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Gaming journalism: it's being stolen from the gamers

Every week, no, nearly every day I see an article about how the Vita is dead on arrival, how consoles are dying, how Sony should be making fewer exclusives, and how PC gaming is taking its last few breaths.

And every week, no, nearly every day I see an article about how awesome mobile gaming is doing, how high-selling and influential Kinect seems to be, and how the latest Facebook social game is going to be the next revolution.

Okay, I'm sick of it. Since when was gaming news thrust into the hands of people who so obviously are not gamers? Am I the only one who scoffs at the notion of 99 cent mobile games somehow erasing the dedicated handheld market? Surely I'm not the only gamer who is completely unimpressed with the Kinect "revolution". I'm not the only guy who is actually excited about PC gaming, am I?

Since when was gaming news handled by people who care so little about gaming? Sure, I see a few positive articles here and there. Some are articles about upcoming games, other articles are interviews of prominent industry figures, and a few other articles are the all-too-common "Top 10" lists. But where are my articles about how mobile gaming ISN'T taking over? Where are my articles about how the Vita and 3DS are going to do just fine? I mean, I'd at least like to read the counter-point to the commonly-accepted "fact" that mobile gaming IS TEH FUTURE OF GAMINS! We get plenty of such "counter-points" in the form of articles like "Uncharted 3: is it REALLY that good?" and "Xbox 360: do we REALLY need exclusives?"

Exclusives. Boy oh boy. When was gaming handled by people who care so little about games? "Who cares about exclusives?" I hear all the time. Um, do you hate games? Do you hate games that have been specifically optimized and pushed and tailor-made for a system? Apparently there are people who hate the idea of playing more games. "Multiplatform games are more than enough," I keep hearing. Yet interestingly enough, when the 3DS and Vita libraries are full of ports (read: a "port" is just another word for "multiplatform game"), apparently that means those handhelds are doomed. Huh. Fancy that.

I guess I just want gaming articles to feel like they're written by...oh, I don't know...gamers? Is that too much to ask? Are there people out there like me? Are there PC gamers who feel that PC gaming is alive and thriving like I do? Are there console gamers who are fed up with online passes and this Kinect obsession like I am? Are there handheld gamers who are utterly, utterly bored with even the mere mention of playing games on a mobile phone/tablet and who would rather play on a dedicated handheld? Surely, there have to be other gamers like me out there.

But wherever those gamers are, they sure don't seem to be gaming journalists...

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coolbeans2287d ago

Although I approved of the blog for reaching a certain 'quality' (imo), what purpose does it serve to replicate the antagonistic 'death to handhelds' news articles with your own hate towards Kinect and handheld titles? It sort of skews the overall message-and title-of your blog.

2286d ago
FinaLXiii2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Guys let´s be clear on something here: that´s not journalism.

Journalism about videogames? hardly exists nowadays mainly because there´s no law´s and policy´s about respecting and trully wanting to make something smart and original to keep readers entertained than just the usual gaming news we see in many gaming websites.

But sadly no one takes this seriously and there´s always somebody that takes complete advantage of this gamer talk just to get hits on their websites.

There´s only one thing for you to do - dont click on it and N4G responsables should be strict on this kinda thing.

PixL2286d ago

There is no gaming journalism on Internet. When I want to read that, I buy paper magazines about games. They still have skilled and experienced people who know what they're writing about. You won't get quality for free because qualified people hardly ever work for free. I go to Internet for immediate news but never trust any opinions.

Jasmino9242286d ago

Perhaps you're going to the wrong places. Like you, I tend to go to the mags for the good stuff and designate my video game blog reading to my own blog and a handful of high-quality others but a lot of the guys in print found their way to that medium by starting online instead.

MidnytRain2285d ago

N4G is the epitome of the Groundhog's Day effect. Every day, week, month, and year we see the same articles over and over again. We see the same pointless arguments come up over and over again to the point that we can safely say that a large portion of the N4G user base loves to fight and act smart over the internet. A lot of this garbage only serves as an excuse to get on one's soapbox or get an easy hot article. I really don't see what motivates people to keep this up. I personally think it's ridiculous that the amount of non-news outnumbers the real news by, like, ten to one. If you click the "News" tab at the top of the website, I think you'll be surprised (or not) by how much crap gets filtered out.

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