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Available PS3 beta registrations

ChronoJoe | 2007d ago
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Thought this consolidation of information may be useful, or interesting to some people. Some of the betas are for PC and/or 360 too.

DC Universe Online

A fantasy, super hero based MMO, developed by Sony Entertainment. Featuring the cast of, DC Comics, including favourites like Superman and Batman. Create your own hero, and fight to save, or enslave the world.


Test Drive Unlimited 2

A driving game, focusing heavily on the freedom, and social aspects of driving. You need to register on the site itself, before you're able to sign up for the beta - in this case.


Final fantasy XIV

Another MMO - this one's based off of the Final Fantasy universe. Similar to most Western MMOs, I suppose - but with stuff like Chocobos as mounts.

The Agency

A co-operative first person shooter, focused around the world of espionage. MMO-like.

PES 2011

I'm sure everyone knows what PES is, bit weird to see a beta for a sports title... but eh, I figured I'd list it regardless. Hit the link to sign up, if interested.

thorstein  +   2006d ago
The Final Fantasy one asked for a code
ChronoJoe  +   2005d ago
"Only customers using security tokens are required to enter a one-time password."

You have to create a square enix, account. You do not need to use a code to log in once you've created an account, unless you've selected to use 'securitty tokens', I'm not even sure what security tokens are. I certainly didn't use any code to sign up.
thorstein  +   2002d ago
I just got this message. Damn it. Oh, well. I guess I will have to wait.
Red-Blitz  +   2005d ago
thank you :)
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