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Is Nintendo Trying To Steal Sony's Image..AGAIN?

Welcome to the year 2012. As hard as this is to believe, there was actually a point in time where gaming did not exist in disk format. During the years of the NES era, cartridges were the main media source to provide gaming in all households. Anyone who grew up during that time period can distinctively tell you about the times when you had to blow into the Nintendo cartridge when the machine malfunctioned. Ironically this isn't the first time Dark Sniper has used Nintendo and blow in the same sentence.

Fast forward a bit further and Nintendo was in a full throttle war against Sega. Battling tooth and nail for 16-bit console supremacy, anyone who grew up and remembers this period can tell you that SNES vs Sega Genesis(Megadrive) was the World War II of gaming. Many of you should be fortunate the internet wasn't as prevalent in 1993 than it is right now.

At that point in time, Sega had begun to strangle away all of the millions of NES owners who looked to upgrade to the next generation. People were tired of Nintendo's restrictions and stubborn policies of adhering to only audiences of 12 and under. Games such as Mortal Kombat suffered from this. At that time, Mortal Kombat was a culture phenomenon amongst Generation X teens and adults. Widely popular due to it's unapologetic gore and violence, making it a controversial topic amongst fans, parents, gamers and even politicians. Sega decided to release the arcade perfect Mortal Kombat, exclusively on their platform with blood intact, while Nintendo decided to stick to their wholesome image, disabling blood entirely from the SNES version of the same game. Another example of Genesis doing, what Nintendidn't.

When fans showed their displeasure towards Nintendo and migrated to Sega Genesis, this left Nintendo in a vulnerable state of position. Nintendo's backs were against the wall. With their inability to break into CD-media due to their inept ability to push technology forward, Nintendo could only call on one company that could save them.

Nintendo had teamed up Sony Electronics to develop the Play Station. This collaborative effort between two Japanese giants was intended to compete with Sega as the answer to the Sega CD, 32X and presumably Sega Saturn consoles. Given Sega's vast library of legendary titles, Dark Sniper fully understands why Nintendo would decide to choose Sony as their ace ally during the 16-Bit Console War.

It was then when Nintendo made their biggest mistake. Instead of pushing forward development of the Play Station, Nintendo decided to turn their backs on Sony and axe development of the Play Station, even going as far to numerous failed lawsuit attempts to halt Sony from continuing the design. Nintendo has always been backstabbing thieves since the beginning, and Dark Sniper thanks Ken Khrist Kutaragi for stepping in and saving gaming as we know it today. Nintendo fans have themselves to blame for Twisted Metal and Mario Kart appearing on the same console. Instead, Nintendo teamed up with Phillips to release the CD-I. A system that was released as dead on arrival.

This propelled the beginning of how we enjoy gaming to this very day. December 3rd, 1994 marks the day that Christmas was bestowed upon us, Sony PlayStation arrives in store shelves. While many celebrate their Christmas holiday on the December 25th, Dark Sniper celebrates his on the 3rd.

The original Sony PlayStation went on to take the universe by storm. Shattering Nintendo's record with over 100 million consoles sold. The Sega Saturn, and more importantly the Nintendo 64 received the bitchslapping it deserved for standing opposition to the PlayStation. This obliteration continued with Sony doing the impossible. Achieving beyond Godlike expectations, Sony does it again by breaking their own record again with the PlayStation®2 and in pristine position to a three-peat with PlayStation®3. The sheer magnitude of PlayStation has overshadowed any success that Nintendo has ever had with the original NES(their most successful console), leaving Nintendo in the past. Which is Nintendo's only selling point in a far more advanced 2012, nostalgia.

Nowadays, Nintendo is left in the cesspool of garbage that sits beneath the PlayStation Empire. Dark Sniper is hearing reports that Nintendo's upcoming Wii-U console may undergo name changes and will be technologically inferior to Sony's 2006 behemoth machine. Nintendo is full of mistake prone ingrates who are incapable of advancing the gaming industry forward. Dark Sniper would like to remind you that Shigeru Miyamoto let Ken Khrist Kutaragi walk away from Nintendo to create the PlayStation. Nintendo's Wii-U effort will be a failed one. It's 2012 and they still do not have games that extend beyond the 12 and under market.

Nintendo will once again plummet to their own demise. Due to their own lack of identity, Wii-U will struggle to catch onto consumer markets. The casual audience that they once had with the Wii upgraded to Sony's innovative piece of technology. PlayStation®3 combined with PlayStation Move proved to be too much for Nintendo to handle as Wii sales, seen a massive decline ever since it's release.

Dark Sniper will be at E3 cheering on as he watches the death of Nintendo happen right before his very eyes. With Nintendo reporting billion dollar losses and no other residual outlets besides their gaming division, the economy will swallow Nintendo whole, leaving only the Sony sharks to swim the ocean as they rightfully should.

Dark Sniper is glad to be in the outer haven of the gaming nexus. Indulged an ecosystem where he can enjoy the greatest that gaming has to offer around his friends and family. Connected to an environment where he can interact with likeminded Sony Snipers who make up what the PlayStation community is truly about, the consumer. One world, One nation, One Environment, One Sony.

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AtomicGerbil2230d ago

I get the impression you're not a Nintendo fan.

I could be wrong of course.

phantomexe2230d ago

This is the story of a ranting child. Someone give this boy his sippy this is a fanboy. Nintendo beats to there own drum they alwasy have and they alwasy will.

LightofDarkness2230d ago

I've always been under the impression that this guy is having a laugh, but sometimes I just don't know.

cpayne932230d ago

It's dark sniper man... he does this crap for laughs. He has an alter ego named general chaos who is a nintendo fanboy. Don't let anything he says bother you, he isn't serious and most of what he says is pretty funny. Better than the drivel that comes out of most fanboys nowadays anyways. ;)

redDevil872230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Blog of the Year.

r212230d ago

man, this is not gonna please the nintendo fanboys :O anywho, this was an entertaining read, thanks for that monsieur sniper. i however dont support the death of any gaming company though, sony and nintendo are both great game companies and cater to their own special different audiences.

for example, Nintendo made SSB to cater Nintendo loyalists and Sony made PSASBR to cater the Playstation loyalists. just enjoy games!

long live gaming >:D

Valenka2230d ago

Angry musings of a Playstation fanboy.

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