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Mod Stuff: Regarding PewDiePie and Warner Bros. News...

We want news on N4G, but sometimes that news isn't news but is just tabloid articles aimed to spread misinformation or have titles and person-of-interest attachments just for the purpose of making it bigger news. And, today, the PewDiePie incident is one such thing.

Now, you can watch PewDiePie's video, linked in the first comment below, if you want. Note: I don't link it here since it embeds the video automatically and I don't want it to do that as a "promotion" of PewDiePie, this is just a promotion of good journalism.

But, here's what it boils down: People are saying PewDiePie didn't disclose that he was sponsored by WB for his videos relating to playing Shadows of Mordor, but he actually did disclose that information at the bottom of the videos. Furthermore, the people are saying he got paid for a 'good review' of the game. That's the thing, he didn't review it, he just does gameplay of it. People are merely attaching his name to this because he is well known rather than actually going after those who didn't disclose any information about the deal with them and Warner Bros.

What does this mean for N4G? We will be failing any news that places blame on PewDiePie for this action solely because he's a notable name. We will be failing any opinion piece that focuses on PewDiePie in a light that says he didn't disclose his actions in this situation.

This isn't about us liking PewDiePie or anything. This is about our job of not just spreading lies for the sake of hits. We think that if your site was hit with similar claims that were unfounded, you'd want the same level of support from an aggregate site to combat lies being spread about you and your site.

Thank you,

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OtterX680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

Thanks for the clarification. I didn't take the time to fact check the claims. I wouldn't have been surprised if he did in fact do it, but that's good to hear he disclosed it. I'm not a fan of his, but that doesn't justify misinformation.

680d ago
OtterX680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

@Gr8b8m8 That's cool. I don't have time to launch my own investigation, nor do I care to. Whatever.

680d ago
RegorL680d ago

@Gr8b8m8 watch the new PewDiePies video...

At the time of producing the video he disclosed more than was required as there were no rules...
the rules came later!
PewDiePie is not under investigation!

Bimkoblerutso680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

The sad part is that it is still unethical for a media source to accept bribes (and yes, it was a bribe) from corporations for ANY kind of positive coverage. It sort of just went unnoticed a couple of years ago because a lot of media sources like to camouflage the practice as "sponsoring."

In reality, people are just arguing over whether or not Pewdiepie was asked specifically to (or not to) disclose the fact that he was paid by Warner Bros. The outcry should have come long ago.

Liqu1d680d ago

@Grb8m8 You're actually the one who's misinformed.

assdan680d ago

@Gr8B8m8. This happened when disclosing sponsorship on youtube was still in a grey are. WB is at fault for not properly telling youtubers how this should be disclosed, and nowhere in the article does it say that youtubers are being charged with anything.

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DarkOcelet680d ago

I love how people disagree with facts.

I am glad you did this post Christopher.

680d ago
DarkOcelet680d ago


That was in 2014, the FTC didn't release guidelines specifics to Youtube till 2015. So Pewdiepie didn't do anything wrong here. If it was 2015, i would say that he didn't disclose it properly but it wasnt.

Hopefully this clear things up :)

Zorkaz680d ago

It's really brilliant that you've taken the time to do this. Just boosts my esteem of this site :D

680d ago
Zorkaz680d ago

You need to remember that this was back in 2014, when you didn't have to disclose anything AT ALL. WB didn't require that anybody disclose it. Unlike many MANY other Youtubers, he did in fact disclose it. He's not being investigated either. Even if he had broken the law, investigating him would also mean that they'd have to investigate EVERY SINGLE YOUTUBER INVOLVED. That's a lot of people. I did my research, I had a look at the case, he's not guilty of anything. How about you do more research next time, huh?

Kleptic680d ago

yeah, I've never even watched him but was well aware that he doesn't make reviews, doesn't do anything related to steering consumer decisions, etc. He did absolutely nothing wrong. WB was under investigation from what I understand, not various youtubers, and even they're clear of any wrong doing simply by noting this as promotion, not deception.

There are lines between ethical and legal matters. This slides safely through both (some youtuber was paid to promote a game in a potentially positive light that ended up doing extremely well critically anyway? No court is going to waste time with that). The biggest aspect remains that he, as a content creator, DOESN'T TRY TO ATTACH OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS on subjective pretty much the REST OF THE MEDIA IN GAMING. He just makes videos of himself playing various games...and either likes it, or doesn't, and that's it. He gets paid at times by publishers for exactly make videos of himself playing the games...when this occurred, the popularity of these kinds of things was not where it is now...and some of the laws with disclosure where different...but even with today's changes, he still didn't do anything wrong because he still disclosed it.

This entire thing is nothing more than typical internet bandwagon'ing because the guy is very popular, so therefor simultaneously 'hip' to hate.

badz149680d ago

I've been wondering about the same thing. I think they just paid him to pay the game and say good things about it aka commercials. I don't remember him giving any score for it. I'm not a fan of the guy but "bribe" is a big accusation

680d ago
Kleptic680d ago

it wasn't a bribe, or at least not in the legal context of which everyone seems to think they're an expert on...For it to be technically an illegal bribe, it would need to be proven that he disliked the game...then accepted money while flipping his opinion with the intent of deceiving his viewers...The bigger issue is that, with this game specifically, his 'fun' with the game wasn't unwarranted anyway. It received unanimous praise back in 2014 from nearly the idea of this being deceptive or fraudulent to his viewer base is out the window...The exchange of money for pewdiepie to simply 'play' the game is in no way dishonest, therefor, in the legal 100% not a bribe.

DragonDDark680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

His reply was pretty good... don't know why he is still accused of this sh*t.

Nathan_Hale53680d ago

Good video, some of his stuff is either straight annoying or pretty damn funny.

DLConspiracy680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

I agree. The I found article was way off after watching the video in question. Didn't want to get caught in the justice crossfire in the comments for it though.

TwoForce680d ago

I'm glad he responded this nonsense.

Shubhendu_Singh680d ago

Thank you. That's what I had been saying the whole yesterday.

679d ago
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Exare680d ago

This is why I love this site.

Exare679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

I am serious.

These guys are actively combating slander and misinformation. I'm very hurt to see so many people down voting my comment and I honestly am having a hard time understanding why people wouldn't appreciate the sort of thing these guys are doing. I find it quite honorable and feel it helps more than a few people save face. I think they're doing good by PewDiePie and by us by taking action. For that I thank them and have a higher level of appreciation for the staff at N4G for possessing the balls to do something that could stir up so much internet hatefuel, which I too am now experiencing first hand. But still, I think it's a good thing and I stand by my comment.

680d ago
ZeroX9876679d ago


I miss the old bubble system in N4G. stopped people from saying the same thing over and over again. please bring the bubble system back!

679d ago
Software_Lover680d ago

Sounds like Lawyer talk, but I agree. I personally wish this stance would be taken with other things but you can't legislate opinions. Good job.

Christopher680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

PM me and I'll consider it if it's possible.

Edit: Also, zero lawyer talk. Just what I think N4G should be doing. I'm not perfect, N4G isn't perfect, but doesn't mean we just give up at every turn. HAVAMedia, the owners of N4G, have not been approached at all nor even know about this decision on this until I posted this blog (if they've read it...).

Edit: 4 hours later, no PMs from anyone :(

Edit 2: ***So are you saying Pewdie Pie is ignorant to the fact that the Youtube app on consoles has no info at all below any videos ?***

I didn't know that stuff, so, yeah, way more than likely. Seems like an issue with Google not showing that information, IMHO. In 2014, they didn't even have the option to flag content as being sponsored or having product placement in it, which they have now.

FamilyGuy680d ago

Stopping the spread of misinformation is always a good thing.
I appreciate this post and hope you continue to do similar things in the future.

680d ago
DefenderOfDoom2680d ago

So are you saying Pewdie Pie is ignorant to the fact that the Youtube app on consoles has no info at all below any videos ? I believe Pewdie Pie and WB know that , which to me, makes me believe Pewdie Pie and WB are guilty for not verbally saying in the video that they are working together to promote that game together . So are my facts wrong?

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lociefer680d ago

here's a suggestion : instant ban on sites promoting malinformation and spams, this will make them think twice before posting stuff on n4g

crazychris4124680d ago

or sites that are loaded with advertisements like thisgengaming or sites with a top 10 list spread across 15 pages like twinfinite

Muzikguy680d ago

Oh yeah that stuff is annoying. I don't even click on those

Deadpooled680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

THIS. And if possible, sites who post blatant clickbait a initial temporary ban, then if multiple violations a permanent ban.

lociefer680d ago

omg these are the worst !

ORyanDeee680d ago

And sites where they spread the article through like 10 pages lol

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NotEvenMyFinalForm680d ago

you'd have to ban more than half the sites people post in N4G then, so that's not a good solution at all.

Muzikguy680d ago

Like gamingbolt YES!

I'm glad for this decision of Christopher's and hope it continues going forward. It's what I was thinking N4G should've been like all along. Lately it just seems that any submitted article, no matter how bad, has been approved

The 10th Rider680d ago

And there's been numerous articles since the site update that I've reported, and others have, that make the front page without getting taken down. Most recent one in mind was the NSFW Witcher 3 cosplay, which was a duplicate of an article posted almost a month earlier.