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Am I regretting my 3DS purchase?

In the past, I sold my DS for the sole reason that I wasn't getting much use out of it, only to ever repurchase one - a second hand model saying that - because it seems that I can not resist the lure of Pokemon games and Mario Kart.

So on comes along the Nintendo 3DS and I purchase it thinking that I have myself sorted. The launch line-up was not very good admittedly; however, I was hoping that some more interesting games would soon be released surely and these would be the kind of games that always seem to draw me back for more.

Well that was then and this is now and it's a sad state affairs when I say the only game that has tempted me as of yet is Zelda. It's been said time after time again to the point where it is almost ubiquitous that the Nintendo 3DS just doesn't have any real strong contenders out there just yet.

So now unfortunately I find myself thinking, was I a fool for being one of the initial purchasers of the console? It most definitely seems that I was inane to think that Nintendo would put some strong first party contenders beside the console for launch and I don't think I'm alone in that statement.

I think what rubs salt in the wound is when I take a look at the PS VIta launch line up; it looks so impressive, but I suppose that is a matter of preference.

There is no doubt in my mind that the 3DS will come into its own, but the question is when? I will no doubt hang onto the console until a game worthy of my money appears, but I can't help but feel that it was foolish to rush in so quick. Fool me once, but you won't fool me twice.

So how is everyone finding their 3DS? Is it living up to your expectations or are you also finding yourself waiting for that game which will justify your purchase? I know I am...

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Tachyon_Nova2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Yes, you were a fool. Being one of the first to buy something doesn't make sense unless there are at least a few games in the first month or two that you want to play or you have thousands of dollars of disposable income.

It baffles me how you managed to make the same mistake you made with the DS with the 3DS, and then go on to say that "Fool me once, but you won't fool me twice." Um, thats exactly what Nintendo did. You said it yourself, there are no games for 3DS yet, so why did you buy it when you had to sell your DS because it had no games? Just admit that you either got sucked into the hype or have some sort of personal insecurity which compulses you to be one of the first people to have new technology.

Dannehkins2449d ago

Where I see your point - some of them that is - I think you got a bit ahead of yourself with your comment.

I can assure you I have no personal insecurity and I wasn't trying to hide anything. I was trying to have a discussion and they usually don't come about when someone is hell bent on insulting you.

Tachyon_Nova2449d ago

Haha, sorry if I insulted you, it was meant to be a bit lighthearted but its kind of hard to transfer tone of voice with text.

Anyway, in future and this includes for PS Vita I would recomend for you to not but a new console unless there are already multiple games that you want to play for the system with more on the horizon, it is silly to buy hardware any other way.

Dannehkins2449d ago

And that it is. I apologise for my reply.

But your point went through nevertheless. I do see your point and I admit I was probably caught up in the hype unfortunately.

hiredhelp2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

With all due respect vita has a small libary games in the works, more than what was shown at E3

NewMonday2448d ago

the DS is still better than the 3DS, my most wanted handheld game is Devil Survivor 2

Christopher2448d ago

***With all due respect vita has a small libary games in the works, more than what was shown at E3***

But, that doesn't mean that any of them will be the type a person is looking to play. For example, how many of those will be RPGs (Japanese or otherwise)?

Just_The_Truth2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

@cgoodno the great thing about the vita is that your guaranteed PS1(downloadable ),psp(downloadable), minis, pssuite and probably most psn games (seeing how all those are available to the psp now) at launch that right there enough to last you and if the vita supports ps2 games it's over. Mixed in thoses groups i'm sure there'll be a few rpgs. FFX would be awesome.

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Strange_Evil2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

You should have waited. Even if tomorrow Sony comes out and announces PS4, I won't buy it till there is substantial software from the 1st party. 3DS for 1 really makes no sense to buy at this point of time. There is hardly any software out there apart from Zelda, I would have waited for the big hitters to come out. Who knows, in order to stay competitive when PSV launches, the price would drop..? I personally am going for the Vita over the 3DS for personal preference, but still, if there was no Uncharted for Vita, I would have waited on that as well.

I am still baffled why Nintendo launched the 3DS so early. There is hardly any hype or software for it. They should have waited for more 1st party games to lure people in and should have launched it in the holiday season.

Dannehkins2449d ago


Usually I am more 'thorough' with my hardware searches, but with a severe lack of games that were interesting me, I just wanted to get my hands on something new and refreshing.

At least we are all agreed that they made a cock-up with the launch.

Michael-Jackson2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

If I did buy a 3DS I would probably regret it because the launch Models are always like prototypes, you know a slimmer, cheaper, better games, less power consumption and more reliable model will come out and it's better to wait instead of buying it again.

Nate-Dog2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Probably was a mistake but I think everyone does it at least once (my time was with the PSP). In fairness too Nintendo have been developing the WiiU too for a while so their focus drifted away from the 3DS clearly, but knowing Nintendo they won't neglect it and will begin to get their titles out soon.

I wouldn't particularly look at the PSVita and think that it's launch line-up will mean much, the PSP's massive downfall was it's lack of consistent releases and consistent good games and there's all the chance of the same thing happening with the PSV too if Sony and devs focus too much on porting PS3 titles to it and don't actually develop first-party titles specifically for the system itself. It could easily have a strong launch line-up and suffer the same fate as the PSP, let's just hope that won't happen. I know I'm not getting it early on myself anyway though after trying that with the PSP.

zero_gamer2449d ago

I own a launch 3DS and not regretting my purchase, aside of the hefty pricetag. Then again I did not purchase a DSlite, a DSi, nor a DSiXL. I gamed on my eyesore phat gray DS all generation long unlike every other DS gamer, so I think the 3DS is a worthwhile replacement and upgrade in my scenario.

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