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Malware Notices? We are Aware, and Don't Worry

Once again we are getting notices for malware. These notices are tied to other sites we link to, which is why our 'clickout' links are being flagged by Google.
This is how it works:

1. Tons of sites post links to N4G.
2. N4G links to those sites.
3. One or two sites over time implement really bad ads with malware in them (oftentimes after being sold to a third-party who does this on purpose).
4. Google detects this and also flags sites who link to those sites.

The developers are looking into fixing this as usual.

Thank you for your patience and please feel free to click through the stories if you are comfortable enough. I understand if you aren't because of the warning. Please note that it will soon be rectified without us changing anything on our end other than removing links to the sites that have been flagged.

Thank you,

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Servbot41624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

"Please don't block our ads, you're killing our livelihoods!"
*Proceeds to have zero oversight on what ads are loaded and allows malicious ads to get through*
- Average clickbait garbage blog/website

Hoffmann624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Just a question...but when was the last time when N4G website staff members were actively checking the websites that submit articles here often?

I wonder about it because some of the regulars are known among us "normal" members for months or even longer for their questionable ads and articles.

Maybe situations like this could be avoided easily if there would be higher and harsher standards here regarding allowed sites.

@Christopher, that is a shame. Times changed and the internet is not as friendly as 5+ years ago anymore

Erik7357624d ago

I hate the articles that make you go through 10 pages to, those should be banned.

omegaheat624d ago

I agree. I mean some of the articles that get approved are horrendous, but the home site of the article is even more horrendous. Some of them look like they were built in the late 90s with pop up windows overlapping pop up windows.

Arturo84624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

exactly obvious clickbait articles shouldnt be allowed and also as already mentioned sites that try to get you to click through multiple pages for a image gallery or something

Christopher624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

1. The moderation staff try to do as little curating as possible. The point of N4G has and still is about being as community driven as possible. It is unlikely this will change anytime soon.

2. The sites that caused this issue haven't posted content in months on one and years on the others. While many sites use a ton of annoying as heck ads, I can't get behind the idea that they do it maliciously, just greedily.

3. N4G does not dictate how one should handle their site, only what is allowed on N4G based on our criteria and guidelines. We are not in the business of telling people the right way to do things. If you don't like a site for whatever reason, then don't click out to their site or comment on their submissions. By doing either, you are supporting that which you dislike and encouraging them to continue to use those ad tactics or the like. Even commenting to say you hate the site gives them more heat and thereby visibility.

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_-EDMIX-_624d ago

Completely agree and the moderators are clearly to blame for oking sites that have malicious adware I'm sorry but people need to start only accepting sites that don't have this garbage slider crap or malicious material.

Christopher624d ago

What? Do you think the moderation staff has a network of services running to constantly check if every site that connects to us has any malware on it? I'm not sure you understand how it works. One day they could be 100 percent clean and the next littered with malware. Only constant checking like what Google does can detect it. And when Google tells us, then we handle it, like we are now. And, the sites we're being informed of haven't posted news in months or years, it's all old links.

624d ago
Christopher623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

***As moderators isn't it your authority that okays or doesnt okay which sites & articles are posted on ***

No. The rules dictate what is okay and what isn't. We do our best to adhere to those rules and nothing else. Our authority is tied to those rules. There is nothing in the rules about banning sites because it looks like they could have malware or even for having a warning once or twice. If we see a submission with a warning, we'll fail it and leave a report why. If it continues to go unfixed, that's when we may consider a ban, since it might look like the owner of the site is not looking to fix the issue. But, not until then.

*** isn't it also true that as a Moderator w/experiene dealing with this particular issue that you also gaining some expertise and awareness on which sites could be malware and which ones aren't? ***

As a Web developer, which I am above all else professionally, this sort of thinking will only lead you to negatively impacting way more legit sites without malware than it would sites with actual malware. Other than actually getting malware warnings, what are you asking me to look out for? The type of ads? The number of ads? How professional the site looks? None of that will tell you if there is malware. Malware comes in many forms from a wide array of sources and even comes from 100% legit ad companies utilized by tens of thousands of Web sites every day.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the sites we are being flagged for haven't even posted to N4G in years. When they were active, they didn't have malware. It's since they've become inactive, and likely were sold to another person/company, that malware was detected. So, how do I handle that? Are you saying I should check every site in the system, literally tens of thousands of sites, each month? Week? It only takes a line of code and an update that can take a few seconds to put malware up. And it can happen at any time.

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624d ago
PSG4MER624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Sites plastered with banners are very annoying, I totally agree. But Google hates sites heavily loaded with ads, and such sites will likely receive far less traffic from Google itself.

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Redx165624d ago

Yet so many people wonder why you got people using ad block...

Christopher624d ago

I don't think anyone truly wonders this. It's just hard to accept when your revenue is ad-based.

ThePope624d ago

Thanks for looking into it.

Pearljam624d ago

Thanks Chris you're a good dude.

Retroman624d ago

Not only Ad block,but Superanti-spyware along with Malwarebytes anti-malware for more protection.

TRGMatt624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

You REALLY believe more than 0.1% of people who use adblock do so because of malicious ads? No, those 99.9% are just trying to avoid ads without a second thought to anything but avoiding annoyances. Great rationalization though.

To be clear, to each their own. Wanna avoid pesky ads? I completely understand. But do so with integrity, not self deception.

ravinash624d ago

While I do have ad blocker installed, I do allow sites like N4g, because I do want them to be profitable.
If they weren't, there wouldn't be a site.

But by default it is on, because a lot of site I go too do tend to be broken because of the ads, and I mean crash your browser broken... and I just can't be bothered with that.

Once you find a site you want to support, then turn the blocker off.

Sixstring624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Do you...feel proud when you watch the ads?

624d ago
phoenixwing624d ago

it's not just some of the websites it's practically every one of these articles has a malware detected on my computer.

cl1983624d ago

Once again we are getting notices for malware. These notices are tied to other sites we link to, which is why our 'clickout' links are being flagged by Google.

Gh05t624d ago

Yeah that's how it works when your clickout link is being flagged.

It could send you to or either way the N4G clickout link will be flagged, until they petition Google to get removed. It's not that N4G has malware, and it's not that all the end points do either, it's that the domain for the clickout link was linked to a site that did so Google flagged the domain of the clickout link regardless of where it try's sending you. Hence all sites you click on come up with warning.

Christopher624d ago

It's not 'every website'. Google has flagged every clickout link because those are what links to those other sites. Google doesn't just flag those specific links, they flag every single one of them that's a clickout. Annoying, but not really my place to tell Google how to protect its users.

MasterCornholio624d ago

As a contributor should I include direct links to those articles of the sites are safe like PlayStation Blog or GameSpot?

XtraTrstrL624d ago

The amount of agrees you got is a perfect example of why users on n4g are so annoying. The dude just explained perfectly what's going on in the blog post. Literally zero reading comprehension. SMH

phoenixwing624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

I'm not a very tech savvy person so I didn't quite understand the nature of the problem. Which explains why it was hard to grasp for me. However I do read and added my comment. Thanks to the replies of people looking to explain further I understand it now. Your comment on the other hand adds nothing to help me.

the_mack_attack3624d ago

Such a pointless reply, why not vent in private then call out someone who had an issue understanding something. Really childish.

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ScreenGurus624d ago

I've noticed a fair few people on here use those stupid pop up/full screen ads. There's no need for them.

triverse624d ago

People use those because they are valuable right now (and AdSense recommends using them for maximum ad revenue whenever they get a chance). I use banners and square/skyscrapers on my site but they are off to the side and the content is clearly, cleanly, available for the readers without ad obstruction. I wish more sites would do it this way. Nothing more annoying that reading an article and having a popup block what I was reading and having to wait for the pre-roll to end so I can click X.

Lethaltare624d ago

This is the way the site I write for does it too. No pop up ads just ads on the side and and at the bottom of content. Nothing worse than constant pop up adds or those stupid sites that make you click through pages and pages for two sentences and loads of ads. N4g staff need to be hotter on submissions and block sites that have malware ads.

the_mack_attack3624d ago

I never use any ad that blocks the body of an article, I personally think it's unfair to the person who enters my website. That's coming from someone who cares more about the content than the revenue, not many of them around apparently.

ravinash624d ago

As a reader, I appreciate your efforts.

Plus it really turns people off your website if you have things jumping in the way.
If people start playing hard ball with their ads, then your not forcing people into your ads...your forcing people to give up on your site.

Majin-vegeta624d ago

Thats wierd I havent gotten a single notice.When i click on links

superchiller624d ago

Because your system Is infected already, no worries. 😁

Majin-vegeta624d ago

Yea thats what I'm using on my LG G4.

ravinash624d ago

Is your chrome up to date?

Christopher624d ago

You likely aren't using Chrome, then.

tdogg06051991624d ago

I only get them on PC right now. But chrome on PC and mobile are different.

II__BONE__II624d ago

EVERY single link I click on from N4G come up with an "Attack" page

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