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What happened to Tomb Raider?

Back in 1996, I was presented with a revolutionary game. A game designed by a team called Core Design based in Derby. Then their gargantuan story began at that very moment...

Tomb Raider 1 exploded onto the PC and consoles and the main protagonist of the game Lara Croft, became a mascot. Some of us may remember the brand name, Larazade? Yes, Tomb Raider 1 really did spice up the gaming industry from that point onwards.

Tomb Raider 2 soon followed, which was also a critical success and slowly we had many other sequels following. However, by the time it reached the fourth sequel The Last Revelation, it was clear that this was the end of Lara Croft and she was going off with a bang.

But Eidos had other plans, they saw Tomb Raider as being a big money maker and so made the decision to carry on the Tomb Raider series and now I just feel that the franchise has been butchered to death by re-birth upon re-birth upon re-birth.

Lara is nothing like I used to remember her as. She's a symbol of how awesome gaming was back in the PlayStation 1 generation and I feel that this adaption to accommodate the needs of this new generation of gaming has been awkward and poor. That's not to say that Crystal Dynamics have not done a good job; I believe that the Tomb Raider games they have developed have been ok, but they do not capture the sense of enjoyment and excitement that the original Tomb Raider games did.

For me, Tomb Raider should of ended at The Last Revelation, it would of been the perfect finish.

I invite anyone to discuss their memories of this iconic game character and what they remember her for.

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Rock Bottom2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

The thing I mess the most about old PSone TR is the challenged they offered, the not so accessible to everyone yet very effective and fun controls, the sometimes frustratingly hard puzzles and confusing level layout which allowed much room for thinking and exploration, the strong enemies you face where, in a lot of cases, a single mistake could lead to Lara's death. Completing those games make for an unforgettable experience, unlike recent TR games, which I can hardly remember playing... Even though I did.

Enough of this, nostalgia make me sad. :(

Son_Lee2894d ago

No one likes Legend or Underworld? For shame.

Cajun Chicken2894d ago

Core closed, Crystal Dynamics took over IP. Saying that TR never really bothered me anyway, I just found the games pretty over complicated back then.

an IP very rarely stays the same when someone takes over.

thor2894d ago

Tomb Raider is one of those games that was a revolution back in the day, but if you compare it to today's games it's actually pretty crap. I mean, even in the third game you had to use left and right to turn to face a direction before moving. Very cumbersome controls. Not actually that fun if you go back to it.

So it's not that the developers were doing a bad job in creating all the sequels; it's just that they couldn't live up to the first in terms of impact, even if the games themselves were 10x better than the originals. And we have to face facts - the most recent Tomb Raider game might not be the best game available, but it IS more fun than the original Tomb Raider if you played it now. That's one of the reasons they remade the first game - give you the nostalgia as well as a fun game to play.

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