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Halo 3 bashing needs to stop.

Dashmoney101 | 3041d ago
User blog

Lately I have been seeing many posts about how Halo 3 is not a great game and is not deserving of its High review scores. I believe these are bogus statements. Halo is a great game. Not just because its Halo but because its made by Bungie. The developer takes pride in its game and does everything to make it better. Is there another game that you can save your games without a capture card or camera?Also you can get the best angles on the battlefield by disconnecting from the player. This is just not REPLAY. This is SEE EVERYTHING AGIAN. and only Halo 3 makes it so easy and simple to upload your videos and screens to your computer. Forge is also in this game making for some AWESOME custom games. Forge lets u you place anything you want on the map wherever you want. So not only does this game have the awesome Epic campaign and the Top of the line Multiplayer but the best way to show off your moves and the best way to make new game types. NO ONE CARES MORE THAN BUNGIE.

SpaceCowgirl  +   3041d ago
I agree.
When people say "You know Halo is just not for me, it is not my kind of game." I have no problem with that. I know Orange Box is a wonderful game, but it is just not for me. But then when people go out and say "Man Halo and Bungie are crap, it sucks." Then those people are just ignorant and simply are hating on something to either fit in with the trend of rebelling against the mainstream or simply because they are trolls. After playing all three Halo games multiple times and being exposed to pretty much every Halo Media under the sun. I believe Bungie has done more in its three games to advance the game, the series and games in general than most developers ever do. People say things like "oh its not next gen" or "its still the same game." But generally I signed up to play Halo, not to play Master Chief, mixed with Deus Ex to be controlled by wagging my toes at the monitor.
Wile  +   3041d ago
Meh, bashing will never stop. Haters will be haters. I play the games while they whine about them.
DZNetworks  +   3041d ago
Haven't you figured it out yet this is an anti Microsoft site?
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   3041d ago
You know this kind of posting just make the game look pathetic, don't you?

And I don't even like Halo 3, no really reason to say you that... I only liked Halo 1, this one have reach the value of my money, I have waisted money in Halo 2, but just played Halo 3 in a "lan-house" (kind of a Game Renter with consoles, where you pay to play, just like a convencional PC lan-house, we have many of those here in Brazil).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Halo 3 is a bad game, just no where near to it's hype, and it's MS and Halo fans fault. You made the hype like trere is no tomorrow, the game come out and then its just like Halo 2 gameplay, not really big deal in graphics (bioshock, heavenly sword, gears of wars... damm, even Resistance look better), not really big deal in online (Resistance have more people online, lag-free)... Halo 3 is a good X360 shooter, but not the best game ever, it's not even the best on the console.
Kururo  +   3041d ago
report this as lame. this is only his personal opinion on his user blog.
PopEmUp  +   3039d ago
Halo is old
I have been playing Halo since it first appear on the first x-box. The first Halo was somehow I find it interesting and find it enjoyable to play, but since Halo 2 came in I seen there are minor of improvement and that include the graphic, gameplay and some of the bugs that people wants Bungies to fixes to make Halo a much more enjoyable game to play.

Now Halo 3 was introduce I also play it and completed the single player mode, I find the single player was an improvement over the Halo 2 which is great, but however the online mode seem to be very much the same level as Halo 1&2 and that the reason why I don't find it to be much of the excitement it would give me over the first Halo. Even though I know the games is over hype with the Media and Microsoft behind it back. In my opinion I think Halo should be more creative in both single player and online mode, what I mean creative is I mean by giving the player/user to experience what the games should be what we called next gen not something that we play a last gen.

I find it difficult that Halo 3 has no negative parts in it, this includes the 640p, the minor graphic that doesn't compare to Sony ps3 Resistance fall of man graphic, but not that alone but also the online where Halo 3 can only play 8/8 player online max but compare to resistance fall of man it can over power which can let you play up to 32/32 player play without lagging or causing server to goes down, and not to mention it also the launch title of Ps3. Overall Halo 3 should deserve what we all know and even halo fan know that it should only be a good game not a great game, if i would to give a score I give it 8.5 with graphic of 7 (since this should be next gen games but the standard graphic should be merely not even near as Gear of war but it was disappointed that it wasn't of standard graphic we would've expected),
Physic = 9 (definitely), online play = 8 (with it low support for online play with a maximum of 8 player on board), Replay = 8 (the replay of the game was reasonable but will lead to become less enjoyable over time )

About you saying "Not just because its Halo but because its made by Bungie" as you were stating this you were telling people that even this games is suck, the games still be good in your eyes simply because it make by Bungie and it not made by EA, I know you would say that if it was made by EA you would probably say it suck because it from EA since EA never spend a good time to develop a decent games so there most of it games doesn't match the quality of TAke-two games or Any Big developer like Capcom or Ubisoft those are the developer make games with high standard without a doubt
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lswanson1  +   3039d ago
I just finished playing through half of the campaign mode and I must say I was not impressed. I feel some of the less then positive reviews of Halo 3 are justified since it is a tremendous series that is carrying an entire platform and had 3 years in development. I was expecting leaps and bounds from Halo 2 and from what I saw it was just slightly better then Halo 2 which in my mind was a tremendous let down. I was expecting a game history changing game and instead I just got a run of the mill FPS with a slightly better then average story.
ALMIGHTYPS3  +   3039d ago
Yeah,I heard that 640 game with scratchies,jaggies,lag,8on8 matches that made 300mil+ is absolutely wonderful!
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TheUltimatePS3Fanboy  +   3038d ago
Its not a good game.
Its average thats what I keep complaining about. Everyone is saying "omfg AAA must buy!" when if you look it hasn't changed since Halo 2 or 1. Sure they've added some gimmicks like saved replays and forge but its not "revolutionary". So sorry Halo fans its not a console seller.
Dashmoney101  +   3037d ago
Here agian
You all say "its the same as Halo and Halo 2" They were great games why change it. DO YOU SEE EVERY OTHER SUCCESSFUL GAME TRILIGOY TOTAL CHANGING THE BASIC GAME?!? No! because it was great then! and its still great now. They add more than enough to make you want to come back. Halo 2 was only a minor improvement yes. but it was on the same system and still improved in all categories. and yes the Hype was high but, what do u expect the last 2 games were worth playing. and all you people that say " well its playin in 640p" r u serious!!!??? THE LIGHTING AND WATER EFFECTS LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!! and to the guy that said Resistance is Lag free...your lieing" ive played it online, it was the laggiest game i ever played, i got kicked from 2 games! and I love how you all dont touch the FILM system on H3. I know why cuz NO OTHER GAME HAS ONE THIS GREAT!!!!!!!!! and with 1 million people playin everyday i think you are all in the minority and need to rethink your belief in games.U all need to go look at Sessler's Soapbox on and let him say it 2 you as well.
Dashmoney101  +   3037d ago
WHAT IS NEXT GEN???? WHAT GAME SO FAR HAS BEEN YOUR SO CALLED NEXT GEN?? NONE. u know why? cuz the last gen was just fine. besides graphics! what is next gen?
HarryEtTubMan  +   3032d ago
Halo 3 is not very impressive. I don't hate it but it certainly doesn't blow my mind in any way. Its just ok. I enjoy Warhawk more on my friends PS3. Thats why I'm getting a PS3... I didn't pay 400$ for 2 RROD and crappy laggy 640p Halo.

Gamertag: get shank d
Shaka2K6  +   3032d ago
If only halo didnt suck so much.
Pure hype and it totally fails to deliver.
Dashmoney101  +   3024d ago
yeah the 1 million people that play it daily are just playin it becuase its HYPED, sorry nope thier right its a great game.

halo3 is the greatness all the first to with a BUNCH OF GRAVY YUM!

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