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Submission Approval and Reporting Guidelines

A keystone to the succeess of N4G success is the ability for our community to help ensure the correctness of submitted content as well as help direct the type of content they would like to see approved. Please note the following items as it pertains to reporting and approving submissions on N4G.

.: Approval Power
Contributors have a varying level of approval power based on their Contributor Rank. The approval power starts at 1 and goes up to 5. Moderators and higher level staff members may outright approve (or fail) any submission.


.: Approval Process
Once a submission is created, it is placed into pending. Pending submissions have 2 days to get approved. A submission starts with requiring 10 approvals from the community to get approved and, over time, goes down to needing as few as only 3 approvals from the community. A submission that is unable to garner enough approvals within the 2 days will be automatically failed.

Please note that our submission guidelines -- -- mention that resubmitting failed content is not allowed. Once something is failed, it can only be moved back into pending or otherwise modified via moderator action.


.: When to Approve a Submission
The purpose of the approval process is not only to allow our users the ability to decide what type of news they would like to see and how quickly, but it is also to ensure that contributors who submit content are doing so within the guidelines provided. Approving a submission should be done once a submission is found to be submitted validly, without error(s), and without any legitimate reports on it (report types of lame and other oftentimes do not require fixing by the contributor who submitted the content). Users who regularly approve content should be aware of the Submission Tutorial and Submission Guidelines .

People who approve content with obvious errors may receive warnings and, later on, restrictions for continuing to do as such.


.: Contesting Submission Reports
Any contributor who wants to contest a report made on their submission may do so via ticket at . Make sure to include the URL to the submission in question and why you do not believe the report is accurate. A moderator will review and determine the validity of the report. If it is not valid, it will be removed.


.: Site Association Approvals
Any community member who is associated with a specific news source should never approve content from that source. The core concept of N4G is to allow the community to decide on what to approve. When a person associated with a source approves content from a site they are associated with, they are acting on behalf of that source and not the N4G community. In addition, concerted efforts to push content through using friends or associates are not allowed and may result in moderator action if discovered.


.: Personal Agendas
Persons who use the reporting system to serve a personal agenda against a specific source or user may find themselves restricted from reporting submissions. Furthermore, it should be noted that all communication guidelines -- -- apply to the reporting section of the site.


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