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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

Happy Thanksgiving! (Amazon Code Giveaway)

Cat | 732d ago
User blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate I have three Amazon gift codes to give away (U.S. store)!

To enter, comment on this blog (just once) with what you're thankful for this year. Three winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries and codes distributed via N4G PM.

Entries close at 11:59 PM EST, Thursday, November 28, 2013.

2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards (U.S. store)
1 $25 Amazon Gift Card (U.S. store)
UPDATE: All prizes have been sent. Thank you all for entering, happy Thanksgiving, and I strongly suspect we'll do another giveaway like this soon! :)
1. Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives.
2. Closing date is 11:59 PM EST 28th November 2013.
3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances N4G/HAVAmedia reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.
4. Prizes are not transferrable.
5. The winners of the competition will be notified by N4G PM on or before 8 PM EST 29th November, 2013.
6. Site TOU apply.

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ninetailfox  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my brand spanking new ps4 that is currently sold out everywhere! =)
The_Infected  +   732d ago
I'm thankful I'm not a turkey!!

Edit: Wasn't meant to be a reply.
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mikeslemonade  +   731d ago
I'm thankful for N4G. It keeps my debate fix about games here everyday.
crxss  +   731d ago
i'm thankful that games continue coming out and continue being great. looking forward to see what the next-gen brings!
ikkokucrisis  +   731d ago
Thanks N4G for keeping things liberal (for anyone to post) and up to date. This site has been my video game Twitter feed for over six years now!
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ThunderSpark  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for my N4G family. Even though we have our differences, I can always call this site home to interesting news and even more entertaining members. I wish everyone an enjoyable and Happy Thanksgiving.
General-Morpice  +   731d ago
Oh come on don't kiss ass
Stopher92  +   732d ago
Long live Playstation!
Testfire  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for my family and to have a decent job in these hard times.
alien626  +   732d ago
Im thankful for my family for being there for me when i really needed them.
Crazyglues  +   732d ago
I'm thankful I got in this Contest because I almost didn't even see it...

-And as I look down to the number of people who have entered... -I feel sorry for whoever has to pick the winner and go through all those comments- won't be easy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy that turkey
-And here's hoping for an awesome 2014 here On

||.........___||............ ||
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fluffydelusions  +   732d ago
Same. PS4 <3
dedicatedtogamers  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my wife and my two children.
viperman240  +   732d ago
Im thankful for my health and my families well being.

Also for the brand new PS4 I recently got.
M-M  +   731d ago
I'm thankful for all of the friends and family I have, and I'm also thankful for those that have faith in me :').
xHeavYx  +   731d ago
I'm thankful for my good health
GTgamer  +   731d ago
I'm thankful that gaming is as strong as ever and for N4g community of gamers we may get out of hand sometimes but it's fun :) happy thanksgiving.
SilentNegotiator  +   731d ago
I'm thankful for the developers that work hard to create unique games.
thereapersson  +   731d ago
Agreed, ninetailfox. Got mine on the last in-stock moment that Amazon had right before the PS4 launched. Now they are impossible to get anywhere. Sitting nice and safe in my living room, muahahaha!
nosferatuzodd  +   731d ago
I'm thankful I'm a full demon that don't of to die immortality is good
ChrisGTR1  +   731d ago
im thankful for all the awesome games that came out this year :D
brich233  +   731d ago
Happy Thanksgiving please give me 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card :) I am Poor :(
3-4-5  +   731d ago
I am thankful for life, family & video games
noxeven  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for all the friends I have and that we are finally get a new persona game.
Abash  +   732d ago
Im thankful for my girlfriend, my family, my dogs, and my new consoles
Chug  +   732d ago
Thankful for everything that matters in my life. That includes family, friends, and of course video games!!
KionicWarlord222  +   732d ago
Im thankful for gaben and his sales.
Ness619  +   732d ago
I'm thankful I got a Wii U today for the price it was supposed to be sold at tomorrow =)
Galifrey13  +   732d ago
happy thanks giving to everyone, im thankfull of having a great family to share the day with
GarrusVakarian  +   732d ago
Im thankful for Nutella and Croissants lightly toasted in the oven so that they are crispy and the Nutella melts.

Oh yeah, also my friends, family, dog etc etc.....I guess i should mention them so people don't think i love Nutella more then my family (i do secretly).
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General-Morpice  +   731d ago
Somehow, your post made me want to be your friend.. Have a happy thanksgiving man
GarrusVakarian  +   731d ago
Lmao, you too man!

Do you have a PS4? Add me if you do, maybe we can play some MP together.
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Debaitable  +   732d ago
Thankful for things turning around before the end of the year
emotionz859  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my wife, son, family and friends and oh yeah my xbox one
Statix  +   732d ago
I'm thankful to be in the position to afford the luxury of playing some of these great new games and hardware that are coming out.

Here's to another 5+ years of great gaming experiences!
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Austin48  +   732d ago
I'm greatful for the freinds and family I have in my life as well as food. I love food and of course video games
#12 (Edited 732d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Imronburgundy  +   732d ago
I'm thankful that Gamestop will eventually get more PS4s in stock. And that I'll hopefully win my fantasy football league so I can get the Xbone too.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   732d ago
I am thankful that I have something to eat, cloth and a home. Friends and family that care for me.
Hellsvacancy  +   732d ago
I'll be thankful if I get a code :D

Nah, i'm always thankful
DarkLordMalik  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my family and my parents and of course my lovely VITA :)
JsonHenry  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for Edward Snowden.
Megaton  +   732d ago
After a very tumultuous year, I'm thankful that my family is alive and well.
gobluesamg  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my family and my PS4!
TheGenkz  +   732d ago
I am thankful that I finally got a PlayStation 3.
goku32359  +   732d ago
I am thankful for my family and friends, and of course I am also thankful for my PS4 ;)
aDDicteD  +   732d ago
I'm thankful that there is a thanksgiving giveaway in n4g ^_^
Happy Thanksgiving!
SgtFuzzy-T  +   732d ago
I am thankful, that I still have a good job and good friends around me.

and yea and for video games.... what would I do without you
Majin-vegeta  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for all the food I will be able to gouge tonight.oh and my PS4 =).
fuzion17c  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for military personnel all over the world sacrificing themselves to protect us.
Lindenn  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for PERSONA 5!!!!
PygmelionHunter  +   731d ago
Right on! Now the waiting game begins.

I'd be so thankful if the prize was the option to ban all trolls! jk, it's great that we even get the chance to win prizes here, in what's somewhat of a second home for some users and kind of a house by the lake to me :)
clmstr  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for Sony.
Realplaya  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for the the lord blessing me to see see another day. In the end we all like video games but I love life.
MasterofMagnetism  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for my entire family finally being together for Thanksgiving.
footpunke0  +   732d ago
I'm thankful for the era i'm living in and for all the people making it a safe time for me to enjoy my ps4 at home!
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