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A Quick Review of the Uncharted 3 Teaser

[Author's note: Of course, by the time this blog gets approved, most of the below information will be common knowledge. I hope someone enjoys the information below.]

I'm sure most of us here are pretty giddy with the latest news on Uncharted 3 being announced and a video expected at the VGAs. If you're like me, you remember the breathtaking experience of Naughty Dog's demo of Uncharted 2 at E3 2009 and how they not only show that they don't mess around, but they don't need bullshots or snazzy trailers to sell you their game because the game itself does it well enough.

I've watched the teaser a few times and I just wanted to give a run down on some of the information I've gleamed from it.


If you don't want any part of the storyline possibly spoiled, do not read any further. The teaser definitely leads to some very possible reveals as to what we will find in the end of the game as well as information we will explore that will lead us to the hidden city.


The first gun on the table is Nathan's M92F.

The second gun on the table is Sully's Wes-44.

The maps shown are of the Arabian Peninsula.

The money shown is UK currency, meaning we're likely going to do some adventuring in locales other than the Arabian Peninsula. [Edit: Thanks sjaakiejj]

There is a photo of T.E. Lawrence in his arabian garb.

The dagger he is wearing in the photo is the same dagger laying on the table.

There are only two known daggers of Lawrence's in existence, one is a gold one in a museum in England and the other is an unknown looking dagger held by a private party in San Marino, California. It's likely this dagger was 'acquired' from this private party.

The news articles shows T.E. Lawrence on his motorcycle, the same one that he was injured on and died from in 1935.

There is a photo of T.E. Lawrence in his WW1 military uniform as well (headshot).

The following symbols are shown in the open journal midway through the video.

- Sol (sun). This makes up 1/4 of the symbol combination for the stick-figure-like symbol that's in the journal and on a sticky note in the last open book. This is also the alchemical symbol for gold.

- Elem. This is the cross symbol that makes up 1/4 of the symbol combination for the stick-figure-like symbol. This likely represents the alchemical sign for a chemical element/compound.

- Luna. This makes up 1/4 of the symbol combination for the stick-figure-like symbol. Also the alchemical symbol for silver. Specific direction of the luna represents a new moon. This symbol also represents the Arabic League, a union of Islamic states.

[side note: the combination of the Luna and Sol symbols creates the sign for platinum]

- Ignis. This makes up 1/4 of the symbol combination for the stick-figure-like symbol. The specific rotation of the symbol represents fire in alchemy.

- The astrological symbol for Uranus, which is also the alchemical symbol for platinum.

- The astrological symbol for Saturn, which is also the alchemical symbol for lead.

- The astrological symbol for the moon's north node or the alchemist symbol for sublimation.

- The sign for ferrum auretum, a yellow iron compound. Important to note that the symbol is the combination of the iron and gold symbols and that this is opposite the symbol for lead.

- The Pisces sign, which also represents cleaving or splitting as well as association with water.


The heavy use of symbols specific to alchemy may mean that the treasure at the end of the road is a philosopher's stone.

The name Thomas refers to Lowell Thomas. He made Lawrence of Arabia famous, or so they say.

The name Philby refers to Harry St. John Bridger Philby. An explorer of Arabia, he has many works related to the Arabian areas, including wildlife and specific locales.

The name Thesiger refers to Wilfred Thesiger, another explorer and writer about the Arabian areas and the stories told there.

The code C.C.-020796298 on the top right of the open journal most likely refers to a book at the library of Congress. Category classifications of CC refer to archeological historical books.

The mug has the words "Rapscallion Cafe" on it.

The Francis Drake journal that saved Sully's life in the first game is shown on the table, bullet hole apparent.

The Drake family creed is shown both in Latin and English in the open Journal: sic parvis magna, greatness from small beginnings.

The one book with legible text on the binding is T.E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".

Uban, Wabar, Iram of the Pillars - they're all names of the same place; the hidden city that Nathan is looking for.

Sully's cigar is evident in the last portions of the video. Also present are more than a few used matches. This wasn't Sully's first cigar while at this table.

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cloud4952722d ago

The dagger could be from england since their was some euros on the table.
It could be like the second chapter in Uncharted 2 where you sneak into the museum but this time you steal the dagger.

Christopher2722d ago

There's only two known daggers of Lawrence's. One is the gold dagger in a UK museum.

The other is unknown in looks but is known to be own by a private party in California. It's more likely that the dagger is either that one or a treasure found otherwise.

There are likely to be other reasons to travel to Europe, especially the UK considering three of the people written in the journal originated from the UK and likely have their past possessions there.

sjaakiejj2721d ago


Those aren't euros ;) There's some info in this blog that I hadn't heard of before though, good job.


"The dagger could be from england since their was some euros on the table."

lol are you serious?

cloud4952721d ago

Ah sorry wasn't thinking straight at that time.
@cgoodno good find on the dagger

GLoRyKnoT2722d ago

Fun & informative :) Thanks

Christopher2721d ago

If you haven't seen it, check out the IGN dissection video. They do a good job and catch a few things I couldn't make out or overlooked as well.