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Official N4G Club on Xbox Live

Update: If you tried to join and got an error, keep trying or add me, ChristopherN4G, and I'll invite via friends list.

Hello, everyone.

If you're interested in gaming with your fellow N4G users on Xbox Live, you might be interested in joining the Official N4G Club on Xbox Live. It is a public group. There is a user who created a lot of private N4G clubs just to annoy us, so make sure you only join 'Official N4G Club' and not some other iteration of that.

Like the N4G Community on PS4, everyone is welcome to join and the Club is for talking about games. The rules for the club are pretty simple, stay civil, no trash talking, don't be a jerk.

If the club grows enough in size, I will assign some additional help in the form of moderators.

Thank you,

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whitesoxfalife1976557d ago

cool ill join right now be lookn fa my tag whitesoxfalife

darthv72557d ago

I can see you are a member (using xbox app on my phone)

nix557d ago

Be sure to add Rookie too. He's been a real sport here.

Septic557d ago

Let's get some games going peeps!!

BizarroUltraman557d ago

Thanks for trading Sale baby!

darthv72557d ago

there is "Official N4G Club" and one called "The Official N4G Club" since you said Official N4G Club... I will go with that one.

Christopher557d ago

Yup. Other one is the private one not official to N4G at all.

whitesoxfalife1976557d ago

i even added you as a friend chris @darth whas ya tag? ill add you too hey maybe can really get know me on xbox live

vega275557d ago

I'm trying to join but it won't allow me to. Gametag B A Baracus 75

green557d ago

Requested an invite 'GreenAvus'

cl1983557d ago (Edited 556d ago )

Will sign up in a bit

KwietStorm557d ago

Did "John" get back to you on the prize I won from July yet Christopher?

Christopher557d ago

No. I'll ask again. *sighs*

Immorals557d ago

Getting an error message when I request to join :/

vega275557d ago

Yeah I'm getting the same error. It only allows me to follow

whitesoxfalife1976557d ago

dam thas so weird i was able to get right thru wit no problems and saw darth via his app lol

Christopher557d ago

I'm having a bit of trouble with it myself. Everyone should be able to request to join. But, I can't configure anything else. About to hop on my Xbox One and see if that's better than the XBL app.

whitesoxfalife1976557d ago

hey if you make me admin i can get everyone on if you like, i have several clubs as well...well my division club and my old website club too but yeah i can help if you need me to

Immorals556d ago

Sent you a friend request, hope that works