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My Life of Gaming!

I've decided to start posting my personal gaming update on here. It'll have all my gaming and writing I've been doing and if you read it thanks. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on anything I input. I'd also appreciate you checking out and telling us what you think. Leave some comments and let us now what you think. Now on to the good stuff.

Personal Gaming Update:


Lets see first I'll start with my PS3 this week. I've decided to give up trying to platinum L.A. Noire and just move on to the next game. I really enjoyed it but I just don't care or feel about getting all the trophies anymore. My next game to beat is the lucky Deus Ex: Human Revolution. So far I've beat the first level after you get your augmentations. I've heard that the game was great but so far I've been kind if bored. I assume that's just because I'm in the begining still, so I'll still give it some time.

One other game I started is the PSN game The Baconing from Double Fine. This is the third chapter in the fun and always hilarious Death Spank series. It's an action RPG with a loot system similar to say Diablo, just not as huge.


Nothing much going on with my Vita except lots of Zen Pinball 2. I just can't get enough of it and it's awesome to play on the Vita.


I tried out quite a few games on my PC. I started Da New Guys, which you can get on Desura, and that's been pretty good so far. I've always enjoyed goofy point and click adventures. I tried out A Virus Named Tom which was alright. I can see it getting boring over time since gameplay seems like it'll be pretty much the same thing through the whole game.

I've been working on The Witcher which is a great game. Bought it during the Steam summer sale and I'm very happy with the purchase. Another great game I've been playing is Unepic which is probably one of the best games I've played in the last year. Other games I've been messing around with are Dino Run SE, Under the Ocean, Syder Arcade V1.3, Kenshi demo (which was recommended by fellow Desura member Pabo and I will be buying the full version soon), and VectorGeddon.

That's pretty much most of my gaming lately. The next update will probably be a little slimmer since this will be a weekly update from now on.

Misc. Other News

As of lately I have really been getting into gaming music. Either game soundtracks or music inspired by games, it has all been my music addiction. A great bundle you can pick up for cheap is from a new bundle site by the name of Bundle Dragon. Their first bundle, Ubiktune Bundle: Pilot, will land you 7 albums for as low as $1.

Last thing for this long post (sorry) is the first chapter in my ongoing monthly editorial, Indie Picks of the Month. I know I mentioned it before but I'd just like to remind anybody to check it out. I'm really proud of it and would love more input on it or even some game suggestions. Later in future installments I plan on making one lucky reader happy by giving away one of the games I feature in the article. I'm looking to do this every month with each new post I do so you don't want to miss out. You can also check out other going ons with the site while you're there.

Well that's it for this week. I want to thank you for reading and hope you check back in next week.

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UnagiMaster1885d ago

You know, i don't usually read blogs and such things, but this was rather entertaining. Good stuff.

DazeOfWar1885d ago

Thanks a lot. I appreciate you reading and approving it.

Jurat1884d ago

Stick with DE:HR – the game shines once you start levelling up your augmentations.

DazeOfWar1881d ago

I figured that. I'll play it no matter what just to experience it. Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog.

byeGollum1884d ago

There are too many games to play instead of wasting time trying to 'platinum' a game. Interesting read, I look forward to next week's post.

DazeOfWar1881d ago

Ya I'm so overloaded with games that getting all the trophies/achievements just isn't worth it. When I played the 360 I was a big cheevo whore. I quit after 111,000 points.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you find my next post just as good.

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