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City of Steam: Arkadia Giveaway

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3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG City of Steam: Arkadia is going live on December 4, 9 PM EST, along with new systems, new content and more.

After breaking ties to publisher R2 Games, the developer Mechanist has made huge changes to the game and is now self-publishing under the title City of Steam: Arkadia. To celebrate, we're giving out Growth Pack codes!

To obtain your code, PM cgoodno ( ) and a code will appear in your inbox after a brief wait. :)

1. After obtaining your gift code, go to City of Steam: Arkadia website here .

2. Register an account (or sign in if you already have one) and click on the ‘Play Now’

button when servers are up.

3. In game there is a Rewards window, and one of the selections there is a Promo Code

option. Copy/paste your code into it, claim it, and check your backpack for the goodies!

4. Enjoy!

Note: One account can only redeem one Promo Code.

Forums for help:

Growth Pack Contains:
10× Strong Health Quaff
10× Strong Steam Quaff
1× Level 1 Mod Box
5× Keys
5× Alloys
20× Transmuter Orb
2× Transmuter Coolant
1× Broadcast Ticket
100× Spiremarks
1× Spiked Goggles
1× Vented Goggles
1× Drum Tophat
_____________________________ _____
City of Steam: Arkadia is set on the World Machine, a vast and ancient system of interlocking gears powered by unfathomable energies. Long ago, a race of ingenious conquerors called the Paragons sought to claim those energies for themselves, and destroyed themselves in the attempt. They left behind a shattered world and a complex legacy.

Even now, millennia after the Era of Myth, that legacy continues to affect the course of history on the World Machine. To the races that already inhabited the mechanism - humans, goblins, orcs and hobbes - they added the charismatic riven, insular draug, and half-mechanical dwarves. Life on the Mechanism has been revolutionized by the study of the Paragons’ lost technologies. Airships soar overheard, robotic steamtoilers patrol patrol the streets, and great factories produce weapons wielded by heroes and villains alike.

Four great human nations have emerged since the fall of the Paragons: the confederated city-states of the Heartlands, the allied kingdoms of Ostenia, the patriarchal Republic of Avenoss, and the harsh Empire of Stoigmar. At the site of the Paragons’ fall lay the City-State of Nexus, a once-great industrial center whose connection to the Era of Myth continues to attract attention from across the Mechanism.

Rumor has it that something deep within the Nexus has awakened - a secret that will change the world forever.

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