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E3: Boredom and Disappointment

dedicatedtogamers | 135d ago
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Hey fellow N4G-ers. It has been a while since my last blog, so what better chance to jump in than with an E3 impression blog. Incredibly original, I know.

This E3 was a let-down for me. Perhaps we're still in the first-year-of-the-new-gen-dold rums, but it was the first time in a while where I found it hard to get excited, especially after last year's E3 with the skyrocketing hype and drama. Instead of giving you vague platitudes, I'll simply outline what I thought of each conference out of The Big Three. No scores or decimal-point grades here, folks. Just opinions.

Microsoft goes first because their show was first. They certainly were more humble and more on-point than they've been since E3 2009 when Project Natal was shown off. Dang, it's been THAT long since a solid Microsoft conference? Anyway, they promised "games, games, games" and they did deliver. In a bubble, you could say that Microsoft hit it out of the park.

But Microsoft's conference - while objectively lean, jam-packed with games, and concise - was still a failure in my eyes. Why? Because Xbox One is getting the stuffing kicked out of it by the PS4. THIS was the year, the first E3 since launch, to hopefully shift momentum and convince gamers that Xbox One was worth a purchase. It was an opportunity for Microsoft to re-connect with gamers, to prove their dedication, and to really get Sony back for last year's embarrassing defeat. Microsoft's message should've been "Gamers! Xbox is the #1 place to play games! If you're considering PS4, you're making a mistake".

Instead, Microsoft's message was "hey, we're not so bad, see? If you have an Xbox One already, here are a few games to make you feel good about your decision". NOTHING was done to shift momentum, and this is where Microsoft failed. It didn't help it that Microsoft spent no time addressing the Xbox One's multiplatform inferiority, and yet half of their show was devoted to multiplatform games that will certainly look better on the competition's machine. Microsoft did show off three brand-new games...but all three were CGI trailers. Kinda hard to get hyped about something if you can't even see how it plays. I wanted a good reason to consider an Xbox One, but as someone with limited time, I saw no reason to add the system to my collection.

Sony comes next. Their show started off fine, but I fear we're seeing a return to the arrogant Sony from 2005-2006. Okay, maybe it's not THAT bad, but their show was pretty lazy. They showed off some good games, sure, but gone was the fire that drove them to victory since last E3. The passion and excitement seems to have been replaced by smug complacency.

Granted, PS4 is selling the best and is aimed to be the runaway leader this gen. But early last gen, even when the Xbox 360 was ahead, Microsoft was still fighting tooth-and-nail to grab every exclusive and gain every advantage against the PS3. With the PS4 already ahead, it feels like Sony is just shrugging and saying "welp, you'll buy all these multiplats on PS4 anyway. Here's a few neat exclusives...I guess". The almost-complete-lack of attention spent on the Vita (which needs all the help it can get) and Project Morpheus (which should've gotten a better demonstration) in favor of highlighting TV shows and upcoming movies seems wasteful. Sure, PS Now and PS TV were both showcased, which is pretty cool, but in regards to Morpheus specifically, Sony had a chance to really prove they're committed to pushing gaming forward. At this point, it seems like they're only interested in pushing marketshare forward.

I wouldn't say Sony's conference was a failure. They are, after all, still on top of the sales charts. But it was very disappointing to see them rest on their laurels instead of knocking it out of the park two years in a row. I didn't see anything that made me want to get a PS4 any earlier than I'd planned on getting one.

Nintendo, whose show was a day after the others, was the show that impressed me most. Their presentation was genuinely funny and self-referential. A lot of games were shown off, and it was nice and short. Splatoon - if Nintendo decides to advertise for once - could actually take off as a fun, fast-paced, kid-friendly Team Fortress sort of game, and we all know Nintendo needs more shooters. Kirby Rainbow Curse was a legit surprise. Yarn Yoshi looks far better than I expected. Xenoblade X looks amazing, and of course there's the new Zelda. I also like their Treehouse format. It allows a more in-depth look at the games where people are actually sitting down and playing. I'd prefer to see gameplay for myself and make a decision instead of seeing a carefully-crafted trailer, even if the trailer uses in-engine graphics. The Xenoblade X trailer in the Direct Event was kinda lame, but the Treehouse demonstration of the title really blew me away. Same goes for Splatoon, which I really hope does well.

On the other hand, if anyone had doubt that Nintendo was going to do whatever they wanted for better or worse, this E3 made it clear: Nintendo don't give a darn. They'll do whatever they want no matter what the fans say, and you just have to like it. Amiibo is a total waste of money and I'm disappointed that Nintendo is investing money into it when they simply need game support for their console. It'd be one thing if the whole "microchip in a toy" was new, but we all know it isn't. It feels like Nintendo desperately trying to play catch-up...except they're not even playing catch-up with something that's very popular. They couldn't have, you know, announced Minecraft or something? At least jump on THAT bandwagon. Miyamoto's two new games (Project Giant Robot and Project Guard) looked like bad tech demos that should've been showcased at the E3 prior to the Wii-U's launch.

To further illustrate: we have Kirby Rainbow Curse, Yoshi Yarn, and the new Zelda. All of these have a very colorful "alternative" art style. While I appreciate this every once in a while, I really wish Nintendo would stop obsessing over "alternate art styles" and just make some darn games. I suppose this frustrates me most with the new Legend of Zelda title. We were shown off a realistic Zelda when the Wii-U was first announced, but now Nintendo has decided to do their own thing. Screw you if you liked the realistic style! Nintendo is making Legend of Cel-da for the fourth time now, and I guess you just have to accept it.

As an aside, Nintendo completely ignored the 3DS and that was very frustrating. It's their best-selling system this gen. I understand they need Wii-U to sell better, but they can't ignore the larger portion of their fanbase in favor of the Wii-U. I already own a Wii-U, so it's not like Nintendo's conference swayed me either direction, but I imagine with the reveal of Zelda plus DK: Tropical Freeze, MK8, and Smash Bros all being available this year, the Wii-U will pick up in sales for a while.

Summary time: with this being the first E3 since two brand-new consoles have launched, I am completely dumbfounded at how boring it all was. Maybe the industry is finally starting to feel the financial pinch and this is a sign of things to come. I don't know. I certainly hope that next year, each company tries to bring their big guns.

Reply in the comments below. Am I just a jaded ol' gamer who needs to cheer up? Were you blown away by E3 this year? What conference impressed you the most? Which games?

iamnsuperman  +   135d ago
I said this before E3, and shot down because of it, but because of the 2014 games moving back into 2015 it means E3 was always going to be dull. Next year's E3 is going to be the big year since all those games that companies planned to launch in 2015 would have to be pushed back too (which means they will be more of a surprise as I doubt they will release any trailers when they are trying to push the delayed games)

But honestly I don't get the point of E3 anymore. It has become less about showing games releasing in several months time and more about games they only just thought off several weeks ago
-Foxtrot  +   135d ago
Yeah I know what you mean

At one time you used to get announcement after announcement which surprised the shit out of you, now it's like


It's like "yeah those games are nice but we already know about don't need to show them off at E3, you could do it anytime"

A game should be announced and it should be out before the next E3 show. I hate games which are constantly at E3 or any other games conference over and over again.

It's one vicious cycle now, next E3 we'll be seeing games most likely shown off this E3.

I really think they have to cut down on spreading things out to other conferences like TGS and Gamescom. Just show all your near ready unannounced games at E3, make sure they are ready to go before next E3 and by that time the next batch of unannounced ready to go games will be ready to show off.

I don't mind some games where we know they exist but we've had nothing to show on them, like Uncharted 4 or Mass Effect (ready for next year)

Guessing they are holding off games for Gamescom then or the VGA's.
NewMonday  +   135d ago

E3 is actually about the show floor presentations, that's why people travel from all over to the exhibition.

a press conference is not supposed to entertain like a big budget movie, it is supposed to set up the company offerings.

and for me personally 2014 is set up to be a fantastic year, got Tales of Xillia2, Tales of Hearts R, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Dragon Age, Destiny, FarCry4, BF:Hardline, and the big one GTA5(didn't play it yet was waiting for the new gen edition)
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BinaryMind  +   132d ago
I'm going to echo NewMonday here and agree that press conferences shouldn't be made to entertain, but instead to inform the press (Ah, so that's what that word is for!).

Slowly, but surely, they are being instead geared more towards the public. Most of which probably couldn't care less about watching some boring press conference and would rather get the cliffnotes. I mean, who here actually reads press releases?
BillytheBarbarian  +   135d ago
E3 was simply sequels and indies for hipsters. No surprises and again nothing worth getting a new console for.
MysticStrummer  +   135d ago
I wasn't blown away by anyone. I thought everyone but EA did well. As usual Sony showed more things I was interested in but I thought MS did well also. I agree with what you said about MS's strategy (We're not so bad). I felt like they really needed to go for the throat and they didn't. They sold games, not the XB1 with that show. Sony didn't exactly need to go for the throat and they didn't. They just did their usual thing, complete with bad jokes and slow points. Both held things back for later shows, but MS needed more now. I don't see sales figures changing much as a result of all this, except I think Nintendo did themselves enough good that MS is going to have an even harder time digging out of third.
Kavorklestein  +   130d ago
Okay, so you guys think MS needed to go for the throat eh?
Well how are they supposed to do that? If they were saying things like "Xbox one is the best place to play" or "There is no reason to play playstation, we have the best games" then they would just make fools of themselves.

And same thing goes for Sony, if they had said either of those things, (even though they got daringly close to saying that a couple times in their conference) then they would have looked retarded too!

The reason WHY BOTH companies would look stupid saying that, is because it's not about what the company says, it's about how we as gamers FEEL about what each company says.

It's not about being cocky and shit, it's about being confident, without blowing your load prematurely. I would agree that both conferences had points that left me kinda disappointed, but overall I got a good feel for both companies' vision for the next few years.

It made me feel like there's great reasons to own BOTH a Xbox One, AND a PS4! ANd even nintendo surprised me for the first time in Years!

The point is, nobody can "go for the throat" as you and the OP put it... Not even Sony with their big hardware sale lead can proverbially "go for the throat" Why?

Because there is always going to be a little thing called free will, preference, and difference of opinion.

I mean, if Sony's conference actually showed Uncharted 4 being played, then they would be in no different a situation than they are now, except perhaps have a few million people wondering why they can't play the game at E3 or a have hands on previews of it yet. Which is understandable, because the footage was AMAZING!

And microsoft should have maybe showed a bit more of a REAL or distinguishable Halo 5 trailer... but even though they didn't, it stuns me to think how many of the people on the interwebz have forgotten that Halo fans WILL get to get their hands on part of Halo 5 THIS YEAR!

Isn't that more exciting than NOTHING?

Isn't getting 4 of some of the best games ever made, and a test run of the latest and greatest from the Halo universe exciting?

I'd like to think so. And if people can't see the greatness in ALL 3 console's futures, then why are we even having these discussions?

It's not about how NEGATIVE we can be about E3, or about Sony, or Ms, or Nintendo... it's about how much more focused we can be on the things that DO excite us.
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darthv72  +   135d ago
Did we all watch the same conferences? i ask because say nintendo ignored the 3ds. What i saw were 2 new pokemon games and the super smash bros game for 3ds. Maybe my definition of "ignore" differs from yours because in my book ignore means to not mention or reflect any interest in what so ever.

does something have to be "verbally" spoken to not be considered ignored? Cant they simply show support visually instead of audibly?

the consensus i have noticed is those who are heavily vested into a platform, and find fault with their own platforms conference, will find fault in all other platform conferences no matter what.

As if its some sort of natural response to try and keep your spirits up. From an objective standpoint its okay to say if you felt sony let you down but the others didnt. you as a fan of that platform have that ability to be objective to others. the faults i found in all 3 were minimal and not really worth the same level of criticism that others are so vocal about.

they all had something they felt were worthy of showcasing to those in attendance. it isnt like they were making this stuff up on the fly. these shows were laid out the way they intended them to go. If that does not meet the expectations of the individuals (such as yourself) then so be it. It met the expectations of those that put them on and to them...that is all that matters. they got on stage and they showed their wares and they felt confident in doing so.

Now, a big problem with all the run up to E3 is the leaks. unless they are intentional leaks (from the devs/platforms themselves) then all other forms of leaks SHOULD BE BARRED from expressing any information they may have. Legit or fake. It makes it that much harder to wow a crowd if the very presentation they are making has been leaked to the public prior.

As someone who wants to be the one to share with the whole world at the same time...i would certainly be pissed beyond all recognition if some hack stole my thunder a week (or longer) ahead of time.

with that said, there is still the opportunity for these platform holders to wow the crowd as E3 is just 1 of several gaming trade events this year. Buck up little camper, im sure one of these shows will knock your socks off. just be patient.
dedicatedtogamers  +   135d ago
Let me clarify: Pokemon and Smash were known elements. Yes, it was neat to see those in more detail, but I felt the 3DS had a severe lack of new announcements. Now, in all fairness, they did announce and show off more games during the Treehouse presentations like Code S.T.E.A.M and a confirmation of Fantasy Life getting localized. All I'm saying is that I felt Nintendo could've announced or shown more instead of spending 1/4th of their Direct showing off those amiibo figurines and Smash Bros. I do love me some Smash Bros, but I also do love me some new accouncements.

Also, I was really blown away by last year's E3, so that is perhaps why this year's was a letdown.
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randomass171  +   135d ago
Not that it means a whole lot at this point, but Codename STEAM is a confirmed steampunk strategy game for 3DS. Better than nothing, I say, and it's a new IP no less!
Darkstares  +   133d ago
What exactly blew you away last year compared to this year? I think the games shown this year look way better.
HammadTheBeast  +   135d ago
One thing that no one has mentioned yet, is that you can join a friend playing Far Cry 4 on PS4 WITHOUT having the game yourself.

That's huge, but no one's really been going for it.

Not enough to make E3 a lot better, but gotta give a point to Sony/Ubisoft for that.
Ravenor  +   135d ago
10 separate invites, with a limited amount of time available. It's essentially an invite only demo. Personally if I got one of those invites and didn't own the game, my response would be F-That, I'm going to just go buy the game or Oh, Hell yeah. Just let me head over and download it at your house.

It's a neat feature which I would love to see expanded further with other games in the future. The issue lies in how it's being implemented, inviting a friend waiting for them to download the trial and then setting off? WHat kind of nightmare world do you live in where that sounds like fun?

This was confirmed by Adam Boyes on the Giantbomb afterhours stream, Brohei Broshida was with him so I'm sure Adam wouldn't be telling fibs.
LightofDarkness  +   135d ago
The DS has always had that feature but few games made use of it (you had to be on the same network to do it). This isn't what you think it is, though. Your friend doesn't get to sit through the entire singleplayer game with you, he gets to join in certain missions that allow co-op (most likely not story missions) and then they're done. It's nice, but it's only there to entice your friends to buy the game by giving them little tasters for free and teasing the bits they can't do because they're only a guest.
Picnic  +   135d ago
'Microsoft's message should've been "Gamers! Xbox is the #1 place to play games! If you're considering PS4, you're making a mistake".'

No- that's not Phil Spencer's style at all. In fact, he openly praises Sony sometimes. It's safe to say that he does learn from them - hence why Inside, Limbo-maker Playdead's next game, has got Xbox One timed exclusivity.
It's the kind of indie game that helped to make the PS3 popular.

I personally think that's a great symbolic gesture that the Xbox team now cares about well crafted games no matter what their budget.

Xbox know that taking potshots at Sony would be a bad idea.
Sony have more raw horsepower in the PS4 itself and and are more well known for their virtual reality plans (Microsoft did not show virtual reality concept art at E3 2014). Microsoft also know that, no matter how great some of their own games, Sony fans are at least as passionate about theirs. So no point taking pot shots at Sony- if they did the argument would have to be a little niche and wouldn't come across well. Something like Sony only being interested in games that have story cutscenes that are longer than the actual gameplay.

Nintendo amazed me with their direct feed. I adored it. It's honestly the first time that I've strongly identified with the personality of Nintendo, at least as it was portrayed at E3. Not with their clever third parties like Rare once helped to do but with Nintendo themselves.
One in which Nintendo accepted that they have their critics- and Nintendo had the confidence to silence one asking for Starfox by a Bowser-like fireball! That's some confidence considering that the WiiU's sales have not been sky high but, due to the recent popularity of Mario kart 8 the confidence was not groundless.

Then I saw why- Nintendo's line up of games in this year and next is better than anyone could reasonably hope for.
Unless you are so attached to old series of course. But that is what critics like me have been put off Nintendo by. Instead Nintendo at E3 2014 announced new spins on old ideas or new IPS like Splatoon. I was so refreshed to see that. My N4G picture is from Sunset Overdrive and Splatoon kind of looks like if The Unfinished Swan, Super Mario Sunshine and Sunset Overdrive got together and had a little offspring. Not a huge AAA one perhaps but one enough to show that there are new creative juices at or working for Nintendo.

I was entirely put off Nintendo by the original Wii and its army of casual games. Now for the first time since possibly the launch of Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube, I really respect Nintendo again. They even had an answer to Little Big Planet and project Spark with their Mario Maker. A way to make your own levels for such an iconic series in what looks like a greatly easier way than the competition are offering.

Microsoft and Sony both had a decent line up.

If anyone is in a slightly precarious position now it's arguably Sony. After the high of last year's beautiful E3 in which they detailed their philosophy for PS4 in intricate detail, Microsoft are learning how to catch up.
Which helps to explain why Sony spent some of the presentation reminding people that multiformat games are probably going to look slightly better on the PS4.
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maniacmayhem  +   135d ago
Nintendo hit it out the park with their direct presentation. Nintendo did exactly what MS and Sony should have done, shown games for their system and their system alone. MS/Sony spent to much emphasis on third parties and third party content. Nintendo showed upcoming games and backed it up with actual gameplay.

"I really wish Nintendo would stop obsessing over "alternate art styles" and just make some darn games."

I have no idea what this statement means, as if Nintendo isn't making games? Nintendo proves that they keep the innovative styles going and always show users that they are not afraid to take an established IP in a new direction or new graphics style, it should be commended not condemned. These "alternative" graphic styles also demonstrates that you don't need a super beast of a console to still produce some of the most gorgeous graphics around.

Ignored the 3DS? A new Monster Hunter, and two new Pokémon games is hardly ignoring, not to mention the extra content being made for Smash on the 3DS. I don't know where you got the idea that Nintendo ignored the 3DS.

I also strongly disagree with your opinion of MS failed E3. MS did exactly what they set out to do and show the gaming press and their users that their Xbox is a gaming machine. Just because they are behind Sony in sales doesn't mean they lost E3. It will take more than an E3 to catch up to Sony in sales it will take time.

And you really believe MS would address any inferiority or suggest any one up the PS4 might have over them? C'mon, that is beyond crazy, not one company on earth does this.

Sony's show was bogged down with just as many multiplats and CG trailers as MS. And their whole start off was dedicated to Destiney, a multiplatform game. Not to mention the ridiculousness of talking about TV, stats and reading letters from supposed fans. Uncharted 4 may have looked good but it was boring, he wakes up and walks off into a forest. I'm sorry but it's going to take a little more than that to get me excited for a game. Show actual gameplay, especially when we are told it's an actual in-game level.

Both Sony and MS dropped the ball big time and as a WiiU owner I found myself thanking the gods I have a WiiU first and not a X1 or PS4 because as of now there is NO incentive to buy either of those systems until 2015.

MS and Sony's presentation were both 95% multiplats with 1st party game announcements that were already leaked or confirmed outside of E3. To top it off, no gameplay was shown for any of their big 1st party games, not even BloodBorn a game whose gameplay was leaked already.

Maybe MS and Sony should take a look at Nintendo and follow what they did. Keep 3rd party games to a bare minimum and actually show gameplay for your games.
zero_gamer  +   135d ago
It's good that Nintendo focused a lot more on the Wii U than the 3DS this E3. The Wii U needs all the support it can get. With the 3DS there is very little for Nintendo to worry about.

I'd say Nintendo nailed E3 this year. It seems to have the most impact.
dedicatedtogamers  +   135d ago
My complaint about the "alternate art styles" is because Nintendo has been doing it alot lately. Yarn Yoshi, Claymation Kirby, Legend of's fine in small doses, but when I see such gorgeous games on my Wii-U like 3D Mario World (I've really had a change of heart on that game) and Pikmin 3 and especially Mario Kart, I wanna see more of that. It's just preference, I suppose.

As mentioned above, most of what they showed for 3DS was already known. I would've liked to see more new announcements for the system. Monster Hunter looks sweet...but we've known about it for nearly 2 years. Pokemon was recently announced and it's a remake (albeit a robust one). Smash was also already shown and known for 3DS.

I do agree that Nintendo's conference was the best....I just wanted more out of them. I wanted more out of all three, actually, which prompted this blog.
randomass171  +   135d ago
Can't those art styles go hand in hand with great gameplay? You need visual flare to make the game appealing, especially when Wii U has lacked appeal for the longest time. This is also when a huge portion of what is produced have realistic art styles as oppose to stylized ones. Nintendo really does offer a lot variety visually.

For whatever it's worth and with all due respect, perhaps your expectations were just a tad too high to really enjoy the announcements. I decided to go in with a completely neutral state of mind and I left it all very impressed by everyone for a variety of reasons. You're most certainly not jaded, but perhaps you expected too much is all. Just my take.
Kevlar009  +   135d ago
Nintendo needs to do whatever they want with Zelda's art style. Pick the style that lends best to visual consistency. The Tech Demo Zelda would work in dungeons, but in a full Open World the WiiU would run into issues (i'm guessing). They've yet to falter on their unique styles so I'm all for the cel-shaded, enhanced Skyward Sword look.

Against better conferences Nintendo would've looked mediocre, but their whole Digital Event concept was a success, the Smash Invite was awesome to watch, and they showed diverse games. No showstoppers outside of the Zelda reveal, but varied content was a plus. And they showed around 10 exclusives coming up, which is always a plus.

I had a lot of fun with Nintendo's format this year, I hope they can expand on it
D2K  +   133d ago
That's a good point you bring up about the dungeon-style.
Blacklash93  +   135d ago
I'm pretty happy with E3 this year. No unexpected megatons announced, but there's a lot keeping my attention.
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coolbeans  +   134d ago
That's how I came away too. It seems strange how many will just say "this one obliterated the other's show" when it comes to The Big 3 when it really felt like solid showing from each of them. The closest thing to surprises, that were half expected from me, occured in all three camps: Star Fox Wii U, Inside, and LBP3.

Along with the rest, it seems like you can't go wrong in purchasing any of the this-gen consoles at the end of the year.
GamingTruth  +   135d ago
i dont care what anyone says halo master chief collection is going to be a beast
wheresmymonkey  +   134d ago
Dude you might want to look at how much money Skylanders and Disney infinity have made since their launch an then tell me Amiibo isn't chasing an incredibly popular and potentially highly lucrative market.

You might not like it and personally think they're a waste of money and that's fine, but calling NFC games unpopular is just plain wrong.
MacDonagh  +   134d ago
"This E3 was a let-down for me. Perhaps we're still in the first-year-of-the-new-gen-dold rums, but it was the first time in a while where I found it hard to get excited, especially after last year's E3 with the skyrocketing hype and drama."

Last year's E3 was an utter waste. All Sony needed to do was say that they weren't going to do what Microsoft are doing and that's really it. They showed some neat concepts like the Media Molocule thing with the wands but it really wasn't that good.

"It didn't help it that Microsoft spent no time addressing the Xbox One's multiplatform inferiority, and yet half of their show was devoted to multiplatform games that will certainly look better on the competition's machine. Microsoft did show off three brand-new games...but all three were CGI trailers."

Sony also had CGI trailers as well. Hell, EA's was far worse when they were merely showing off concept art and pre-Alpha footage of games.

"Amiibo is a total waste of money and I'm disappointed that Nintendo is investing money into it when they simply need game support for their console. It'd be one thing if the whole "microchip in a toy" was new, but we all know it isn't. It feels like Nintendo desperately trying to play catch-up...except they're not even playing catch-up with something that's very popular. They couldn't have, you know, announced Minecraft or something?"

It's aimed for children. Skylanders is also a very big draw for children and there have been a hundred million sold. If they can get a grasp of that market and make it compatible with first-party Nintendo games; they'll shift a few units. Not to mention the idea of leveling up your figure brings a unique spin on the idea. Minecraft is also old product now; there's no unique draw to it anymore.

"Miyamoto's two new games (Project Giant Robot and Project Guard) looked like bad tech demos that should've been showcased at the E3 prior to the Wii-U's launch."

It's one thing to be dismissive of Nintendo but it's another thing to be dismissive of a legend like Miyamoto. Those "tech demos" probably have a bit more to them than you realise and I wouldn't be surprised if they have something to do with that Starfox game that he was goofing around with at the end of the direct.

"I suppose this frustrates me most with the new Legend of Zelda title. We were shown off a realistic Zelda when the Wii-U was first announced, but now Nintendo has decided to do their own thing. Screw you if you liked the realistic style! Nintendo is making Legend of Cel-da for the fourth time now, and I guess you just have to accept it."

Really? You sound like one of those guys who flipped the table when Windwaker was announced and that game is now a classic which is loved by the Zelda community. I don't see anything particularly wrong with the new art style as it seems a bit more nuanced than previous titles. I'm sure it'll turn out okay.

I just think that Nintendo has been doing the right things for a long time now. The games they've got coming out for the Wii U are definitely interesting looking and they can only be played on a Wii U. The one thing that frustrated me with Sony and Microsoft was the fact that the games they showed will probably be put over to PC and I've got a decent one. Nothing particularly amazing coming from them.
Orionsangel  +   133d ago
New Tomb Raider, LBP3, Uncharted 4 and new Zelda game coming. Yeah I'm set.
NYC_Gamer  +   132d ago
E3 was boring in my opinion because there was nothing on stage revealed that was different and not expected..
golemoy  +   128d ago
"This E3 was disappointing, I hope next year they will bring their big guns"

Same story every year haha people are so naive
Locknuts  +   125d ago
It was kind of boring overall and I agree that Nintendo's was the most entertaining show. But I think Zelda's art style is perfect. I think they've finally nailed how Zelda should look.

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