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Halo 3 bashing needs to stop.

Lately I have been seeing many posts about how Halo 3 is not a great game and is not deserving of its High review scores. I believe these are bogus statements. Halo is a great game. Not just because its Halo but because its made by Bungie. The developer takes pride in its game and does everything to make it better. Is there another game that you can save your games without a capture card or camera?Also you can get the best angles on the battlefield by disconnecting from the player. This is just not REPLAY. This is SEE EVERYTHING AGIAN. and only Halo 3 makes it so easy and simple to upload your videos and screens to your computer. Forge is also in this game making for some AWESOME custom games. Forge lets u you place anything you want on the map wherever you want. So not only does this game have the awesome Epic campaign and the Top of the line Multiplayer but the best way to show off your moves and the best way to make new game types. NO ONE CARES MORE THAN BUNGIE.

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SpaceCowgirl3783d ago

When people say "You know Halo is just not for me, it is not my kind of game." I have no problem with that. I know Orange Box is a wonderful game, but it is just not for me. But then when people go out and say "Man Halo and Bungie are crap, it sucks." Then those people are just ignorant and simply are hating on something to either fit in with the trend of rebelling against the mainstream or simply because they are trolls. After playing all three Halo games multiple times and being exposed to pretty much every Halo Media under the sun. I believe Bungie has done more in its three games to advance the game, the series and games in general than most developers ever do. People say things like "oh its not next gen" or "its still the same game." But generally I signed up to play Halo, not to play Master Chief, mixed with Deus Ex to be controlled by wagging my toes at the monitor.

Wile3783d ago

Meh, bashing will never stop. Haters will be haters. I play the games while they whine about them.

DZNetworks3783d ago

Haven't you figured it out yet this is an anti Microsoft site?


You know this kind of posting just make the game look pathetic, don't you?

And I don't even like Halo 3, no really reason to say you that... I only liked Halo 1, this one have reach the value of my money, I have waisted money in Halo 2, but just played Halo 3 in a "lan-house" (kind of a Game Renter with consoles, where you pay to play, just like a convencional PC lan-house, we have many of those here in Brazil).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Halo 3 is a bad game, just no where near to it's hype, and it's MS and Halo fans fault. You made the hype like trere is no tomorrow, the game come out and then its just like Halo 2 gameplay, not really big deal in graphics (bioshock, heavenly sword, gears of wars... damm, even Resistance look better), not really big deal in online (Resistance have more people online, lag-free)... Halo 3 is a good X360 shooter, but not the best game ever, it's not even the best on the console.

Kururo3783d ago

report this as lame. this is only his personal opinion on his user blog.

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