do to change that, but the point here is that the moderation is completely random and seems to rarely be about the guidelines and more about what a mod or admin is doing at the time.

How many of you can say that you've seen, time after time, a person has received many debubble votes after trolling and yet nothing happened. The troll continues to troll without consequence. How many times have the worst infractions been committed unchallenged? And then there's the flamebait news articles and the incessant repetition as was seen during the Anon/Lulzsec/PSN hack moments.

It's as though the mods spend all their time in the Forums and forget the main aspect of this site until it dawns on them to check it out, and then random debubbling and comment hiding/restrictions ensue.

Now I'm sure I'm going to get the standard apologist "if you don't like it leave" comments here, but I really don't care. I'm here because I want to be, and when you say nothing about inaccuracies and inequities and a generally poor standard of moderation then nothing is going to change. It's kind of like a cop who has a traffic ticket quota to fill. If he doesn't fill it before the end of the month, you can bet your behind that your chances of getting a ticket for going 1 mile over the speed limit are drastically increased.

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kane_13712502d ago

yeah, I agree with you.
It seems like if there is only one mod on the main page.
Things advance slowly when it comes to modding

evrfighter2501d ago

Ya I can attest to the atrocious job the mods are doing. I usually get suspended when I make a counter argument against a ps3 fanboy and he's proven wrong.

I know offhand Cgoodnoo or whatever his name is has been on the lookout for me as we butted heads many times since before he became a mod. Often times I'm marked as trolling when a ps3 fanboy is corrected.

I only need one bubble to say what I want to say so my bubble count is irrelevant. will probably be banned or suspended for this post also but it needs to be said.

Christopher2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

So, let's see *looks at vote and report history*

In the last month, no moderator has "moderated" one of your posts. It's all been done by the community. The last time a moderator moderated one of your posts was 56d ago. Most of the time, the community does moderate itself fairly quickly and appropriately.

Based on your restrictions, I have never placed one upon you.

You will not be banned for believing and commenting on a conspiracy theory.

Yes, we can see all of this info, so when someone starts claiming unjust actions... we just look at their profile and review what actually happened.

If you would like more information on your restrictions or moderation against you, you can always PM me.

DragonKnight2501d ago

I have to call issue with you there cgoodno. Mere observation has shown a massive disparity between the community moderating itself and the mods doing it. The debubble to increase bubble ratio alone shows that the community has little to do with that aspect of "self-moderation."

And example is that there is only one comment in this whole blog marked with a "Well Said" and it's from a mod from another site who is, understandably, taking the side of site moderators. Now, I'm not criticizing him for that, nor attacking him for it, but in a blog that criticizes this sites moderation; and with comments that seem to support that underlying theme, would you honestly say that the community is responsible for that "Well Said" and bubble up vote?

Now, I can't attest to those who merely come, read, and then agree/disagree or bubble up/down without commenting, but it does raise an eyebrow I would think.

And this blog is just one example of the hundreds of others.

Christopher2501d ago

***I have to call issue with you there cgoodno. Mere observation has shown a massive disparity between the community moderating itself and the mods doing it.***

You see, that's the problem, you are utilizing mere observation whereas we see what really happens. There is no scientific evidence to what you see, just your perception.

As I commented on below, the problem is that the mass majority of bubble votes are all negative, not positive.

DragonKnight2501d ago

Observation is a form of science is it not? Granted, you have methods to see things we don't, but it doesn't exactly negate the fact that something is up with bubble votes and stuff and how it seemingly has little to do with the actual community. I can say for a fact that I've been around long enough to notice that, back during the Gamer and Open zone days, it was easier for someone to gain bubbles than now, now the situation seems to have flipped and it's easier to lose them and have your posts marked as trolling.

There seem to be waves of it too. You'll find an article with A LOT of "spam" or "immature" or "trolling" posts hiding comments. And others where it's massive flamebait and violations and absolutely NO posts are hidden are marked for the trolling or insult posts that they are.

Christopher2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

***Observation is a form of science is it not?***

Observation is a key element of scientific evaluation in a controlled test environment. Outside of a controlled test environment, which this is not, it is not scientific but perception based.

***it was easier for someone to gain bubbles than now***

And one of the largest complaints back then? Why do people who shouldn't be able to comment as often able to comment so much?

***You'll find an article with A LOT of "spam" or "immature" or "trolling" posts hiding comments. And others where it's massive flamebait and violations and absolutely NO posts are hidden are marked for the trolling or insult posts that they are.***

Have you reported them? Have others reported them? As moderators, we are unable to read every single comment on this site and we do rely on the community to help us find many of the posts here. Typically, a submission goes unmoderated because it falls under the radar, not because we don't want to or chose to ignore it.

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Emilio_Estevez2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I really didn't see why either one of those comments were labeled as personal attack. And your comment was spot on btw.

Un-ban Rage, Tman and Tensteps!

Christopher2502d ago

***I really didn't see why either one of those comments were labeled as personal attack.***

Calling another person dumb or an idiot is a personal attack. When seen, it will be moderated as such.

A personal attack is an abusive remark made against the individual rather than the argument. We don't mind people getting into somewhat heated debates, but keep your comments targeted at the argument and not the individual.

Rage_S902502d ago

Rage is not un-banned.

If you want moderation i suggest you visit the forums it's at an all time high there.

I also think some site's should be black listed if you've been on pending you'll see the amount of crap msxboxworld come up with is unreal.

-Heil das fuhrer

Christopher2502d ago

Rage is not banned.

The forums get away with murder compared to the front pages. Especially compared to most gaming forums out there.

DragonKnight2501d ago

Well, according to the mod who responded to my message (which took an entire day before I received) about the restriction, it doesn't matter that I never directly insulted dantesparda. Quote "I think we both know who that was meant for" is the response that I got along with an explanation on immaturity etc..

It's funny because far worse is allowed to pass, and all of us could list very direct, very derogatory insults made even to ourselves that sees absolutely no consequence. Bubble loss and gain is completely random and has nothing to do with the community, as is any form of "discipline."

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Nate-Dog2502d ago

I've said it before myself and I'll say it again since this is more of a relevant area, I think those "trolls" that have been sitting on one bubble for a long time and still continue to get bubbled down should be temporarily suspended from posting anything (or being able to add or take away bubbles or being able to agree or disagree with posts, etc.) because otherwise while they only have one bubble and can't reply to anyone replying to them, they still manage to troll their way around the site and irritate everyone. It's pointless really that people can troll and flame and whatnot constantly and be bubbled down for it, but once it comes down to the final bubble nothing else can be done it seems.

In regards to things like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube posts, flamebait articles and things like personal blogs being approved I think the main FAQ/ News Posting Guidelines regarding article posts needs to be updated so people know it (most of the regulars here obviously already know it and infringe not because they genuinely don't know, but because actually they know and they know they will get away with it if they have an interesting enough (i.e. sensationalist) title or if they're the first to link even though it is against the rules. (And I say this because sometimes I report articles myself and go to say "Twitter posts/Personal Blogs not valid sources" and am replied to with "where does it say that?" which is annoying enough since it isn't there.)

Perhaps could do with some more mods around the news section though admittedly.

Emilio_Estevez2502d ago

People do get permabanned from posting. Not really sure what it takes or how often though.

Columbo2502d ago

Most of those things are already in the guidelines:

"When posting videos avoid linking directly to videos on YouTube or a similar service. You should only post videos if the content of the video is professionally made and of interest to the community. User made videos can only be posted if other big websites or blogs have posted them; making them news worthy. When posting videos, they should be embedded on the N4G submission when embed codes are provided. Videos from YouTube, IGN, GameTrailers, and Gamespot almost always provide embed codes to users."

"The opinion piece should be well written and be of interest to the community. Personal blogs do not qualify as a legit source for opinion pieces unless the author is an industry professional."

"Internet forums and message boards do not normally qualify as a reliable source. However, linking to screenshots, scans, images, and videos posted on forums is ok. You can also link to forum posts if the post is made by an industry professional. Twitter posts are also an acceptable source of news, but only if they are made by an industry professional." (Facebook would also fall under this - example: )

Nate-Dog2502d ago

Ah my mistake again then (I'm starting to look really stupid now lol). -_-
I knew the bit about Youtube was there but I thought in general all Twitter posts weren't allowed? Guess I just need to look better. Apologies.

Nate-Dog2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Oh really, my mistake then and thanks for letting me know, I just assumed nothing happened since I tend to see the same trolls around here constantly haunting certain types of articles and rarely disappearing.

Edit: I meant to reply this to DrStabwounds, not as a separate post, my browser is really acting up today.

MidnytRain2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Best not to criticize the MODS, Dragon. Don't you know what happended to T-man? I've already said too much! They're watching... Listening...


DragonKnight2501d ago

Lol. And honestly, if the mods or admin did anything to my account for criticizing them, then my point would be proven and they'd publicly show that the rules don't really matter, and that all that really matters is the mood and opinion of the mods and admin.

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