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Why Heavy Rain must succeed

A quick recap for anyone living under a rock Heavy Rain is the latest game by developer Quantic Dream; creators of the critically acclaimed Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) and is being released exclusively on PS3 on February 11th.

I'm going to echo the concerns raised by analyst Michael Pachter on Gametrailers Bonus Round...He doesn't think Heavy Rain is likely to be a commercial success and it saddens but I have to agree with him.

Gamers seem to be a habit driven bunch, we bemoan the lack of creativity and more than half of us probably think we could do better as game designers, but when it comes to what we spend our money on, in general it's tried and tested brands with massive marketing behind them, and lets face it, most of them are aimed at the teenage, or "young adult" crowd...where are the games for older gamers with real stories, with real choices with real consequences?  Games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect may contain mature elements in their narrative, but why can't we have the same thing in a modern day setting? 

  Because nobody will buy it.

Heavy Rain is trying to push the boundaries of storytelling in video games.  It's trying to appeal to people that don't have to kill something every 5 minutes to feel like they are progressing, it's trying to take interactive entertainment seriously.

I would love to see an soap style video game (yes truly lol), an interactive soap opera could be so much fun.  I don't think gamers these days need to feel like they are saving mankind against impossible odds in every single game...or am I the only one who thinks this way?

So please, do gaming a favour and support mature games like this.  Give publishers a reason to make similar games for this demographic and BUY Heavy Rain.

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Virtual-on2869d ago

Heavy Rain will never push the boundaries of storytelling in video games. Have you ever played Shadow of Destiny, Shenmue, Yakuza 1 or even the old point and click game, The Snatcher? Please tell me how Heavy Rain storytelling is better then those old games..

Sure, Heavy Rain is refreshing for a market filled with shooter. But it is far from innovative..

Let's just hope for the best, shall we?

Major_Tom2869d ago

How can you judge something without bias if you haven't had more than an hour of hands on time with it?

If Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was an indication of success, I think they'll just do fine.

Virtual-on2869d ago

People trying so hard telling that Heavy Rain will push the boundaries of storytelling in video games, while in fact it already done a long time ago.

And remember, I didn't make any statement that Heavy Rain is a bad game.

This is a niche genre, that's why I said let's just hope for the best for this game.

GarandShooter2868d ago

You really can't tell if it's innovative/better without having played it. There are many ways it COULD be better, the way the story is revealed, each scene's order of revelation relative to the timeline, juxtaposition of events, etc. Saying this has all been done before without having played the game is at the very least prejudgemental, and it's plausible that one COULD find/dismiss it as biased.

Perhaps, rather than challenging others to explain their view, you should provide concrete, specific evidence to support yours, instead of making the generalization 'meh, it's all been done before'.

I find it different (can't say better until I've actually played it) in the fact that your playable characters CAN die (as opposed to MW2's SP campaign where your character is scripted to die), which reduces the linear feel of gameplay and provides real consequences for your actions, and is a change from the typical 'die again/try again' nature of video games.

Virtual-on2868d ago

In my view, this game is no more than a game with a heavy focus on its story with interactive elements..

But I could be wrong, it may have more than that, so my apologize for it..
Let's just hope the best for this game, shall we..

GarandShooter2867d ago

No apology necessary. Thoughtful, civil debate is always welcome. Bubbles up.

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tdogchristy902868d ago

I love my FPS like halo or MW but i'm also a huge person on experiences. Things like ME and having to think of your consquences ect i think are great.

I really think heavy rain could be good and really help enhance an a drama or opera. so it's definately on my radar.

DirtyRat2841d ago

I've played it now and thoroughly enjoyed. I've heard it's already broke even! I really want more mature experiences like this.