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Happy Valentine's Lotto Winners!

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Congratulations to the winners of our Valentine's lottery!

Any user that submitted a Valentine in the Design a Video Game Valentine contest, their Blog or their User Review (details below) by Midnight EST on February 13th was entered into a drawing for one of two $25 Amazon Gift Cards!

For the rest of the February contests visit my blog over here ->

Happy Valentine's gifts to:


I will contact you via N4G ticket with your Amazon gift code!

Happy Valentine's everyone!

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KingThrash360's Valentine design entry - there's still time to enter yours in our February Contest!

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ABizzel11074d ago

Wow no competition this time?

Thanks anyway.

coolbeans1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

You mean where the blogs/reviews are weighed to see which ones were the best for the month? That competition is still happening (notice the "rest of the Feb. contests part). This was just a fun distraction where early-birds got a raffle ticket per art, blog, and/or review submission between Feb. 1-13 and two winners were selected at random.

ABizzel11074d ago

Oh I see, it was a Valentine's Day gift. :D

Thank you n4g, I didn't have a Valentine this year, but I'll gladly be your Valentine ;o

Kingthrash3601074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

wow my second drawing win in a row! thanks!

Cat1074d ago

You can buy me a lotto ticket any day!

Kingthrash3601074d ago

lol true story..i was just about to go buy some! my luck is hot right now! lol

Cat1074d ago

You and coolbeans should be studied, of the members I think I see you guys cropping up as lottery type winners waaaaaay more often than should be possible lol.

ABizzel11074d ago


Good job, I though about entering too, but I haven't drawn in YEARS.....yeah I think I'll leave that one to you guys :D

Cat1074d ago

You have the rest of the month to enter... :D