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An Xbox-only Gamer's Move to Playstationation

As the sun sets on the current generation, I reflect on the last 7 years of my gaming life. I was a spritely 14 year old when I got a 360 in 2006. I saw some great times with the 360. I think about my love for the fable series (fable III is a myth), the friends I made playing the gears series, and hell, I was just playing halo 3 the Thursday before PS4 launch. I've also had brief run ins with Playstation. Played PS1 at friend's houses, owned a ps2 for 9 days (only had pro evolution soccer) and played extended glimpses of the PS3. But I guess the my move permanent move to PS, was a while in the making. Being wowed by Little Big Planet in 2008 was the first thought I had where I went "I should get a ps3"; never did, though.
I never had the money and my friends were almost all on the xbox.

The years following 2009 however, I started to really question Microsoft's commitment to the xbox. Console only experiences started to dry up, indie initiative got lazy and the fundamental swindle of the kinect solidified my mind last year that the PS4 was the way to go but I'm nothing if not fair. So when I heard about the xbox one event coming in may, I marked it as Microsoft's last chance to get me back again. It was uneventful, and I decided I'm still going with the PS4. It wasn't until Microsoft's original anti-gamer, publisher stroking drm policies that I felt insulted.I had supported the xbox for years, and I felt like it didn't really matter as microsoft was ready to impose their vision on their fanbase without a hint of foresight. I was actively in disbelief at the utter disconnectedness Microsoft had actually fallen into. They truly were out of touch with their customers.

Cue Sony's e3 press conference. They absolute shinning moment when the secured beyond a doubt my loyalty. They got it. They actually understood what gamers wanted. It wasn't lip service and although it was possible that sony was going down the same route as MS, but their willingness to come out at against a trend (drm) that would be so easy for them to remain complacent with, was huge. It said, "we've heard our community, and we want to do right by them." Well, that was an ideology I bought. I bought that commitment. And I wanted to be part of that community.

Well now I am, and resogun isn't going to obsessively play itself.

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Nicaragua1616d ago

Welcome to the awesome club.

NewMonday1615d ago


this is what you can expect for a start..

not to mention better quality on every 3rd party game.

jackanderson19851615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

except Fifa, NBA, NFL, NFS.. they're the same quality if i'm not mistaken?

also a number of the Platform/PC devs have said they're considering an xbox one port now that MS got rid of the DRM, has the [email protected] programme and has dropped the fees for updates just to keep it fair

(yes i realise the pic says only announced but you know keeping people informed of other things is also nice)

RyuCloudStrife1615d ago

PlayStation is the best M$ did a heck of a job for SONY.

I never owned an Xbox and NEVER will. I always been Ninty and PlayStation, but Nintendo is also out of touch with the hardcore so I only have SONY.

I wonder when will Nintendo get its head straight....

ThatCanadianGuy5141616d ago

You won't regret it.Especially as time goes by, and xbox support fades out.

I was a HUGE xbox gamer in the xbox/PS2 days.Jade empire, KOTOR 1/2, Halo 1/2, BF: Modern combat.Man, those were my bread and butter back in the day.

They dropped all support when 360 came out, so i had no choice but to "jump in" But i ended up jumping right the hell out around 2009 when i seen where they were going with that project Natal nonsense.Glad i did.PS3 since then has been incredible.Just non stop amazing games.

Looking forward to the next full gen of PS4!

Stringerbell1616d ago

Well at least you can always go back should you regret your purchase. Us SEGA peeps pretty much became refugees.

Fireseed1616d ago

Idk what you're talking about. You act as if the Dreamcast isn't still the greatest game console ever made.

Fireseed1615d ago


That's not how you spell Dreamcast, dude.

DragonKnight1615d ago

Then why didn't you spell it SNES?

iliimaster1615d ago

i love my dreamcast and still dust off the box it came in and just hold it for about 10 mins every so often

Welcome2Die1615d ago

You're both wrong, PS2 FTW.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1616d ago

If Sony in the future makes their PS3 games available on the PS4 store I recommend getting The Last Of Us, Journey, God Of War and Uncharted. Some mighty fine games you may have missed out on and totally worth getting in my opinion.

Chuk51615d ago

I have my fingers crossed for a hi-res port of TLOU. Right now loving Sound Shapes. Beck? Platformers? Music game? All my favourite things intersecting :)
PS4 is a great console thus far.

HarryMasonHerpderp1615d ago

Yeah hopefully you will get a chance to play it, I think it's one of the best games this gen (well last gen now). I love Sound Shapes! I play that game on my Vita all the time!
I'm still waiting for my PS4 (I live in the UK)
but I'm really exciting to get my hands on one eventually.
Anyway have fun with your PS4 and and happy gaming!

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The story is too old to be commented.