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Fanboys will it ever end? the Metal Gear Solid HD collection on Xbox360

No matter what the fanboys might say it is a GOOD THING THAT the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is coming to BOTH the PS3 and XBOX360.

The fact is that many traditional Playstation gamers did move over to Xbox360. not all but many did.
There will be a lot of Xbox360 gamers that will be very happy to play there favorite Metal Gear Solid games on the Xbox360 and earn achievements for them all while talking to their friends that will be enjoying the games at the same time.

I ask some of you Playstation fans what exactly is wrong with that? are some you actually mad that more gamers will be able to experience the greatness that is Metal Gear some for the first time?
Are some of you fanboys actually that narrow minded ?

The argument about the sales of the Xbox version of Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance is a weak one simply because that was a completely different generation and when online was not yet a big issue for console gamers.

This generation many gamers that grew up on both Nintendo and Playstation have moved over to the Xbox360.

Most gamers believe that Nintendo lost support from many of its older hardcore base with its terrible online and casual direction and the PS3 frankly did too little too late when it came to online functionality especially in the earlier days of the current generation.

I have been a gamer for over 30 years.

My first gaming console was the Atari2600 I quickly moved on to the N.E.S. and thats when I became completely addicted to videogames. My first addiction was the Legend of Zelda.

I favored the SNES over the Sega Genesis but both were great gaming machines for their time.

I didnt care much for the N64 ( I know a lot of 20s somethings here at N4G luv the N64 ) and moved over to the Playstion 1 back in the 32-bit era and then came Metal Gear Solid and that changed EVERYTHING for me as a gamer.

At that time I was a devout Playstion gamer but I also liked the Sega Saturn with its excellent arcade ports of the Street fighter games and excellent exclusives.
Heck I still miss my beloved Dreamcast but that heartbreak is better left for another blog altogether.
I stayed with the Playstation brand through the PS2 era but still enjoyed the Xbox with games like Splinter Cell and Fable.

This generation I bought A shiny new PS3 the day that Metal Gear Solid 4 was released. as a long time metal gear fan it was worth it just for that one game but then I tried to get more out of the PS3 online games at that time and I found myself more and more interested in what the Xbox360 had to offer at least with its online component.
I bought the 360 about a year after my PS3 and I found myself using it for my online gaming almost constantly all the while my PS3 collected dust until Uncharted 2 was released. Then I went right back to gaming on the Xbox360 and never stopped.

I decided that Sure the PS3 has some great exclusives but the Xbox360 had everything else covered. with its own kool exlusives like Gears of War and Fable to all the same 3rd party games that the PS3 had.

My point? things change in life and if you are a gamer the world changes at a much faster rate than any other hobby in existence.

Do I still like Nintendo ? yes. Do I still think highly of the Playstation brand ? very much so. Do I enjoy gaming on the Xbox360 more than I did the PS3? YES.
WHY ? because things change my friends thats why.

Let me put it this way. I think that Epic should release a Gears of War collection on blue-ray for PS3.
Why ? so that more gamers can experience another very fun 3rd person shooter to go along with Uncharted thats why.

Ya see kids? its not soo difficult to stop the fanboy BS and hate.

We are all gamers and the world as a whole looks at us in a different light than so-called "normal" people.

People that dont like or even understand videogames hate on gamers. SO why do gamers enjoy hating on each other?

Why do some gamers insist on hating other gamers?

What the hell is the point?

Why decide to be a blind fanboy instead of enjoying other gamers opinions and getting to know more of the very same people that like videogames just as much as you?

PC elitists hate on console gamers. Playstation fanboys hate on Xbox360 gamers it goes on and on , round and round.

If you are older than 18 and are still a fanboy hating on other gamers then you need to grow up and mature and join in with people that understand your chosen hobby instead of wasting valuable time and energy hating on your fellow gamers.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2400d ago

Im not mad that xbox is getting the Hd collection, I mean should i be? I don't see whats the problem.

clockworkrazor2400d ago

I agree.

My whole point is that there shouldnt be a problem.

darthv722399d ago

Clockwork, you sound like me in many ways. I play the games not the systems. If a game i want to play is on a system I dont own....I get that system. Not that it should matter to anyone (other than my wife) but I actually enjoy collecting the various systems because of their diverse selection of games.

The whole MGS thing...hell the MSX and NES had the first two metal gear games so should nintendo fans be upset they arent getting the MGSHD collection? I'm sure the wii/wii-u could run it.

Anyway, my collection of MGS games spans 3 different systems. GC (mgs1:twin snakes), Xbox (mgs2:substance) and ps3 (mgs4). If I choose to get the whole collection on the 360 or ps3 then it is my choice. Many will disagree but they really dont have a right to because it is MY CHOICE.

Old school fanboys existed long before the snes/genesis days. Yes there were ones in the 2600/coleco/intelivision days. There just wasnt a way to be heard on a global scale like there is now. What gets me is the full on ridicule one side does to the other without any real compelling arguments as to why.

It is all opinion and not fact that drives these gamers to do what they do. I dont have anything against someone having an opinion so long as they dont try and force that opinion on me as some sort of fact. Yet here we are.....

bozebo2398d ago

"diverse selection of games"

Not that diverse this gen.

theonlylolking2399d ago

I am just fine as long as they dont get MGS4.

NJShadow2399d ago

I agree, the Metal Gear Solid franchise is an epic one, and it'll be nice to see others just as perplexed, yet infatuated with the story like we are, it's fantastic.

Now what does puzzle me, is how someone could choose the SNES over the Genesis. ;)

SilentNegotiator2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Is anyone really going to be annoyed if MGS4 is on the third Xbox?

e-p-ayeaH2399d ago

As long it gets trophies on ps3 i guess not lol

SageHonor2399d ago

Wow people are actually mad that the 360 is getting MGS collection? How pathetic.

Thats just as pathetic as the people arguing and debating over Deus Ex's loading time comparisons

pixelsword2398d ago

I agree with you sage, but who are these people? Although I haven't been rummaging through the threads, I haven't heard anyone being upset.

PantherDST2399d ago

Not sure what circle of friends you hang with, but I've never heard anyone complain about MGS HD being on Xbox.

mastiffchild2399d ago

Me neither. In fact the only stupid comments i've had are a couple of idiots who said they didn't want it because the series was "just cutscenes" and "glorified movies" that have no gameplay or place on "their" system. I guess there will be a number of PS3 fantards who'' say that the series doesn't belong on Xbox but when MGS2 and 3 have already appeared on Xbox what's the big loss anyway? ONE PSP game that a ton of PS3 gamers never got the chance to play yet anyway?

As I say, though, there just isn't an issue here-none at all -and if a few on either side are unhappy about it they can keep themselves warm by ignoring the whole thing, no?

outwar60102399d ago

how i always love the mgs cut scenes

blackburn102399d ago

Yeah, were did you get that. Why is it because about 5 people complain about something that automatically means we are all mad about it? Why should we care? The games in MGS HD are at least a decade old and more. Why should that bother me?

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