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Could Killzone: Shadow Fall be the worst Killzone yet?

CuriousGeorge | 1081d ago
User blog

Upon seeing the Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay reveal during Sony’s press conference I was both amazed and apprehensive. Graphically, it looks amazing, but despite this I still have a few anxieties regarding this new and exciting title from Guerrilla. My concerns do not come about from what the demo looked like, or what it was being run on, as with other people; I am sure graphically it will be remarkable, especially given the PlayStation 4’s capabilities. My real concern however, comes about from the way the gameplay appeared to be.

I am a huge fan of all the Killzone games, Killzone 3 easily being one of my favorite first-person shooters, and I am very excited to play Killzone: Mercenary, coming to PS Vita in September. However, what struck me as disappointing about the gameplay video of Killzone: Shadow Fall was the apparent difference in gameplay from the first three titles.

Take away the colossal sky ships in the air, the iconic glowing red eyes of the Helghast, and those odd sideways thigh pouches of the ISA troops, and you could have fooled me into believing it was anything other than a Killzone title. What worried me was the way the new title resembled more of a Call of Duty title in its gameplay. The movement of the firearm, or what appeared to be a rail gun, in the hands of the player was super tight, and the reloading was immensely quick. Very foreign to Killzone’s casual reloading, and natural sway and feel of weapons as your character moves about. I realize that this is hardly something a lot of players care to deeply about, so let me get to the nitty-gritty; the part of the demo that disappointed me the most.

The moment where your character dived for the rope of the Helghast aircraft and held on was to me unquestionably ridiculous. The cinematic moment appeared to be something that would have been in a Call of Duty title, not a Killzone one. Not to mention, in order to hold on to, climb up, and shoot from a rope attached to a moving ship at the speed represented in the demo, someone like me would believe that your character should be wearing a Crysis Nano Suit.

My point is, Killzone is not Call of Duty, and is not Crysis, nor does someone like me want it to have the same characteristics. Too many first person shooters have become a mirrored image of the other. Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty all have eerily similar gameplay, which is perhaps why people like me, who want something different, have to come to love the Killzone titles so dearly. I love Killzone because it is not another game; it feels original, and not like another first person shooter with a different coat of paint.

The principle of my argument and the reason behind my seemingly ridiculous ramblings is that I do not want Killzone to be the next Call of Duty, and if Guerrilla ceases to create Killzone as a game whose gameplay goes against the grain, then I no longer have a reason to love it.

Based on the gameplay video, the game obviously has some polishing up to do (e.g. the character animations), but what I have seen is enough for some concerns. At this point though, I guess I can only hope. So I will let this cookie crumble how it may.

striker45  +   1081d ago
Good post. I agree with you mostly, although I think I have some additional optimism for how the game will end up being
Dylila  +   1081d ago
i loved most things ive already seen in killzone shadow fall except the bubble shield. im hoping when the game arrives that itll be very balanced online and support co op play, co op competitive play, and a lot of multiplayer features.

im also hoping that helghan still exists with a lot of helghast still living there but lacks military might at the moment and probably waiting for help from the helghast on vekta. im hoping that there are female soldiers in killzone shadow fall and that visaris daughter plays a roll in the game.
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lex-1020  +   1080d ago
There aren't Helghast on Vekta. The ISA ran them off in the first game.
HammadTheBeast  +   1080d ago
I can't see any killstreaks or super fast movement or ridiculous animations.

What, jumping a single set piece now turns this into CoD? When the hell did CoD become such a standard in gaming, that even a single quality of it instantly qualifies another game to be a "CoD Clone"?

I disagree completely with this blog, for an opening "tech demo" it more than fulfilled its role, and looks completely killzone to me.
krepler  +   1080d ago
@lex-1020, #1.1.1, there ARE Helghast on Vekta. It seems that the ISA probably helped the Helghans out after the destruction of their planet. It was said at the PS Meeting that they are living together, separated by a wall al la Berlin type, right before the clip was shown. Check it out.
StraightPath  +   1081d ago
have you forgetton that Killzone 3 borrowed heavily from call of duty? Killzone 3 just tried to be call of duty. If you played Killzone 2 and went to Killzone 3 you could instantly see the difference. The heavy gun controls were replaced with quick scope and precised iron sight controls just like call of duty. even multiplayer tried to copy and paste.
WarThunder  +   1081d ago
Why can't they make a Helghast campaign?
SilentNegotiator  +   1080d ago
Analysis of a short, well before release gameplay section that was clearly tooled for demonstration purposes and suggesting that it could hint to it being the worst game in the series.

Someone wants attention.
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DoomeDx  +   1080d ago
Actually, you dont play as ''human'' in Mercenary.

Its a cyborg. Probably explains why he reloads so fast, can enter slow man, can jump on a roof from a helicopter etc.

But yeah.. I dont like where this is going either.
I miss the realistic 'slow' reloads and high recoil of KZ2.
cpayne93  +   1081d ago
Yeah I have some of the same concerns. Killzone is a gritty and authentic shooter, with realistice movements and gunplay. In my opinion, the demo looked too clean for Killzone in terms of its art, and that rope scene really was too over the top. Really did look more like cod.

Still, I have hopes for this game. Even if it doesn't offer a Killzone experience I will still buy it if it's good enough.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1081d ago
To be fair we really havent seen the other side of the wall where the helghans are stayed which looks like a completely different kind of environment.

Shadowfall seems to be focusing on bringing the 2 types of environments together in one game to give that contrast on how vektans and helghans go trough their everyday lives.

All this could be the setup for an amazing story if done well.
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Blastoise  +   1081d ago
Yeah I thought the same thing
cpayne93  +   1081d ago
That's true. Could be that most of the game takes place in the Helghast side, and I am interested in the story. The demo still looked really good irregardless.
Kalowest  +   1081d ago
"All this could be the setup for an amazing story if done well"

LMFAO, KZs story sucks!!!
KZ2 is my favorite in the series.
The demo played out too much like COD.
smashcrashbash  +   1081d ago
I think that not only you are being prematurely negative .You just see a single level looking this way and already you assume it isn't gritty or dark? Did you think that the ISA's planet would look the same as Helgan? Or did you think the city would be all crumbled and war torn even though it was years later? You like many people are making up concerns before you really know anything or know the full details.You can't judge the entire game on a single level or scene not to mention this obviously not the Alpha version of the game but you are making judgements on a unfinished game.No offense but gamers really have to stop finding problems and concerns before you even see or play the whole game.

People who make games want to move on and just because they decided to use lighter colors for certain levels don't just assume that negates any type of Killzone like environments.I mean it is a futuristic city. Did you expect polluted air,burnt out buildings and broken streets? We haven't even seen what other environment they have to offer us and if they have the same industrial look.

You can't just jump and start saying 'You are trying to be like COD or Battlefield' just because of a little change in scenery or colors.We have already seen from the preview that the Helgast look exactly the same. Red eyes and frighting helmets and all with the knife stabbing in the face still there. You are assuming a whole bunch of stuff based on a preview of a game.I think you are trying to see Crysis and COD when it isn't even there the same way people somehow see Halo in Killzone and Resistance. That is the very reason PS3 games always get ruined before they even come out because people are always trying to compare it to this and that and not letting the game crave it's own niche.For example people were so trying to think Killzone was supposed to be a Halo killer they never allowed it to make a place of it's own.People on other consoles don't do that.Only we allow other people to compare our games and let them spoil it for us.Forget COD and Halo and Crysis. This is Killzone and only Killzone.Judge it for what it is and not what something else is.
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Ducky  +   1081d ago
I don't see where the author ever said that the change of scenery was the problem.

... unless if you're replying to some comment. *shrug*
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Kalowest  +   1081d ago
"you are trying to see Crysis and COD when it isn't even there"
Sorry, but I saw nothing but COD; and trust me, I wasn't looking for it.
HammadTheBeast  +   1080d ago
I can't see any killstreaks or super fast movement or ridiculous animations.

What, jumping a single set piece now turns this into CoD? When the hell did CoD become such a standard in gaming, that even a single quality of it instantly qualifies another game to be a "CoD Clone"?
JaredH  +   1080d ago
I'm done with shooters that have short, action packed, campaigns. They just feel like the same thing over and over again to me even when they're different franchises. Call of Duty 4 started with making shooter campaigns a roller coaster ride and a lot of other shooters followed suit. COD sequels, Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Halo 4, Battlefield 3, etc. I just find that so boring now and yes the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo reminded me of those shooters. I'm sure most people don't think this since I have played a lot of shooters this gen.

Honestly, I liked the ps4 presentation but the most disappointing thing about it was the games. Nothing looked super innovative but I'm pretty sure those games are saved for e3 reveals anyway. Infamous looked awesome and so did Watch Dogs though.
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Hazadess1  +   1081d ago
Well said. GG had a few mins at the reveal to show the world something exciting, and they did. To be worried about a game due to a brief demo is childish.

I know this might come as a surprise to some but Killzone is an FPS so of course it looks like bloody COD. KZ2 and 3 are still my favorite console fps of all time, Far Cry 3 came close but only close.

If you watched the reveal the only gameplay shown was from KZ everything else was a techdemo. That includes watchdogs which was so setup to look cool right down to the train escape.

Its going to be awesome so please calm down over 4 mins of footage. Thats the lenght of the average COD game for god sake.
Blastoise  +   1081d ago
Honestly I think it looked awesome, the change in colour is probably because everybody whines that it's too dark and should use a more varied colour pallet.

I'm no expert on Killzone but the gameplay seemed very similar, guns had recoil and the character seemed to have weight. You also gotta remember this would have been on some super easy mode for the conference, just so the guy didn't die and look like a fool lol. Brutal melee kills are back and grenades sound and roll exactly the same.

I can see where you're coming from with the jumping on the rope thing, was a bit Crysis/Call of duty but I imagine there will be very few of these moments. Just something to "Wow" the majority, and an excuse to show the awesome graphics

Watch the trailer again, skip to about 8 minutes in, just as he blows up the ship and pause it. It shows an epic, gritty, futuristic city and I imagine that place will play a big part of the game. I can't help but be excited

Personally I think this game could take Killzone to new heights, and I love the part where the helghan uncloaks himself as he walks up to the guy. So cool
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flyingmunky  +   1081d ago
While I understand where your concerns are coming from, and that they are totally warranted given the climate of the gaming industry at large. I really would advise you take this game play with a grain of salt, the build they demonstrated was probably pre alpha and very likely to change a lot between now and release.

Chances are if you enjoyed the few games you should give the developers the benefit of the doubt until more gameplay is revealed.
TooTall19  +   1081d ago
I feel the same way. I like how secondary fire is back, but it looked as if the guns had zero sway or recoil to them. Also, Killzone is known for having to blast helghast with several rounds in order to take them down. In the demo they would go down way too easily.
Faztkiller  +   1081d ago
Well this was a demo with god mode and made to be able to complete fairly quickly.

not a reply to you tootall but I don't get the COD talk seem like everybody wants to see COD in everything oh well I dont see it and I play COD everyday Can't wait for the PS4 and this Game
ame22  +   1081d ago
This is the "damned if you do damned if you don't" situation.
r21  +   1081d ago
I kinda agree, the ISA of KZ SF really have similar designs to that of CoD MW series. Maybe they need to add more blue lights to their designs. Other than step up in graphics, I also like how the subtly showed alternate fire :D And the new Helghans look very awesome and very futuristic. I guess my complaints boil down to the ISA.

They've still got time to add changes before the PS4 launches so hopefully they fix up the aesthetics of the ISA.
Asuka  +   1081d ago
for those of you who havent read any of the back story of KZ, you should know that Vekta is an incredibly clean, and high tech planet. Hence why the demo looks less gritty, and the gunplay and weapons seemed more streamlined. Since KZ1 the developers have always talked about how advanced the Earth/Vekta fleet was, and how clean and orderly the Vekta homeworld was before the initial invasion.

You can say that GG is making the game more accessible, but imo they are just sticking to their script as it always has been. GG has always tried to push immersion into its titles and wants to create contrast between the vektans' and helghans'
Sleet  +   1081d ago
I dont really care what happens in the story or how much like COD it is with big setpieces - i buy Killzone games for the multiplayer and as long as it is more like KZ2 than KZ3 then i will be happy.
r21  +   1081d ago
You should be happy to know that MP director for KZ2 is back at GG ;D
hesido  +   1081d ago
Wow, that's good news. KZ2 multiplayer had the potential to be honed to perfection..
Bladesfist  +   1081d ago
I have never played a killzone game and I thought that looked a lot like COD (which I dislike). Anyway I just got my PS3 delivered and was wondering which in the series to try, hope its not too off topic to ask.
Nicaragua  +   1081d ago
I think Killzone 2 is the best one in the series, its dark and gritty and has the best multiplayer.

Killzone 3 tries to have big setpieces in the campaign and the multiplayer and to me they just felt tacked on to a game that didnt need them - jetpacks, giant spider robots, crappy shooting gallery style sequences, and pantomime characters.
Bladesfist  +   1081d ago
is the multiplayer of killzone 2 still alive?
hesido  +   1081d ago
KZ2 multiplayer was indeed awesome aside from some problems with how spawns worked.

KZ3 screwed it up so badly, I think it was the missed opportunity of this generation.
TooTall19  +   1080d ago
The killzone trilogy has all 3 main games. Get that and play KZ2 first, then 3, then 1HD. KZ3 isn't nearly as bad as I see people saying it is.
PS4isKing_82  +   1081d ago
I've never been into killzone games but this one has my interest. The past ones have all been too dark and industrial looking for my tastes. But this one just looks beautiful with a much bright color pallet. I'm very intrigued with this installment and will probably buy it on launch day.
Megaton  +   1081d ago
I think the original Killzone will always be the worst of the series, but I haven't played the portables.
lex-1020  +   1080d ago
Killzone PSP, defiantly the worst. Trust me, I've played them all.
cpayne93  +   1080d ago
I disagree, Killzone Liberation was better than the original imo.
lex-1020  +   1079d ago

I disagree. What the original had going for it was that you had the choice to pick one of 4 characters to play as, and depending on who you choose changed how the level was played. They all had different default weapons and abilities too. Liberation was more of just a top down arcade shooter.
hesido  +   1081d ago
I too have resented that scripted-to-the-max rope hanging spectacle. It doesn't make sense at all. It takes super-human strengths to hold on to a rope like that let alone aim and fire. Can you end your jump somewhere else? I'm guessing not. If you can't kill enough bad guys by the required time you'll probably fall or hit somewhere, and start over until you go with the script. And that jump from a flying ship, and easy landing... Normally you would have to roll many times before you could stop to absorb that momentum. But the guy jumps and perfectly lands on his feet.

This took away from me the authentic Killzone feel, and destroys the immersion in that virtual world. I hope they change the scene while remaining bombastic, to a more acceptable rate of extravaganza.
sway_z  +   1081d ago
They show you less than 7 minutes of an unfinished game and you already have negativity.

Funny how you start by saying you're a huge fan of the series and know hardy anything at all about Shadow Fall??

Hmmm.... you are Curious George...Indeed!
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CuriousGeorge  +   1081d ago
Thank you all for the comments. I did not expect a response of this scale, nearly overnight too.

I know some of you think I am being unfair in my concerns. I am well aware that this is a very preliminary, very raw, render of what they want to game to look like. Keep in mind though, that Killzone 2 resembles greatly the early render of Killzone 2 released at the E3 reveal.

The reason I am worried, perhaps to a ridiculous degree according to some of you, is that I see a game I love going in a direction I despise. Let me say again, I am well aware that this is a tech demo, and not the final game, but I love Killzone enough to point out the slightest deviation that could spoil the game for me, even if it brings me ridicule. It is like a friend who tells you when you are doing something you should not be doing; they may scream and shout hysterically about something that seems to you only a slight blunder, but in the end you are happy they are there to keep you on track. In many instances, like this one, the more you love something the harder you will be on it.

Thank you everyone again for all the comments. Keep them coming.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1080d ago
You lost any sort of credibility the moment you said "I love KZ3" and "KZ:SF's gamplay is completely different from the rest of the series" in the same paragraph.

KZ3 is the worst KILZONE game in the series so far. KZ3 went the CoD route. I agree that Shadow Fall was a bit over the top, but it sure as hell looks better than KZ3.

I really want to reserve my judgment though. I remember getting super excited for KZ3 after seeing the first trailer and swore up and down that I'd get any collector's edition they had for KZ3 day one, but you know how it goes. The more footage I saw the more I was like "WTF this is not KILLZONE at all." I really hope Shadow Fall turns out to be the true successor to KZ2.
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Captain Tuttle  +   1081d ago
Regarding the title; I suppose it *could* be the worst one yet, too early to tell though, no?
wishingW3L  +   1081d ago
CuriousGeorge, your analytical skills are godlike. ;)
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Rage_S90  +   1080d ago
Sony needs to step up and take a risk with GG, instead they played it safe and went for another graphical showcase shooter to show off the PS4.

This obviously brings concerns for the gameplay, but then again killzone has never had great gameplay.

Sony need something different, and genre defining like microsoft had with Gears if they want to succeed next gen.
mp1289  +   1080d ago
Make 5 special ops maps and more with dlc, then you have the best killzone ever

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