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My top 10 Games in a franchise last gen.

Choosing a top 10 on such a topic was really hard because some of those franchises had a sequel or a prequel that is just as good . So let begin with ...

10-Mass Effect (Ps3,360,Pc)
While alot of people will say Mass effect 2 was the best in the series , for me this was the best , the level mechanics , getting exp from enemies rather than finishing a part then get a bunch of exp , it just wasnt as enjoyable . The small open world planets with driving the mako that will make you crazy when you go to the highest peak of the mountain just to lose control and fall off . It was really great , it just needed more content on those planets but aside from that , it had a great story and beautiful graphics , especially the citadel the first time you visit it . It was my first rpg on the xbox360 and i was not dissappointed .

9-Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Ps3,360,Pc)
The best in the series for me , not one game in the franchise came close to just how awesome this one , the amount of bugs and glitches and short campaigns that battelfield 3 and 4 had was bad and wasnt as fun as this one , the multiplayer was a blast and adding the destructuble environements was really great and the online community is 100 times better and there was no kids here and there ruining the game for you , hell even the expansion was just as good . Now everything is about dlc , premium , skins , etc etc etc . Sigh.

8-Borderlands (Ps3,360,Pc)
I got the Goty Edition of this one , i didnt know anything about it as i didnt even watch the trailer for the game but from the moment i opened it i knew i would love it , it had an awesome intro and you meet the awesome and super cute claptrap . It was a great fps with alot of rpg elements and i loved the art style and the humor in the game . It was a great surprise .

7-Gears of war 1 (360,Pc)
One of the greatest 3rd person shooter and one of my personal favourite games of last gen , It was epic from start to finish and i always loved a challenge in my games so i usually start on hard but didnt know think the game will be challenging . I was glad i was so wrong . I started on hardcore mode and it was awesome and very hard and the first time you encounter the locust and Gears main theme starts ... its a shame the second and third never had such a classic moment , maybe except for that awesome fight with leviathan in Gears 2 . But the problem is the game became easier and easier and it had a little variation in gameplay but i am not complaining . Lets hope Gears 4 can do something amazing with the new console .

6-Batman Arkham Asylum (Ps3,360,Pc)
I wasnt expecting much from a Batman game as they werent really good at all on the ps2 but this one felt it had a great quality from the moment you enter the Asylum , it was a long intro but it was great especially the moment Croc stands after getting out of that elevator and looks at you . I was so happy because we finally got the game we deserve and Rocksteady made everything in it awesome , the gameplay , the stealth mechanics even the collectibles were amazing and actually had a point unlike another series ...

5-Assasins Creed 2 (Ps3,360,Pc)
That was the other series i was talking about if you were wondering :D . It is very hard for a sequel to fully improve in every aspect from the one before it . And this one did it . From the cool protagonist Ezio to the beautiful soundtrack . It is still the best story in the Assasins franchise , everything was awesome in this game . I hope one day Ubisoft can make someone as great as him again .

4-Call of Duty Modern warfare 1 (Ps3,360,Pc)
Who would have thought Call of Duty would be a multibillion dollar franchise , i know i didnt . So anyways lets talk about the game that made it happen . Which i still believe to be the greatest in the series . It actually had a great campaign with some shocking moments and some of the best levels i have seen in an fps (Chernobyl level was epic ) and its a game where i never really touched the multiplayer in . The campaign alone was awesome and warranted a purchase and that Mile high club achievement . Maybe Advanced warfare could turn things around but i doubt it will be as good as this .

3-Bioshock 1 (Ps3,360,Pc)
Welcome to Rapture . This is the best fps story last gen to me . The darkness came so close to it but this is the best one to me . I loved everything in it . From the moment you enter Rapture , you will feel emersed in the world with its beautifully well done details and graphics to the old soundtrack that is in the game . I just love these type of songs , it works so damn well with the atmosphere . The gameplay was great and the plasmids was well done especially against the Big daddies on hard mode where you must prepare and use them strategically with your surroundings or else you are dead . Also the camera was really great and its a shame it was not in Bioshock Infinite . While infinite story was amazing too but i think this was the best thing Ken Levine ever did .

2-Fallout 3
Did i mention how much i love those old songs when they are implemented well in games. That doesnt mean i play game just to hear old songs but the radio in this game was one of the best things ever done . Hearing 3 dogs or going through the wasteland while listening to Lets go sunning by Jack Shaindlin while getting my butt kicked by the deathclaws . I have to say i remember first time playing this game . I hated everything about it . I hated everything so much that i uninstalled from my pc until my older brother convinced me of just how really good it was . So after a year i gave it a try again and i was like how the hell did i hate that game . And i started loving it and like every player the first time . Collected every thing in the vault and didnt leave anything and because i never watched any trailer for the game , i never thought the game was over a hundred hours or that we will ever leave the vault. Imagine how surprised i was when i got out and started exploring everything in it . A classic that i will be playing 20 years from now let me tell ya . Why arent they releasing fallout 4 or giving any news about it is getting ln my nerve .

1-Dead Space 1 (Ps3,360,Pc)
The survival horror genre is my favourite genre next to the rpg genre and i am glad games like Outlast , Until Dawn , The evil within , Alien isolation , Silent hills , Alone in the dark , Haunted house seems to be reviving it with full force going all out to rival every other genre out there . I needed a fix of horror last gen because after Doom 3 and Amnesia , there were so little high quality horror games . Then came Visceral Games out of nowhere with Dead space . And just like Fallout 3 , i didnt know anything about the game except the name , didnt even know it was 3rd person and was like Resident evil 4 which is awesome and i loved every thing about space and science fiction so it was a mix of everything i wanted from a game . Its story was great , the dismember the necromorph gameplay was awesome and scary , the setting and atmosphere and the visuals were the best thing i have ever seen and you actually feel like you are in space and offcourse in space no one can hear you scream :) . This is a 10/10 game from me and i hope Visceral can make Dead Space 4 and return to the old setting and no co op on the next one and more Isaac because this is a game i cant imagine without that awesome engineer .

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Kavorklestein1334d ago

Mass Effect takes the cake for me so far, Seriously like the best game ever In my opinion.

But good list bro, every single game on this list is a Must play, and is part of why last gen was so good.

Gamer7771334d ago

Nice list; it would take me forever to figure my top ten games of 7th gen. My favorite single player game may have been Mass Effect 2, but I just beat Red dead Redemption a few days and was amazed by it.

DarkOcelet1334d ago

Yeah i have to say Red Dead Redemption was the best thing Rockstar ever did , i loved it more than Gta IV and V and hoping to see a second part and that ending ....

miyamoto1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Uncharted is number one. The game that changed gaming forever.
The Last of Us comes second. One of the greatest games ever made. Critically and commercially.
Little Big Planet is third
Dragon's Crown is fourth. Best 2D game of last generation
Demon's Souls is fifth. JRPG rises from the ashes
Minecraft is sixth...need I say more about this game

Kavorklestein1333d ago

Uncharted? HA! lay off the gin and tonic, buddy.

DarkOcelet1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

I think you guys misunderstood the title i said my top 10 in a franchise established franchise not my top 10 games of the 7th gen ... i still dont own a ps3 but will have one very soon , so many games to play , so little time . For me current gen will have to wait a bit . Even though i dont think i will be able to control myself when Bloodborne is released .

izumo_lee1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Sorry mate but I gotta disagree bout Dead Space. It had so much potential to unseat Resident Evil as the premier horror game with the originals release. However they f*cked up the following sequels so bad that it tarnishes the series.

My apologies thought u were grouping all the Dead Space games together for your list. You also agree that the first was spectacular as well.

DarkOcelet1332d ago

Hopefully in Dead Space 4 , they can go back to the way it was .

robtion1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Good list but missing too many games due to the lack of ps3 games. You should have titled it 10 best series games on 360, would have been more accurate. Still a nice list overall ;)

Dead Space was awesome, loved it, shame about the lame sequels.
I preferred Mass effect 2 better due to more interesting characters, and a better story, but the original was great too.
I agree the original BioShock was great and is still the best in the series in my opinion.
I also think arkham asylum was the best in the series with poison ivy, great villains, and a better more focussed story than the sequels.
Assassins creed 2 was also the strongest with the great Italian cities.

For last gen series games I would add any of the Uncharted games (1 had best story, 2 had best pacing, 3 had best set pieces), Killzone 2 or 3, Resistance Fall of Man, Condemned 2, Ratchet and clank tools of destruction.

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