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Steel Battalion, The Final Straw For 'Core' Kinect Hopes?

Chaostar | 1328d ago
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I've been disillusioned to the word of video games for a LONG time now and, while I try not to run on auto-negativity-pilot I find that getting your hopes up for something special generally ends in disappointment where games are concerned. I could list all my personal disappointments here right now but I don't have enough ink in my keyboard; what I really want to talk about is my most recent and, maybe, longest serving misplaced hopes... the Holy Grail... Atlantis... Shambala...

...A good core Kinect game!

This is the part where you take this as just another Kinect hate blog and skip to the bottom to leave your overly defensive emotion fueled comment, well, off you go then...

...are they gone? Good. Now for those of you who stuck around here's the reason for my hope's dirge.

It started with Fighters Uncaged, while the media had little hope for this title, MS had no problem marketing it as a 'core' Kinect game. I can't say I was ever truly looking forward to this game personally but it served as the first disappointment to any core gamer that was, a reviewer from Joystiq went as far as to say:

"I'm not giving it a score because I think scoring a game after a half hour sets a bad precedent, and I'd rather eat a rain-soaked box of poison buttholes than ever play Fighters Uncaged again."

Harsh but funny.

The second great hope came from Rise of Nightmares, it had everything that should appeal to your average 'core' gamer: Blood, gore, zombies, chainsaws etc but ended up playing more like a kids game despite how hard it was trying not to be. IGN said it first along with:

"Even if you like the novelty of chopping off undead heads longer than I did, a bad horror game is a bad horror game. And Rise of Nightmares is a monster.

My first personal Kinect disappointment but I wasn't to be dismayed, there was always Kinect Star Wars, right?

Wrong, so, so wrong. I don't mind admitting that I actually feel incredibly foolish for thinking this was going to be good but the hype was strong with this one. It's just silly now when I think I expected this:

but ended up getting:

Cringe. Currently sitting at a generous 55 on metacritic this definitely wasn't the droid, er, game I was looking for. I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of gamers cried out in frustration then were suddenly disappoint.

What was left of my hopes rested on my titular game, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour, which having not played any of the previous games helped open my mind to a Kinect version. The fact that this game was being made for a buttonless peripheral after being known for having a controller with LOADS of buttons was just too ironic to ignore. In fact I bet if this game was a person it'd sell its hair to get money for a comb.

Anyway, while I have yet to play Steel Battalion, the reviews poured in recently and it's looking very bleak indeed.

IGN gave it a 3/10

Gamespot a 3.5/10

GiantBomb 1/10 o_0

There were a few 7/10s out there at the time of writing this, mostly from official Xbox sources, but it hasn't seemed to help the metacritic, which is hovering around the 40/100 mark. All in all it's looking like another failure to create the worlds first successful 'core' Kinect game and what could be the last straw for gamers who after all the disappointment were still holding feverishly onto their hopes.

BUT WAIT! There's always RYSE right? RIGHT??

* * * DISCLAIMER * * *

I realise negative opinions will offend some of the more sensitive readers out there in N4G land but just remember this is a personal blog about my own experiences and opinions. Just because I feel let down by the lack of a killer 'core' app on Kinect does not mean I am "hating". I still enjoy the other aspects of Kinect, i.e when it's pinned onto a third party game with voice controls or the interface controls or something. If there's anyone wondering why I was even expecting 'core' games to appear on Kinect you need only read past articles like:
Whether MS meant the core games that were 'better with kinect' or not doesn't matter, they didn't specify. Also Move has been criticized for a lack of core games built from the ground up with Move in mind so why not Kinect? Also one final point I'd like to make in case someone mentions Child of Eden. Yes it was a good game, yes it used Kinect but it was also on Move, which some critics ironically found to be 'better with Move' also it is not built from the ground up with just Kinect in mind as it can be played with a pad. Phew, think that's it.
* * * * *

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments if you're still expecting a great 'core' game for Kinect or if you think any I've mentioned above are great in your opinion and why.

------It seems N4G is having technical difficulties and I can no longer reply to any comments or agree/disagree, will answer any questions when this is rectified------

SeekDev  +   1328d ago
I don't own Kinect, nor do I know how one would develop a good hardcore game for it, but I do have an opinion. To develop a game for Kinect, one literally has to think so far out of the box that it scares most publishers, imo. So far, the attempts at making Kinect games are like taking a normal hardcore game concept and making it work, minus a few major features, by moving your body. Evidently, this doesn't work.

People have said before that they have to develop a game from the ground up with Kinect in mind, and this is true. But even more true is that they have to create the game concept from the ground up with Kinect in mind. What works with Kinect stays, what doesn't goes, now make a game that utilizes the best aspects of Kinect.
SilentNegotiator  +   1327d ago
LOL, the IGN review even pushes the reviewer to pretty much say "screw Kinect for gaming application". Ouch.

+1 Disclaimer
David Dennis said the negative reaction from many gamers was "as we expected." Nevertheless, he believes, "Stuff like Rise of Nightmares and Ryse...are certainly going to appeal to the core."

"Bu-bu-but Kinect isn't meant for YOU!"
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coolbeans  +   1327d ago
The Gunstringer is the only game (I can think of) closely resembling what 'core' gamers may be interested in that's missing from the list; however, it's fair to point out the development history, or the fact that each one is bundled with a Kinect arcade game, to have a good argument for that game to not be counted (I'm guessing you wanted to limit the blog to 'core' Kinect titles that were always intended for retail?). Regardless of its final determined category, it still looked like a fun game.

I personally think the final straw with most 'core' gamers was the idea of paying $149.99. You can come up with all the ambitious ideas you like, but most core gamers will hold tightly to that money for 2+ new games with a controller input that's become so familiar to them.

Quick Note: Title should be "Steel Battalion: . . ."
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Neko_Mega  +   1324d ago
Alot of Kinect games suck, mostly because they don't work they way they say it does or as good as they say it.

I think Kinect Sports/Adventure is about the only one that seems to work pretty well with Kinect, yes theirs times when you stand their your character starts jerking all over the place. But it is at least good at picking up most of the movements with no problem.

But truth is, this just shows how good using a cam is for motion base games. Most games need a controller or you get Joy Ride (Meaning you lack brakes). I have played most games with Kinect and I would say Kinect Sports/Adventure is about the only good ones.
Chaostar  +   1324d ago
OK N4G is still not working for me (come on, what are you lot doing?) so I'll just reply to everyone here.

@Seekdev I agree that devs should be starting with a clean slate when dreaming up Kinect titles but it's looking as though the limitations of the hardware have created an environment where any depth of gameplay must be sacrificed to allow for the simplicity and inaccuracy of input.

@silent OK, er, thanks for that.

@edonus While I do not own all of the games I have played all of them except Steel Battalion, as mentioned in the article. It would be silly to write a blog dismissing games I hadn't played, wouldn't it? I left out my personal comments as I already felt the blog may be mistaken for blind 'hating' and the main point was to emphasize that Kinect has thus far failed to meet the expectations of a 'core' game despite what I may have thought of it.

I can see that you really like some of the games I mentioned and that's great, you shouldn't feel like you have to defend them if you like them though, you can't change my or anyone elses opinion. Rest assured I gave all the games a fair play and haven't dismissed anything just from bad reviews. However I don't think that you can negate the opinions of other critics by making claims that they didn't give them a 'fair trial'. Please remember that your opinion is a minority here and you should respect the opinions of others as much as you expect them to respect yours.

@Neko We all remember that video with the guy sitting perfectly still while playing Joy Ride, while his car somehow managed to make it all the way though the corners and even finished in third. It just further highlights my point that it seems depth and challenge have to be sacrificed in order to make Kinect games function to an acceptable degree, which would make a 'core' experience nigh on impossible.

(off topic)NOTE TO N4G FAIRIES: Please fix whatever it is causing me to be denied the ability to properly reply to comments, agree/disagree, approve articles etc; it's making navigating and participating in this site increasingly frustrating, thanks.
coolbeans  +   1322d ago
Did I already mention the reason(s) why 'The Gunstringer' isn't mentioned? Just curious b/c you didn't say '@coolbeans' in this comment.
Chaostar  +   1322d ago
Damn, I was hoping to avoid answering you, not because I don't have a valid response, it's just I didn't want to get drawn into a pointless, overly analytical debate that may spiral into tautologous inanity.

The truth is I didn't include Gunstringer for the simple fact that I personally never saw it as a core game and thus, never had any expectations of it. Turns out it was an OK game but hardly stands as proof that Kinect can deliver a full 'core' experience in my opinion.
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coolbeans  +   1322d ago
I see.
In regards to your first portion: Do I need to wait until displays of slander in an attempt to get a rise out of me blow over or should I take that and your avoidance, unless directly approached, as a sign that I'm not welcome to discuss...anything in your blogs? Overall, it's rather disheartening to see this first portion as part of your reply towards me after what I stated in my closing response to you (in another thread).

Nevertheless, I thank you for taking the time + bubble to explain why that game wasn't counted.
#6.1.2 (Edited 1322d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Chaostar  +   1321d ago
You always seem to interpret my comments as veiled contempt, I guess it's my fault really, I run in a few 'thick skinned' circles and can appear to the more sensitive eye as brash and cold. Given that our previous conversation is all the reference I have of interacting with you, I don't think I was entirely wrong to have the assumption of a repeat performance.

You are of course welcome to share your opinion on any part of this site but I only ask that you respect my right to be lazy about what and whom I reply to on my own blog.

I hope you can take my apparent sharpness as playful in the future and look forward to discussing our future differences of opinion...

...when I have the energy ^_^
coolbeans  +   1321d ago
@ Chaostar
-"Given that our previous conversation is all the reference I have of interacting with you, I don't think I was entirely wrong to have the assumption of a repeat performance."

Don't those kind of assumptions become entirely wrong after seeing me make a 'valid response'-as you put it-that already presented reasons why said game wouldn't be included? There's no ire by me to be deciphered within text.

Also, I vaguely remember having at least another random conversation with you on something else. That's why I gave a mention of "'re smarter than this..." in the previous discussion. The fact that you have 5 bubbles helps too. ^-^

-". . .but I only ask that you respect my right to be lazy about what and whom I reply to on my own blog."

Yeah, sure. As someone who enjoys to blog too, it just comes off as...under-appreciative to specifically display laziness towards the only poster on here that essentially asked about a title you may/may not have missed. Since your blog starts off with you stating your disillusionment, I can't help but hope to receive an answer as to whether or not the title I mentioned "fell through the cracks" for you.

Surely, you can see where I'm coming from with the dissatisfaction of feeling left in the dark on the subject.
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StreetsofRage  +   1323d ago
Kinect is pretty crappy so far. I only own it because of the dance games. Yeah yeah yeah, I know... but the gf likes them. I used it for other games like Mass Effect 3 and Future Soldier. It's pretty cool, but nothing super special. What kills it for me is the lack of graphics. Almost all kinect games look last gen. Maybe next gen with the Kinect 2.0 we'll have something special.

All I want is a simple GUN game like all those sweet arcade games I see like Terminator, Aliens, House of Dead, etc... And that one 911 game where I can dodge the incoming attacks. That is ALL KINECT RIGHT THERE! Still waiting for something like that.

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