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Polygon's Nintendo Nightmare

Let me start off by saying that Mr. Kuchera's views are probably not representative of the entirety of Polygon. I always find that gamers tend to associate one person's review or statement with the entirity of the site/company, and this isn't usually the case. That said, I find his statements to be an additional footnote to the laughable incompetency that Polygon trails.

The article in question is this:

Kuchera starts off by claiming that Mario Kart's sales potential is neutered by its exclusivity to the Wii U. In a literal sense, he is correct. If this game, or any game for that matter, came out on more than one platform it would probably sell more on two platforms than one. The problem with this though, is the overall sales potential of these other platforms isn't even considered. Let's say Nintendo wanted to publish Mario Kart 8 on all six platforms (360, One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and PC). First, we would have to deduct multiple console owners who already own a Wii U in addition to one or more of the 5 other platforms. These people probably own the system for exclusives, and already planned on buying Mario Kart 8, even if they would've rather seen it on something else. Then, we would have to consider how family-oriented games sell on additional non-Nintendo platforms. Then, we would also have to factor in the cost of porting and optimizing the game on these platforms. When the lead console is the Wii U itself, the only console with a similar architecture is the Xbox 360, the others would require extensive optimization to run acceptably. Knowing that the desire for family friendly games on these other platforms is limited, knowing the strenuous task of porting and optimizing the game for 5 different platforms will require a lot of money and time, and knowing that you're removing one of your console's biggest selling points and giving it away... is it worth it in the end? The funny thing is, he brings up how well Watch_Dogs sold because it was on 5 platforms, but then doesn't consider how much more money Mario Kart 8 is returning over its investment versus Watch_Dogs. That's something I'm genuinely curious to see.

Kuchera continues:

"Even assuming the game will cause systems to move, it’s likely to be the worst-selling game in the existence of the series."

This is what we call a false argument. He infers something with conditional evidence. He not only assumes that the console will never reach numbers sufficient enough to house software sales exceeding those of prior entries in the series, he also inadvertently assumes that the series is at its lowest state of popularity. To elaborate, in the past six years over 35 million people bought Mario Kart Wii, to say the series has never been more recognizable and played in recent years than ever before wouldn't be wrong. He goes on to link this logically ridiculous article published a few weeks ago.

The problem with this article is that it disregards what is known about the Wii U user base. Most Wii U owners are the type that buy every exclusive for the system published by Nintendo. Double Dash didn't sell its numbers over night, and the initial attach ratio over the first few days for that game was likely not far from what Mario Kart 8's was. Polygon proposed a number that was surpassed in literally 3 days because they accounted for an additional user base they're also saying probably won't exist. The series has only increased in popularity over the years, on both handhelds and home consoles, and this isn't even put into consideration. It's almost like they want to have their proverbial Nintendo negativity cake and eat it, too. I'm not saying the Wii U is by any means a sleeping success, but the continual increase in attach ratio is something to consider with such a bold claim.

Then he explodes into a huge hypothetical situation in which Nintendo wastes time remaking games on other platforms. He proposes the idea that Nintendo should make HD remakes of every decent Mario game ever and release them on every current platform as one big package. Because showing off 15 year old games will sell your current platform, right? As a core concept, advertising within other platforms to promote your own is not a bad idea and something Nintendo themselves are looking to explore with mobiles. But devoting entire software teams to remakes of games most people have already played, when they already have trouble filling a calendar with releases for their own two platforms? That's a deeply flawed and superficial solution. He talks about all the money they could make doing this and how super cool it would be to play Mario on a PS4. This vision of the company is the least desirable aside from them exclusively making mobile games. Churning out Mario remakes on platforms that largely don't even want their games? The issue I have is that he literally acts like Nintendo is on the brink of bankruptcy. He's talking about money they don't even desperately need. He talks more like a shareholder than a gamer that would BUY a system that has games he wants on it. Nintendo going multi-platform would make their hardware business irredeemable, and since they're a company that actually sells hardware for a profit in due time, that's where a decent percentage of revenue comes from.

Nintendo needs progression, and this is literally the opposite.

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randomass1711477d ago

You know how there's always that one source of "doom and gloom" where the lack of logic and reason goes a tad too far? The topic of your blog is most certainly one of those times. Good blog and well done.

MightyNoX1476d ago

Well, Kuchera and Gies are the face of Polygon and their anti-everything except MS is prevalent in most of their articles. Hell, Kuchera is the editor of those other articles so let that sink in.

I know they're often mocked but Jason Schreier from Kotaku would often interact with the fans how his views do not mesh with some of his colleagues (like that guy who thanked EA for Microtranscations), thus far we've had none of that with Polygon and until they do, Gamers have no reason not to believe they don't have an agenda.

dedicatedtogamers1476d ago

There's also that whole - you know - thing where Microsoft gave their site 1/2 a million bucks to "film a documentary" about how their site was created, or something like that...

Concertoine1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

750,000 for that circlejerk actually :P

Like they even needed that much. Ive seen great movies with half that budget.

-Foxtrot1476d ago

Yeah...they pretty much do this to anyone, not just Nintendo

You know...except for Microsoft though

Although from time to time they do review other things fairly so they don't look completely biased.

I mean I still remember reading that 7.5 review score for the Last of Us where nothing he wrote made sense. One of the key points were that the weapon sway was "off"...even though weapon sway is a thing you have to upgrade in the game.

gamerfan09091476d ago

I don't get this claim that Polygon is this big Microsoft laced site, especially since it's ironic that 95 percent of the websites linked to this site have obvious bias intentions. If you actually read the site, keep up with the reviews, and actually follow the editors you'll see that each systems games are fairly reviewed. They've given more Playstation and Nintendo games higher ratings or equal ratings to Microsoft games. This accusation unfound and is based off of a review in which they gave a game a 7.5 which is no where near bad. If you're calling Polygon out for being a biased website, then point out 90 percent of the sites linked on here or point out N4G.

-Foxtrot1476d ago


"specially since it's ironic that 95 percent of the websites linked to this site have obvious bias intentions"

Not really, if you have a ton of articles from all over the web stating pretty much the same things then maybe thats just how it is.

N4G is called a lot of names but people forget it just houses articles from all over the web, it doesn't create them.

Concertoine1476d ago


It isn't so much that i find them biased... just that they have a lot of very poor writers. A lot of their reviews are very inarticulate and seem more of a pretentious showcase of middling vocabulary than a comprehensive review. This is especially the case with TLOU, which is honestly the worst review i've ever read from a major site, and that's not because of the score.

I mean an opinion such as the one on the topic of this blog is not something i'd expect from a big name site. More like an impulsive forum post.

MightyNoX1475d ago

@gamersfan: The claim comes from having done stupid crap like rating multi-platform games on PS4 LOWER than the Xbox One version because of things like 'they're too pretty' or 'too many fps impacts gameplay'

They've also actively downplayed any lead the PS4 has had in the consecutive months.

And finally, need I link the infamous Kuchera article where he stated fans are powerless to stop Microsoft(that's not even mentioning how these two are often insulting PS4/Nintendo fans on Twitter and praising MS to the sky)

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1475d ago
miyamoto1475d ago

Headshots fired!

100% agree!

Kotaku, Eurogamer and Polygon will join the False Prophet and the Beast inside the bottomless pit abyss.

hellzsupernova1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Alright so I read the article he wrote and I really do not see the problem with it. He is right with the amount of WiiU's in the wild this will be the worst selling Mario Kart game, He praises them as having the best games in the business. I really do not see the issues.

Only time will tell if he is right or not, it is just an opinion piece and should be taken as one.

Granted Polygons bias towards Microsoft

Concertoine1475d ago

Did you read my rebuttal of that point? The attach ratio of the series has only gone up over the past twenty years. Also you say "not a lot of wii u's in the wild" but we don't know if that'll always be the case. The number they projected was smashed in 3 days because their guesstimate made no sense. Polygon averages all platforms (including HANDHELDS, whose attach ratio is irrelevant to the wii u). But really, the only important thing to note is the attach ratio.

Snes: 17.84%
N64: 29.97%
GC: 31.97%
Wii: 35.17% and counting

This means if the Wii U sold even a meager 20 million before it was abandoned, that's more than Double Dash, Super circuit and the SNES game... aka far from worst selling. For all i know i could be wrong, but that percentage Polygon gave was pointless.

So you think them remaking every mario game ever and releasing it on every platform will be a surefire sales tactic? I mean that's what he's mainly saying. And i refute that as well.

BlueTemplar1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

"So you think them remaking every mario game ever and releasing it on every platform will be a surefire sales tactic? I mean that's what he's mainly saying. And i refute that as well."

I think they'd be incredibly successful - Nintendo make quality games that would sell on any platform, there just arent enough of them to convince many people to purchase a WiiU.

And I say all this a WiiU owner myself - I know literally nobody else who has bought one but would be all over Mario, etc if they released on the consoles they did own.

Even owning a WiiU, given the option I'd MUCH rather play their games on my PS4 instead as I prefer sticking to the one console where I can.

So yeah, to sum up - i think it would be a massively successful sales tactic.

EDIT: Agreed about Kuchera and Polygon's credibility though - terrible site, with terrible writers

Concertoine1474d ago


The problem is he thinks releasing OLD games on other platforms is a good tactic to sell NEW hardware. He also proposes the idea of nintendo becoming software only, but like i said, the money to be made there is not as big as it seems. The main reason being they would stop making revenue from hardware which is a much bigger portion of profit for them compared to MS or Sony. Add in the slower development cycle across multiple platforms and the cost of porting and you aren't making as much momey as you they'd make.

BlueTemplar1474d ago

They needn't consume the cost of the porting though - they could farm that out to a third-party like Sony have done with some of their older titles and take a cut of the profit from the sales.

Theres huge potential being wasted here at the moment I think, they have such a rich back catalogue of quality games but dont even seem interested in bringing them to their own system at the moment - the virtual console could easily be a real rival to the arcade titles available on PSN/XBLA but at the moment is far too bare.

Concertoine1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )


Well then its just that... a CUT of the sales. On their own hardware they make back 100% of the sales (except for whatever it is the retailer gets). No matter how you put it they aren't making more money. I don't even need to just say that you have a selfish mindset, because you said it yourself when you said "i prefer to stick to one console." Sorry to your friends, but that's how the world works. You either buy the absolute cheapest console this gen, the wii u's price is comparable to that of 9 year old hardware being sold for a killing, to play the games you want or you don't play them.

Just a question but are you aware of the Wii virtual console? It has N64, Genesis, Neo Geo, Commodore 64, Turbo Grafx-16 and more... that sounds more like what youre looking for. I imagine Nintendo is waiting to shut down the Wii completely before switching over all those games en masse.

You are right in regards to the VC's wasted potential, but i seriously doubt that that potential is any more likely to be utilized on a different system.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1474d ago
BlueTemplar1474d ago

Sorry, but you're logic is deeply flawed. What I said was they could take a cut of the sales from ports if they mitigated the cost of developing them to other studios. They would only get 100% of the profit if they developed the ports themselves, which would cost significant money and resource.

Not to mention the fact that by releasing on other consoles, they'd be increasing their potential audience by literally 10s (if not 100s) of millions (80m PS3, 80m 360, 7m PS4, 4m XBO).

As for the idea that it's "selfish" to want to play all my games on a single system, what you'll actually find is that it's a PREFERENCE. We're entitled to have preferences, it doesnt make us selfish or bad people.

Also, why is it selfish to want more people to have the opportunity to play these games anyway?? It seems to be yourself that wants to force people to have to purchase your console of choice to play them.

I am aware of the Wii VC, but given I have a WiiU that's not of great relevance to me, and very little consolation.

SpiralTear1474d ago

You know what sells consoles? Really good games that are also exclusive to that system. No one will buy a console over another for a multi-platform game. No one. Exclusives, really good and well-marketed exclusives will sell consoles.

Case in point: Mario Kart 8. Kuchera rambles on and on about how Nintendo should go third-party, yet every time the concrete evidence of Mario Kart 8 actually selling Wii U consoles appears he says, "yeah, they did sell really well, but..."

It's a spoiled attitude for anyone who's jealous of an awesome exclusive not being on their console of choice and it's even worse coming from a guy who works for a press website and has instant access to the console in question. In Kuchera's situation, it's not jealousy. It's just being a fanboy.

You want to play Uncharted? You don't beg Sony to put it on Xbox 360. You buy a PS3. That's how exclusives work, have worked, and always will work. Kuchera just wasted a URL on the internet with this trash.

Warj1474d ago

Your last paragraph (in regards to exclusivity) is excellent.