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Why I'm getting into PC gaming (again)

I'm a long-time PC gamer who hasn't had an up-to-date rig for at least 7 years. Eh, it's probably been nearly 10 years. While console gamers where going ga-ga over Final Fantasy 7, I was playing Interplay's Fallout and Baldur's Gate. When people were playing Windwaker and Soul Calibur II, I was playing Shogun Total War and the very first Call of Duty. I love PC gaming. I have at least a dozen PC games that I play through every year. Yet, I haven't owned a decent PC for quite a while. That is, until I bought myself a rig recently. No need to bore you with the standard rattle-off of my rig's stats and specs. Let's just say that I can play modern PC games once again. As a gamer who has mostly played consoles and handhelds for the past decade, I'd like to share 5 reasons why I'm getting back into PC gaming, even though I still really love console and handheld gaming.

5) Real-time Strategy
My goodness. I've played (and loved) nearly every real-time strategy game up until Rome: Total War. I love this genre, and there isn't anything like it on consoles. While I've been absent from PC gaming, the RTS genre has gotten even better. Some RTS games (like Company of Heroes and World in Conflict) have added in so much cinematic flair, while other games like the W40k Dawn of War games are just as much RPGs as they are RTSs. There's plenty for me to catch up on in the RTS genre.

4) Hook it up!
A big bonus of modern PCs is that they're very easy - almost as easy as a console - to hook up to a TV. In this day and age, you can get a great wireless mouse, keyboard, and even a game pad and you can play all the best PC games from the comfort of your couch.

3) Moooah Powah
Okay, we all know the whole dealio with how PCs have better graphics. Blah blah blah. Of course I'm not going to complain about how nice the textures look, but PC games are so much more than just pretty textures. We're talking about better draw distances, more advanced physics, much smoother (and faster) framerates, and stuff like that. Even if the visual fidelity of PCs was the same as consoles, I'd still get back into PCs for the improved physics and framerate.

2) Backwards compatibility
Last Saturday morning, I was sitting on my couch in not much else but a comfy night robe (sorry, not an image you might want in your head), sipping a cup of coffee. My wife and kid were asleep, and I was getting my soul stolen by Jon Irenicus in Baldur's Gate II. BGII is one of those games I mentioned that I replay at least once a year, and here I was playing it on my nice TV. It's almost like popping in a PS1 game to your PS3, wait. You can do that anyway, but what I'm trying to say is that PC's backwards compatability is unmatched. Yeah, there are a few games that require some finesse in order to get working, but for the most part (especially with the almighty DOSBox) you can get nearly any game working on a modern PC, and that's pretty cool.

1) Teh modz!
I hate to be so cliche. I mean, EVERY friggin' PC gamer is always bragging about teh modz. I was around when mods really began to blossom in Warcraft II (in the form of custom maps), Half Life, and Unreal Tournament. I know all about teh modz, and yet I'm like a giddy little kid when I look at all of the mods out there for my library of PC games. And I'm not just talking about full-blown mods that you have to download. I like how in most games you can tweak a lot of settings just by editing the .ini file (or is there a different/better way these days? I'm kinda old-school). I like how if a game (Skyrim is a recent example) is, for instance, way too easy, you can be assured that the modding community will have a fix in no time flat. On consoles, if a game is broken in a certain way, it's usually too bad. If a console game seems to have potential but it's really glitchy, oh well, the developer probably won't care enough to patch it up and turn it into an amazing game. But on PC, teh modz pretty much always take care of those sort of problems.

Anyway, those are my reasons why I'm getting back into PC gaming. If you're a PC gamer, what are your own reasons for gaming on the PC?

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better graphics? i dont care how many disagreers i have i still dont see the better graphics other than in multiplatform games, and even in those i dont see the big jump in graphics

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