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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"

TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son, the Real Battle Of PS4 vs XOne is Just Beginning

Crazyglues | 327d ago
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Wow I love battles like this, this is a good one, maybe not a fair one, but its the battle we have in front of us as the consoles start to really get ready to do battle. TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son - Yes one is a FPS, and that does tend to be the favorite amongst a huge portion of gamers.

But Second Son is holding it’s own, and that’s what makes this a really good battle, because gamers views tend to change, and if you talk to some people they will tell you they are sick and tired of FPS games.

Maybe that’s the reason Second Son is doing so well on the charts. Who knows for sure.

But no matter what you think about a console or what they try to sell you as what the console is about, it really comes down to you, and what kind of gamer are you? What kind of games do you like to play. That’s probably what will really end up selling the consoles in the long run. (Does this Console have the games I want to play?)

And that’s a tough one because, I bet if you were to ask even a hardcore gamer - Is there a game that you play that at first you thought you would never like that game? I think the answer would be, Yes, we all have one of those.

So let’s get into it..... This is just for fun, -have not played the final product of either game-
(just trying to guess how it might play out, you might have a different view and that's fine)


This is a fantasy comparison as these are not even the same kind of game, but just for fun... FUN! Let's compare the two since they are both big titles for both systems... Keep in mind this is not a real score card, this is just for fun and in my humble opinion you could have infamous winning and have very valid points as to why.. No right answers just a Question? How do you think it will play out, will TitanFall be the bigger seller and better game or will Infamous Second Son be?

Fight… Fight… Fight.…Fight...! -Welcome to the Main Event-

Round 1 - Graphics… -SecondSon-

I think Second Son takes this one, just because it’s really looking stunning, not sure if the texture pack on titanfall might change that, but it doesn’t look like it will. Second Son is really looking amazing and seriously impressive for a nex gen title on a console.

Round 2 - Gameplay… -TitanFall-

Wow this is a tough one to call, but I’m going to lean towards TitanFall on this one because of the beta / It was some seriously awesome game to play.

Round 3 - Creativity -New things brought to the table… -TitanFall-

Again this one is going to lean towards TitanFall as they really brought a lot of new things to the old one trick pony, that we call the FPS market. Second son does a lot of things kind of the same way they have always done things, nothing wrong with that but it could become repetitive.

Round 4 - Fun to play… -Draw-

This one is going to go down as a tie, in my book, as even though we have no way to play infamous and confirm this, I think both games will be fun to play, especially if you go off the press from what people who have played both. I’m going to call this one a tie. -Also because this one is a personal call, it depends on if you like these kind of games, so tough to call. (but from what I played in the beta of TitanFall it was a lot of fun, and TitanFall actually sold me on the presentation that this would be an awesome game.

Round 5 - Worth the investment / A.K.A time well spent… -TitanFall-

Long Term I think titanfall gives a serious return on investment, were as second son is more then likely to have a weaker return on investment as once you finish playing there is no awesome multi-player to keep you engaged or coming back to the title. It’s more of a one trick pony.

Round 6 - Chances of Survival / A.K.A More then likely to still be playing this 6 months later… TitanFall-

Well this is an easy win for TitanFall being that it is Multi-player and that alone extends it’s chances of lasting far past expectations. Were as Second son will most likely by most gamers be a one or two time run through and then that’s it, chances of returning to the title for more entertainment value is seriously unlikely. So 6 months out I would say people will still be talking about and playing TitanFall.

Round 7 - Story… -Second Son-

Now if you think the story in Second Son is not going to be good, your crazy, I think they will nail it and it will be done well, also TitanFall does not really have single player, so it’s unlikely they will dive into a deep story, so easy win for Second Son by default.

Round 8 - Conclusion… -TitanFall- By TKO

I think the fight ends here in the 8th round, because I just feel like TitanFall wins by T.K.O. even though Second Son has a lot going for it, most likely an amazing story, great Graphics, strong design team behind the product. It’s just too much I think they get overwhelmed by long term fun and the extreme value TitanFall brings to the table. Not to mention Second Son will face competition from other titles coming out in the month like MGSV demo and Dying Light, which will indeed compete for gamers attention. Were as TitanFall’s competition will most likely not be a factor in slowing it’s sales, as it is well equipped to deal with competition being a FPS were people see the value in multi-player that could last a long time. And TitanFall also has an amazing team behind it not to mention the two guys who really set the whole FPS market on fire, all those years ago with Call Of Duty- Modern Warfare. And it looks like they are about to do it once again with TitanFall if the beta is anything to go by. So for that reason I’m going to say the winner of this Title Defence for the WTG (we the gamers) Heavyweight Championship belt & Must have title for a Next Gen console-- TitanFall --

(Of course this is all in fun, and if you disagree leave a comment on how you see the rounds playing out..)

Hope your ready for this one, this game is looking like it's going to be a Monster
-Check out this Amazing fan-made trailer below- And.....

-Stand By For TitanFall-

SilentNegotiator  +   325d ago | Well said
So to you, it being multiplayer automatically makes it better (You even made two identical, differently worded categories for replay value). I know there are plenty of people that would disagree that an open world game couldn't hold up replay wise to multiplayer (especially one where you kill lots of bots, an occasional player, and then run around in a titan before doing it all again, over and over).
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Crazyglues  +   325d ago
@ SilentNegotiator

Yes, Ok very good point, I can see how you can look at 5 & 6 and say they are word plays on the same thing, this was not my intention / for example what if both games had no multi-player -(then both categories would be fine)

-But I see how you can look at that as bias.. - I really did it for fun (two sentences above the video I said that it was just for fun) so we could speculate, I honestly was not trying to sound like some game expect -- Anyone can call it different or like you said, have Round 6 as going to second son because running around killing bots becomes boring..

-This was just for fun, maybe I should have tried to state that better, this is just how I saw the battle going -- I can't see the future, we will see for sure 6 months from now-- I was just giving a play by play from my humble opinion of how it might play out..

No right answers here, just a playful comparison of how the battle might play out..

||.........___||............ ||
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svoulis  +   325d ago
Just gonna point out you haven't even played Infamous yet. Is this article not a bit too pre-mature?

And as for Creativity? Really Titanfall? We've had games with mechs, and humans before. Maybe not on the tight scale of COD but it has been done before.

Just saying the blog is a bit too pre-mature.
xHeavYx  +   325d ago
"Round 3 - Creativity -New things brought to the table" That's where I stopped reading, neither game brings anything new
Shadowsteal  +   325d ago
The clear flaw is how he says Infamous may become repetitive. When in its 15-20 hour experience will have you gain several powers that are all different from one another. And then you can do it all over and use different powers by making the opposite karmic choices and it feels like a different game.

Vs. Running around shooting every one over and over and over and over again. Using an 8 year old engine putting parkour and a Mech in it doesn't make it "creative". This blog is seriously flawed and heavily biased. I don't even care that Titanfall won. It's because you call Infamous repetitive and not creative when both of the previous iterations were anything but. And guess what Infamous 1 only had 1 power, Infamous 2 had 1 power as well with a little fire or ice blended in. Nobody in review thought it was repetitive. Second Son will have multiple stand alone powers and a larger open world. So all of a sudden it's prone to repetitiveness now?
Crazyglues  +   325d ago
@ Shadowsteal

That was just my opinion - I know, I'm sorry for having one... LoL

And yes I think it will get repetitive as it's just a different power.. Sorry for having an Opinion that's different from yours, I know that's a sin on this site..

--Didn't I say this was just for fun, or is no one actually reading that part--

What I really don't get is why couldn't you just say, -"oh, nah I disagree I think it won't be repetitive at all since this one will have new powers not just one, plus the first infamous only had one power and all the reviews never thought it was repetitive - I would give infamous second son round 3 hands down."

To which --- I would have said, yeah you know that's a very good point, Round 3 should be second sons, because I wasn't thinking about stand alone powers so yeah that could easily be second sons.. -and that changes the vote going into the 8th because now it's tied

-But for some reason people on this site just want to attack- you said, "the clear flaw is how he says... how is my opinion a flaw.. LoL

Really..? Ok, I guess that's my bad for getting that wrong, next time please send me my opinion so I don't' write it wrong...

---------------Anyway Guys I'm out of bubble so enjoy -- thanks for the comments---------

Be-safe and enjoy your gaming..
nykilla  +   325d ago
Before I say what I am about to say just know I own every PS console to date and every xbox console to date so Im no fanboy but why is it even in a "FUN" battle Sony fans cant accept defeat? Not everyone wants to play single player games.... Multiplayer is the present and future... I love single player games but I never play my ps3 that much because all my games are single player. I cant play a lot of games online with friends on Sony consoles because all their games are single player... Then you get Sony fans saying xbox has no good exclusives but every exclusive it gets has world class multiplayer and scores 9-9.5's(Halo, Gears). The writer said its just for fun and obviously it is because the 2 games arent even in the same category, but dont try and make Titanfall sound boring because A) you have a ps4 and cant own it and B) because its a FPS. Im just sayin, Im sure Infamous will be fun but IMO and again I own both new gen consoles, Titanfall wins hands down..
DragonKnight  +   325d ago
Let's see here...

nykilla + 72d ago
"Gameinformer sucks for reviews!!! I used their Killzone SF review to determine whether or not to get the game. They gave it an 8.0 so I bought it. Killzone Sf SUCKS!!!!! Then you give this game a 6???? Max TCoB is awesome!!! I dont agree with ANYTHING you reviewed! Just like with Ryse! Im never taking a gameinformer review seriously anymore. Now Im stuck with this crappy Killzone because of your 8.0 review. Good thing I stuck with Ryse after you guys gave it a 6. That game deserves an 8! Polygon gave Killzone a 4! Thats exactly what it should have been! Im going to unsubscribe to my Gameinformer mag, they are all over the place with their reviews and its a costly mistake to take their reviews seriously."

And every comment you made here.

Nope, not a fanboy at all.

Lol, "I own every console so I'm not a fanboy" is the first lie fanboys who don't want to be called out as being a fanboy always use. You're clearly a fanboy.
TruthInsider  +   325d ago
How is an open world third person shooter/adventure game known mainly for single player in any way shape or form a competitor to a Level/map based first person shooter that is multi player only?

Its like comparing Forza to Fallout.
Crazyglues  +   325d ago
@ phil_75

Phil, did you even read this, of course you can compare these it's about the impact they will have on their respective console and they are both shooting games..

Have we as gamers become so shallow that your mind is not open enough to compare games, that are not exactly the same...

So what your saying is you can't compare Mario on Nintendo and how well it will do for gamers on that system, to how well knack will do for it's gamers on PS4... because..?

Both games come out in March, both games have climbed up the pre-order charts, they are both coming out on competing systems -- and they are both expected to do well for their respective console... They are both shooters, one a third person shooter, one a first person shooter.. -that's not close enough to compare them /and which one people might enjoy playing more...

||.........___||............ ||
SilentNegotiator  +   325d ago
"they are both shooting games"

Shooting games?!? Just because you have ranged attacks doesn't mean that inFamous is a shooting game!
CamBulls12  +   325d ago
"They are both shooters".... I guess you are Crazy Crazyglues
Crazyglues  +   325d ago
@ SilentNegotiator

Ok I get it, you want something to be upset about.. it's so minor it's ridiculous but ok, I thank you for your criticism and I will adjust it so it's not says...

This is a fantasy comparison as these are not even the same kind of game, but just for fun... FUN! Let's compare the two since they are both big titles for both systems... Keep in mind this is not a real score card, this is just for fun and in my humble opinion you could have infamous winning and have very valid points as to why.. No right answers just a Question? How do you think it will play out, will TitanFall be the bigger seller or will Infamous Second Son?

Thank you SilentNegotiator and Phil_75 for the feedback, I have adjusted the blog based on your comments and again thank you for the feedback.
nykilla  +   325d ago
LOL dont you know an Xbox exclusive "isn't allowed" to beat a Sony exclusive? Dont you know 97% of the gamers on these websites are Sony fanboys?? LOL jk. I agree completely with you're article. As an owner of both consoles, Titanfall is going to blow Infamous out of the water.... End of discussion.. Titanfall breaks new ground, Infamous is just a pretty same 'ole game... I knew Sony fans would come out and cry about it.. I'm a Sony/Xbox FAN but I know when something is obvious better.
TheBlackSmoke  +   325d ago
Titanfall breaks new ground"

Erm... Its call of duty with mechs.... the end.

Some people are easily pleased, the game doesn't even look next gen.

If it was called Call of Duty:Titanfall. Everyone would be saying its a decent upgrade to the last cod and nothing more. That's not to say it isn't a good game or fun to play but its certainly not breaking new ground.
SilentNegotiator  +   325d ago
"Ok I get it, you want something to be upset about.. it's so minor it's ridiculous but ok, I thank you for your criticism"

I'm just curious as to how you could misinterpret inFamous's gameplay that much if you've seriously played any of the games. inFamous...a shooter? I mean, come on.
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Conzul  +   325d ago
interesting tell me, what did you think of 1 and 2?

[wait for it...wait for it...]
Crazyglues  +   325d ago
@ Conzul

Very good question, I actually loved Second Son 1 & 2 -- one more then two but here is what happened.

I started playing Infamous 1 and got bored and stopped really early on... and left the game, I was distracted easily back then.

Until one day I was on this site and someone was talking about the game and how people tend to sleep on it, because it starts off slow but it gets really good.. Like amazing..

I thought? No way.. So just for fun I went back to it, and started to unlock some really cool powers, and the rest is history.. I was hooked like a junkie - I played and played for days, just came home went straight to the game and could not believe how amazing the game was.. -By the time I had to make the decision as Cole to save Trish, I could not stop playing... I loved that game... Loved it, from that part all the way to the end was amazing.. Done so well..

2 I liked also but I felt more bad-ass in 1 and like the story was flowing better in 1, but still enjoyed infamous 2... (part of the reason I bought second son even though I'm not really a fan of this new character they made) Really thought Cole was Bad-ass -(and thought it would have been cool to bring him back somehow for this one)

But I love the franchise so it was a no-brainier, I'm going to give them the benefit and trust they will make an awesome game.
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xHeavYx  +   325d ago
"I actually loved SECOND SON 1 & 2"...
Wow, you never played Infamous, did you?
Conzul   325d ago | Bad language | show
AceBlazer13  +   325d ago
Someone told you people sleep on an infamous game, especially at the beginning ? Bullshit. The reason people can't take you or nykilla seriously is because you guys try to come off as non bias then completely show your bias. Now this wouldn't be a problem if it were two games on completely different levels, but you guys rather than acknowledge the 2 games you find it necessary to make your choice look better by belittling the other. Infamous gets boring/repetitive, titanfall bringing anything new to the table. Fuck outta here.

Btw, really? Second son 1 and 2?
nykilla  +   325d ago
Well, I own both consoles so there is no battle for me but I'm definitely getting Titanfall and IF Infamous scores over an 7.5 averaged between gaming websites then I will get it. I played the Titanfall beta and I have never played such a well balanced game. Not sure I agree on the graphics comparison, unless you've played Titanfall you would know the game looks amazing and the beta had a lower resolution than the final product. Infamous looks good but the game play did not look that appealing to me. I just hope Sucker Punch didnt make the game dazzle with graphics but crappy game play. The 10 minute video I watched looked extremely boring and honestly I didnt see much "next gen" in it but hopefully I am wrong. We will see
xHeavYx  +   325d ago
It's kind of dumb to get a game based on scores, at least play a demo or something
DragonKnight  +   325d ago
He's a fanboy. He thinks KZ:SF sucks, but Ryse is perfect. Titanfall is the most fun game he's ever played, but InFAMOUS is something he'll pass on if it score 7.5 or less. He's a clear fanboy of epic proportions.
Shadowsteal  +   325d ago
You are an Xbox fanboy in every sense of the word. Let's see what's next gen about Infamous, 1080p 30fps(due to open world) destructible environments, insane particle effects, actually good graphics and lighting, pushes the one of a kind infamous experience in every respect. If you haven't played infamous then you can't comment and say its "repetitive". What makes titanfall or any other online shooter not repetitive? The first match and the 1000th match won't be any different.

Titanfall's next gen qualities 6 vs 6 yet can't do 1080p 60fps despite using a 8 year old engine. 360 and Xbox one version has the same resolution and fps, so no reason to get xboxone version. Graphics don't look next gen whatsoever, there are tons of last gen and even Wii U games that look better than Titanfall. So tell me what is it, that Titanfall does to "break new ground" because all it adds is mechs and parkour. I mean come on, they still use the source engine. It pisses me of that Xbox gamers will hype anything to high heaven, its a 720p game that can only handle 12 players. And because it has multiplayer bam its better than all single player games? Xbox gamers ruin gaming I swear. They buy games based on if it has multiplayer or not. Nintendo and Sony buy games because of its appeal, the joy of relating to characters, videogames are art. Don't shit on a game like infamous because its single player. Not every game needs multiplayer, but apparently its a requirement for Xbox gamers.

I'll be playing Ff14 with my friends on ps4 all summer long once it drops for ps4. While Xbox gamers play titan fall. Watch you guys call ff14 repetitive too. Smh.
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Megaton  +   325d ago
Where do you find these people, Microsoft?
Malphite  +   324d ago
Please explain to me why would anyone compare those two games? It doesn't make any sense to me.

One is a online first person shooter and the other is an offline open world third person action game.
iceman06  +   324d ago
Because...umm...MS vs. Sony...internetz..."contr oversy"....da prize....umm...yeah...You are totally correct.
As you said, online FPS vs offline open world action title...makes all the sense in the world!!! /s
beebap  +   324d ago
My thoughts on titanfall are not great because im not male so mechs dont make me go all funny and if it as repetetive as cod and not much to it then no for me.It not because it online shooter because recently been enjoying battlefield multiplayer as normally for fps only ever played two matches or so on cod once in a blue moon.Im really bad at cod but dont mind in battlefield as there is more to it tahn killing. So im more sp player so biased that way but really want to infamous a go as the graphics look next gen and want to see what ps4 can do with open world games so far.

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