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(My) Resident Evil 6 weapon list, and system.

I have for awhile now talked to my friends about my thoughts on a new weapon system and guns to be used in this system, I feel if you really try to understand where im coming from with this it will inject some tension and suspense back into a once proud horror series.

First the System:
The system in itself is easy to graps once you think about it, first drop the 3by3 squares deal, and also drop the suitcase system. My system I call the pouch system this restricts the player on how much gear he can not only carry but what type of gear. for example in Resident Evil 5 when we first see Chris Redfield he is carrying a back fannypack with pockets on each side and a dual mag clip. so my system would allow 3 slots plus the ability to carry 2 spare clips plus one in the gun.

Now before you Huff and Puff this system brings Horror ..persay back I feel at least suspense cause you cannot load down the charater with tons of items, healing aids, and clips. and the system works well into WHAT guns you carry...but I will explain that in a bit.

So now I have limited you in the carrying system and it leaves you to think do I want to carry so amount of eaither extra clips, grenades, or aid sprays/herbs, you will be able to pick items up as you move along but I also hamperd you there as well. for example say u carried grenades, and aid spray but your on your last clip and see a 9mm ammo box you can pick it up load your clips up ..but thats it you cannot carry that box with you unless your already carrying spare mags. because in realife Nobody would run around with ammo boxes it would make to much seneless noise.

Your probbly sitting there and wondering so what only 3 clips plus if we decide to bring extra empties along the way is the only way to get extra ammo? and the anweser is no, just like in RE3-5 the lead has beenable to uprade their item count you can do that in my system as well..but with a trade off( And the point of the trade off is I never want you to feel the game is to action or easy.) so with the trade you can customize your extra load out on your character so there will be customisation but say you want to carry extra items of A well that means you cannot of B or C. and if your carrying extra ammo/grenade pouches then you cannot wear bulletproofing armor so there is a trade.

And the reason for that is, say you want to co-op(optional NOT a must in my game) it makes you work as a unit to say lets trade this and this or you carry such and such. as Teamwork is always been key in Zombie/Horror films.

A quick refresher that means optional co-op, customizing riggings so not everybody will look the same least in clothing.

Now for the Gun system and this i think pleases Old and New fans alike. The system drops gun upgrading, im sorry if you liked it but this makes 1 the guns limited so your not ramboing your through the game but 2. bring a sense of realism and by that I mean the guns will be based off their real life counter parts in clip size and power(which i would need to sit down and map out.) also they will all have their pros and cons to using them.

Not only that but im bringing something back from re3 that was touched on but i feel was never fully used is custom ammunition, and this will serve as a new strategy and also will mix up the guns and not make them seem dull. Example: for the 9mm you will have Millitary parabelum, Hollowpoints, FMJ, starbusrt, and incinerary(yes its real.), and what will be known as the common rounds practice range rounds, and while these will be the common round you find laying around they will also have the ability to jam your gun under constant use.(such as in real life.) this will not only train you to shoot with more accuracy but also weed out those who drain rounds and their teammates rounds.(You know what im talking about.

All of this is to bring strategy back into the game, and once again I hope to create a sense of tension cause you will not be the most badass on the field you will be HUMAN.

Now that I have coverd my Weapon/ammo/ and slot-rigging system I want to move onto the actual gun list( btw I would like your thoughts and ideas on it.)

Gun List:
1.Beretta 92A1 9mm/15round/Jams the least.
2.Beretta PX4 Storm Inox 9mm/17round/Critical Headshot.
3.HK VP70 9mm/18round/uprade with stock to go into 3round burst.
4.Kimber Warrior 1911 .45acp/10round/quickest to reload.
5.Glock 18 9mm/33round/full auto but you loose accuary when laying down on the trigger.
6.TDI Vector .45acp/30round/Great knockdown.
7.HK MP7 4.6x30mm/40round/ammo pericing goes through armor/metal/and most other objects.
8.HK 416 with surefire grip, and aimpoint CompM4(upaded version of jills rifle in RE3)5.56Nato/30round/med to low power
9.AK-47 7.62/30round/***Headshot
10.AA12 30round drum/changeable rounds: Lead Slug/Buck/incinerary
11.Hydra 12gauge/3 barrel
12.The Crossbow from RE2/upgrade to 3 arrow spread.
13.The four barrel green launcher from RE1(upgrades to infinite launcher after beating game under set difficulty and hours.)
14.The Flame thrower from RE1
15.Albert Wesker M9 Samuri Edge II/high fire speed with releade and infinite ammo(though its infinite ammo you still have to relead.)
16.Barry Burtons .44magnum Colt Anaconda/6 round.
17.500 Magnum round
18.RE4 Chicago Type writter .45acp/50round/upgrades to infinit ammo

So those are my guns,yes somewhat ruff but it mixes real life guns with some classics from Resident evil universe.

Also inclosing I want to say you can only carry 1 handgun and 1 firearm at any given time unless you upgrade say to a shoulder holster to carry 2 handguns and by now if you read all this you get the point. and the Assult Rifles,SMG,and shotguns will have slings no more floating on my back.

*Update* after reading what some of the user have posted YALL gave me a interesting idea, what if the Merchent came back but instead of just buying guns from him we could also just buy gun parts as well to customize are own guns.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2415d ago

Walking while aiming for me is the only thing i think resident evil needs.

Christopher2415d ago

I disagree. Changing it to be like every other TPS out there isn't the answer. People just need to learn to use different strategies. I think the difference in methods is one of the best things about Resident Evil.

caseh2414d ago

They introduced walking while aiming into the 3DS title that came out recently. I think Capcom learnt from the mistake of having static aiming on RE5.

It didn't bother me that much the way aiming is at the moment but i remember a LOT of complaints about it at the time of release.

EmperorDalek2414d ago

Just bring back the inventory system from RE4 and it's already better than 5.

caseh2414d ago


Watch it from around 3.08 into the video, Yahtzee sums up how truly fking crap the inventory system is in about a minute. :D

WhiteLightning2414d ago

Couldn't agree more, I loved the RE4 inventory system and I loved how you could upgrade it.

To be honest I think RE6 needs a merchent aswell, I hate sorting which stuff I want to buy after the level has ended or when I've died.

J86blum2414d ago

The Merchent idea im fine with, to be honest i would like a new XP system so instead of buying guns from eaither a merchant or from nobody(re5) wish we could find guns, maybe diffrent difficulties would have diffrent guns in diffrent spots.

And the more you use said handgun the xp goes up and you customize it yourself with new triggers for easier pull, new rotating locking barrels, diffrent slide catches.

Always thought Chris Redfield could field strip his gun and add on and take off diffrent parts.

Theo11302414d ago

Even with a reboot or going back to what made RE4 so great, I don't think RE is relevant anymore. What happened to RE is what happened to FF, believing that it was the best and nothing could challenge it, then WRPG came along and now FF is not as big as it was.

dinkeldinkse2414d ago

That's a little harsh, not being relevant is reserved for games like Enslaved because most people don't give a shit about it.

J86blum2414d ago

What needs to happen more then anything is Capcom needs to bring all the surviors from all the games and start offing them, for a horror series more characters survive then die.

Stop introducing new people before closing the book on others. its annoying.