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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

April Contest Winners!

Cat | 572d ago
User blog

Congratulations, everyone! I'll have the May contests up soon. :)


Congratulations, Qrphe!!!

3 Additional winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card! Those lucky commenters are:

BEST USER BLOG: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

Honest Dragon Loves KH3

imtheman2013 has problems with control

theXtreme1 "Watchdogs... A Community Divided"

iceman06 "Was There A Video Game Renaissance?"

BEST USER REVIEW: Prize: 2 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

svoulis Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Review

darkpower Final Fantasy X-2 Review

1st: Abriael $25 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: Pozzle $25 Amazon Gift Card
3rd: john2 $25 Amazon Gift Card
4th: micx $25 Amazon Gift Card
5th: Electro_UK $25 Amazon Gift Card

Guess RedDragan’s Baby’s Name Contest: ( )
The Baby’s name is… Jacob(Jake) Owen!

While only one $50 gift card was announced as a prize - the one RedDragan donated - there's no way we could let so many good guesses go unrewarded! Applause and prizes are now awarded to:

Foxtrot wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card for being the first to guess the first name, Jacob!

Lukas_Japonicus is also getting a $50 Amazon Gift Card for guessing the first and middle name, though not in the correct combo!

The rest of you that guessed Jacob, Jake or Owen were entered into a lottery:
Aceblazer13 wins a $25 Amazon gift card!
_____________________________ ________
*The prize is a PS4 or its equivalent value in USD. In the event that a PS4 is not available to ship or the winner lives outside the US the prize may be issued via Amazon Gift Card or PayPal at its equivalent value in USD.
If the winner has a PS4 and prefers to not have a second PS4, they can receive the prize value in Amazon gift card or via PayPal.
Some Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA. Note: Moderators do not receive remuneration, are not employees of HAVAmedia, and are eligible for N4G monthly contests.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 30 April 2014.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before May 7, 2014.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.
7. All N4G TOU apply and may affect eligibility.
8. Lottery style winners are chosen at random from eligible entries. Spam or multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
9. All prizes are in USD, where prizes are awarded to winners outside the USD the exchange rate at time of prize issue will affect prize amount.

Farsendor1  +   572d ago
congrats everyone, i love these promotions/competitions
-Foxtrot  +   572d ago

Guess I didn't waste 10 minutes of my life writing all those names out :)

Can't believe it was Owen...I was going to write that aswell as I was watching Vicar of Dibley at the time. Oh well

When I saw the ticket notification I thought to myself "Oh god...what have I done now" lol
Cat  +   572d ago
See, I'm not just mean, I didn't want you DQed! ;)
grashopper  +   572d ago
Didn't svoulis win a PS4 last month? Some luck on that guy.
svoulis  +   572d ago
Ya I didn't even think I'd win again. This time it was for a review. So at least it wasn't random :D
grashopper  +   572d ago
Yeah, Congrats man. Now ya can use this prize to buy stuff for your other prize. ;)
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   572d ago
congratulations to everyone who has won and Cat and N4G this is great that you guys to put this on for its users... cheers and keep up the good work...
MidnytRain  +   572d ago | Funny
Abriael deserves so much more than 25$ for the unspeakable amount of effort he puts into this website.
AceBlazer13  +   572d ago
Lol when i saw the ticket my immediate thought was "Dammit what did I do to get restricted this time"

Never thought I'd actually win something. Thank you N4G.
GarrusVakarian  +   572d ago

Thanks guys! Batman: Arkham Knight pre order is mine! Muahahaha.

@ Foxtrot and AceBlazer - LOL, i also though "Oh no, what have i done now?" when i saw the ticket.
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WeAreLegion  +   572d ago
That's awesome! Thanks, N4G!
randomass171  +   572d ago
Congrats to everyone, especially Qrphe. I must say I'm jealous, but I hope you enjoy your PS4! :D
Qrphe  +   572d ago
I still can't believe it!
Qrphe  +   572d ago
I thank Cat and the entiriety of the N4G administration!

*This message has been sponsored by Qrphe*
iceman06  +   572d ago
Congrats all!!!

I'd like to thank the Academy for always being....oops...sorry!

Seriously, thanks to Cat and the rest of the N4G Admins and community.
FogLight  +   572d ago
Finally my streak has been broken! XD

I actually forgot to write MGSV review so... I seriously gotta write it along with Child of Light once I complete it. Slap me if I forgot again.

Congrats everyone! Especially for Qrphe :D
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AKR  +   572d ago
Darn; I was really hoping one of my blogs would have won! Regardless, congrats to all the winners!

Will try harder this month. >:)
darkpower  +   572d ago
Hey, I won something again. And this time, I actually have a computer with a WORKING motherboard in order to say that I ACCEPT this time instead of learning about it ten weeks later or something.

Yep, that just happened!
-Mezzo-  +   572d ago
My Name used to be up there, each and every month.
coolbeans  +   571d ago
Congratulations to all winners.

I was interested to see the review contest results for this month given the disparity between mine and Cat's UC review (first time I think that's occurred). The love for hunk Drake won out against me, unfortunately. :(

If only I could find some way to get quick reven...

"there's now way we could let so many good guesses go unrewarded!"

there we are! XD

(Yes, I'll fix the mistake)
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Cat  +   571d ago
I'm just happy you finally found time to write that review ;)
coolbeans  +   571d ago could I simply find the time between work and all of my waking off-hours moderating and not doing funny things to others' rando comments?

It was nice to put in more reviews+blogs during first 3 months this year, but that couldn't last forever.

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