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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Guess RedDragan's Baby's Name=Win Money

Cat | 596d ago
User blog

Sometimes when a user wins an N4G prize, they opt to do something a little different. Some users request the prize be donated to a charity, some want theirs to go to a sibling, and still others want me to create a contest around the naming of their firstborn.

This is that contest.

You see, user RedDragan had a baby, and fatherhood kept him from claiming his winnings in a timely manner. We still offered him the prize, but he thought it would be more fun if everyone tried to guess his son's name. So here's the deal:

1) Comment on this blog with your guess, FIRST AND MIDDLE for a baby boy
2) One comment per user, but your comment can have multiple guesses

Winner gets a $50 Amazon gift card! In the event that there are multiple winners, winningness will be based on comment date. In the event the first or middle is named, but not the whole name, the first closest to correct answer wins. In the event nobody guesses it, winner will be chosen at random from valid entries.

I suppose it's also worth noting that since a comment with a first and middle name is by necessity not a one-word comment, your entry here also counts as an entry for a PS4...

Some Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives. Contests are not limited to the US/NA. Note: Moderators do not receive remuneration, are not employees of HAVAmedia, and are eligible for N4G monthly contests.
2. Closing date is when name is guessed or until 11:59 PM EST 30 April 2014.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G ticket on or before May 7, 2014.
6. Failure to reply to ticket notification within seven (7) days results in forfeiture of prize.
7. All N4G TOU apply and may affect eligibility.
8. Lottery style winners are chosen at random from eligible entries. Spam or multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
9. All prizes are in USD, where prizes are awarded to winners outside the USD the exchange rate at time of prize issue will affect prize amount.

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GrandpaSnake  +   596d ago
im getting a charlie or charles
TheXgamerLive  +   596d ago
@n4g. Obviously not done fair. Should be a 1 (one) name attempt only and all others null n void. Otherwise i could guess 1 million names for that matter just hows bout you clarify scrach this one off and start over. Bc so far its redicoulusly stupid.
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GrandpaSnake  +   596d ago
charlie jr
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   594d ago
Charles Lee?
Chucky Lee?
Buddy Lee?
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Nate-Dog  +   596d ago
That's awful kind of him. Congrats RedDragan and family!
-Foxtrot  +   596d ago
First name

Kyle, Jacob, Michael, Matthew, Ethan, Ryan, Daniel, Chris, Dylan, Nathan or Josh

Middle Names

Alexander, James, Edward, Henry, Thomas, John, Jordan, Charles, Anthony, Lee, William, George

May aswell use that one comment wisely :)
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Cat  +   596d ago
Gonna need those in first-middle combos to count! (You can comment again if necessary)
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-Foxtrot  +   596d ago
Really? The full thing.


Kyle Alexander, Kyle James, Kyle Edward, Kyle Henry, Kyle Thomas, Kyle John, Kyle Charles, Kyle Anthony, Kyle Lee, Kyle William, Kyle George

Jacob Alexander, Jacob James, Jacob Henry, Jacob Thomas, Jacob John, Jacob Jordan, Jacob Charles, Jacob Anthony, Jacob Lee, Jacob William, Jacob George

Michael Alexander, Michael James, Michael Edward, Michael Henry, Michael Thomas, Michael John, Michael Charles, Michael Anthony, Michael Lee, Michael William, Michael George.

Matthew Alexander, Matthew James, Matthew Edward, Matthew Henry, Matthew Thomas, Matthew John, Matthew Charles, Matthew Anthony, Matthew Lee, Matthew William, Matthew George

Ethan Alexander, Ethan James, Ethan Edward, Ethan Henry, Ethan Thomas, Ethan John, Ethan Charles, Ethan Anthony, Ethan Lee, Ethan William, Ethan George.

Ryan Alexander, Ryan James, Ryan Edward, Ryan Henry, Ryan Thomas, Ryan John, Ryan Charles, Ryan Anthony, Ryan Lee, Ryan William, Ryan George.

Daniel Alexander, Daniel James, Daniel Edward, Daniel Henry, Daniel Thomas, Daniel John, Daniel Charles, Daniel Anthony, Daniel Lee, Daniel William, Daniel George.

Chris Alexander, Chris James, Chris Edward, Chris Henry, Chris Thomas, Chris John, Chris Charles, Chris Anthony, Chris Lee, Chris William, Chris George.

Dylan Alexander, Dylan James, Dylan Edward, Dylan Henry, Dylan Thomas, Dylan John, Dylan Charles, Dylan Anthony, Dylan Lee, Dylan William, Dylan George.

Nathan Alexander, Nathan James, Nathan Edward, Nathan Henry, Nathan Thomas, Nathan John, Nathan Charles, Nathan Anthony, Nathan Lee, Nathan William, Nathan George.

Josh Alexander, Josh James, Josh Edward, Josh Henry, Josh Thomas, Josh John, Josh Hartwell, Josh Charles, Josh Anthony, Josh Lee, Josh William, Josh George


Done....well there's 10 minutes I'll never get back
Massacred  +   593d ago
Even if he's didn't get it right, just for the shear amount of effort that was put in, Foxtrot deserves to win.
Watari321  +   592d ago
Foxtrot for President!
iamnsuperman  +   596d ago
William James
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Ducky  +   596d ago
Bruce Lee

... I have no idea what I'm doing.
Hopefully RedDragan does.
Congrats, and good luck on the fatherhood thing.
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Conzul  +   596d ago
This was the first name that came to mind for me. IDK what's going on. Without knowing RedDragon's ethnic/national background, the exercise is silly IMO.
TheNocturnus  +   596d ago
Casey Jones
Christopher  +   596d ago
George Bannedcroft
Brigham Old
Victor Uggs
Ralph Where
George Water
William Harry
Abraham Linsanity
Charles Richardens
Charles Illiterate
Henry Beaver
Russell Idjit
Karl Erasex
Goldwin Seamstress
Grover Detroit
Cecil Streehts
John Huey
Edward Eggshell
Winston Templesteppe
Carl Mudville
Albert Zweistein

Am I doing this right?
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xHeavYx  +   596d ago
It does say you can guess as much as you want, so I'd say you are a bit short
DragonKnight  +   596d ago
Billy Bob
cl1983  +   596d ago
Xavier Thomas, Johnathan Francis, William Scott, Anthony James, Christopher Michael, Michael Christopher, James Anthony, Thomas Harris, Mat Edward, Edward Mathew, James Earl Jones, Charlie Brown, Gavin Jones, Ezekiel Francis, Phabian (spelling could also be Fabian) Charles, Moral Oral, Ron Howard, Opie Griffith, Peter Jordan Danial, Marc Thomas, Thomas Franklin, Joe Bob, James Bob, Robert Bob, Bob Bob, Xavier Christopher, Christopher Thomas, Danial Howard.

And finally Not CoolBeans.
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xHeavYx  +   596d ago
Erik Matthew
PhantomTommy  +   596d ago
RedDragon Jr.
KristophUK  +   596d ago
Ben James
Dchops  +   596d ago
first: George

Middle: Alexander
GarrusVakarian  +   596d ago
Michael Casey
Declan Mark
Callum Avery
Asher Mason
Matthew Jonathan
Caiden Landry
Greyson Lawrence
Landon Edward
Kahl Gregory
Gavin Isaiah
Ashton Nicolas
Ender Madden
Cain Preston
Tristan Nathaniel
Trayton Daniel
Sven Elijah
Seth Owen
Zachary Paul
Taylor Cole
Jackson Warren
Berkley Thomas
Blaine Christopher
Zane Tobias
Titus Taylor
Connor Reeve
Ryder Daniel
Zyler Bennett
Savion Lance
Aiden Lewis
Andar Nolan
Levi Blair
Bryce Brentley
Brandt Spencer
Blaine Joseph
Keegan Micah
Archer Mason
Sylar Jonathan
Stone Maddox
Josiah Gage
Ezra Kiefer
Seamus Andrew
Finn Bailey
Garrett James
Layton or Laeton
Landry Benjamin
Blaise Merrick
Channing Axel
James Elliot
Isaac Samuel
Talon Reid
Richard Zachary
Wesley Patrick
Ethan Charles
Liam Bradley
Grayson Jacob
Seth Alexander
Christopher Luke
Luke Christopher
Noah Adian
Oliver Mason
Mason James
James Logan
Logan James
Caden Lucas
Matthew Cooper
Bradley Logan
Henry Arthur
Arthur Elliot
Elliot Miles
Miles Brandon
Brandon Samuel
Samuel Anthony
Anthony Luke
Luke David
David Thomas
Thomas Adam
Adam Barry
Barry Philip
Philip Cedric
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WildArmed  +   596d ago
Seymour Butts
Christopher  +   596d ago
He's French.

Seymour Derriere
WildArmed  +   596d ago
Welll exxccuusee me for being uncultured.
AceBlazer13  +   596d ago
Daniel Richards
Richard Daniels
Derrick Garrison
Red Dragan Jr.
Ricky Johnson
Jacob Wells
Mason Edwards
Ethan Wood
Noah Henry
William Edwards
Joel Harris
Michael Johnson
Alexander Graham
Liam Frederick
Jason Bradford
Brandon Ford
Kenny Myers
Greg Wallace
Geoffrey Johnson
Jayden Henry
Henry Edward.
Todd Harrison
Chris Stanford
Damien Wells
Anthony Gregory
Joseph Hills
Joshua Hart
Kevin Stone
Delsin Ward
James Brown
Steve Hudson
Billy Bob
Andrew Derrick
Frank Braston
Ian Ilesha
Marvin Jordan
Nelson Stanley
Phillip McCoy
Randal Henley
Trevor Hurl
Victor Kingsley
Wallace Grommit
Xavier Dunst
Zayne Charles
Charlie Hunt

Best I could do with no info on parents.
gobluesamg  +   596d ago
Alex James
John alexander
Joseph alan
William james
Thomas James
Ethan James
Colin James.
Can we get some clues at least jeez?
Shani  +   596d ago
Dragon Born
Dragon Bourne
Charles Alexander
James Jones
Adam Lee
Lee Jones
Karl Baldwin
Matt Warner

...... Can't think more names.
Anyway Congrats RedDragon.
Stringerbell  +   596d ago
Van Halen
MysticStrummer  +   596d ago
Vlad Impaler
mydyingparadiselost  +   596d ago
Please change his name to Mega Man so both him AND I can both win in life. Congrats!
TomShoe  +   596d ago
Is there a limit to these guesses?

Oliver Hamlin
Lionel Bertone
Sydney Capozzoli
Raymon Signor
Adalberto Friedman
Benton Padro
Erik Ledbetter
Sergio Chipley
Garry Rapoza
Enoch Gambill
Colin Bobbitt
Russel Chancy
Darrel Pasley
Mitchell Agee
Renaldo Preiss
Cleo Gamino
Jonathan Marvel
Diego Paschke
Ahmad Buel
Leroy Tony
Willard Gorski
Brenton Joachim
Oren Beaver
Cyrus Amor
Elijah Sy
Leonard Lehrman
Cedric Steadman
Jeremy Restrepo
Genaro Steck
Amos Lembo
Tyree Nims
Demarcus Perlmutter
Norberto Ruffino
Rigoberto Scudder
Demetrius Aune
Alec Brady
Dominic Lahey
Gilbert Ridenhour
Roman Green
Man Witkowski
Russ Lora
Shelton Tietz
Denis Linde
Trevor Souliere
Preston Touchton
Zane Beason
Brock Demario
Will Sum
Antione Heffner
Louie Pleasant
Chet Soja
Jonah Elliot
Isaiah Jordan
Simon Alexander
Jackson Miles
Leander James
Gideon Reid
William Parker
Sebastian Blake
Henry Jacob
Anton Staiger
Jacob Blohm
Arnoldo Qualls
Wilbert Cargile
Barry Mannix
Gordon Mcintosh
Efren Morganti
Roman Cockett
Troy Dahlman
Ernie Cano
Bo Nold
Coy Halliburton
Mohammad Cabello
Herman Horstman
Luis Dolph
Stewart Coberly
Hal Lisenby
Reggie Mcclintic
Ken Benito
Roscoe Heintzelman
Wm Smiley
Kermit Sustaita
Emile Poisson
Craig Massenburg
Orville Cordero
Broderick Rutz
Kennith Kadlec
Norberto Carreira
Nathanael Hegwood
Clemente Solar
Guadalupe Mccullough
Oren Eager
Michel Odem
Jerrell Coriell
Benjamin Macmillan
Wilmer Isreal
Nestor Hodes
Tobias Kilian
Kevin Vickrey
Jospeh Than
Dusty Setser
Cristobal Mcclane
Delmar Fausto
Walton Mauger
Britt Musso
Quinton Weyant
Sidney Mcneilly
Sterling Rapp
Waldo Orton
Guy Rapoza
Oscar Fullenwider
Reid Ephraim
Wyatt Heim
Carol Duffield
Perry Dugal
Mario Mesa
Guy Ware
Gerard Caryl
Cesar Ellenberger
Scott Maisch
Porter Friley
Grover Laguerre
Gary Hodgdon
Jere Pugsley
Antwan Harkness
Rashad Isakson
Elbert Eversole
Omer Glen
Blair Jost
Jae Mancia
Ned Paterson
Bryon Cosper
Elwood Annis
Teodoro Santangelo
Scottie Carvalho
Leroy Branner
Ronald Bertsch
Sid Lucca
Winston Nielson
Joseph Whiting
Lyman Versace
Louie Mogensen
Millard Berning
Gaylord Burchfield
Chuck Gills
Vern Vassel
Daryl Clardy
Wm Bradt
Jack Dement
Benny Stam
Minh Posner
Donnie Wilcox
Len Peloquin
Emery Chaffee
Donte Demeter
Franklin Bivins
Newton Helman
Johnathan Discher
Phil Ramires
Landon Engelhardt
Tanner Carmon
Leigh Mccord
Olin Ryer
Claud Ranson
Zane Stalling
Wilber Finks
Cliff Drapeau
Vance Sansom

I think I've got a good shot :)
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TheXgamerLive  +   596d ago
@N4G, Again, how about we exercise common sence and make it 1 one name only or 2 two if first and middle.
ldurham  +   596d ago
Alex Michael
Michael Alex
David Johnathon
Johnathon David
Andy James
James Andy
Patrick Paul
Paul Patrick
Nicholas Stanley
Stanley Nicholas
Eric Kyle
Kyle Eric
Kenny Stan
Stan Kenny
Ben Jay
Jay Ben
Bart Abraham
Abraham Bart
Bob Miles
Miles Bob
Rod Steven
Steven Rod
Chris Anthony
Anthony Chris
Gary Rick
Rick Gary
William Scott
Scott William
Oliver Kevin
Kevin Oliver
Matt Lee
Lee Matt
Gigus  +   596d ago
Jean Pierre
Leon Gabriel
Michael Gabriel
John Luke
Alexander Ryan
Darren Gada
Dan Gerard
Idont Know
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lalkala000   596d ago | Spam
MrxDeath  +   596d ago
Marshall James
Ellis Marshall
Marshall Ellis
Garrett Paul
Garrett Reid
Paul Spencer
Spencer Paul
Patrick Reid
Reid Patrick
Harris James
Philip Andrew
Ellis Joseph
Aaron Edward
George Ellis
Ellis Charles
Charles Andrew
Leo Francis
Francis James
Eric Joseph
Griffin Charles
Grant James
Drake Ellis
Peter Drake
Peter James
Trent Francis
Trent Patrick
Troy Martin
Troy Ellis
Martin Troy
Martin Ellis
Carter Lane.Blake
Sawyer Chase/Cole/Blake
Adrian Cole/Chase
Julian Blake/Chase
Hayden Cole
John Red
Cason Michael
Nash Declan
Callum Avery
Asher Mason
Silas Mathew
Caiden Landry
Greyson Lawrence
Landon Edward
Kahl Gregory
Gavin Isaiah
Ashton Nicolas
Ender Madden
Cain Presten
Tristan Nathaniel
Trayton Daniel
Sven Elijah
Seth Owen
Zander Wyatt
Taylor Cole
Jackson Warren
Berkley Thomas
Blaine Christopher
Zane Tobias
Titus Taylor
Connor Reeve
Ryder Daniel
Zyler Bennett
Savion Lance
Aiden Lewis
Andar Nolan
Levi Blair
Bryce Brentley
Brandt Spencer
Blaine Joseph
Keegan Micah
Archer Mason
Sylar Jonathan
Stone Maddox
Josiah Gage
Ezra Kiefer
Seamus Andrew
Finn Bailey
Garrett James
Layton or Laeton
Landry Benjamin
Blaise Merrick
Channing Axel
Sawyer Elliot
Isaac Samuel
Talon Reid
West Zachary
Wesley Patrick
Ethan Charles
Liam Bradley
dylan logan
bradley gavin
blake alexander
cayson sean
bryson colby
connor landon
Aidyn Michael
Oliver Cole
Lucas Anthony
Logan Brandon
Cayden John
Sawyer Thomas
Mason Alexander
Nathan James
Jackson Luke
Wesley James
Trevor Michael
Kaden James

i Think no one will ever guess :3
r21  +   595d ago
John Sebastian
Jimmy Dullandal
Donald Duck
Nathan Sylar
Peter Ptalyznik
Lazer Johnson
HammadTheBeast  +   595d ago
Steven Mathewson
randomass171  +   595d ago

First name: John, Jonah, James, Billy, Robert, Steven, Stephen, Sammy, Ken, Jack, Greg, Nick, Mark, Fred, Trent, Zip, Clark, Ren, Patrick, Owen, Howard, Henry, Tom, Edward, Alphonse, Alan, Rich, Quinton

Middle names: Smith, Hill, Franco, West, Bobson, Marth, Merchant, Sosa, Kenny, Jill, Harrison, Nicholas, Webb, Slick, Dean, Zop, Kent, Stimpy, Neilson, Wilson, The Duck, Ford, Jerry, Eddy, Elrich, Grant, Dick, Flynn

If I win this I will be shocked. XD
Gigus  +   595d ago
You have to have it in combination already or it won't count. Cat already told another user who did the same thing.
randomass171  +   595d ago
My bad. :( I'll comment a corrected list of names with my last bubble tomorrow then.
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