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Nintendo is rushing full-speed towards a Gamecube disaster

dedicatedtogamers | 1112d ago
User blog

History will soon forget the reality behind the Wii's purpose and its market success. To some, it was just a casual machine, aimed at casual grandmas. To others, it was a decent Nintendo console that was held back by its outdated hardware. To others like myself, the Wii was a great system ultimately held back by Nintendo's own unwillingness to go the extra step with the hardware's capabilities.

Regardless, the Wii was/is a stunning success, all the more stunning because of how much more successful it was compared to its predecessor, the Gamecube. However, with the WiiU, Nintendo seems to be abandoning the ideas that made the Wii in favor of the failure-prone ideas that created the Gamecube.

Back in 2005, Nintendo's Iwata said that "the game has changed, and the way the game is played has to be changed". He was referring, of course, to Nintendo's upcoming console, dubbed the Revolution. At the time, Nintendo had been elbowed out of the console-market limelight by Sony for two generations in a row. Additionally, a new upstart called the Xbox had also managed to defeat Nintendo's purple lunchbox. Nintendo's console division NEEDED something fresh, something new, something that would put Nintendo back on the map. Keep in mind that the DS was already a blossoming success by the time the Wii launched.

So, we were given the Wii. After it hit store shelves, everyone wanted one. It was sold out for several years in a row. The "hardcore" just sort of pointed their fingers and mocked, but that little white VHS tape continued to sell like gangbusters. As the years went on, Nintendo tried to attract the "hardcore" with games like MadWorld, No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3, and so forth, but the overall lack of AAA, 3rd-party support stuck out like a sore thumb.

And yet, the Wii still sold. A lot of this had to do with Nintendo's philosophy on game design at the time: make a game that everyone can enjoy. Some called it "casualizing". Nintendo called it "leveling the playing field". Nintendo wanted to make games for everyone.

And this idea worked.

Of the Top 10 Selling Games of the Wii/360/PS3 generation, the Wii is home to more than half of them. Certainly, Nintendo was on to something with the Wii.

But when the WiiU was announced, I was a bit confused. Nintendo began talking about "going after the hardcore". They began talking about complicated controller setups (the tablet), integrated Miiverse functionality, and so forth, stuff that never really helped the Wii at all. As more and more game announcements began to trickle out, I was even more confused. Why is Nintendo focusing on these sort of games? Where's the Wii Sports equivalent (no, Nintendo Land is not nor will it ever be like a Wii Sports to the general public)? Why does Super Mario Bros U (formerly SMB Mii) look like it was phoned in by the B-team? Okay, Zelda, that looks cool.

When I saw Nintendo's most recent Nintendo Direct conference, my confusion turned into disappointment. Wind Waker HD? Another 3D Mario? Yoshi's Yarn-ball? And wow, the realistic-looking Zelda demo we saw when the WiiU was announced has been exchanged for a cel-shaded Zelda? What is going on here?

I think Nintendo has lost sight of what made them a huge success in the Wii generation. They are focusing on games that made the Gamecube fail. Let me repeat that: they are focusing on games that made the Gamecube fail. I don't care how rose-tinted your nostalgia goggles are. The Gamecube was a failure for Nintendo. It sold horribly. It butchered franchises like Star Fox and 3D Mario (Mario Sunshine? Blech). It is not the sort of system that I want Nintendo to make, and based on its barely-20-million-lifetime-sal es numbers, it is clear that not a lot of other people want a Gamecube-style Nintendo console, either.

So, why is Nintendo making Gamecube-style games again? Wind Waker HD should be a dead giveaway for Nintendo's intentions for the WiiU. So should Yoshi's Yarn-bomb. So should cel-shaded Zelda. I at least hope that Smash Bros and Mario Kart are good games on the WiiU, but I'm not sure it will be enough. Where's my 2D Mario? The market has obviously spoken. We like 2D Mario. Why can't Nintendo make more of it? SMBU is the only game really driving the WiiU hardware sales right now, anyway. Why not make more of it?

Before you say it, I already know what you're thinking: "duh! I'm glad Nintendo is trying to be more hardcore. It's about time!" Really? Is your memory so limited? The Gamecube was mocked and shunned by the "hardcore". And it had nothing but "hardcore" Nintendo games on it. There weren't any of those filthy "casual" minigame collections like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and so forth. Where was your support then for the "hardcore" Gamecube? And, hey, if you hardcore gamers are SOOOO in love with what the WiiU is doing, why aren't you buying it? It seems to me that the "casual" Mario Bros players are the only ones buying a WiiU and buying games for it. Where are the hardcore gamers? Are you playing Black Ops II? What about ZombieU, Assassin's Creed III, Darksiders II, or Batman Arkham City? Are you buying a WiiU for these games? No? Oh, so where's your hardcore support NOW that Nintendo has made a system for you? That's what I thought...I say all that not to mock my fellow gamers, but to point out that Nintendo's focus on the sort of games the "hardcore" demand hasn't worked out for them in the past, and it isn't working for them now.

Nintendo's own reasoning behind their direction with the WiiU is perhaps a topic for another blog post, but I do not like where they are trying to take the WiiU. It will cause the WiiU to crash and burn. I would like the WiiU to be a success, but it won't be a success simply because it has "Wii" in the name. Nintendo needs to look at what made the Wii and DS (their two most successful platforms) a success instead of going back to the Gamecube-era of gaming.

1. Focus on games, not features (like Miiverse and TViiiiii)
2. Give your games a universal appeal. Yoshi Crayon, Celda, and Pikmin are not the sort of games that made the Wii a hit
3. Get your act together with the Virtual Console. Honestly. It's 2013, not 1998.

TruthbeTold  +   1111d ago
Everyone is different, and has their own opinions, but I must say that your disappointment and jadedness are in the minority on this. That Nintendo Direct was Awesome, and the games they announced, for the most part have Nintendo gamers excited. Not to mention many non-Nintendo gamers.

I mean seriously, They did focus on games, and you complained about the games they announced (that most people like and are excited) and are saying that they need to focus on games. Makes no sense to me.

The Yoshi game is in the style of Kirby's epic yarn, and other than the look (which is pretty sweet) we know very little about it.

The 'Celda' game was specifically stated to be something to tide us over while we wait for the first new HD Zelda experience.

Pikmin is a great series, and 3 has some amazing lighting and textures. I kind of have to assume that you've never played the series.

But yeah. How you take these announcements and in spite of the extremely positive and overjoyed reaction of most of the gaming world and gaming sites think poorly of them makes little sense to me. But as I said, we all have our own opinions...
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1111d ago
The reason why I am let down by these announcements is that I really like the Wii, and I like the games that came out on the Wii. Yes, even games like Wii Sports and Sports Resort. The WiiU is not like the Wii. It is like the Gamecube in terms of its philosophy for games.

The games you pointed out will not help move WiiU hardware, not one bit. It won't bring in the hardcore (just like those sort of games didn't bring in the hardcore for the Gamecube). At this point, the WiiU needs to sell hardware. It NEEDS a large installed base in order to encourage 3rd-party devs to make games on it. "Make games", not "port old games".
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1109d ago
"It needs to sell hardware"

It is selling hardware. It's reported to already have sold more than what the Ps3 and 360 did in the same time frame, but still less than the Wii.
SilentNegotiator  +   1111d ago
The problem is that you completely missed the author's point. Yes, the Nintendo fans (the "gaming community" as you wrongfully inflate it) ARE happy about the announced games, but they aren't the fully realized potential audience that Nintendo could have had of both the casual AND hardcore. Those Nintendo fans are the Gamecube owners of yesteryear. And in fact, Wii U is having some of the same issues as the Gamecube with light third party support.

This blog isn't about how good the games are or what the dedicated Gamecube-ian fans think. It's about the fact that Nintendo is going against what made them so successful again in the first place, when they could have captured EVERYONE by righting the mistakes they made last gen with hardcore gamers. But instead they're taking the hardcore/core gamers in an iffy fashion, not getting lots of online players (If you're going to focus on the hardcore/core, you need widespread DLC opportunity), and not doing a great deal for the casual audience.

THAT is going to hold them back in the long run if they don't make some changes.
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TruthbeTold  +   1111d ago
I didn't miss the point at all. I simply discount the idea that Nintendo is going to forsake the casual audience. That's absurd. Early on, while the price is high on the Wii U, Nintendo needs to appeal to people who are serious about gaming. Period. They did the same thing with the Wii. Problem is they through of the 'Core' like garbage for about a year and a half once they captured the attention of the casual audience. The Wii was sold out that first year because of the fanatics who wanted to play Twilight Princess, and spread the word about Wii Sports by having their non-gamer friends over, and by taking their Wii to other people's house.

If they'd made the hardware cheaper/more affordable, then they may as well have just stuck with the Wii. Problem is, the Wii has been on the hard decline for a while now.
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Yodagamer  +   1111d ago
I respect you're opinion, but i'm frankly excited for nintendo, we have bayoneta, pikmin, project 101, The new xenoblade-type game. It's not even E3 yet and i'm excited for the year.
SilentNegotiator  +   1111d ago
Prepare for your well thought out article on Nintendo's contradictory approach to the Wii, one of the most successful systems ever, with Wii U of nearly ignoring the every/wo/man to be demeaned to "HATERZ", "How can you not like these games?!", and (as has already been demonstrated) "the [online] community (dust in the wind compared to the entire market) loved it! What are you talking about??"

Nintendo could have had both the hardcore AND casual market, (the former of which they totally failed to secure on the Wii) but they're greatly focusing on the hardcore and yet not succeeding in capturing the very important online community (AKA potential DLC buyers, which are a major factor in the ps3/360 successes that Wii U is emulating in its game focus).

Great blog. Just expect it to fly a mile over mosts' heads on what its real intent is.
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Irishguy95  +   1111d ago
Gamecube was smashed because it didn't have much good games.
Ultr  +   1109d ago
as far as I know the Gamecube was a success for nitnendo back then? Because its THIS gen THE FIRST time that they strugle with money.
go away all doom-sayers because nintendo has some fantastic franchises and those alone will keep them afloat
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1111d ago
As always nintendo will be fine since I stopped trolling them.
Captain Tuttle  +   1111d ago
The Wii was lightning in a bottle, it's success won't likely be repeated for a long time.

Regarding "hardcore" games, the COD franchise appeals to casuals as much as to traditional gamers. There are millions of people who buy two games a year; FIFA or Madden (depending on the region) and the latest COD. THAT is casual gaming.

A good blog though and I think that you're onto something regarding the WiiU. The problem with it is that Nintendo wants people to buy it for the "tablet" controller when in reality it is a poor tablet, that's what people end up seeing. Only the Nintendo faithful are buying this thing right now and I think that will continue.
iamnsuperman  +   1111d ago
"The problem with it is that Nintendo wants people to buy it for the "tablet" controller when in reality it is a poor tablet, that's what people end up seeing".

It irritates me when people keep saying The Wii U gamepad is never meant to be a tablet when it is really (Nintendo are trying to cash in on the tablet craze). I agree it is a poor tablet which is why it will never get mass market appeal because the consumer sees a limited tablet which is comparable in price to an Ipad or Android tablet. I wrote a blog here how they have released the thing before its time. Having a decent tablet as a controller is at least 5 years away (cheaper then). I personally see it as a bad move but we will see
Captain Tuttle  +   1111d ago
The WiiU is actually a giant DS if you think about it; the TV is the top screen and the controller is the bottom screen. It's actually a very conservative design.
s45gr32  +   1111d ago
It's too early to tell at the moment the wii u is decent at best is the gamepad that looks like a tablet that is creating confusion since there are gamers out there that believe you can play wii i games on the go. The other issue the idea of rebuying virtual console games well that sucks balls That s with the confusing method of playing wii games and these are great game announcements bit we dont know when will these games will be released is why people are not buying the wiiu die to these issues
cpayne93  +   1111d ago
" It butchered franchises like Star Fox and 3D Mario (Mario Sunshine? Blech)."

I may be able to agree about Star Fox, but not mario sunshine. For me, Mario Galaxy messed things up, it dumbed things down and was much more linear. Sunshine had some great big open levels and interesting locations.

"So, why is Nintendo making Gamecube-style games again? Wind Waker HD should be a dead giveaway for Nintendo's intentions for the WiiU. So should Yoshi's Yarn-bomb. So should cel-shaded Zelda."

Yoshi wasn't on the Cube, so I'm guessing you mean Nintendo is trying to hard to appease the core, but we haven't had a yoshi game in quite a while on console, that might attract some people. And I might be wrong, but I was under the impression that we still don't know what the next Zelda will actually look like. I should remind you that the Cube did have a darker Zelda, though it was later in the lifespan.

"I at least hope that Smash Bros and Mario Kart are good games on the WiiU, but I'm not sure it will be enough. Where's my 2D Mario? The market has obviously spoken. We like 2D Mario. Why can't Nintendo make more of it? SMBU is the only game really driving the WiiU hardware sales right now, anyway. Why not make more of it?"

You answered your own question, they just made a 2d mario, you want them to announce another one already? Sheesh. Generally new nintendo system=new 3d mario immediately, but this time they did what you want them to do, but you still criticize them for it.

The main reason the gamecube wasn't a hit was because it was seriously lacking in online features, which were coming to be seen as an amazing new innovation, and it was ignored in favor of the ps2, which many consider to be the best console of all time.

However, I think Nintendo might be heading for another Cube for different reasons. If they want to go after some of the ps and xbox fans they needed a more powerful system, and a better online service. I will say that you have a point about the "casual" games released on the wii, they did help sales, but I don't know how much it would really help the wii u. It was kind of a fad thing, and fads don't last forever. Also, remember that if you aim for the core good results will be higher software sales and lower hardware sales, while aiming for the casuals gets you the opposite. The wii had some really high selling games, but aside from choice few software sales weren't as good as they coulbe have been, at least that was my understanding.
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ThreshStar  +   1111d ago
Another factor that Nintendo didn't account for in the casual games market: Smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly entering average households and a LOT of casual, fun games are either free or minimal cost.

I think the Wii U may have been the answer to losing the Hardcore gamers to Xbox/PS3/PC and casual markets to Smartphones/Tablets.

Unfortunately, Nintendo's stubborn way of doing things will inevitably be their downfall. They were successful with the Wii because it was new and unique; the Wii U isn't really new nor unique.

They're facing an uphill battle already and now is not the time for archaic business models and rehashed game ideas.
EffectO  +   1111d ago
Gamecube was not a disaster for Nintendo.They made a really nice amount of profit on it.Last gen,Nintendo(GBA included) profits have literally run around Sony PS2 profits.Not even remotely comparable.

That tells a lot...
OmniSlashPT  +   1111d ago
150 million PS2s vs 20 million Gamecubes...70 million PS3's vs 90 million Wiis

Spot the failure.
TruthbeTold  +   1111d ago
He's speaking of profit vs. financial losses.

Nintendo made a profit on every Game Cube they sold. The console didn't sell as many as they wanted, but it was by no means a failure. For the last decade, Nintendo has made Billions in profit by not selling each hardware unit at a loss. BILLIONS. Let's just leave it at that.
EffectO  +   1110d ago
Looking just at hardware sales is like looking at one point graph and trying to fit a line,curve through that point...pretty pointless endeavor,if you ask me

Hardware is not the place where you make money in console business(accessories excluded).Software+accessories = real money

Nintendo always sells tons of software and they are very conservative with budgets,imagine how much money they make...
Fun fact,Wii software sales are far ahead of PS3 ones.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1110d ago
Profit is not everything. The Gamecube may have made a profit while still being a disaster for Nintendo as a company. This is a basic business principle.

If I sell limes for $1.00 with a $0.95 profit, that sounds nice on paper, but if I only sell five limes a year, and if my entire business is selling limes, then profit means nothing when I'm only making about $5 profit a year.

The same goes for Nintendo: yes, the Gamecube was profitable, but its sales were so marginal, Nintendo as a company was only kept afloat by their handheld division.
TruthbeTold  +   1110d ago
20-25 million isn't marginal. It's weak compared to the 100million+ of the PS2, but considering that they made a profit on each GC sold, and Sony took a loss on most of their PS2's until the PS3 was about to launch, the difference is apparent.

The handheld division didn't keep them afloat. The handheld division put them in position to take over everything by taking the huge risk that the Wii was initially during the emerging age of HD.
s45gr32  +   1111d ago
well this blog is beyond terrible the reason why the wiiu is not doing well is mainly due to not revamping their business model. Buy games at $60 dollars, developers still have to share their profits. In a time when steam sells games at ridicolous prices and devs get full profit for it Then lost the casual market to apple due to its free or one dollar games with this in mind even if nintendo followed the wii success it will still fail. Today gamers want cheaper priced games, unique innovative games and simplicity to access say games not to go through archaic menus or dealing with a tablet controller. Devs want full profit for their games, they dont want certification process junk for updating or patching their product, a powerrful system etc. ....
MelonSaurus  +   1111d ago
I bet this guy's feeling pretty salty about writing this after that Nintendo Direct. Seriously though, if i see one more article on here claiming the wii u is going to fail...

yall need to learn to write some original shit instead of milking a topic for views.
Deadpool616  +   1111d ago
If you are unsure about a system, it's better to wait a year after its release. By that time you have a better assessment of where the system stands and what's being developed for it. I think it's too early to tell the outcome of the system less than 3 months after it's release.
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FamilyGuy  +   1111d ago
The nintendo direct was received positively by both casual and hardcore gamers, in a sense it IS going the Gamecube route but just because it wasn't a successful method in the past doesn't mean history will repeat itself.

Times change and so do perceptions, the gaming community is not made up of the same people it was in the gamecubes era

ALSO, the wii is just a gamecube with an easy to use controller THAT is what attracted attention. It was family friendly and accessible. The Wii U has a table controller in an attempt to capture attention in a similar way.

There is nothing wrong with their games, nothing has really changed in the type of games they release except that it is expected that there will be more third party support this time, and more games, no matter their genre, is a good thing.
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OmniSlashPT  +   1111d ago
The problem is that Nintendo is trying to go both ways now. They have the Wii Sports U and all that sholvelware no one really cares about anymore. And they have some (but not enough) 3rd party support. Then for 1st party they have the same games and series for the past 25 years.

If PS4's and new Xbox's specs are confirmed to be as powerful as they've been rumoured and if they have such innovations as illuminroom and AR and they launch with some epic 1st party along with 3rd party like Star Wars 1313, WatchDogs, Cyberpunk 2077 and so on...What's Nintendo going to do? Marios and Zeldas wont save them forever. Neither will shovelwares.

They actually need to learn one lesson from Sony. It's quite funny saying that since Sony did so many mistakes this gen, but they recovered by doing one simple thing. Games. New Games. New Series. New Studios. If it wasnt for games like Uncharted, Motorstorm, Resistance, Killzone, LBP, inFAMOUS, Journey, Heavy Rain and so on, the PS3 would've died years ago. PlayStation now equals quality games. Nintendo? It's Mario and Zelda and some gimmicky software.

Nintendo has been stucked in the past for too long. They're trying to step forward, but they're doing it the wrong way. No one cares about ports of that games already came out. No one is going to wait 2 years for a Zelda and buy an HD remake just to make up for it.

If Sony and MS go big this E3, Nintendo is going to suffer. They're lucky the 3DS is actually sucessful, or they would be in big trouble.
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Phil32  +   1109d ago
#14.1 (Edited 1109d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Scrivlar  +   1110d ago
I really liked the Gamecube but from a financial point of view I see your point.

My own opinion about the Wii and now Wii U is simply the motion controller and now tablet being a little frustrating and it put me off almost every game.

I like it simple with a nice wired controller with analouge's and triggers, I found it too stressful trying to aim at things and keep the camera focused when using the motion controls.
Picnic  +   1110d ago
If history's trend follows, the Wii U will sell between 64-77 million:

Round 1

NES 61 million

Here Sega eats in to some market share with their Megadrive, especially in the UK and America.

SNES 49 million (80% of NES sales)

Round 2

Sony takes some market share. The huge sales of the PS1 could have drastically hurt the N64 (as they did Sega) if it wasn't for the epicness of some N64 games making a purchase seem compulsory to some gamers - plus that Nintendo franchises were more longer embedded in people's minds and they hadn't gone all 'hardcore' like Sega with their far too large number of Megadrive add ons and loads of fighting games but no proper Sonic game on the Saturn.

N64 33 million (67% of SNES sales)

Diminishing returns follow as the Dreamcast ceases production, the Xbox steps in and lots of PS1 owners upgrade to a PS2. Gamecube's message might have seemed muddled to some. Many of its games looked childlike and yet a high proportion like Viewtful Joe and Super Monkey Ball were very hardcore in their difficulty.

Gamecube 22 million (67% of N64 sales)

Round 3

A fluke increase in sales here that, bearing in mind the Gamecube's sales and the Wii's technological similarities to it (still having no DVD nor popular internet play), can only be realistically attributable to the Wii being seen as that season's must have gimmick buoyed by mainstream media coverage of its fitness benefits and non threatening control system.

Wii 97 million

WiiU 64-77 million (67% to 80% of Wii sales)

On the other hand, for the very first time, Nintendo could be in line to 'do a Sony' (who replicated the PS1s sales with the PS2 and whose PS3 sales are also now large). At best, the WiiU could equal what the Wii sold but this time by having those numbers largely made up as a second console of Xbox/PS owners (who, along with some Gamecube owners, may have shunned the original Wii as being an insult of an upgrade) rather than just as a single console owned by many first time gamers.
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DivineHand125  +   1110d ago
the game cube failed because it had very bad third party support. Ports game much later than the ps2 counterpart for some games and key franchises like gta did not come at all. No serious gamer really hated the game cube because it had some amazing games on it.
You also seemed to ignore the fact that Nintendo spend the first half of their Nintendo direct showing off their casual titles like wii fit u and that wii u party game. They announced 2 Zelda games windwaker remake with gameplay improvements and upgraded graphics and a non linear zelda game. Hopefully it will have the same graphics as the tech demo we saw in 2011. They also spoke about releasing enhanced ports for their virtual console games so they left no stone on turned interms of internal resources.
I personally can't wait for the next Nintendo Direct where they talk about the 3rd party stuff coming for the wiiU.
Stop trying to judge the console by righting it off as a failure because it is giving you tunnel vision and it is causing you to ignore the good things they are doing. Finally a company is giving us what we want. Sony and Microsoft should take notes.
#17 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Picnic  +   1110d ago
why mention gta when it wasnt on the wii either with no detriment to the wii selling like hot cakes.
#17.1 (Edited 1110d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DivineHand125  +   1109d ago
The main reasons the wii sold like as well as it did was because the competition was much more expensive and unlike the previous generation, the competitors chose to ignore the kids, casuals and newcomers in favor of a more mature audience. Those markets were starved for attention and the wii came in and absorbed most of it.
Nivalis  +   1109d ago
At least to me, a very bad sign is that despite the console being the newest one out, over here in Japan stores such as book-off and hard-off (second hand stores) have vast numbers of wii u's
I was in the Book-off in Machida yesterday and they had, on my rough count, 22 white wiiu's and 17 black wiiu's, apposed to 5 ps3's and 3 Xbox 360s.
Additionally, a few days ago while in akihabara, i noticed the book-off there had a sign up stating they were no longer accepting wiiu consoles (store refusing to buy them) when i asked a store clerk why he said because they have too many in store and theyre not selling at all.

the wiiu units in these stores are complete and boxed, priced at 19,500yen for 32gb and 14,500yen for 8gb, which is a big reduction from retail prices, and still they don't sell.

If you ask me, that is a very bad sign.
madabba  +   1108d ago
I really like the WiiU and have high hopes for it. As far as the Gamecube goes, I also liked that console and the wavebird controller was so comfortable to use. I think the reason it did not do well is because of the look of it, especially the original purple color. Adult gamers seemed to view it as a kiddie lunchbox which is unfortunate because it was actually the most powerful console out at the time. I disagree that it was viewed as a hardcore system, much to the contrary...alot of gamers saw it as being geared to kids. I think people were also infatuated with the playstation brand at the time as well as the new Xbox console. Another huge problem with the Gamecube at the time, for developers anyway, was that it was not using the standard size disc. The smaller sized disc made alot of developers shy away from the system...even though the Gamecube was very powerful at the time, some games required multiple discs in order to fit the game. As far as the WiiU goes, I think it will go on to big success...not as big as the Wii, but big. Nintendo should have given it another name because there is a stigma associated with the Wii for hardcore gamers, but it really is no different than PSone, PS2, PS3 AND Xbox, Xbox 360 I guess. I think Nintendo was torn on how to market it because of how much the Wii sold and they wanted to keep the Wii customers but get back hardcore gamers. One mistake they made was not going all out with the power of the Wii U , although I understand it when trying to balance power with affordability. None of us really know the exact specs, so for me or anyone else to say it is underpowered is a mute point. Alot of issues with the WiiU can be fixed with system updates so I am confident Nintendo will make incremental upgrades. The WiiU has so much potential and as long as Nintendo can get big third party games on the WiiU I think people will hop on board. Peace to all.
jjank11  +   1108d ago
For Nintendo, the console business is like gravy! They make a killing on handhelds. Nintendo has a conservative business and they are successful doing that. They will not change any time soon. I feel sorry for folks that have a mental block keeping them from playing good games no matter what the hardware or no matter how colorful a game may be.
Some of Nintendo recent game announcements are pretty sweet and more important for the future, Nintendos internal buisness moves (consolidation) are going to be very important for the future.

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