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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

N4G August Contests

Cat | 478d ago
User blog

Whew. That IndieMonth hangover was rough. Here are some contests for August:

Each comment you make on N4G during August on any story, blog, user review - ANYTHING = 1 entry. Comment 25 times? 25 entries. 100? 100 entries. You get the idea? Yeah, you do!

DQ if you pick up a restriction during the contest period, and one word comments and comments with negative labels (Trolling, Off Topic, etc.) don't count.

4 Winners will get a $100 Amazon gift card!

You must post a User Blog in the month of August! The top 4 User Blogs as voted by cgoodno and me win! There's no limit to how many wonderful User Blogs you can write and enter, anything you author here on N4G during the month of August will be eligible.

Prize: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

You must post a User Review in the month of August! The top 2 User Reviews as voted by cgoodno and me win! There's no limit to how many wonderful User Reviews you can write and enter, anything you author here on N4G during the month of August will be eligible.

Prize: 2 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

 Submit news and get a top News ranking in August to win Amazon gift cards!

The prizes are:
1st: $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: $75 Amazon Gift Card
3rd: $50 Amazon Gift Card
4th: $25 Amazon Gift Card
NOTE: YES I was late in posting the blog, but your August blogs, comments, user reviews submitted so far and so on alllllllll count.
_____________________________ _
Some Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA. Note: Moderators do not receive remuneration, are not employees of HAVAmedia, and are eligible for N4G monthly contests.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 31 August 2014.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before September 7, 2014.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.
7. All N4G TOU apply and may affect eligibility.
8. Lottery style winners are chosen at random from eligible entries. Spam or multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
9. All prizes are in USD, where prizes are awarded to winners outside the USD the exchange rate at time of prize issue will affect prize amount.

-Alpha  +   478d ago
Thanks Cat, haha
MightyNoX  +   478d ago
I guess it was too much to ask for a contest during Indie month. :p
grashopper  +   478d ago
The PS4 and 100 Amazon bucks and 30 games grand prize package doesn't count? :p
Kayant  +   477d ago

Thanks again Cat. Am really to get back my streak from indie month after winning two days in a row :)
FriedGoat  +   462d ago
too many games coming!
HammadTheBeast  +   478d ago
And we're back.
ichizon  +   478d ago
You aren't going to go through the thousands of comments to pick the best ones? So lazy! ): Ehe! ^^,
Christopher  +   475d ago
I don't think people would accept my opinion on best comment :P That's dangerous territory.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   478d ago
7 day hangovers are the worst! Haha, IndieMonth was great though.
coolbeans  +   475d ago
Now imagine a 31 day hangover for Cat.

Fullmetalevolust  +   478d ago
Ouh, got my eyes on the prize.
Indie month was a blast, thanks for all the game codes. :)
Lotsa ways to win and great incentive to get some awesome news and articles posted on N4G.
I'll try to blog for the first time on here and provide User reviews of the games I am playing as of late.
Come on brain we can do this!
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FogLight  +   478d ago
Indie month is over so I have no reason not to write anything now. If I didn't then I am damn lazy and need to get slapped
AKR  +   477d ago
After losing back in June - I was so hurt that made a personal vow to not bother writing a User Blog, again. I mean like seriously - this place has some pretty dang good writers.

... But with my laptop's headphone jack and my actual headphones dying at the same time - That $50 Amazon Gift Card is looking pretty sweet right now.
FogLight  +   477d ago
Keep on trying man. Sooner or later, you will be one of the winners of the month. Just some patience, and also it would be considered as practice so you get better at writing in those months.

Just keep on writing them ;D
AKR  +   477d ago
I've won in the past. Once by accident, and the other by surprise.

The time I put in the extra effort and try - I strike out xD

I guess that's why I was so upset. I'm over it now. I'll just try my best again, and see how it goes.
Cat  +   474d ago
It's definitely tough! Some months the competition is so stiff there's as many as 10-15 really good finalists.
dictionary  +   473d ago
I don't think I'll win anything :)
TimidPixel  +   473d ago
I'm pretty new here hello everybody. :)
SmokeyBear  +   471d ago
Awesome! Count me in!

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