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Even Pro-Sony Commenters Targeted By Sony Fanboys

Yeah, I have to be the one that brings this up because I think it happens a lot.

The PS3 has been my console of choice (though my system finally died on me...hoping for a new one soon), and I've defended it vigorously on this and other sites (hell, remember my Game Gazette site?). No one can safely say that I've done nothing but criticize Sony for everything. Hell, who is the guy that constantly calls out people for using the SDF moniker?

But it's not like I haven't held their feet to the fire when I thought they deserved it. Their advertising and lack to lock up third party exclusives from a greedy Microsoft are were some of the many I've given to the company (along with their moderation of LBP levels that made no sense). But most were taken with stride.

So tell me why, then, is it now that I've seen a shift in this site in which now even those that usually are on Sony's side but hold their feet to the fire on one issue gets put through the ringer by those that call themselves "Sony fans", as if we're never allowed to even question motives or actions about anything, and that we're supposed to praise Sony for everything they've done? Why has there been such nastiness among this group on this site anymore that we can't even disagree with each other without being disagreeable?

Case in point: the Kevin Butler lawsuit. Regardless of who Sony is actually suing, the point of the matter is that the person being the poster child for this suit is Jerry Lambart, the person behind the infamous character. Now, go look at some of the comments. It seems as though Jerry should fear for his life or call the FBI if he saw those comments. If Sony sued Bridgestone because Jerry breached a contract with Sony (hint: we have no clue about any kind of contractual stipulations), then Sony is suing the wrong person, yet that's who Sony seems to be targeting, and even though the commercial removed his parts, Sony decided to sue them anyway. Does it sound like something that we should say "wait, Sony, we like you and all, but you're wrong about this one" to? Why, then, does it seem like we all HAVE to agree with the "sue that bastard now for everything" as if we can make sense of the situation, and to hell with the guy needing to make a damn living? Look at my comment in one of the stories about it, see how many disagrees I have compared to the pitchfork comments that others have given. See something wrong there? Not much diversity of opinions in that comment section, either.

Then there's the hypocrisy. I don't think I even HAVE to tell you my stance on the Sony jailbreak issue. I've said it countless times, and every single time, people respond to me as if I've somehow slaughtered one of their family members by what I said. Go post a story about Anonymous, Geohot, or the PS Vita jailbreak and watch that story get flooded with numerous comments about wanting to kill the hackers in real life, wanting to see bodily harm done to them, and stuff that I'm not comfortable repeating here. It's as if the Holy Grail isn't permitted to be touched by any other hands.

But direct your attention to another story, this time about the World of Warcraft hack that took place on Sunday ( ). Note the picture that the person that submitted it used, for one thing. Many praised the pic being used for a reason I'll get to in a second, but do you realize that the episode that that came from was one that Blizzard helped Parker and Stone make, and the sword which the episode featured actually DID make it into the game. Not to mention that there is actually an achievement in WoW called "Make Love, Not Warcraft" in which you have to emote "/hug" to an enemy player once you killed them. Simply put, that in of itself should make someone think twice about that photo.

But I said something about the comments. Look at them and how they go with that stereotype. Of course, I can't be very surprised seeing how this site can be and how the stereotype was back in the day, but I thought we were past that now. People play what they like, and they should play it without being ridiculed FOR playing those games. I'm never going to touch something like Cooking Mama, but am I going to tell someone that they should die because they might like the game? Of course not. I might ask what do they actually SEE in such a game that's fun to them, but I wouldn't try to make them feel bad for liking it, and not put them into this box. We should be more mature than this, for one thing (listen to me say that on the internet, where it's all about how much of an immature troll you can be). And anyone who watches the Blizzcons every year could tell you that a wide variety of gamers have been playing WoW for years, and you'd be VERY surprised at who plays it when you have THAT kind of stereotype in your head.

But to the hypocrisy (since I know I'll be accused of being butthurt over the comments). Do you notice that they seem to be praising the hacker in this case for seemly making the game unbearable to play (funny, since I thought that that was when we had nothing but the Dragon Soul raid to do in endgame for six months), with one comment even going so far as saying that they should have to "change their diapers" (and yet, you can see what comment of MINE got collapsed because it was somehow "trolling" on there while that one doesn't even get touched).

Why is this hypocritical? Well, look at the comments about WoW, then go back to the comments about Sony when THEY get hacked by ANYONE for ANY reason! Seems we got a case of a double standard there, now is it. Since it's not Sony getting hacked, it's okay. But don't even think about actually calling anyone out on that.

But this is exactly my point. Us Sony fans need to get it together and understand that it's okay to criticize your favorite company, and we can also not see eye to eye on things like jailbreaking without feeling the need to get armed security at our houses. We can debate whether or not we would like to see a legal means of jailbreaking a console, or if Sony is going too far with a lawsuit, or whatnot, and we can like other things on other consoles, as well. It doesn't make us any less of fans. Perhaps it's the Microsoft fanboys saying that they would "love infighting" (when it happens just as much on that side, too, and it's equally as sickening and equally as flooding on this site), but we should be the ones that show people that it's okay to disagree with one another as long as we stay civil and use that debate to find a common ground instead of using death threats and vitriol at each other.

It has no place in ANY gaming community, and if we want to be taken seriously, then we need to not act like this. And moderators need to make sure it doesn't get to these levels (I hope they don't LIKE it getting to these levels and not showing bias on who is getting moderated, or else Dusty and Cat need to find new moderators), or else this site probably won't exist next year.

We're gamers, first and foremost. Hopefully we can show that we haven't forgotten that!

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Captain Tuttle2084d ago

I think that the fans that you're complaining about are viral marketers, they're getting paid to do what they do. If they're not then they're crazy. Either way it's best to ignore them
Good blog though, I enjoyed reading it.

NewMonday2084d ago

talking to obsessed fanboys of any kind without getting spammed is like walking on glass

i just post my comment and walk out , don't want to get into a war of words

darthv722084d ago

it can be summed up like this.

"When you have driven away your enemies. The only thing left is to turn on your friends."

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Ben_Grimm2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

This site is filled with fanboys and hypocrisy. You express your likes of a system and you get called a PR fanboy and need to quit.

Posters on here keep questioning why negative articles keep being submitted and yet every article that sheds a negative draws the most heat and attention. And you can find the same people screaming over and over in every one of those articles about "bias.

Just recently:

Perfect example, everyone keeps saying the Sony doom train is alive and always make a promise to ignore it. Yet they are always there giving them hits and making the story the front page news.

I've read some hilarious posts from fanboys. I remember one where a known ps3 fanboy said something not to flattering about his ps3. It wasn't even that serious, he just didn't agree with something Sony was doing. He was instantly ripped in half by other fans and then called an Xbot, not to mention for some reason they started ripping into Kinect to try and be internet funny and try to hurt his virtual feelings even more.
Too bad it fell on deaf ears.

I guess all you need to know is that some people are stupid and the internet is a perfect place for them to spout their nonsense since the real world wouldn't give them half a minute of it's time.

"lack to lock up third party exclusives from a greedy Microsoft..."

Why is MS greedy for securing DLC? I find it strange that people praise PS+ for giving their users added content for members but then turn around and call MS greedy for doing the exact same thing for their users of Live.

Redgehammer2084d ago

I would say that was a "clobbering time" comment. You beat me to the greedy quote, so bubs up to you.

rezzah2084d ago

The best way to counter it is to be yourself, or to be non-biased.

To counter the ways of fanboys is to not actively fight against it, but to naturally be against it.

You only ask for stress and arguments when you actively go against them. By simply posting reasonable comments that express your opinions, don't take to heart if you get more disagrees than agrees.

The point is not to make everyone like you, but to make them see your point of view, regardless of how blind they are.

A-Glorious-Dawn2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

If you care about agree's/disagree's you should probably not be on this site.

To be honest, there are a lot of fanboys, but not as many as some people would like to believe. Some get labelled as fanboys by other fanboys, others just blame the site for their own unpopular opinions.

Some people want subjectivity to freely reign but it can not be that way., that hurts people.

I fear it's the people too ready to do battle, and it is those whom which the truth slanders their preferences, which are the worst.

Another observation I think is important to note. Stealth trolls, those who claim to be fans but then are just out to slander, there are a more than you would expect, and I believe a lot of fanboys are too ready to believe one is a stealth troll, which is probably why you got attacked. Not enough people read comment histories before making a judgement.

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