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What I'm Wanting and expecting at E3 this year

As we close in on another E3 I have an optimistic outlook on what's coming up, I am waiting on a few big announcements and most are from Microsoft. However I am certainly hoping for certain games and peripherals to be announced as well.


1.Slim Xbox 360---They are going to re-brand themselves and help this console cycle last longer

2.Project Natal---I am loving this new tech, MS hasn't shown their hand with this yet, unlike Sony's "Move"

3.The Xbox 360 Slim bundled with Project Natal, The biggest rumor is bundled together for $250 or $299

4.3-D gaming and movies--I am not a fan of this new 3-D fad, but I know something is in the works for MS.

5.Gears Of War 3---The first two Gears games sold more then 12 million units, I want to hear details, so far I like the idea of the Double barrel shotguns and dedicated servers

6.Halo Reach--The biggest game of the year is going to be Halo Reach, I want some new details

7.Microsoft Portable---This could very well be the biggest surprise at E3, a hand held system from MS

8.Fable 3---I love the Fable series and I am very interested in seeing what this new chapter holds

9.Natal Games, now most people are writing Natal off (or MS haters anyway) as a "Mini game" or "Casual gamer" device, but with "Rare" "Konami" "Microsoft Studios" "Lionhead Studios" "EA" all working on projects to use with Natal, I suspect it will have a lot more applications then just casual stuff. Rumor has it a Metal Gear Solid game, Ghost Recon, Fable 3 we know will work with it. So I am excited.

10.Crackdown 2---This underrated game could be a sleeper hit, the stylish graphics and sandbox gameplay are addicting

11.Dead or Alive game--This rumor is running crazy these days

12.Killer Instinct 3---Another Rumor, but would be amazing to see

13.Ninja Gaiden----This is almost a certainty at this point, new Ninja Gaiden game, whats not to love?

14.Forza 4--Could Microsoft really get 3 Forza games out before Sony get's GT out? Yes!

15.Lost Odyssey 2--This will most likely happen and be announced

16.Blue Dragon 2---A great RPG series and a sequel I've been looking forward to for a long time.

17.Final Fantasy Versus will be announced as being no longer a Sony Exclusive.

Now on to


1. The 3-DS--Word is it's a portable gamecube with 3-D, 3-D without wearing glasses. There is a switch to turn it off though, So I am very interested to see where this is going.

2.Zelda, a new Zelda game is going to be announced this E3 and I am looking forward to it.

3.Luigi's Mansion sequel possibly?

4.Mario Kart racing 2--The first one was amazing and I really cant wait for this

5.Metroid, other M--This game has had me drooling since last year

6.Mad World 2---The First one was amazing, too bad it didn't sell too well, but an amazing game

7.Resident Evil game---We know ones coming out

8.New colors? Here's hoping for all the flashy colors Nintendo Promised us years ago

9.Starfox game? That would be nice and it is a rumor

10.Some sort of update to their outdated online service and any addition to a credible voice chat system

11.F-Zero--Need's to make a Wii Appearance

12.Kid Icarus--Could be a great title if they do it right on the Wii
Now on to


1.Resistance 3-Will be announced

2.Killzone 3--*Sigh*

3.Infamous 2---We wont see much on it, and it wont be out this year, but expect to see something on it

4.Playstation Wiimote...err I mean "Move"--- Party games anyone? Wii HD anyone?

5.Little Big Planet 2--Even though they said they wouldn't make a sequel because it would alienate the fans

6.Gran Turismo 5? Maybe.......

7.PSP2, after the flop of the "PSP GO" last year and with Nintendo coming out with a new Hand Held and possibly Microsoft as well, Sony is most likely going to come out with their own successor. Here's hoping it's not a $400 hand held.

8.Socom 4- After the disappointing Socom confrontation and MAG they have gone back to what they are best at. Hopefully there is a "Campaign mode" in this new one and a bigger emphasis on "graphics" Traditionally the Socom games aren't big on the "Pretty"

9.New PSN--Paid service that might be able to compete with XBL. New interface and features, servers, party chat, improved cat servers that sound good etc...

10.Agent--We finally get to hear and probably see something from this game.

The other big thing I am hoping for is.....

The announcement of STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!!!!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was my first online game and how I got into clan gaming, it's been 5 years and nothing has come out for next generation consoles yet. Production has been halted due to studios closing, thanks to terrible games (Haze, Lord of The Rings Conquest, Socom Confrontation) When we saw the leaked video of what was going to be SWBF3, it was amazing. I am looking forward to this very much.

All in all it's Microsoft's year to lose, they sat back and weathered the storm from Sony last year and now they get to make their move, slim 360, Natal, games almost every month. possible hand held....It's not there time to shine.

However there is something for every gamer to enjoy, no matter what your preference. I'd be interested in hearing some comments as to what some of you guys are looking forward to possibly be seeing at this years E3.
Till then Happy gaming!

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The 10th Rider2953d ago

Remove Super Mario Galaxy 2 (it comes out before then,) and I'd only expect a new Mario Kart if it was coming out for the 3DS, I'd also add Kid Icarus, F-Zero, and Luigi's Mansion.

Jacobite2953d ago

Hope the E3 don't go overboard with Natal and the PS Move thingy , just buy a Wii. lol Thats right it goes down with the old folks keeping fit (inlaws). Seems it will be good E3 for all : ) Bit harsh on Haze not a great game yes, average at best Ok for bargain basement. Can't see 3D go well till you don't need those dam glasses.Good list though.

crapgamer2953d ago

Thanks, I know Natal gets it's own conference, so the regular MS conference should just showcase other things and games. As for Haze, it got labeled the "Halo Killer" unfortunately and the reviews were so bad the company went out of business, right in the middle of developing Star Wars Battlefront 3. I agree with the stupid 3-D glasses thing. I wont be wearing them. I also don't see the average person wasting money on 3-D and wearing glasses either.

@The 10th Rider
Yeah, I'll do that bro. I do think they will announce a Mario Kart Wii 2 though.

zachattackary2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

possibly showing off how the playstation eye can do many similar things to what Project Natal does, as seen with the upcoming game: Kung-fu Live.

Oh... And it would be nice if sony introduced support for autostereoscopic TVs so you don't need glasses.

booni32952d ago

I 2 woild like to see glasses free 3d at work. furthermore, i am thoroughly excited for both natal and move. cant wait to see what sony has up there sleeves, but i'd get natal for the voice command and controller free browsing alone LOL!!

naw just kidding, it has to have games i want 2.

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