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Secret Santa Contest Winners & Answers

Santa has come and gone around the world. Many deals were to be had for good boys, girls, and synthetic life forms. And, in the mix of it, we also gave what we could, including some notable video game characters. We asked you to figure out who gave what item with a chance at a $100 Amazon Gift Card for five winners. Here are the winners:


Special congratulations to DarkOcelet, who was the only person to get all 30 correct.


So, how well did you guys do in determining who gave what gift? Just in case you forgot, here is what everyone got:

1. Adam was gifted a set of red, blue, and yellow energy cores
2. Aurora was gifted a cybernetic arm
3. Delsin was gifted a necklace with two small metal gears dangling from it
4. Doll was gifted a blueprint for making a beer hat
5. Drifter was gifted a fake mustache collection
6. Elma was gifted a large, dark indigo feather
7. Faust was gifted a spinning top stuck in a time loop
8. Felix was gifted a legionnaires helmet
9. Geralt was gifted a mirrored shield
10. Griffin was gifted a Spanish artifact
11. Henry was gifted a small vial of black liquid on a chain
12. Ikora was gifted a set of cans of spraypaint
13. J.D. was gifted a small stone in the shape of a tear
14. Jack was gifted a Choose Your Own Adventure book
15. Jameson was gifted a copy of the Hippocratic Oath in a paper bag
16. Joule was gifted a bottle of cherry cordial
17. Lara was gifted a holographic armband
18. Lincoln was gifted a golden bracelet and a silver bracelet
19. Naru was gifted a small glass crown
20. Nathan was gifted a statue of a greek goddess
21. Nick was gifted a silver arrow
22. Nikandreos was gifted a Native-American totem
23. Nikola was gifted a cowboy hat
24. Rodin was gifted a Lao holofigure
25. Rook was gifted a killswitch
26. Sabrewulf was gifted a circuit board in the size, shape, and color of a heart
27. Sam was gifted a disposable camera
28. Sebastian was gifted a 1960s Playboy Magazine
29. Summer was gifted a black eye skull
30. Zenobia was gifted a climbing axe

And here are the answers:

1. Joule (ReCore): red, blue and yellow energy cores are used in her corebots.
2. Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct): he used to have two cybernetic arms, but ripped them off.
3. J.D. (Gears of War 4): a common collectible in the game are COG tags.
4. Nick (Dead Rising 3): the beer hat is a blueprint from the game.
5. Felix (Max, Curse of the Brotherhood): the final fight involves Max's brother, Felix, being taken over by Mustacho. Felix grows in size and grows a mustache, of course. He hasn't been the same since.
6. Naru (Ori, and the Blind Forest): the feather is from Kuro, the main antagonist of the game.
7. Jack (Quantum Break): it involves time manipulation, that's Jack's bag.
8. Summer (Ryse: Son of Rome): the goddess seems to have kept Marius' helmet.
9. Nikandreos (Apotheon): the mirrored shield is one of the key items you get in the game.
10. Nathan (Uncharted Series): he's got what some would say is an unhealthy habit in tracking down artifacts, including those of El Dorado and Spanish pirates.
11. Nikola (The Order: 1886): it's Blackwater.
12. Delsin (inFamous: Second Son): what would you expect from a known graffiti artist?
13. Doll (Bloodborne): a Tear Stone is a consumable in the game.
14. Zenobia (Stories: The Path of Destinies): the game itself is based on the concept of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.
15. Faust (Guilty Gear Xrd): a doctor who wears a paper bag over his head, what's not to get?
16. Geralt (The Witcher 3): a common alcohol you'll find in the game.
17. Ikora (Destiny): she's the warlock trainer and they wear cosmetic armbands, some of them have holographic imagery.
18. Rodin (Bayonetta 2): he wears a gold bracelet and 4 gold rings on one side, a silver bracelet and 4 silver rings on the other.
19. Aurora (Child of Light): when Aurora is awoken by the wishes of the people, she comes back wearing a white dress and a glass crown.
20. Sebastian (The Evil Within): there are collectible statues in the game, they are of an unspecified greek goddess (some assume it's Hera).
21. Rook (The Banner Saga): the silver arrow is used to weaken Bellower by either Rook or his daughter (assumption here is it was his daughter since he would be dead otherwise).
22. Sam (Until Dawn): Native-American totems are a common collectible in the game.
23. Griffin (Evolve): he wears one and he likes to give them as gifts as well.
24. Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X): it's something you can find late in the game, related to a former playable character.
25. Adam (Deus Ex): while killswitches are a common occurrence in the series, including the story of Human Revolution being centered around it in part, this was a reference to an item in the latest game that could allow you to save everyone at the end of Mankind Divided.
26. Drifter (Hyper Light Drifter): the story itself is developed by someone with heart disease and mirrors his battle with it as well as being the thing that the final boss comes out of at the end of the game.
27. Henry (Firewatch): Henry uses one throughout the game.
28. Lincoln (Mafia III): a collectible in the game.
29. Jameson (Halo 5): a specific collectible you can find in the game (requiring a good bit of exploring to boot).
30. Lara (Tomb Raider): it's an extra one of her climbing axes.

Contests in January 2017

While we see that an extremely few number of people participated in this contest, we are still planning two contests in January. The first will be shortly after the new year and will be a lottery for those who submit Game of the Year category nominees. The second will follow afterward and will be a contest about who can predict the winners of N4G's Game of the Year survey. So, keep an eye out for those.

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Christopher542d ago

A side note to the winners: you will be contacted by me in the next few days via Ticket.

naruga542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

seriously? so much homework /s- effort just to be part of a contest wiht just a chance to get the prize?? way ....make the quizes simpler in order to be fun to participate

Monster_Tard542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

If it was easy it wouldn't be fun and some of them were simple, so it wasn't too hard to get at least a couple entries.

coolbeans542d ago

When you get a couple more choices right than Christopher predicted you would (17/30):


Anyways, I think the one that really killed me in re-configuring my list was the cybernetic arm. Because, in my mind, A cybernetic arm made me feel as though you were leading me on. Rather than Sabrewulf's removed cybernetic arms I thought of Jack Mitchell's singular arm of CoD: Advanced Warfare. But then I thought of other "Jack" heroes who could fit into other descriptions. A similar story with Sebastian, because that's Galahad's mentor in The Order: 1886.

Christopher542d ago

What? You mean I didn't purposefully select some vague names that required a process of elimination as well as an item that most people would associate with Adam Jensen???

coolbeans542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

Perish the thought, right? No, I got that going in but I wanted to share which one's stumped me the most.

EDIT: And still got more right than you predicted. [o_o]~

Deadpooled542d ago

I thought the Cybernetic Arm was The Winter Soldier's ripped off by Iron Man.

DarkOcelet542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

Darn. It's been a while since I won something here. Cool.

Also, i want to say to the person who thought about the Hippocratic Oath in a paper bag is that he is a genius.

We need more contests like this one.

Overload542d ago

Good job getting them all right.

coolbeans542d ago

Congrats on 30/30. I really tried to strive for that, but lost the patience around the 20 mark and filled in the rest. I believe Christopher conjured up all of these. Most probably come from games he's played during this gen.

Agreed. This one was pretty enjoyable.

DarkOcelet542d ago

Congrats to you too coolbeans. The good news is that you won in the end :)

Christopher542d ago

I won't let the fact that I'm a genius go to my head :p

DarkOcelet542d ago

I gotta say I was very impressed by that one. It took me a long time to finally get it even though the answer was right in front of me.

Well done Christopher on doing this amazing contest. More game related contests are always a lovely sight.

IndominusRex542d ago

How much effort and time did you put into this?

Nu542d ago

Me I didn't even take a gander

DarkOcelet542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

I already played a majority of those games so it was easy to get the answer for at least 20 of them.

Some took a lot of thinking like the spinning top stuck in a time loop since I thought it was a spin attack move from Bayonetta 2 lol or the hippocratic oath in a paper bag which drove me crazy to figure out.

Some required heavy research to figure out even though I played the majority of the games listed above.

It was worth the time and effort.

xHeavYx541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

Neeeeeeeeeerd.... Wait, I mean, congrats =D

DarkOcelet541d ago


Can't say i disagree :P

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 541d ago
Overload542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

I was interested to see who would win it. Congrats to all who won.

Nice one, Dark Ocelot.

bluefox755542d ago

Good work winners, congrats.

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