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Message to all gamers (No Point for Console War)

DontFightOnlyLove | 495d ago
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From the last few years, I have seen people fighting over what kind of gaming console they have. There has been a continuous debate among people on their gaming entertainment. What are they getting out of it, I don’t see any point of fighting or any conclusion down the road. It has become a race of cat and mouse in which every person wants to dominate over another person’s opinion. Moreover, it is like a kid fighting over his toy claiming that his toy is better than others. Of course services, entertainment of any two products won’t be 100% identical, isn’t it? Differences will exist in most of their features.

One will like something it has and suits his requirements and the other has his own choices. I don’t see people doing laptops war or fighting over school saying my math teacher is better than your. Even though they teach the same thing but in different perspective than what others will. I don’t see your parents fighting over what car they own because it suits their needs.

Xbox have many features and games that PlayStation don’t have and PlayStation have many things that Xbox doesn’t have. There will always be something different in both no matter what. Now the new console generation started people are fighting over graphics. For me I call that an unwise act. I don’t see you guys going to your relative house saying hey your TV sucks it’s not 1080p. Reason??? Because we all watch TV to enjoy to entertain ourselves and others. We play video games to have fun with friends and others. We NEVER buy consoles to do console war. There are billions of people and each one might have their own perspective to look over things. One will like Xbox than PlayStation and the other wont. This kind of behaviour will always exist depending on people’s choices. Buy what you like the most but don’t judge one what others buy.

So this is my kind beseech to every person who is reading this article that judging a person’s opinion and debating over it won’t lead you to anywhere but a dirty verbal fight.

Thank you

SilentNegotiator  +   495d ago
It's a good thing you came along and introduced the internet to this radical new concept. I expect internet world peace in days.
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caseh  +   495d ago
"I don’t see you guys going to your relative house saying hey your TV sucks it’s not 1080p"

I do though. :D Wait is that an Apple phone I see in your hand? Noob! Sorry what was that? You drive a Ford Fiesta!? NOOB!
2cents  +   495d ago
The real issue here is not so much what preference people have but how they deal with their emotions. Do they have strength and belief in their convictions, can they stand true in the face of mockery. Can they be respectful when it comes to difference of opinion?

Being proud of what you have achieved or the worth of your material possessions is one thing, but how does one handle the fact that there is always someone out there who will have more. Unless people know how to control their emotions of jealousy it will always result in hatred which then leads to ridicule, for no other reason other than insecurity and low self worth. If someone has pride and sensibility then they would have no problems with other people have different tastes, they would be able to converse and investigate why another has interests other than their own.

This is an issue of self respect and respecting others. There is a severe lack of this especially in the gaming community. Lets not even go near the pc elitists.
peshkavusCA  +   495d ago
Well said sir :)
BillytheBarbarian  +   495d ago
It's anything where humans get emotionally attached. Fanboy is emotional die hard fan of one thing. Everything else doesn't matter to them
darthv72  +   494d ago
where i see the issue is not so much with the platforms but the platform holders. The systems are just that...the means to play the games. Most hold some sort of animosity towards the companies that produce the units more so than the units themselves.

I have nothing against a game system so long as it provides games that are entertaining to play. Yet if a company that makes the system (or company that develops the games) has some sort of strange policy that is not in the best interest of the consumer then i dont play that game or buy that system.

But there is no need to belittle those who do. that is where years of experience in this hobby is a benefit to have as it helps with being able to respect the differences instead of arguing over them.
uth11  +   494d ago
"I don’t see people doing laptops war"

You mean like PC vs Mac? Nope that war never happened :P
darthv72  +   494d ago
I think he means lenovo vs vaio or dell or toshiba.

there are comparisons but there was never a full blown out "war" between brands like in game consoles.

It's okay to make comparisons because in the end they all do the same thing for the consumer. There is no specific software you have to buy when you purchase a vaio or toshiba laptop. You can buy one copy of office or some other PC application and install it to either brand as long as it meets the requirements on the box.

Game consoles are not that flexible...yet. There could come a point where a company would release 1 game disc and it be useable on multiple platforms because the media would contain the necessary data to accommodate the various platforms.

So you buy 1 copy of Call of duty (as an example) and not only would you be able to put it into the PS4 but the same disc contains the data for the xb1 as well as the PC because it is engineered to recognize the hardware it is inserted in and install the appropriate version.

It works for PC games and the various hardware on the market, it isnt that far out to think we will have console games doing the same thing. Especially when the PS4 and XB1 are more closer to PC than any consoles prior.
TH3BR3W  +   494d ago
Their never was a war when you could smash a mac in performance for 1/3 the price.

"Saved up for a mac, bought equivalent PC and ferrari instead!"
Nicaragua   494d ago | Bad language | show
uth11  +   494d ago
Really console wars and everything else are a form of tribalism, something that's been bred into humans as a survival mechanism. But now instead of allegences to tribes, it causes us allegences to products, political parties, sports teams, etc.

So these wars aren't going away anytime soon
stuna1  +   494d ago
Whether people label it for what it is, the fact of it all is, gaming is a competitive sport! What do competitors do? They compete, compare and argue as to who's the best! What medium proliferates or, allows competing factions to argue ,boast belittle the opposition!? Consoles! Competition and fanboyism is a by-product of what Consoles themselves have bred.

The key as someone mentioned above is keeping a handle of the emotions that comes with that Competition.
Fluchtpunkt  +   494d ago
but this "competitive" sport has its origins in the arcade in 70s and 80s. Where everyone played on a arcade machine not a console. So this cant be the reason.

the reason for fanboy-wars is that consoles/PC-gaming mixes different ages. 12yo discuss with 40yo bout TFLOPS and mario like its the worlds end. This cant end well. Especially since the age of internet. sega and nintendo or atari st/amiga wars were diffent because there wasnt the anonymity of the internet.

This doesnt happen in circles of same ages and / or social standings.
There is no "war" between Ferrari and Porsche Drivers.
No war between Coke & Pepsi-Drinkers (even if the ad-agencies tried that in mid 80s)
No war between McD and Burger King-Eaters.

But there is (a little war) between Samsung and Apple-Owner....and why? Right, bc 13yo discuss tech and expensive gadget with 40yo....same as consoles....

my two cents.
Sarobi  +   494d ago
Age has nothing to do with it. People argue over electronics because they feel they need to justify their purchase. I've seen people argue over Android phones simply because they spent a lot of money on their phones and did not want to hear they spent money on an inferior product. If these products were cheaper, and everyone could afford to buy them all, then you'd see less people argue.

Also just because you haven't witnessed a Ferrari owner and a Porsche owner argue over who has the best car, doesn't mean it was never before.

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