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The crash-and-burn of Xbox One announcement

Wow. I am stunned.

After I recovered from the glut of buzzwords like "all-in-one" and "entertainment center" and "future of media", I realized that what I had watched wasn't a console reveal. It was a media box reveal.

The first half hour was spent talking about non-gaming menu features, video-watching, fantasy league, and Bing integration. "Where are the games?" I thought.

And then Microsoft delivered. Please welcome to the stage....EA Sports? What? This is the future of the Xbox brand? Okay, so then I watched as EA gave lip service to the Xbox One, knowing full well that these games would be available on every other console (except for Wii-U, of course).

More video streaming. More media integration. I do like how they announced 8 gigs of RAM (but nothing else about the hardware power), but then my hopes were dashed when they subsequently announced three (yes, THREE) operating systems working in tandem. Programming nightmare aside, this is going to take a huge bite out of those 8 Gigs, leaving very little for actual gaming power.

Oh! Turn 10. Forza 5 as a launch title. That's pretty cool.

Studio 343! Heck yeah! A new Halo.....TV show? Wait. WHAT? Did Microsoft seriously just announce a Halo TV show instead of showing off the next Halo title? This has to be a joke. Maybe they have another big-hitter.

Oh. Call of Duty. Call of Duty timed exclusive DLC, something we all knew was coming. It's going to be multiplatform anyway.

What the heck did I just watch? I knew Microsoft was going downhill since their shift in focus to Kinect, but I didn't realize they were this crazy. News flash: we want a game console, not a media box. When your console announcement shows off two - TWO - exclusives (Forza 5 and Quantum whatever), there's a problem. When the first publisher you bring to the stage is EA Sports, there's a problem. When you bring 343 Studios and Steven Spielberg up to talk about a TV show, not a game, there's a problem.

I know what Microsoft defenders will say: "Wait for E3!" Well guess what? The console reveal is a window into the direction, focus, and philosophy of the console. Microsoft spelled out their focus in black and white: media center. You think games are the focus? Not even Microsoft seemed to think so.

I was willing to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. I figured Kinect was a stop-gap while they shifted development to the NextBox (I guess I should start calling it the Xbox One). But apparently, Kinect is even more of a focus this time. And games? 15 exclusives in the first year (the number Microsoft announced) is nothing if they're just Kinect Sports 2.0.

Where are the games? Seriously? Is this how Microsoft wants to expand the gaming audience? Several people keep saying "it was about the hardware! Wait for E3!" Really? It was about the hardware? Do tell! What sort of processor does it use, and what is the speed? What sort of RAM will it use? What is the read speed of the Blu Ray drive? What is the speed of the 500 GB hard drive? Is the 500 GB hard drive a standard feature, or a premium feature? Those are a lot of hardware questions, and I'm not a very tech-saavy guy. I'm sure others with a better grasp of gaming hardware could come up with a dozen more questions to ask.

I also know what others will say "but PS4 announcement sucked! But Wii-U announcement sucked!" First of all, this isn't about other consoles. Second of all, those consoles actually showed off games.

No backwards compatibility (doesn't bother me, but it does bother some others):

And guess what? No used games is confirmed, or at least, no used game installs:

You can install games to the hard drive (cool) but once a game is used by the first person, you "would be given the option to pay a fee and install the game from the disc" if you bought the game used or rented it.

(Thanks BitbyDeath)
IGN also confirms that Kinect is required. R-e-q-u-i-r-e-d.

If this is the future of Xbox, I want no part in it.

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coolbeans1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Needless to say, I'm shocked a user blog is up on this so soon. :P

Also, didn't they mention Remedy's Quantum Break was an exclusive to the system or did they make no statement regarding that?

coolbeans1799d ago

Pedanticbeans strikes again! ^^

Nevertheless, I agree with your frustration of the event. What really irks me from this poster fallout here (and elsewhere I'm sure) is the "wait for E3" counter-argument. I'm not saying that's a BAD notion to bring up, only that it doesn't lessen the blow of MS' obvious intentions with this device and where they're trying to push forward.

There's no better time to give a clear indication of what your device is trying to accomplish than at the beginning; and here, some of indicators are just regurgitated 'this-gen' aspects gamers have become annoyed with for years.

dedicatedtogamers1799d ago

@ coolbeans

Appreciate the help on my editing.

People will say "wait for E3" because it's easier to wait and hold out hope than to acknowledge what Microsoft explicitly said, multiple times, in multiple ways, over the course of 90 minutes, that the Xbox One is not a gaming-focused machine.

maniacmayhem1799d ago

Something tells me you had this blog locked and loaded regardless on what MS would have shown.

Where are the games?

Throughout the entire show and even before hand news presses and the presenters said the games would be focused more at E3.

"that the Xbox One is not a gaming-focused machine."

So because it's not this means that the 15 exclusive games, not to mention the dedication to more first party studios and the statement of having more games for the Xbox one than any of the past Xbox's had, plus the exclusive deals with EA and Activision, not to mention the Ubisoft games and Bungie game will be any less exciting because MS has other features they would like to promote as well? Seriously?

You people are too focused on that small tight, narrow tunnel and think that because of these other features the games will suffer even though statements where made that games would be a focus. They said developers would have an ease of use system and ther first parties are focusing on new and creative games.

As I said before, this blog was waiting to hit send as soon as the conference was over and there's no denying that whatever was shown you would have been disappointed.

The whole point of the conference was to show what the new Xbox could do, to reveal the looks and the new features. they said that many times in the past, why is it so surprising now?
It is truly amazing how most people seem to forget this. And we waited this long for a reveal a couple of weeks more for a whole line of games is really going to hurt?

dedicatedtogamers1799d ago

@ maniacmayhem

I think there's a fallacy out there where the person attacks the person who said the idea instead of actually arguing against what he said.

The whole point of the Wii-U and PS4 conferences were also to show off the system (heck, the PS4 didn't even show the box) yet they found the time to show off games, too.

DragonKnight1799d ago

@maniacmayhem: The "wait until E3" mentality is the wrong mentality to have. This reveal has shown what MS is going to put their full force behind, and gaming is the last thing on their mind. At Sony's conference, which was 2 hours, about half of the conference was about games. Sony were talking to gamers, their console was designed BY gamers, and it's completely clear that the PS4 is a gaming console.

MS' conference was 1 hour long and not only did they spend barely 20 minutes talking about games, they talked about multiplatform games that are just sequels and yearly releases. They couldn't have tried less to talk about games if they wanted to.

And then there's the fact that pre-owned games are going to have a fee attached to them, and the fact that XboxOne WILL NOT work unless Kinect is attached.

Can anyone, anywhere, explain to me how this is a GOOD thing for anyone but Microsoft? And even then it's not good because these moves are basically begging to hand over all sales to Sony.

maniacmayhem1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Sorry that you think I'm "attacking" you but that is not the case. You put out a blog with your opinion in a record amount of time. I'm nearly pointing that out plus I'm pointing out the certain points that were made clear by MS prior to the conference were established well at hand so it makes no since when I read arguments in your blog.

If you feel I'm attacking you and not arguing back then I don't know what to tell you.

The Xbox showed off games, not as many as you and most of us would have hoped but they already stated that that event wasn't for the Games, it was for the features and n early look of the new system. They explained very clearly of the amount of games they are working on for the system and that they hav opened many studios to try and bring as much exclusive content to the Xbox.

Wasn't this what we at least wanted to hear? That there would be a focus on games and exclusives?

Like I said, no matter what was shown from MS, this blog would have went up regardless.

coolbeans1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

"The whole point of the conference was to show what the new Xbox could do, to reveal the looks and the new features. they said that many times in the past, why is it so surprising now?"

Who said anything about it being surprising? What I'm expressing annoyance against is how said features were presented. Taking so much time in unveiling 3rd party stuff only considered partially exclusive via DLC or "The Ultimate Team" EA SPorts extra, superfluous Xbox Live additions, and the carpet-bombing of words like 'experience' throughout the conference. I find nothing wrong with MS' intention behind this event, but can certainly critique a plethora of facets within it.

"And we waited this long for a reveal a couple of weeks more for a whole line of games is really going to hurt?"

Probably not in the long run. Who knows...MS may just have the best E3 for all anyone knows. But as I already said: using your first unveiling of the next generation with your exclusive titles receiving relatively little screentime displays where priorities SEEM to be placed in the eyes of gamers--and it's MS to blame.

MikeMyers1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

"Needless to say, I'm shocked a user blog is up on this so soon."

Of course it's up so soon, some people are prone to knee-jerk reactions.

"Where are the games"

Why do people keep saying that when they were informed this was about showing the new system and the games will be at E3? They announced 15 exclusives coming int he first year alone, 8 of which are brand new ip's. Are we going to discredit those already because they didn't announce what they were?

They also showed Forza 5, Call of Duty Ghosts, a barrage of EA games such as NBA, NFL, UFC and FIFA. And a new game from Remedy. The games are coming but in typical fashion we have this immediate reaction where we must write a blog right away, discussing how terrible the show was and how we are all doomed now and how they don't care about having games, it's going to be just one big cablebox.

"The whole point of the Wii-U and PS4 conferences were also to show off the system (heck, the PS4 didn't even show the box) yet they found the time to show off games, too."

You're right, and now Wii U and Vita owners are wondering where the heck they are. How many times does Sony show games yet delay after delay they finally come out. Microsoft mentioned 15 exclusives in the first year alone. They don't show as many games that are years and year away from actually coming out.

This show is only a few weeks away from E3. They didn't reveal the system months ago and let gamers wondering until E3. The games will be shown then. Some people need to relax.

maniacmayhem1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


Again, at the presentation it was made very clear that 15 new exclusives (8 of them being new IP's) would be made available for the first year of the new Xbox. Yes, there is no doubt that some will be Kinect games, some may be XBLA games and the rest retail but the fact remains that they are focused on games just as much as they are focusing on the rest of their features.

It kills me that some people on this site can't seem to understand a company can actually multi-task and achieve the same goals laid out for everyone. Will these new features take away from Destiny, Diablo III or CoD?

The features for each system will be the only thing that will seriously separate each system from each other. Since most 43rd parties will appear on both systems. And what games did Sony show that was so so many? Killzone and InFamous were two exclusives and the rest were demos and 3rd party games that will also appear on the new Xbox. So again, how is the focus not on games?

Like so many have pointed out and like i have said before MS clearly stated that this conference wasn't for the games it was for the reveal of the system, the features and how they work. If this isn't any clearer to everyone then i guess the conference would be disappointing.

As for the Xbox not working unless Kinect is hooked that really a big deal considering it COMES with Kinect! I can see if it was sold separately but it's not. Why WOULDN'T you hook it up?

As for the pre-owned dilemma, that is truly terrible news and I have a feeling that if MS goes this route most 3rd parties will too for Sony's platform. I really want to know how Gamefly will be affected since I am a hardcore customer and its the only way i play games.

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LostDjinn1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It is what it is.
It's going to get messy in here though when the people (You know who you are) who were BSing about specs get called to account.

Edit: WTF?! Beans, you're a mod now? I'm so screwed!

Edit 2: Dedicated, the two links you added have really brought MS down. Before reading those I just thought it was a crappy show. Now I'm genuinely disheartened.

coolbeans1799d ago

Indeed. Cat warned me about the negatives, but the one important positive that always came to mind was this: "have a bunch more bubbles so I can brag about it to LostDjinn." :P

"It's going to get messy in here though..."

Probably. I'd like to state now to other posters: please don't bring this down to a mud-slinging contest regarding other consoles, verbally attacking other posters, or any other infringements upon the rules here. Thank you.

LostDjinn1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

"I'd like to state now to other posters: please don't bring this down to a mud-slinging contest regarding other consoles, verbally attacking other posters, or any other infringements upon the rules here. Thank you." - NO DEAL YOU NASTY %[email protected]#!!11!111

Prizes, bubbles and making you a mod? What else will the staff on this site torment me with?
*falls to knees with hands raised high*

Edit: I used two hands. ;) (It was a sad moment)

zerocrossing1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Congrats on becoming a mod Beans me old chum, I've been considering doing the same, would you mind PM'ing me the ins and outs of how to become a mod if you have the time?

(On topic)

I was incredibly underwhelmed by the Xbox One reveal, I always strive to be objective in my approach but MS really dropped the ball on this one, if they can criticise Sony for not showing the PS4 console then I shall bloody well criticise MS on their lack of game announcements, E3 may be coming up soon but that aside, they showed no actual gameplay nor did they confirm their stance on used games during their live conference.

I am disappoint...

GalacticEmpire1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


That made me lol, kept expecting them to say "you're drunk" after it :P

OT - It was really dissapointing from a gamers perspective and it doesn't bode well that the first people to demo on it were EA. Just seems like nothing was really answered, we didn't even get decent spec details.

PopRocks3591799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

To be fair regarding the Halo TV show, if they have any big news regarding actual software, it will probably be at E3.


That's a fair point. Can't really argue with that.

dedicatedtogamers1799d ago

Maybe they will show a new Halo at E3. Maybe they won't.

But when you bring 343 Studios (a gaming studio) to the stage to talk about one of your core franchises (Halo) simply to announce a TV show, your priorities are wacked out.

AtomicGerbil1799d ago

You only get one chance to make a first impression, in my personal opinion Microsoft delivered a poor one.

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