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HALO, Never Played it... Probably Never Will

I’ll wait a moment until you regain consciousness….. There you go, now sit down and hear me out.

Many would call the HALO franchise gaming’s golden egg, the end all be all of AAA titles; I however do not. Because, well, I’ve never played it. Come to think of it the most time I’ve ever spent with an Xbox 360 is the 30 seconds I spent playing Assassins Creed in a Game Crazy… before buying the PS3 version. Now I know what you’re thinking, “FANBOY!” and you sir are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let’s break this down.

It all started when I got my first Playstation 2. Arguably the best system on the market at the time I formed a bond no mortal could break with my giant black box of fun. It resulted in a library of games rivaling even the most enthusiastic gamers, the purchase of an additional two slim versions, (Had to have that damn white one) and half a marriage. So, when the Playstation 3 was announced I pretty much flipped my shit and instantly knew I would hold out for its release rather than buying a 360. What can I say, the PS2 had done everything so right I expected the same with the PS3, seems logical to me. “Sure” I thought, “I won’t be able to play this HALO thing everyone’s raving about but I’ll just get the PS3 first and as soon as my bank account recovers pick up the 360.” Oh how wrong I was.

Now I’ve spent some time thinking of why in all that time I STILL haven’t invested in Microsoft’s white box and have determined the following answer. I’m having too much damn fun with my Playstation! That’s right folks, with an ever expanding library of games threatening what’s left of my spouse’s patience I simply haven’t had enough time to play/beat all the games I already own. So, in theory, adding an entirely different system to the equation would simply worsen the problem.

Some people including myself (to a certain degree) consider this a downside but if you really break it down, is it? For the longest time I focused on the fact that I can’t play 360 exclusives such as HALO or Gears of War but I now have a different outlook. It just means I get more time with other great games such as the Pixel Junk series, or God of War, allowing me to fully explore the universes and not feel rushed to finish because two new games come out next week, on different consoles! Plus I don’t think I’d be able to choose which system to play and would just start spending all of my precious game time trying to answer that question. New 360 franchise or new PS3 franchise? Why can’t I choose!!!!!!!

Undeniably if the opportunity presents itself in the future I would love nothing more than to explore the 360’s varying universes, that time however, is not now. That said, some may argue that to be a true gamer I should be experiencing ALL our video game world has to offer and for the most part I agree. However, at the end of the day being a gamer is simply about one thing and one thing only, having fun with video games and I can certainly say I’m doing plenty of that.

Oh, and Don’t Panic.

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Confused2939d ago

My story is pretty similar except I actually bought the 360 expecting it only to be a way to pass the time until the PS3 launched. I was correct. The games I want to play seem to all be on the Playstation platform.

No disrespect to the 360 ( I still own one ) but my PS3 has more than enough to keep me going.

sid4gamerfreak2939d ago

irs fine if u dont like halo, not everyone has to. Its just like how I don't like heavy Rain.

Trey_4_life2939d ago

I have gone through 3 360's and had halo 3 from the start but man did that game get boring, now onto my second ps3 and STILL loving killzone 2.

Double Toasted2938d ago

Its not really a big deal if you don't like a game. But to have to explain yourself through such a paragraph of notions is kind of...lame. Anyway, I'm not a big Halo fan either, but I do realize what people like about the games. Overall, Halo is a great franchise, but I have other preferences. The same thing can be said about God of War. I bought the Collection back in December, I think, and I really couldn't get into it, which is the reason I still haven't played part 3 yet. There are just other games that interest me more.

stb2932d ago

What!!! you haven't played GoW just fail, enough s'd.

LordMarius2939d ago

Took the words out of my mouth.

Montrealien2939d ago

well, aren't you all just peas in a pod. ;P

*takes out note pad*

*scribbles in it*

Noted! You don't like Halo.

*runs back to reach beta*

lol, seriously dude, I respect your opinion, as long as you respect that many other people do enjoy Halo.

bjornbear2939d ago

he respects that people enjoy Halo (if you read the article you'll see)...and yeah we are all peas in a pod, including you, because you are a gamer... so

enjoy the reach beta...*smh*

polestar42938d ago

You need to read one more time.

SpikeSpiegel2939d ago

There is only one definition of a true gamer.. You enjoy games! I dont need to spend an extra 400 dollars buying two extra systems (which I may hardly play) to be able to say Im a gamer. Preferring once console over another doesn't make you a fanboy, it just defines what you like.

Montrealien2939d ago

I like that, well said man. But I must add one little thing to it.

Hating on another console, does make you a fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.