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Are we being lied to? (Again?)

cunnilumpkin | 642d ago
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Ah E3, that special time of year when boys and girls gather around the interwebs to have their eyes and ears filled with the wonderful and magical sounds and sights of limbs exploding off into space and animated boobs that jiggle in real time physics calculations.

Yes, its that time where new games are unveiled like the glorious dawn of a new spring day, titles that sound foreign and strange. It is almost an overload of the senses, and it is wonderful.

Yet as I see certain articles appear on this and many other sites that my nerdy little fingers take me too, I cannot help but wonder if we are being maliciously and dubiously tricked again. Or is it our fault that we buy into the same lies and mistruths over and over.

Case and point; The Dark Sorcerer. "The Dark Sorcerer Uses ONLY 4 gb ram!!!" Titles exclaim...ok....SO WHAT!!! It's a tech demo for crying out loud, if it used 1 gb or 64gb on a super pc what would it matter? You don't honestly believe that the ps4 or any $400- $500 machine will EVER produce in game, gameplay visuals like that do you?

If you think this is actually a possibility in ps4 gameplay

Allow me to temper your expectations with this;

An actual screenshot from Killzone Shadowfall. Now while it certainly looks good, and I cannot wait to play the game, it is approximately 2 generations behind the texture quality and particle effects shown in The Dark Sorcerer.

Heck, those candles alone in the intro of The Dark Sorcerer appear to have more detail than an entire scene in Killzone Shadowfall, and that's just the candles.

My point is this, it is GREAT to be excited about a new generation of gaming wonders, and I most certainly am...but we need to set realistic goals and be grounded in the fundamentals of reality.

I'd also like to link a video from e3 of yesteryear, 2005 to be exact, 8 long years ago and a Sony ( video from which I have still NEVER seen close to this quality of gameplay visuals on my ps3 since 2006 to the present day playing The Last of Us currently.

Ah, fellow gamers, will we ever learn? The Dark Sorcerer demo is neat, it fills our eyes and hearts with hope and dreams, with the bright possibility of a new and wondrous tomorrow, but even the title, "The Dark Sorcerer" should be a clue in and of itself, that we are being deceived yet again, by the magic spell of a lie.

dedicatedtogamers  +   642d ago
I think a better metric would be to compare "Uncanny valley" with Heavy Rain, and with the exception of a few mediocre-looking textures here and there, Heavy Rain did indeed match the graphics of Uncanny Valley.

Will the next QD game have graphics like Dark Sorcerer? Yeah, probably, because their games are basically interactive CGIs. But you're right, we shouldn't use Dark Sorcerer as a metric for PS4 performance on every single title, not until we see some real gameplay from real games.
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cunnilumpkin  +   642d ago
heavy rain???

that looks mediocre at best
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dedicatedtogamers  +   642d ago
Have you actually played Heavy Rain and seen it in motion?
Aery  +   641d ago
You want your 2 minute of notoriety.
Well, here for you.
I just read you blog and yes, don't worry, we are all aware there will be no game with the same quality as dark sorcerer.
We know that, and in the meanwhile we (I) already happy of the (graphics) quality of Killzone SF and Infamous Second Son.
HammadTheBeast  +   641d ago
3 things:

One, it looks like you picked out the worst looking KZ screenshot and posted it. Here's a better one:


Are you honestly going to compare a single in-engine scene using 4 gb of RAM to a whole game level running on similar specs?

And three:
Qrphe  +   641d ago
You've just lost any credibility you had left, let's move on everyone.
pixelsword  +   641d ago
Graphics like Dark Sorcerer is entirely possible within three years of the PS4's life.

God of War Ascension and III are basically on the heels of what that demo has shown. Facial and hand animation are the last hurdles to the beginning of true realism, and QD thinks that the hurdle is finally past them.
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FamilyGuy  +   641d ago
LOL, this dude is CRAZY!

The dark Sorcerer in %100 IN ENGINE running in REAL TIME. There's a video a guy took with a hidden camera showing a behind the curtains look of it running at E3. It was being manipulated IN REAL TIME. EN-effing-JOY

Why are you comparing this to Killzone when both Killzone and inFamous second Son are OPEN WORLD GAMES?

Do you understand that open world games will and can never have as high a quality in visuals as a game that has you traveling in corridors or small areas and rooms?

The engine that developed this tech demo isn't even fully optimized yet and this engine is currently being used to develop a next gen title for the PS4.
The game their making should actually LOOK BETTER than this tech demo.

You can call me a dreamer or fooled all you want but I watched him interacting with the room in real time, something that CANNOT be done with a CGI video (which is what the MotorStorm trailer was).

I fully expect high quality devs such as QD and Naughty Dog to make a game that resembles this in the future. Everything we've seen so far is open world games or vast landscapes, any closed quarters game will be able to utilize much higher visuals like what we see here.

Capcom is already doing something similar with Deep Down. I'll keep salt handy for when you're eating crow later. You're 100% wrong on this buddy.


Visuals = real

Only thing you should be arguing is the animations as a game wouldn't have this many, not for gameplay anyway, the cutscenes or whatever will still be full human motion capture.
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cunnilumpkin  +   640d ago
ps3 NEVER achieved the level of visuals in this e3 trailer from 2005, and it never will

never seen a game look close to that fidelity on ps3

it is the same case with this bunk-completely fake, cgi

you ARE my whole point of making this blog

YOU are the reason I wrote this, but you are so hopelessly delusional, that it cannot connect in your skull


you and everyone that thinks like you were supposed to benefit from this call to reality

enjoy life in your hopelessly deluded bubble of pretend

ignorance is bliss they say
isarai  +   640d ago

Did you even watch the video? he is manipulating in real time, you can't fake real time manipulation
WitWolfy  +   641d ago
Beyond two souls says hi
colonel179  +   640d ago
Forget about the Motorstorm trailer. It was confirmed long ago to be CG. What I want is to have the gameplay of the trailer, even if it doesn't have those graphics.

Quantic Dream has confirmed that the demo is real time gameplay. I am skeptical, because as you said, there is so much detail going on there, that it has to be running at a super computer or something, but definitely not a PS4. The same with Square Enix's luminous engine demo.

We have come very very far from the games that were shown during the reveal of the PS3. I used to think that Uncharted 1 look so amazing and nothing couldn't top it, and you can see that I was so wrong! Even the gameplay from inFamous Second Son is much better and the graphics are better than The Last of Us. The improvement of graphics from The Last of Us to games like Killzone 4 and inFamous are really big. Can you imagine what we'll see when we get to the last game announced for the PS4 7 years from now?

However, I also want animations and AI to improve. It's great to see jaw-dropping graphics, but ultimately, gameplay is more important. Granted, games like Uncharted, the last of us, etc would not exist without the graphics, and good graphics also allow better representation of the animations, but developers need to find innovative and clever ideas to portrait game.

Long time ago, we had the typical start menu, now we have games that start right away and you are already playing without even having to have a menu. Dead Space was the first game (i think) to have menus in real time without pausing the game and inside the gameplay. Those kind of things are what I'm looking for in the next generation. Not only graphics.
Godmars290  +   642d ago
And what's your point exactly?

One piece of evidence to whatever it is you're trying to present is a tech demo attempting to push the hardware its on, while the other is a first generation of the games made on the same hardware. Should people honestly expect graphic similarities from a medieval dark magic cut scene and a gameplay moment from a futuristic shooter?
lex-1020  +   642d ago
When you're comparing graphics you need to understand the difference between prerendered CGI and actual in game graphics. A prerendered CGI (Dark Sorcerer) uses already rendered graphics and will always look better because it is less taxing on the processor (the game isn't trying to load lots of things going on it's only trying to load the cut scene). In game graphics are trying to render at that same moment, while trying to render everything else, and trying to load everything else going on (physics, enemies, ai, ect.) You can't really say the Dark Sorcerer won't look that good because Killzone doesn't look that good. That's like saying Battlefield 4 won't be amazing because COD ghost will suck.
cunnilumpkin  +   642d ago
while you may recognize that this trailer is 100% cgi and nothing on ps4 will ever compare, many people do not, and really, if that's the case, and it is, why bother showing the cgi tech demo at all, there will never, EVER be a game on ps4 that looks even close to that EVER.

yet there are people in comments sections on youtube and here and everywhere saying "is that real gameplay" one guy responds, "yes, its in game, read the beginning.

It is dubious and false to even show this video and have a caption that says "the following is a prototype and running in real time on ps4" what would that lead an uneducated, non-hardcore gamer that is not aware of the constant lies of this industry to believe. Well, probably that the ps4 will deliver gameplay that looks like this fake cgi.

I'm saying temper your expectations, Deep Down as well is 100% out of the question for the ps4 to ever achieve that quality, its fake and they tried to pass it off as gameplay with those fake, after effects ui (hud)

that screen of killzone shadowfall looks good, but not a huge leap over current gen, all launch titles will be in that realm of graphical fidelity, not a bad thing, just nowhere near deep down or dark sorcerer

as time goes on devs will get better with the hardware and we will see many improvements

but there will never be a ps4 game that looks even close to dark sorcerer or deep down

this little write up is solely to convey that to all the people running around believing that next gen graphics are going to look like that.

that's all
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Godmars290  +   642d ago
And yet you likely have 0% concern that Kinect is required on XB1, has no launch titles which showcase it past something for parties, but still has crazed defenders.

And then there's the XB1 and cloud computing. MS has only talked about it, have yet to show so much as a target render or tech demo in which to present potential benefits, and yet anyone questioning it doesn't know what they're talking about. There are certainly no instances of over-raised expectations there.
edonus  +   641d ago
Faced with reality and you lash out at MS.

And the ONE actually has a bunch of games that use kinect functions Dead Rising 3 Forza5 Project Spark Ryse Crimson dragon Kinect Sports rivals Fantasia and it adds voice commands and gesture controls to your entire smart tv experience and enables Skype out the box. So your first point is wrong.

And at least 3 devs are already on record explaining and showing how they are using the cloud computing power in their games. So again your point fails.

Sony is just doing their Jedi mind trick again. This had nothing to do with MS yet you brought them in. Pathetic.and then made up lies even more pathetic.
loulou  +   639d ago
godmars lol

not once in his post or blog does he mention the anti-christ. yet you're so desperate, you have to talk about m$ clearly trying to call him a fanboy. lol you're pathetic. and have just made yourself look an idiot. facepalm
Chaostar  +   642d ago
"while you may recognize that this trailer is 100% cgi and nothing on ps4 will ever compare"

You sound angry and bitter, relax, nobody expects games to look that good, at least not the first wave. However your statement quoted above is false, the demo is actually running in real time, it says so right at the beginning of the video.

"The following footage is a prototype running in real time on PS4. It is a concept only and is not taken from a software title currently in development"

If you're still in doubt check this out:

Bottom line is that nobody has the expectations you're trying to "temper".
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cunnilumpkin  +   642d ago
"relax, nobody expects games to look that good, at least not the first wave."

kind of contradicting yourself, first wave, last wave, no ps4 or xbox one game will ever look anywhere close to that cgi in an actual game ever

you're proving my point, you think that because this trailer of pre-baked, cgi footage was created that somehow, maybe, someday a ps4 game will look like that, but it is never ever ever ever going to happen

i'm not bitter at all, I cannot wait for ps4 and will most likely buy one in the first year its out, but I am also a realistic person and know nothing will ever look like that cgi ever
Chaostar  +   642d ago
Clearly there's nothing I can say that will make you even the little bit more optimistic about future graphics, at least on a console anyway. Hey, I'm a PC gamer too but I can also enjoy the convenience and features of console gaming without the dramatics.

Anyway all I want to point out is that either you believe that The Dark Sorcerer is CGI despite the video evidence I provided you in my last comment OR you have mistaken the meaning of CGI for something else entirely. So, whether games look like that on console in the future or not, you're bending facts to suit your agenda.
edonus  +   641d ago
Be careful you know these Sony supporters don't like that reality stuff.

Call out some of they BS and you will get disagrees and put your bubbles at risk.
awesomeperson  +   641d ago
Usually when I see something of that almost CGI-quality that The Dark Sorcerer appeared to be, I would discount it as not being possible.

What leads me not to the same conclusion is how Quantic Dream have proven themselves to be able to match, or surpass their tech demos with their games.

The audition tech demo was matched by Heavy Rain, and I believe that Beyond: Two Souls is coming close to their Kara tech demo.

For this reason, I expect we may in fact see The Dark Sorcerer level graphics during the lifetime of the PS4, or at least a game which approaches it.
FamilyGuy  +   641d ago
You know what is going to be amazing is when the PS4 comes out and someone convinces QD to release the tech demo to the public so we can mess about with it.

They're already going to release it for some people to play around with.
FamilyGuy  +   640d ago
It's pretty clear that you don't even know what CGI is.

You keep referring the The Dark Sorcerer as CGI when that is IMPOSSIBLE. CGI is a computer generated VIDEO, like a Pixar movie or those extra pretty videos that progress the storyline in most Final Fantasy games.

You CANNOT adjust the camera angle, lighting effects, character animations or anything else in a video.

Just because no PC devs have bothered to try something of such high quality doesn't make it fake.
Just because in 2005 we saw some videos of games being passed off as in-game doesn't make this fake.

You should note all the flack devs got for "bullshots" and faked videos from the beginning of this gen. The respectable ones that have already proven themselves would never do something to cause a controversy like that again.

Your entire argument is based on past events, past events that literally changed the industry standards because devs know we won't put up with faked videos anymore.

You are DEFINING "ignorance" and look at you, there's no bliss to be found. Just a man stuck in a bubble from what PC Devs have shown him, PC Devs who cater to the least common denominator rather than push available hardware to its absolute limit that would restrict/alienate lower level specs. This pushing of limitation are what make high quality console games shine.

It's not even going to be long before QD releases this tech demo to play with, I'll be looking for you when that time comes.
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Imalwaysright  +   640d ago
Don't bother. You already posted the video and proved him wrong. Now he is just acting out of pride.
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BitbyDeath  +   641d ago
QD's games are always on another level.
dolkrak  +   641d ago
Oh PC fanboys...

This demo was running REAL TIME on a ps4 since you've got videos proving that. The guys change the cameras and lights on the fly, how do you think it would be possible if it wasn't real time, genius ?

So of course you could have a game which looks like that on PS4. Gameplay doesn't magically add more power needs. Graphics are where the power is used nowadays, our modern CPUs are powerful enough for everything else. And Cage's games are basically scenes like that anyway.

It could run on higher end PCs too by the way (rejoice). It's just nobody will probably make it since the money is mostly made on consoles for devs.

The big difference with shadow fall or infamous is you don't have 100s of objects outside the man and the goblin that you must animate in each frame. They can focus on the faces.

And you're deeply fooled by nvidia PR if you think the most powerful PC are 2X more powerful than PS4s. The architecture is not the same. It has 8 Gb GDDR5, 176 Gb/s bandwidth, a special bus and different APIs. It's a lot closer to the best PCs than what you think.

The most powerful PCs still ARE more powerful than PS4 and could definitely run this scene. Nvidia showed another demo of this kind on PC recently, by the way. So rejoice everybody.
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pixelsword  +   641d ago
PC fanboys can sometimes be the worst, especially since they forget that only the top 1-5% of PC players will even see top notch visuals, but now it seems like consoles have caught up to even the best mid to upper range PCs, and even developers are saying that.

Again, not that my opinion counts, but developers are saying that.
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Bladesfist  +   641d ago
Can you please shut up with that argument. What does it even prove. That us vocal PC Gamers are the top 1 - 5% of gamers? I have a powerful machine and a console because that is what I enjoy. Why does being the minority make something worse?
pixelsword  +   640d ago

It's not being the minority which is bad, you guys need to shut up about how the PC is supposed to be superior to consoles when in only a fraction of occurrences is that true, and even then, it's only a slight edge, not a windfall, and that's a fact.

You guys act like you'll get those graphics if you play any game on any PC, the fact is that even the PS3 and 360 can outperform most PC games because most people who Play on PCs don't know how to configure their PCs to play games, and even if they do, they don't have the power to get the graphics to excel above what a PS3 or 360 can do, so that pattern will repeat itself in the next gen, except that the next gen will have graphics that will be comparative to high-level PCs, even developers are saying that, so other than free multiplayer, if you don't know how to configure your PC, and you don't have the hardware to make the game shine, there's no graphical advantage for PCs for most of the PC players.

That's why you see all of these excellent PC pics, but you never see those same quality graphics hold up when people make a video on youtube, either the framerate will be crap (barely pushing 30fps) or the graphics have to drop, EVERY time. I've yet to see a game to carry the graphical fidelity from high-quality pics to a video. it's easy to make a 2560x1600 pic and try to pimp that out as how the game will look, but it'll never run at the levels the pics show. It's the same bullcrap that PC gamers used to say about bragging that their PC games run at 1080p before HDTVs came out.

And there are games that push the PC, but most games on the PC don't push the PC to what it can be. That's why insideSimRacing (who only review sim racing games) said Gran Truismo was the best looking sim game out, including PC games (at that time, I don't know if one was said to exceed it by now)

If PCs had games to actually push the PC, then that would never had been said.
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listenkids  +   641d ago
If you saw the last of us 7 years ago, you'd cry for false at the entire thing, claiming such systems couldn't produce such graphical quality. Yada, yada, get over yourself and wait it out.
Cernunnos  +   641d ago
Just watched the KZ2 reveal trailer again for reference. I do agree that this is a tech demo, in a small environment that is carefully crafted, and that we wont see any game approach this visual fidelity in a long time. But watching the KZ2 reveal trailer and comparing it to TLOU, it is no question, TLOU is miles ahead. Look past the scripted fluid animations of the KZ2 reveal, and notice the very simple ground textures, and huge lack of detail on anything in the background, by todays standards it looks kinda "meh". Except for the explosions, they look great.. Also the character models fade in comparison to something as old as MGS4.
#10 (Edited 641d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cunnilumpkin  +   640d ago
this SMOKES the last of us, and it was released in 2005 as a GAMEPLAY running on ps3

it utterly destroys the last of us in every possible regard

and you think this;

looks better than this;


lol.....not even close, the killzone 2 e3 2005 trailer DESTROYS last of us visually, another great point of outright lies

I literally cannot believe there are so many people that can read, and think for themselves and brush their own teeth yet are so gullible to believe something with a 1.6ghz cpu and a mobile gpu will run visuals that look like the Dark Sorcerer trailer

you guys still believe in santa too?
pixelsword  +   640d ago
Just like how this:

Turned into this:

on the PC.

Or how the Crysis demo trailer:

won't exactly pan out in terms of quality on the PC (not as smooth, not as clear; this is a pc that can handle max settings):

That's the thing: you're holding up PS3 games to screenshots and trailers when full well the PC can't hold up the their own screenshots and trailers. We don't have to go all into how UT3 looked like a movie, only to not look anything like how it looked, on console or PC now, do we?

If you're looking for lies, in that regard, we're all being lied to, except you don't realize it, not console gamers: the Dark Wizard trailer said it was a demo and we took it as such, except that looking at gameplay from other PS3 games, I do actually think this is feasible to see in-game given technology jumps. What part are you thinking isn't feasible? The way the wizard moved? Crysis 3 isn't doing that, and that's supposed to be years above the PS4, so why can a PS4 tech demo do it but a PC can't?

I've seen pacific rift:

and the original motorstorm isn't too far off of that trailer:

(especially when you play it in first person, just like the trailer was)

We've already gone through this and it was compared and Killzone 2 looked better than it's trailer. Do we have to pull pics for that, too?

But if you think this:

are better than these (some of these are beta shots, mind you):

or k2's multiplayer:

not to even mention a beta pic of k3's multiplayer:


much less Killzone 3:

Then you are more delusional than the people you are trying to blame. You act like every screenshot that comes out for the PC is actual in-game gameplay footage when it's not. Bullshots and footage from higher-end PCs that most people will play on will be just that.
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Nitrowolf2  +   639d ago
you mean this fake article that "confirmed" it was in-game while linking to a broken interview when it released?

eh that's the last of us? IDK I know that part and it looked better than that. Gonna replay just in-case and take shots to confirm whether that's a real image or not
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ABizzel1  +   640d ago
The difference between Killzone and The Dark Sorcerer is that Killzone is now an open area shooter with large stages, filled with multiple enemies, AI, ray tracing, real time reflections, tessellation, and more all in these open area.

The Dark Sorcerer is set in a 12x12 space, featuring 2 characters, full mo-cap, so rendering a image with significantly higher graphically fidelity is significantly easier since you don't have to pour in resources rendering an entire stage.
isarai  +   640d ago
It's a tech demo, of course it's going to look better than the average games being shown at the time it was created, that's not to say PS4 games will not look like that, this WAS running in real time and it was proven by the link/video familyguy posted above. I also don't get how you think one shitty cherry picked screen of killzone debunks the fact that it was done on PS4, lets not forget KZ4 was only running on 4gb of ram and did not even know what the spec were till shortly before they had to present it, not only that but infamous is a far better example of what the Ps4 is capable of with amazing character models and lighting with tons of volumetric smoke and particle effects galore, all set in an open world with tons of destruction running at full 1080p and no performance hickups, hell of a lot more impressive than KZ SF IMO.

Most of all comparing the PS4 to PS3 in terms of promises to delivery doesn't really work all that well as PS3 was far more complicated than anyone imagined and caused years of confusion and complications till devs could really show what it was capable of, and the latest games such as GOW A, Beyond two souls, and TLOU look as good if not better than the tech demos shown when PS3 was first revealed, and with PS4 being easier to develop for i say it is entirely possible we'll be seeing game close to that tech demo in just a few years
tigertron  +   640d ago
Console games always look better as we go through each game generation. I seem to remember Xbox 360 and PS3 launch games not being that much of a step up from the PS2, but further down the line we saw games like Uncharted and Gears and even those games improved visually with their respective sequels.

I have no doubt that the visuals in Dark Sorcerer will be the same if not better than the tech demo. Heavy Rain looked better than the casting video. Give the PS4 time, you'll see improvements as developers learn to harness the console's architecture.
XtraTrstrL  +   640d ago
The Dark Sorcerer is a real-time tech demo. That is a fact, it was being manipulated in real-time. Now, that doesn't mean they are capable of achieving that quality of graphics and fx in-game. It's a very controlled real-time cutscene, it's one small area, there's no AI or other background operations going on. So, everything can just be dumped into the 3 characters and background. So, I agree that nothing will look like that right now.

The only reason I won't say it will never be possible on the PS4 for a game is, once they create and optimize a perfectly implemented API for the APU in the PS4, all the current real game trailers we've seen will be blown out the water with what will be possible because of the HSA nature of the APU. Also, tessellation is being used by almost every next-gen engine now, and that alone can achieve amazingly high quality models with a crazy level of detail. Sort of like Capcom's Panta Rhei engine, when they showed off Deep Down, it looked amazing, a big part of that was the use of tessellation.
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Erudito87  +   639d ago
how did this get approved?
NYC_Gamer  +   639d ago
I don't trust fancy tech demos from developers.
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piffyd  +   639d ago
agree with op, we ain't never gonna see those types of gfx in any ps4/xbox1 game

also, the link of motostorm, damn straight, that was a 2005 video from e3, I remember watching it thinking, ohhhh wow that's just a launch game and its gonna look that good!

watch that freaking video that they claimed was gameplay

lol to this day no ps3 or xbox 360 game has ever even come close to that fake "gameplay" footage

and yes, I am playing last of us right now (loving it) and just finished god of war ascension (freaking loved it) and both of those games are not even close to the visuals shown in that 2005 "gameplay" of motorstorm!

the last sorcerer is the same thing, no game that you actually play is ever going to look like that. why does knack look last gen?>

why does killzone shadowfall forest area look worse than crisis from 2007?

why does infamous second son not even look next gen

but all of a sudden deep down and the dark sorcerer look AMAZING

but none of the actual real games for the system even look withing 2 generations of that>?

its bs marketing lies and if you believe it, its your fault that they keep doing this crap, because , looking at these comments, it obviously works
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