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The Results Are In: 'Scientific' winner of E3 2012

Chaostar | 1270d ago
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I've tallied up all the announcements, trailers and awkward silences to find out who was the 'scientific' winner of E3 this year. So here are the results...

For the rules see...
There's a TL;DR section at the bottom for the lazy people.

(In chronological order)


Halo 4 Trailer with gameplay [3]
Sales bragging [-1]
Splinter Cell: Blacklist (live Gamplay) [5]
Fifa and Madden gamplay trailers [3]+[3]
Celeb parade (Joe Montana) [-1]
Fable: Journey trailer with gameplay [3]
Gears and Forza trailers (no gameplay) [1]+[1]
Nike+ announced [1]
Internet Explorer [1]
Tomb Raider live gameplay, timed DLC [5]+[1]
Ascend, lococycle, matter trailers [1]+[1]+[1]
Resident Evil 6 live gameplay and timed DLC [5]+[1]
Wrecketeer announced [1]
Celeb parade Trey Parker + Matt Stone [-1]
Another Dance Central [1]
Celeb parade (Usher) [-1]
Blops 2 live gameplay, timed DLC [5]+[1]

Total = 40


Beyond: Two Souls announced and trailer (no gameplay) [5]+[1]
Playstation Allstars live gameplay [5]
LittleBigPlanet gameplay trailer with x-play [3]
Blops: Declassified announced [5]
Assassins Creed: Liberation announced [5]
Assassins Creed 3 live gameplay [5]
Farcry 3 live gamplay and exclusive DLC [5]+[1]
Sports Champions 2 announce [1]
Wonderbook, Diggs Nightcrawler & Book of Spells announced [1]+[1]
God of War: Ascension live gameplay [5]
The Last of Us live gameplay [5]

Total = 48


Pikmin 3 announce [5]
Wii U hardware demo [3]
Smash Bros. U announce [5]
Exclusive Batman:AC content [1]
Scribblenauts Unlimited announce [1]
Wii sing and Wii fit U announced [1]+[1]
Super Mario Bros 2 announced [5]
Paper Mario Stickers announced [5]
New Luigi Mansion [5]
Lego City [1]
Just Dance 4 [1]
Zombi U with trailer [5]+[3]
Nintendoland [1]

Total = 44

So there you have it another E3 put under the microscope for your personal scrutiny. Looks like Sony have just came out on top again this year, congratulations to them.

Remember, some of these points may be debatable and I may have missed or overlooked something. Please let me know in the comments section if you feel I have misjudged something as I'm very open to the idea that I'm wrong, as you should be in science. Thanks for reading.

MS = 40
Sony = 48
Ninty = 44

Emilio_Estevez  +   1270d ago
The numbers say it's pretty close. Clearly no one ran away with it if you were just watching and not scoring.
Christopher  +   1270d ago
Edit: Redacted - noticed that was for AAA titles only.
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PS3Freak  +   1270d ago
I don't know if you can really subtract 2 from Microsoft for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

They are working on the game directly after all, which makes it essentially no different than the developers coming on.

How could they not bring them on?
Chaostar  +   1270d ago
I was very torn with that myself it's good to hear a second opinion. I do think it's unfair to deduct the two points from MS but I'm fairly certain that the only reason they were trotted out was because of their status and not their work on the game. If they actually had something substantial to say about the game other than 'we kinda helped make the map' I'd remove both minus points. However they didn't even show any gameplay and, as much as I love Trey & Matt's work, I would much rather of been given more info from an actual developer.

-1 for that is fair to me but if anyone else would like to second opinion this please feel free.
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problemchild84  +   1268d ago
Trey Parker and Matt Stone only said the exact same thing word for word that they had already said in an interview for Game Informer.
Godmars290  +   1270d ago
Usher was only worth "one" negative point?
Chaostar  +   1270d ago
Ha! Thank the flying spaghetti monster for mute buttons during THAT part.

If this system was opinion based, not only would I have removed all of MS's points but I would have locked all their execs in a room and forced them to listen to a full Usher album as punishment!

No sorry that's just too cruel, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy :D
DragonKnight  +   1270d ago
If you look at this, it seems pretty clear that Sony and Nintendo are letting the products speak for themselves, and MS needs paid endorsements. I suppose that's a cultural divide though.
Godmars290  +   1270d ago
Though Sony was literally hitting people over the head with the Potter franchise.
DragonKnight  +   1270d ago
True. Can't argue with that. I suppose it's a matter of what was worse. 20 minutes of Wonderbook, or 3 Celeb Parade segments.
Christopher  +   1270d ago
Chaostar, any chance of getting one for Ubisoft and EA as well? At least in the comments here? Would like to see how they measure up and if, by the math, Ubisoft really did win E3.
Chaostar  +   1270d ago
Yes, it would be interesting to see, I'll try and find the time but don't want to make a promise I might not keep. However if there's anyone with the time and energy to step up and apply my method to those pressers, please send them my way and I'll update the blog, thanks.
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-Alpha  +   1270d ago
Meh, the announcements for games like Smash Bros. and COD for VITA mean very little since they just name dropped the titles. Anyone can do that, and we knew of these games beforehand.

I also dont find it a benefit to show multiplatform gameplay, as anybody can also do that, and if anything it benefits all consoles equally when that happens (so for RE gameplay, it also benefits Sony, though not Nintendo since RE 6 isn't coming to Wii U, I think)
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StraightPath  +   1270d ago
Well known establish and agreed fact is that ubisoft won with thier cringe worthy jokes. But they had the games. The most impressive game on show was watch dogs. You forget to add ubisoft and ea. Your opinion is invalid and fail.

Multiplatforms won all three nintendosonyms failed.

Resident Evil 6
Assassins Creed3
Far Cry 3
Tomb Raider
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Medal Of honour warfighter
Black ops 2

And much ms n nintendo just had few exclusives relying on third party for thier shows.

Biggest fail award goes to wonder book though.
Chaostar  +   1270d ago
Aww sorry, did my little blog upset you? Do you even think about what you're typing or is it all just blind rage? I guess the one you wanted to win didn't and now you're angry at me because you think all of this was my opinion.

Did you even read the rules or the comments above before blindly bashing away at the keyboard? I mean, come on, stating my opinion is "invalid and fail" then spouting off your own opinions, even using the word "fact" as if what you say cannot be disputed. It's especially ridiculous, when you consider that not one inch of this blog contains my personal opinion at all anyway.

Yeah, we get it, you don't want Sony to be viewed in any sort of good light because you're a fanboy of a competing product. However do you really think people will take your opinions seriously when you act the way you do? Maybe Ubisoft do deserve credit but people like you, who are just using that to draw attention away from other things which you think don't deserve any credit, are only hurting the chances of them being properly recognised. For example, I came online just now to have a watch of the ubi/ea pressers with my pen in hand ready to make notes so I might add them to this blog, instead I've felt compelled to reply to your childish comment. It's not because you offended me or I particularly disagree with your opinions, it's mostly just to help you understand why nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will take you seriously in your life unless you state your opinions in a more mature and respectful manner.

It's never too late to change.
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1269d ago
That was very well articulated. EDIT: both this message and the blog. I agree entirely.

+well said
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HammadTheBeast  +   1268d ago
I recommend that you stay in school. Grade 6 can teach you some very important lessons in both grammer and respect.
EffectO  +   1270d ago
fucadastates  +   1270d ago
+10 on sonys stocks, and mainstreammedia thanks to the name j.k.rowling
HammadTheBeast  +   1268d ago
If Wonderbook = (-10)


Usher's Performance = (-999999999999999999999999999. ...

ShadowReaper14  +   1268d ago
i'm a sony dude and was wondering why you gave halo 4 only 3 points?

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