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December Contest Winners!

Cat | 449d ago
User blog

CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you enjoyed the special end-of-year contests as much as we enjoyed all of your entries.

Don't forget to check out the January contest:

and the Odyssey RPG gift codes:

COMMENT LOTTERY: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!


BEST USER BLOG: 5 winners in our themed contest this month, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each!

Fogknight22 "Does Christmas Affect Games' Immersion?"

Phoceenatic "Me and Genghis Khan"

MightNox "How Mark Cerny Saved Christmas"

zerocrossing "5 fun Christmas themed games to put you in the holiday spirit"

iGAM3R-VIII "A Gaming Christmas: Awards, Top News of 2013 & Fun Things"

1st: s8anicslayer $100 Amazon Gift Card
2nd: Abriael $75 Amazon Gift Card
3rd: Pozzle $50 Amazon Gift Card
4th: MariaHelFutura $25 Amazon Gift Card
5th: karamsoul $25 Amazon Gift Card
6th: admiralvic $25 Amazon Gift Card
7th: FlameHawk $25 Amazon Gift Card
8th: EBTpickle $25 Amazon Gift Card
THE LOTTERY: Three winners will be chosen at random from eligible artsy entrants, and each will receive a $50 Amazon gift card!

Our three LOTTERY WINNERS are...

kingthrash360: http://kingthrash.deviantar...

cursedhero: http://secretpoetrysociety....

fabiani (you’ll have to visit the comments to see all of his work - )

THE CHOSEN ONES: Three winners will be chosen based on which we like best. :) Things like creativity and execution will be strongly considered.
THREE WINNERS - $75 Amazon card each





-Mezzo-  +   449d ago
Soon things will be back to normal. :P

Congratulations Everybody.
MightyNoX  +   449d ago
I...I won? Two months in a row?

Either I've got some hitherto unknown talent at writing


Those LSD-laced cookies I've been sending Cat are FINALLY working their magic! >:)
coolbeans  +   449d ago
You never could actually be both. ;)
#2.1 (Edited 449d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Christopher  +   449d ago
Okay, now I'm jealous. Why don't I ever get any LSD-laced cookies?!?
zerocrossing  +   449d ago
I'll get you some if it'll help make deciding the winners easier ;)
MightyNoX  +   449d ago
Not a chance. Your superhuman constitution would cancel out any adverse effects. ;)
zerocrossing  +   449d ago
I won again?! Awesome!! :D Congratulations to everyone else who won and a big thank you to everyone who participated.

Those pictures are pretty damn impressive, we'll have to do another art contest again sometime :)
WildArmed  +   447d ago
I sense conspiracy
zerocrossing  +   447d ago
Shhh, you're not supposed to let on about that ;)
coolbeans  +   449d ago
Holy schmitt, gaffyh's picture looks amazing. Great effort by winners and even random choice ones too.

Congrats to winners.
zerocrossing  +   449d ago
I know right? Super impressed with gaffyh's pic but then they're all pretty awesome.
gaffyh  +   449d ago
Thanks, it's mostly 3D, and partly photoshop
Kingthrash360  +   449d ago
thank u sirrrr! thats my first win
...gaffyh, your pic...awsomeness bro.
Stringerbell  +   449d ago
Wow, thank you so much! Congratulations to the other winners as well =p
memots  +   447d ago
awesome lol
karamsoul  +   449d ago
Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate it!

Congrats to the other winners, too!

Edit: Never has my avatar pic been more appropriate :)
#6 (Edited 449d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EBTpickle  +   449d ago
Thanks for the GC! Christmas came late this year! Cheers N4g!
artsaber  +   449d ago
Great work guys! Excellent art work and congrats to all winners!
yellowgerbil  +   449d ago
I do a webcomic, check it out if you like webcomics
whybag  +   449d ago
Sweet, thanks.
FogLight  +   449d ago
Well I regret not seeing this blog post earlier...

OT: Now that is a surprise as I won two times in a row. I must be really lucky since I felt that my blog post for Christmas was kind of lackluster comparing to my other blogs. Sadly it wasn't really my favorite blog that I wrote but it is awesome to see that it was one of the winners so I am glad!

The arts though... Much amazing. My favorites are gaffyh and artsaber :D

And congrats to fellow winners!
#11 (Edited 449d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
artsaber  +   448d ago
Thanks FogKnight22! I wanted to draw something new just for this contest. Here is a link to the actual file so you can see it a lot better. You can even download a copy if you like! It took me a few hours to do, just good ol' pencil and paper.
FogLight  +   447d ago
Damn, now that looks even better :)

Good job man!
Gigus  +   448d ago
Aww I didn't win. Well theres always next time. Congrats to the winners though!
Cat  +   448d ago
Thanks for entering! We were really delighted by all the submissions! We should start offering N4G art prints :)
Gigus  +   448d ago
Kingthrash360  +   447d ago
i agree cat ...start it up!
Snookies12  +   448d ago
Congrats guys! :D
TH3BR3W  +   448d ago
YAY! I WON! lol didn't even know about this lol.
Cat  +   448d ago
A lot of folks don't. Spreading awareness one comment lottery at a time... ;)
artsaber  +   448d ago
N4G has a lot of talented people who frequent this site. It is good to communicate with people of various skill sets that love games as well. Congrats to all.

Here is a full size link to the Wolverine pic if anyone wanted to take a closer look.

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