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E3 2016: Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 #1

We have no clue what to expect other than Zelda. We know there will be Zelda. Oh, and we know there won't be NX. But, we have no clue what else Nintendo has planned and we're hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Nintendo is definitely the wild card at this year's E3, though.

9:00am to 4:00pm PDT

Nintendo will also be streaming the Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 #2 the following day.

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SilverClock792d ago

11AM Central Time
Alarm is set.

SilverClock792d ago

There's nothing to disagree with...silly N4G.

Erik7357792d ago

I mean people just think there e3 will suck so that's why this disagree with it lol

Hoffmann792d ago

"Nintendo is definitely the wild card at this year's E3, though. "

Yeah...with exactly 2 games. lol

BullyMangler792d ago

just a few Nintendo games is all it takes for sony to grab a paper and pen. cool huh

Monster_Tard792d ago

Plus a few will be showed tomorrow, though it's stuff we already knew about already.

wonderfulmonkeyman792d ago

My one real prayer is that this game doesn't sacrifice the plot for the sake of stuffing a gender-swapped fem-Link into it.
Other than that, I know it's going to be an awesome time.
I wonder if there will be a variety of control schemes on display?
Imagine being able to choose between traditional controls and motion controls, for combat.
That would be pretty sweet.

Servbot41792d ago

Because Link's gender was such a pivotal plot point in the previous games in the series.

Chaosdreams792d ago

*Shrug* Not really, but its more of a plot device that has held consistent. Link (male) goes to save Zelda (female) and the land in turn.

People just don't want to see a Fem-Link added just because. But if Nintendo tweaks this storyline (and if that's what they want to do, all for it) then sure, Fem-Link.

I doubt the plot is going to be sacrificed or that the addition of a Fem-Link will be negative (if one is added).

Nevers0ft792d ago

Maybe Link has been trans all along and THAT is the big reveal in the next Zelda game.

Hoffmann792d ago ShowReplies(3)
XXXL792d ago

Excitement building. Please Nintendo, drop me into hyrule with no sense of what to do and no hand holding. I wanna explore, discover.